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Monash post-graduate Biotechnology student who offers individual and group sessions an Academic English and Creative Writing.

I go through one-to-one interactive tutoring sessions aided with multimedia including .pdf, videos and animations. I welcome cross questions and am very open to tailoring the methodology that suits the students; and their specific preferred outcomes from the course.

Noble Park
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Accredited Instructor and TESOL Teacher. Taught (and Teach) English Pronunciation, Communications, Business English in Vietnam for 5 years, IELTS Preparation Teacher, Presently teaching Vietnamese Uni

My teaching methodology is soundly based on the TESOL methodology. This on its own is more than ample to teach 3-4 new words per lesson to (for eg) Vietnamese students (of all age groups 2 y/o to 60 plus y/o) that cannot speak or understand English.

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Student-focused English tutor with experience in helping foreign language students develop reading, writing, and speaking skills to pass their IELTS, PTE exams

I evaluate students through verbal and written exams and identify areas needing improvement. My classes are then based on tasked assignments to reinforce learning. I share instant feedback to motivate students to continue learning. My plan of action will align with the student's needs and interests ensuring full engagement from the students at all times.

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TEFL - TESOL Certified English teacher provides private tutoring lessons in the Perth area.

I am a Certified TEFL - TESOL teacher/tutor. I also have experience in the use of the English testing regimes know as IELTS and PTE. My lessons can be adapted to the needs of most students. I am currently privately tutoring 6 students.

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ANU Anthropology student gives lessons in English,Chinese, and boxing in Canberra ACT.

From my whole year of teaching experience, I firmly hold the notion that Teaching is Reducing: you help the students to filter the things that they do not need, to guide them away from what's wrong, and to direct them to what is the right.

Currumbin Waters
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ESL teacher with over 30 years of experience with a bachelor of education available on the Gold Coast QLD

My teaching is very much communicative based. My lessons are always fun and enjoyable,as this allows students to open up and find the learning process much easier. I do this through task based activities that include games and quizzes.

Fortitude Valley
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6+ Years Experienced All Ages ESL and English Tutor - Brisbane CBD and surrounds

Hi! I have experience teaching students of all ages. I can help you with high school English essays, complex grammar, IELTS and University entrance preparation, and business English. Let's meet at a cafe or the library to explore what you need from a tutor.

Alexandra Headland
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English/Spanish teacher from kids to adults with 3 years experience :) Sunny Coast :)

My teaching method varies depending on the goal. If it is exam preparation it is important to teach strategy as well as language knowledge. I know what they're looking for to get you that grade! But language learning needs to be dynamic and forever changing. It also needs to be adapted to your way of learning and activities/exercises that work for you in particular.

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English teachers in junior and senior high school for two years; having been involved with essay instructions for exams

My teaching methodology is based on communication. What I keep in mind is to give comprehensible hints, rather than giving the right answer in the beginning. Therefore, I am willing to accept any ideas from my students as long as they are helpful to others, so do not be afraid of expressing your own ideas.

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Fully provisioned school teacher offering English speaking, reading, writing and listening lessons

My teaching method is clear and enjoyable. I approach lessons with a natural wonder for the English language and I build on what you as the learner already knows. I tailor lessons to particular students needs and interests to provide an engaging and meaningful learning experience.

Noble Park
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English trainer and have near about two years experience in teaching english

My teaching method involves giving proper description about the topic and showing how to do particular lesson and ask questions for checking understanding and make them understand the topic fully. If possible I try to make them understand by taking help to graphs and diagrams.

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ESL Teacher with 6 years experience in England, Italy, Thailand and Australia

Everyone has a different learning style. So whether you prefer a more conversational approach or you want to work on particular skills of the language, I will accomodate to your needs. The most important thing is that you ENJOY learning English.

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Trilingual univeraity teaching student with 8 years experience seeks to assist learners achieve and succeed in northern and south East Melbourne.

I am a secondary teaching student at Deakin University and have been tutoring for 8 years. My speciality is teaching English to speakers of other languages and thus have a deep understanding of language foundations. I know three languages: English, French and Spanish and tutor languages, including English as an additional language, maths and biology.

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Me with IELTS Listening 9 & Reading 8.5 is willing to enhanc your vocab. and listening & Reading skill

Firstly, I'll let student watch movies with English subtitles, remember words, expressions and get used to English environment and ways of thinking. Secondly, I'll let student watch the same movie again and again without subtitles to enhance their listening. However, enlarging vocab. and doing exercise is also important.

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English language tutor gives private or group lessons in your home or on line. Particularly suitable for new migrants.

My teaching methods are based on providing students with challenging lessons individually tailored to their needs and interests. I like to find out as much as I can about my students so I can make the lessons relevant and fun. I make sure that each topic or exercise is thoroughly understood before moving on to the next challenge.

