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Easy to make authentic african dishes and drinks with a nigerian chef

For beginners I like solidifying basic skills which helps them with their speed in the kitchen.

Balmain East
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I am an Italian dynamic Chef who would love to share his passion.

I will go through products we are using giving some tips about how to use them when cooking. You will be cooking from the first time and have my full support when cooking.

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Experienced qualified chef eager to share my knowledge and passion for cooking and baking in the Leschenault and Eaton area.

My teaching method is to demonstrate just how enjoyable baking can be with simple creations giving great results. I love to inspire confidence within those who have had limited experience in the kitchen, keeping things lighthearted and fun.

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Online Cooking classes straight from Buninyong for tips, tricks, recipes, budgeting and more

These lessons are based on my belief that everyone has the ability to do whatever they put their mind to and there is always a way to work around obstacles and find a way of achieving satisfaction in the activity that enables you to fully participate.

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A long time cooking teacher, would like to provide basic cooking skills to individuals or groups in the Canberra Region. Has Cert III in Commercial Cookery, and has taught 100s of students over the pa

My classes are very much hands on, with meals being produced from the very first class. Individual instruction is given on things such as knife skills, and I aim to provide a wide range of food preparation styles during the duration of the course.

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Cooking teacher with 25 years food styling for publishing, advertising and tv in Sydney. Many expertise areas of cooking. Lessons in Byron Bay area and Gold Coast

I have over 30 years experience as a professional cook in most subjects, so we'll be able to have a lesson together on your favourite. I'll give you recipe suggestions for you to choose from. Also, freelance food styling for photography and tv has been a big part of my work and here's something else we can do. To be a food stylist you need to be able to cook anything.

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Professional cooking enables you to cook anywhere, home or business. Tourist trade

Being a workplace health and food supervisor, I go strictly by the book with workplace health and safety procedures. Lesson structure is based on simple and effective methods, keeping everyone informed throughout the lesson. My teaching method is structured so as each student understands and is comfortable with the lesson.

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I consider my free time to be a search for gastronomic delight… I will go above and beyond, both budget and means, in an attempt to try the latest and greatest food around me…that is wherever I travel

I would love to teach my traditional but easy approach to cook some yummy Indian cuisine. From the breakfast menu to lunch and dinner course menu.

Victoria Park
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Certified cook offer cooking classes to learn basic cooking skill to all

my teaching is based on very simple methodology . my more focus is on one o one training with the individual. this helps me to understand the different ideas and make better relations. i believe in open communication. so simple..

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Learn from the best a Gordon Bleu chef that has 40yrs experience in Australia

Prior to the lessons, learners would research the dishes/recipes to have an outline of what to expect in the lessons. To not have background on the food items would restrict the ability for the learners to remember and experience. They get one lesson with a demonstration, one chance of doing/producing. A learner needs as much exposure as possible to the task for it become their skill.

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Semi skilled cook wishes to give cooking lessons to either a student or a group.

hello I'm Julianne Franklin (Juliez) when I have taught my friends how to cook and even showing my family how to cook I have done it a way that everyone can understand it. Cooking is all about trial and error sometimes it works out others it doesn't.

Alfonso j
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Colombian cooking teach bake and traditional food to beiginners on the gold coats

My method of teaching is based on practice and patience I teach you the technique you put love my students are beginners my students are beginners all kinds of people who are interested in learning about culture and cooking and try delicious food.

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UOW student with 5 years of experience in traditional, healthy, spicy, or mild and easy Indian cooking. If you love Indian food, there's more to it than the restaurant curries.

Do you love Indian food? Does a curry or a spicy stir fry excite you, while its cooking process intimidate you? My classes would cater to your personal requirements, we would work on what interests you and bring the best version of your culinary skills while cooking. Indian food is more than just the restaurant curries, it has a rich history.

Macmasters Beach
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Alexandra,s basic cooking skills from ryde tafe nsw gives private lessons on line

MY teaching would be either single mums or students who are willing to learn some interesting skills either at home or in the hospitality industry so I would love to make it fun and enjoyable I think everybody should learn how to eat healthy

Wentworth Falls
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Professional cook giving lessons on all traditional cooking, food preparation tasks and a variety of cooking methods.

Planning is very important. Everything must be ready to go and clearly set out. In my personal cooking classes you learn how to cook delightful, delicious food in the kitchen. My teaching method works around the student/students and how each individual needs to be taught. Patients and a lot of hands on work is very important.

