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Geopolitics to enhance your historical understanding of what makes society tick today

In historical, sociological or political learning the geopolitical background to your study allows you to have a unique understanding when preparing papers on your selected subject. I teach exclusively via online tutoring either via skype or typing directly to your queries.

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Pre-service History teacher and Monash History H1 Honours Graduate gives lessons to secondary school students.

Student-centred teaching which encourages student curiosity and critical analysis is the foundational element of my teaching pedagogy. In the classroom, my placement experiences are often geared towards working to engage students in delving into the historical past in ways which work to nurture the changing landscape that is history.

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JCU Psychology Student located in Townsville Who Tutors in Humanities and social sciences

Believing that students are the solution and have the answers that others seek rather than a problem that needs to be addressed is the main foundation in the way I would tutor.

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3rd Year Macquarie Philosophy Student and Cert III in Theology. Given lessons in many relevant subjects.

I like to engage my students with the purpose of why they are learning that particular material foremost in mind. They are brought to their own conclusions in a way that gives them an understanding of the whole, as opposed to just the facts.

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Recent Graduate offering topic based lessons related to Theology and Social Skills

The classes are based on a topic or specific skill and depends on what the student would like to learn. I am a firm believer that learning is supposed to be interesting and fun and my greatest goal is to provide a teaching method that suits the individual the best.

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Theology / Practical Religious Studies Teacher with Masters degree; experienced and passionate in teaching online to groups and individuals.

My teaching method is didactic and designed to engage students in a collaborative and reflective learning journey. I like to begin with a knowledge based presentation based on the Bible and other authentic materials and move into reflective questioning leading to group discussion.

Highgate Hill
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Recent TEFL English teacher (in China) looking to teach his degree, History, or English, here in Brisbane

I structure my lessons so that they are both informative and engaging. I think it's vital to have history taught chronologically but also holistically.

Payneham South
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Behavioural Neuroscientist and Science Communicator with professional experience, providing education in Psychological Sciences

I mainly use the socratic method of teaching. I provide many many resources and help guide the student to find the answers.

Redland Bay
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Philosophy and Gender Studies Student Turned Tutor Giving Classes on High School and Uni Level Gender Studies and Philosophy Subjects

As a student of philosophy and people lover, I change my teaching method for each and every one of my students! Building a strong communicative bond with my students is the BEST way to make sure lessons are both productive and enjoyable for the both of us.

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Aspire to achieve by engaging a Qualified Secondary Teacher to help you reach your academic goals

I have been tutoring students from year 1 through to Masters level at University for over 10 years. Lessons are catered to each student's abilities and needs. Lessons are based on what is needed, whether it be supporting school learning or explaining how to answer a difficult question.

Hamilton Hill
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Murdoch Uni (Perth) BA History Student (with a minor in Religion) tutor

I prefer visual aids for learning/memorising material. Colour, pictures etc. assist some students in retaining information more than non visual aids or just copying notes down. I'm happy to sit with a student and find a way that aids them in learning the material that best suits them as a student.

Macquarie Fields
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Australian Catholic University Student provides the younger generations with the skills and knowledge they need to pass History.

My teaching method is to base each lesson around a certain module within the set topic. No one can adequately understand an entire topic as a whole so its important to extract the important questions that are most likely to be assessed.

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Joe gives very comprehensive but easy Psychology coaching to students all across the world.

My reflective practice and teaching interests I am dedicated to continually reflecting on my abilities as a teaching and research mentor. Inside the classroom, I solicit feedback from students and use this feedback to shape future lectures and classes. Outside of the classroom, I am committed to strengthening my teaching abilities through ongoing education.

Ormeau Hills
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An inspirational teacher who enjoys using his natural gift of teaching to inspire high school & uni students in RE, CRE, & Theology.

I cherish the biblical injunction to ask, seek, and knock, as a way to receiving, finding, and having a door opened (Matthew 7:7); not the least of which is the door of knowledge. This scripture resonated immensely with my understanding of teaching and learning and growing in Christ in my early years.

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Psychology honours graduate with training in existential therapy gives tutoring in psychology

Open conversation, finding the joy in learning and really understanding topics, rather than just memorising facts. I also love critical and analytic thinking, so challenging what is learnt and also applying it to life.