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A caring and motivated ESL teacher/tutor with 8 year experience teaching ESL

My teaching methodology uses total physical response learning, using items of personal and cultural relevance, using authentic materials in the classroom such as visuals and teaching props including flash cards, videos and audio (songs and music), encouraging student participation using projects, group work and roleplays, and following student progress through the 5 stages of language acquisition.

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Quirky English teacher, lover of knowledge tutors English to children in Melbourne

My teaching method is interactive, challenging and fun. I usually begin a lesson with a warm up activity related to previous subjects we've learned together, allowing students to fully engage with me and the upcoming lesson. Post warm up activity, I make a list of questions to begin with the lesson, aquiring some pre knowledge from student, following a made up lesson with interative activities.

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English (ESL and TESOL) and Business English lessons by International Business Graduate

Currently, I'm an English Tutor. I Graduated with an Bachelor of International Business and also I'm Certified in Educational Studies of TESOL. Previous to this I have been employed within the Sales Division of a Large Multinational Company and a Research Analyst for a Medical Continual Professional Development Centre.

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Teaching English to ESL students in Brisbane would utilise my Professional Dip

Mature teacher with a fun attitude to learning - using movement and music to encourage ESL students to voluntarily participate in lessons. The lesson will always start with a warmer exercise which may be a role play, or game geared to the students' level of experience. There will always be a structured focus followed by repetition learning and the lesson will conclude with a refresher.

Osborne Park
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English Teacher/tutor with 8 years of experience, specialising in grammar and conversation.

My teaching method is sharing and caring. I am going to share how I learned English as a second language and I am going to teach you with care. We are going to study together, putting time and effort. I can teach either in Korean or English.

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Bluesky English Language Institute - In the heart of Adelaide CBD (Rundle Mall)

My teaching method is simple yet effective. With the key points to score and materials provided are self sourced and based on the experience of the past. Small classroom, convenient location and Simple techniques are the key areas we specialize in Australia.

North Adelaide
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With a Master in ESL, gives excellent lessons for TOEFL and IELTS courses.

My teaching method regarding Speaking is to improve fluency first before accuracy. I provide my experience of taking English proficiency Exams many times with great scores and teach the efficient methods that I use with my students to get results fast and make them prepared for real exam conditions.

Saint Kilda
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Experienced IELTS teacher and examiner will help you pass your IELTS test

I will identify all of your problems with the IELTS test and quickly help you improve your skills and strategies. I will help you prepare for your IELTS quickly and successfully. Studying with me will give you better language, improved methods of answering questions in the IELTS.

Queanbeyan East
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CELTA, Degree and Masters Trained Teacher from England with Eastern European Roots

I love to have conversations. I think you learn best by learning the everyday topics, exploring the culture of a place and then building upon that with language. I like to use a variety of methods including watching clips of English movies, listening to the radio as well as reading known books, such as Harry Potter in English to speakers of other languages.

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English native giving English lessons or practicing English to anyone interested online

Online method - Can use Skype, Zoom, WeChat, Whatsapp and open to any other method Likes to use interactive methods or even games! Tailored to what the person's needs Willing to help all levels If you have any more questions, more than happy to talk with you

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Southern Cross University student give English lessons to any students with weaknesses in English.

My teaching method would be 'the desire method' which means the solution is not to teach ’About A Topic’ but instead to teach ’For The Student’. Meaning, the Student needs to immediately feel the benefit of the content you are teaching. When you show a benefit, you create desire. And where there’s desire, you guessed it, you hold attention.

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Curtin University student's commandments of TOEFL and IELTS exam and steps to crack it.

To offer a reputation as a bright, articulate, and bestow my creativity to an organization that can spring up from my tending to details in teaching as well as from my communication, time management, and interpersonal acquirement to stand apart with a good decisive and creative acquisition.

Maria grazia
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Qualified TESOL Teacher gives EAL lessons to secondary school and TAFE students. IELTS Test preparation also offered.

In my teaching methodology I utilise strategies that scaffold the Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Viewing skills of EAL learners and I create individual learning plans that target specific needs. The lesson plans include learner tasks that are a mixture of Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing and Viewing.

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When teaching, I make sure that every student has a grasp of the subject before moving on. I cannot say that I prefer one method to another. Each method has certain benefits and should be applied in some situations. In one class I may prefer explaining. Then in some other classes, students are more creative, so I may prefer collaborating.

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Friendly and professional English teacher with more than 10 years experience with IELTS, TOEFL, Academic English and Business English.

I believe in delivering maximum results in the shortest time. To do this, I work with you to identify the areas you can improve on fastest, then design a customised learning strategy just for you. This means you can improve quickly to get the results you need, then focus on perfecting your English later.

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Perfect! Erik is an awesome language teacher with rich experience. I have had 3 classes already and still want to talk more with him.

Miles, Student
1 month ago
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