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Current La Trobe Master student who holds a masteral degree in chemistry would like to take tutor to students

I have studied all fields of chemistry including organic , inorganic and physical chemistry.I will be very easy for me to make students understand the basics of the subject by giving examples and my drawing the exact things in detail.

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Swinburne Student teaches maths to high school students with guaranteed excellent results.

My teaching methodology is simple and effective. whenever I start teaching to anyone, Firstly I look at the syllabus and I teach him/her depending on the class. If I have taught something in a class and then in next class I will take a small test of about 20 minutes to test whether the student is studying regularly or not. Also after completion of 2 chapters I take test.

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RMIT student tutoring chemistry and maths in a fun and easy way

I am an international student at RMIT. I make every topic easy to understand so that the studies are simple and concise. Students with an objective to learn the concepts are my favorite. Mugging up things is not an option with me.

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From Fail to Prevail Tutor! Engineering grad offering lessons in Physics and Mathematics!

I try and tailor my teaching methods to the needs of the student. In my experience some students learn best if they do a lot of practice problems, others learn better if they are taught to visualize the process in their mind and others if they hear the physics or Math concepts be compared to other concepts they are already familiar with.

North Melbourne
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99.90 ATAR Unimelb Psych/Med Student tutoring Mathematics to students in Melbourne !

In my opinion, success in academics is far more than hard work. It's deliberate practice of correct learning techniques. Oftentimes students work mindlessly, without keenly understanding the fundamentals of what they are learning. That's why students that change their attitude towards learning in their final years rarely reach the scholastic pinnacle - their comprehension of the basics is muddled.

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RMIT University Master of Engineering student gives physics, maths and thermodynamics lesson in Melbourne

I used to take lectures for undergraduate engineering students. I take both class lesson and practical lesson( either arranging some tour or laboratory experiments). The class lessons are generally based on fundamental and development of physical theory. Digital media can be used for better and easier understanding.

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Biochemistry and Pharmacology Double Major, Behavioral Neuroscience Honours graduate and Clinical Trial Coordinator offering tutoring services in Chemistry (Parkville)

As everyone learns in different ways. I believe that it is essential for quality tutoring to be tailored based on the individual needs of each student. I typically favour explaining the concepts behind why theories or phenomenon are as they are- I believe this makes topics far more intuitive and engaging.

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Masters in Mechanical Engineering Student at UniMelb, have problems understanding concepts in Maths/Physics/Mechanical subjects? no problem I got ur back, we will work together to attain 100% Mastery

I believe in building problem-solving and critical thinking acumen and not in just memorization. After all we must learn to enjoy and apply the understanding of the subjects we are learning.

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Unimelb PhD student giving chemistry lessons in all levels in Melbourne, engineering and science background.

My methodology will vary depending on the condition and purpose of you. The measurement I take into consideration will depend on four simple questions: 1. What is your main purpose? i.e. to boost test score? to build a strong knowledge background? to enhance logical thinking ability? etc. 2.

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UQ Engineering and Science Student gives Physics/Chemistry lessons to high school students in Brisbane

I try and make lessons as fun and enjoyable as possible, exploring possible applications of the section once I have taught it. Back at school, my learning capabilities were always hindered by poor, unenthusiastic teachers, so I learn from their mistakes, making lessons exciting whilst still being very proactive towards learning.

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French Engineering Postgraduate Student at UniMelb teaching Maths and Science in Melbourne

When I teach Maths and Science, I always check what the student know of the lesson, and then prefer practising immediatly with exercises of incremental difficulty. I always want people to understand what they do and not repeat schemes so I prefer taking time on the exercises to make sure they perfectly understand.

South Yarra
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Swinburne university Engineering student give maths, physics lessons to university and high school students.

As an engineering student, I have studied in both in French and Australian educational systems, so I have a great experience with the different teaching methods used, and I know which ones are great for students.

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Hi, I am a Mechanical Engineer with previous turning experience mainly to university students.

First see what is the student status in term of how much he know, or what areas he has difficulties with. When I am teaching I am trying to explain and give extra knowledge, and not only concentrate on the relevant material. I believe when the student understand what is the logic behind something it is easier to remember.

Ascot Vale
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RMIT Graduate Mechanical engineer giving Physics lessons and making difficult concepts easier in a fun, interactive and comprehensive way

I approach tutoring in a holistic and different way that takes into account individual differences in learning and desired outcomes. I am friendly, open and knowledgeable in the areas of Mathematics, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Economics, Personal Development, and Well-being.

(2 reviews)
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Monash Engineering penultimate year student gives Maths and Science lessons to high school students.

I like to look at what is required and make a rough and easy course outline for the student to follow. As everyone loves ticking to-do lists, learning becomes fun as you go through the entire outline. I like to explain topics, summarize and go through plenty of exercises till the student is confident about the learning.