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Unknown as God is, truth can still be discussed and shared or even just explored

By reflecting on personal and shared experience and recognising the works of God already, this can then be refined and formed through dialogue

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Fresh Master of Arts graduate with Bachelor of Teaching qualification with both knowledge and passion to teach history, sociology and religion in Plumpton NSW Australia

With a passion for teaching the humanities and social sciences, I am able to support students from school age to postgraduate level in their studies of history, religion and sociology with interesting and comprehensive lessons that focus on content as well as writing skills.

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Degree in Film and Media with Highers in Sociology and Religious, Moral, and Philosophical studies. I'm experienced in each and looking for the cornerstone of intelligence in a student: curiousity.

My teaching method depends entirely on you. If you want to improve rapidly in a singular area such as Religious Studies, then my tutelage shall be concentrated and concisely directed in that area. If you'd prefer advice across several subjects, then my method will be more diverse and generalised -perhaps taking more time but ensuring to cover each subject thoroughly.

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Theology graduate gives Religious Education lessons from primary to undergraduate level in Evesham area.

My 1st class BA (Hons) in Theology and Ethics and decades of experience devising and teaching programmes enable me to tailor tuition sessions according to individual levels of ability, understanding, and learning style. My teaching methods adapt to students of all ages, Primary, to A Level and beyond. I am passionate about my subject and very thorough.

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World Culture Historian invites to on-line journey, can meet in Lincoln Castle

I like to put a 'issue' and see what made it, how people reacted and what was outcomes. Sometimes looking at it from the point of view of a modern person,sometimes taking side of another era viewer.We discuss using PPE and I support with use of specific terminology.

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Cardiff student offering personalised, high quality Philosophy, Religious Studies, Theology and History tutoring at a reasonable price via webcam

I approach teaching by first getting to know you and how you work. From there, I identify strengths and weaknesses and attempt to strengthen your poorer areas and integrating them into your work.

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Politics, History and History of Art.....Near Swindon....38 years' experience...focused, patient and kind

I enjoy tutoring and dealing with written work and planning. I recommend books and approaches and try to be as supportive as possible. What else would you expect from 40 years of teaching and 38 of those tutoring groups and, above all, one to one. I have a range of levels and subjects built up in an expert way over all this time.

Holmes Chapel
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Religious Studies Graduate offering Religious Studies and Philosophy classes in Holmes Chapel

I recognise that everyone learns differently and will adapt my tutoring to suit the needs and learning styles of students. I recognise the importance of differentiation to ensure that different learning styles are catered for. I use a combination one-to-one discussion and questioning along with using modelling strategies and interactive media to develop key skills.

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Experienced lecturer and author offers classes in Religion and Philosophy in Liverpool

My approach to teaching is to enable students to engage with the material intellectually and think about it from the inside. I do this by using a variety of thought experiments, real world examples, and probing questions. This enables students to appreciate the real value of ideas and world-views which are complicated and often not obvious.

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History Graduate offering History and other related lessons in the Preston area

My teaching methodology is very much dependent on each and every students needs. I am very versatile and can adapt to all scenarios. I understand that we are all different in our learning and in our first session we will figure out what our best approach will be.

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A Self reluctant saint want to teach subject related to Social Studies.

Starting from School to degree level, I can shift my paradigms as per the choice of the student. I want to break the curricular on proper segments and will try to coup up according to the capability of that Individual.

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Leeds History Graduate tutoring in the Leeds area, specializing in the British Empire

I like to engage the student and build a positive relationship with them. Following the set curriculum and preparing for exams is very important, as is writing essays for practice or for coursework. So is aiming to genuinely understand the subject matter and to engage in critical thought and explore around the subject. On top of this having fun while doing so is vital.

Espera Feliz
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Pedagogist and Professor of History, works in Guaçuí - ES and Espera Feliz - MG, offers private tutoring classes at an affordable price.

Lectures and dialogues with classic books in hand, as well as some domestic activities and texts via blog. I also want to start using video tools for educational support if necessary. Prevalence of a neotomist background pedagogy based on Jacques Maritain.

Kranthi kumar
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Lecturer in Bible College gives training in all theological subjects at Certificate, Diploma, Bachelors, and Masters Level!

I have a M.Phil. Degree in Theology from a premier Theological Institute with a passion to teach the Word of God. I offer classes up to the Master of Divinity Level in subjects related to theology. I teach through lectures. I am sensitive to the needs, passion, and the grasping level of the students and tailor my lectures to suit the student.

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Learning philosophical reasoning for university students and graduates of any profesional discipline

I am a lecturer in Philosophy currently on my PhD at Lancaster University. From my wealth of experience as a lecturer for more than four years, am sure my student will have the best story to tell in their chosen career.

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