Mount Compass
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Home cook gives lessons to anyone seeking basic cooking and baking skills in Adelaide

I am a very visual person, so i apply this into My teaching, meaning method is very hands on. I like to show my students how to do something and have them follow along so that they can achieve the same result.

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Chef with 30+ years experience to teach you some of the many facets of cooking

Simplicity is the key to easy learning, and so it goes with food also. Start with the basics, learn traditional methods and techniques. From mother sauces to compound butters, from mirepoix to meringues, from affogato to zabaglione. With a bit of history, folklore, science and humour for good measure.

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Ciao! I'm Laura, I'm Italian by birth and Australian by choice but still in love with my culture and my traditions and I'd love to share all of this with you!

I'll be more than happy to join you in your house and cook with you. I can tell you stories and talk to you about my memories about my childhood and my grandmother, all this while I'll help you to cook.

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Food, glorious food! Join me for hands on cooking with a variety of cuisines designed specifically for your interest.

Prepare to get dirty! I run fun and interactive hands on courses, covering a brief history and development for a variety of cuisines, as well as some of the science behind cooking. If you are a beginner cook and looking for a relaxed environment to learn some of the tricks of the trade then this is for you.

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Learn to be your own chef in sweet, healthy ,traditional and asian ways

My teaching methods is mostly get my students involved in the practical session rather just explain how to do it and i manage to teach simply and easy way to make it a success with available resource.

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Lover of all things food teaching private and group lessons in Adelaide

I am very laid back and love to share my knowledge in a relaxed and conversational style cooking with you rather than for you.

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Classically Trained Qualified Chef /Tutor/ Trainer now available in the Central West

My teaching method is to demonstrate the dish, then supervise the student's re-creation of the dish. I'll flesh out the process with some historical context and show the student that it's easy to produce quality food with the right strategies and techniques.

Ocean Shores
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Qualified trainer and assessor in Commercial Cookery, I have worked as a chef worldwide experienced in international cuisines, special dietary requirements, health & nutrition and using local produce.

I am an experienced teacher for over 10 years working with students from various areas at various levels. I like to share my knowledge and translate it it in a way so you can understand the subject and gain competency but also to remember what you have learned and to have fun with it.

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Aboriginal Cultural Arts & Native Bushfood Instructor- Introduction to Bushfood and Traditional Cooking.

My teaching method is based on Traditional Cultural practices of sharing knowledge and teaching, passing down skills and knowledge to the younger, up coming generations. I work with, school children, disadvantage youths and people at risk, giving Cultural Workshops for over 20years and now I would like to introduce Native Bushfood to my workshops. A Introduction to cooking with Bushfood workshops.

Mermaid Waters
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Experienced, qualified chef with knowledge on BBQ cooking as well as other styles

I am easy going with a very patient manner. Ask and you shall receive, when it comes to cooking styles or particular food groups. I approach everyone the same way. I like to learn about individuals, and what makes them excited in the culinary world.

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Attention to all Chinese food lovers, especially who loves yummy dumplings .

Not only you can learn easy and healthy chinese cooking, you can also improve your chinese language. you will also learn why chinese eat dumplings and wonton. It's going to be fun.

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Cooking Teacher-Albany willing to teach anything; from pastry making to homemade bread, cakes, pies, main meals and meal planning. Learned to cook for 11 people so can help you if you cook for those w

I am willing to teach those who want to learn anything. Whether you want tips on making salads, baking biscuits or cheesecakes I am willing to help. I'll figure out what skills you have at cooking, and if you have none, than I am willing to teach you those basic skills. I am easygoing so if I stress something is important, trust me it is.

North Arm
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Learn to cook wholesome meals for yourself and your family. Experienced and passionate home cook.

I base my classes on fun and practical experience in the kitchen. I take the time to go over food choices and individual dietary needs. Lessons will be focused around creating meals while learning new skills in the kitchen and then of cause eating what you have made.

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Qualified Chef with knowledge in traditional, modern and molecular gastronomy will give cooking lessons.

I based my teaching method on Outcome Base Education where all of the topics or subjects to be discussed has goals to meet at the end of each sessions. In cooking classes, I will discuss the background of the topic that may include it's history, methods, application, preparation and presentation. At the end of each sessions, students must fully understand the subject by individual assessment.

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University Pantheon Sorbonne graduate in Visual Arts, Creator of successful Hand Painted silk scarves Rainbowmadzuko is seeking to share knowledge and experience.

I have always loved baking and cooking from a young age . I like to make the class fun and let the student explore their passions, I am a true believer that education should be fun to be memorable. Cooking should be healthy and fun.

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