Saint Kilda
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Basic and advanced chemistry (organic, inorganic physical chemistry) lessons from a graduate in industrial chemistry

my teaching method is based on the application of the subject through exercises and practical examples

Brunswick West
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28 year old german Chemistry teacher and laboratory assistant offering tutoring in Brunswick

My name is Max, I am from Berlin and I am currently enrolled in a study-abroad program at Swinburne Uni, studying chemistry. In Germany, I study a teachers degree in both chemistry and english. My stay in Australia is part of my scholarship that I receive from the Foundation of German Business.

Brunswick East
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Experienced Tutor and Mechanical Design engineer teaches maths and physics with the passion

I have a passion for teaching mathematics and physics. I ensure that students not only understand the subjects theoretically but also practically. I divide the subject across the available weeks before the exam. I ensure that students understand all the concepts taught in a week. I firmly believe that making your concepts clear is the best way to score highly in the exam.

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Melbourne uni teaching student offering maths/physics/science tutoring, VCE specialist. Located in Yarraville but willing to travel

I believe that every student learns differently, and so I try to get to know each student in order to find what works best for you. Accordingly, I don't have a generic structure to lessons, but instead tailor the session directly to your needs.

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Recent Swinburne Engineering graduate gives maths,arts and beginner chemistry lessons to high school and uni students

my teaching method would be looking at the students' syllabus, working out a plan of study for them. I would try adopting to the students' style of learning like video, kinesthetic etc. to be able to teach them efficiently.

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RMIT Environmental Science student (final year), science subject tutoring available for young people in the Melbourne area.

My main teaching methodology is that if to make knowledge digestible for students, we must be able to explain complex concepts in simple ways. I believe in hands on communicative teaching methods, with lots of practise.

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PhD (Mechanical Engineering) holder from University of Canterbury (NZ) with 5 years of teaching experience seeks to give tuition lessons.

I base my teaching methodology on the student I am teaching. While teaching a group of students, the methodology seeks to take care of the weakest student and pace of lesson plan is tailored as per him/her. In addition, I constantly read about latest teaching methodologies and try to embed them into my own teaching methodology.

Hawthorn East
Ria rushin
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Swinburne PhD student in Hawthorn area give Math and Physics lessons to high school and Uni students

I am Ria Rushin Joseph. Currently, I am doing my PhD at Swinburne University in Theoretical Physics. As I am doing my PhD in the theoretical area, I am proficient in Physics and Maths as well. I have secured 98% in my graduation and secured the first rank in my university. I have secured 100 marks in Mathematics from my secondary level onwards. My approach is teaching through examples.

Pascoe Vale South
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Latrobe Engineering Student give maths lessons to high school,having degree in Aeronautical Engineering and excellent experience in Thermodynamics and Physics.

Teaching, according to me is the noblest profession and I am fortunate to be a part of that community. My method comes with understanding of a problem and its solution in four questions – WHY? HOW? WHEN?, and WHERE? With respect to the problem.

West Footscray
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Cq university student teaches maths for school and uni students. already have an experience in india

firstly i will conform the syllabus whether it might be under my knowledge. then before going to start the topic i will go with the basic concept to approach the problem I will try to solve it.and I also try to explain in different methods.

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Masters of engineering student available for tutoring school,college and university level students.

The teaching method I prefer is, the practical way of explaining, that makes a student understand the topic in a better way. I break the topic into fragments and don't move on until I've determined (by questions etc) that the student has understood it.

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Experienced teacher of Physics and Mathematics with an expertise in handling students with different knowledge levels.

My first priority to present complex things in simple ways. My second priority is to know whether students are understanding the lectures or not. I make sure I get positive outcome of my teaching within a few days. My teaching is focused on teaching difficult problems in an easy way.

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Deakin Engineering student gives maths, physics and chemistry lessons to high school and uni students in Glenroy, Coburg, Melbourne regions.

I am a person who motivates every student whoever brighter or below average to utilize their hidden potentials to succeed in their career. I am friendly and comfortable with students which will also help me to learn from them too each day. My teaching method is simple and very comfortable for students to understand.

Glen Huntly
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Physics teacher and researcher gives private physics and science lessons at home.

In each of my experiences, I insisted on teaching the methods and providing guidelines, and therefore give them the tools to perform the project themselves. With more than a span of 2 years in teaching, I have been into situations where got the students of all capabilities from different backgrounds. I always try to explain the concepts with practical examples.

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RMIT master's student, willing to give Maths, Physics or Chemistry lessons at school or college level.

I have recently completed my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering and currently pursuing Masters in Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering. Maths, Physics and Chemistry have been my strong areas since the start of my higher education.

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Perfect! Dr. Aman is an outstanding tutor, very enthusiastic with excellent communication skills. Highly recommended for any Year 12 student or onwards”

Peggy, Student
1 month ago
(6 reviews)

Perfect! Sjoerd has really helped with my chemistry, he is very patient and understanding. He will explain the problem until I understand. Each session becomes a little more understood and I even have a lot more motivation to study for organic chemistry.

Britt, Student
10 months ago
(2 reviews)

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