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Masters degree in History, Italian literature and humanities gives lessons in English, Italian, history and various humanistic subjects to secondary school pupils and university students in humanities

I hold a Masters degree achieved in Italy in humanities where I majored in contemporary history, history of the church and Christianity, political history, history of medicine, Italian language and literature and English linguistics. I have experience in tutoring secondary school students and junior university students.

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Professional History maestro offering lessons and dissertation assistance up to university level

My teaching methodology is simple and very easy to understand, I explain key words, use illustrations and explain notes abstractly.

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Student of arts who want to know about Philosophy and want to best result in the examination, they must be connected. All Philosophical problem-solving in one touch.

Lecture Method, discussion method, board work, powerpoint method all type teaching method are applied. notes, Exam., suggestion, extra class, all things which you need, I am ready to Help. All question solved in one touch. Thank you.

Greater London
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Engaging Philosophy and Ethics, RS or Theology lessons with experienced and friendly Cambridge theology graduate in London

I'm Susanna and I love philosophy! I studied Theology and Religious Studies at Cambridge and I really enjoy having a good debate as well as helping you improve your essay style and arguments. I'm great at explaining tricky concepts and I'll always make sure you understand everything before moving on.

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Wisdom is for everyone who seeks it. And who seeks it will finds it.

It's practical . I prefer to teach in practical manner that students may go in to real experience.... .. ...

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Oxford BA student and IB alumn offering philosophy and/or religious studies tuition

I craft lessons according to the individuals needs and overall curriculum, creating mind maps of the topics we will cover after the first meeting. In terms of exam preparation, I have a vast array of past papers and personal prototype essays.

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Multmedia Journalism student offering history and creative writing lessons here in Manchester

My teaching method is mainly through visual instruction, with written tasks or charts and videos. I am aiming to teach highschool students to college students. A lesson would start with a short introduction, with a particular theme in mind.

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College student in philosophy gives religion and ethics lessons to pupils in London

I have a practiced and appraised teaching style and technique by ensuring a full understanding and then persuading my students to be able to teach the subject themselves. I categorize my teaching structure into topics and subtitles in each, including important analogizes and exercises on each. This will include many note-taking and the ability to teach in return.

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Undergraduate law student giving secondary school tutoring for sociology in London

I am an undergraduate law student with a GCSE and A Level qualification in Sociology receiving an A in both. I am giving lessons to those who study Sociology GCSE and would like to get their head around the basic concepts within ethics and particular areas of the subject. I find that the best way to learn sociology is to learn the concepts with the use of examples and analogies.

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Personable undergraduate student at University of Cambridge. Offering tutoring in philosophy, religious studies and English literature up to and including A-level, all core GCSEs and entrance exams. B

I like to take a highly individualised approach as I understand every learner requires different techniques. Personally I have had success when I break topics down and focus on them chunk by chunk, so I usually use this as a starting place before adapting to other methods.

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Theology graduate looking to give lessons in Theology and Religious Studies up to degree level.

I teach from an unbiased, religiously neutral position and I do not favour any religious or ethical point of view. I will base my classes on the individual, as I recognise each student will require a specialised teaching method. I am happy to be flexible-just let know what you would like to learn about/discuss/are struggling with and I will be happy to base the lesson around that specifically.

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Enrich your self with truth that helps you set free and you attain wisdom.

I make things easy to remember, while teaching so that they can remember the topic aswell they can relate it and practice it.

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Cardiff student offering personalised, high quality Philosophy, Religious Studies, Theology and History tutoring at a reasonable price via webcam

I approach teaching by first getting to know you and how you work. From there, I identify strengths and weaknesses and attempt to strengthen your poorer areas and integrating them into your work.

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Why Islamic Religious philosophy thoughts and facts being superior in an active think world

My teaching method is personal talks, direct interactions and phone call solutions. I will take all ways which i can.

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Good teaching is more a giving of right questions than a giving of right answers.

Show class, have pride, and display character, if you do, winning takes care of itself. This is my thought a out my classes.

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Art History tutoring for children and adults from MA(Hons) tutor - online/cotswolds

I can teach History of Art to any level, or with a focus on A-Level or undergraduate studies. I will also teach general interest lessons for children or adults. I am based in the Cotswolds, but I'm happy to teach online via Skype or messenger if that suits you better.

Five Ashes
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Tutor who has completed psychology A Levels, giving lessons to secondary school pupils online.

I completed A Level Psychology and as I enjoyed it, I have done lots of extra study in the subject. I am giving tutoring to secondary school students - GCSE or A Level - to help with their psychology studies. I will be giving tutoring online but I can adapt to the individuals learning methods, whatever they may be.

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Anybody who wants to know about deep biblical understanding I will surely help them.

i probably won't force you to follow my own methodology but i help regularly basing on your capability and your zeal to study

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Bible student offering a deep understanding of Theology, currently living at uMlazi Durban.

I schedule my lessons either by chapter of book for at least six months, and my class is of mixed age group.

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Graduate of Philosophy and Theology gives courses in a wide array of Human Sciences

Having completed two courses up to the Master level in both fields, I teach courses of all levels on the history of philosophy and theology as well as on the various branches of philosophy and theology. I can teach courses in both fields independently. The courses are initially theoretical: it is a question of learning the key concepts.

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Economics student teaches Sociology / History / Geography classes for high school in Curitiba

My teaching method is linked to the individual method of learning, that is, in the way that the student has the easiest to learn the contents, be it by presentations or reviews.

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Humanities Tutoring in and around Coventry (From a recent BA Hons Sociology Graduate)

Learning in any capacity can be hard, its often difficult to grasp concepts, motivate yourself and bring everything together in the end to succeed. That's why I take a person centred approach, we go from where you're at. I help you to get your head round what you can't understand and to feel more confident going into exams and assignments.

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Psychology student offering GCSE and A Level psychology and religious studies tutoring in Manchester

I base my classes on the student’s goal for both the near future and the distant future. I work in line with exam board specifications and tailor lessons to the students individual learning style.

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Doing my B.th in Kerala. I want to make all pastors as theological excellence..

My method is from the foundation in the sense from beginning onwards. I will put my all efforts. Please cooperate with me.

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Experienced and qualified teacher of Philosophy and 11+ examination prep based in London

I provide tuition to Primary pupils preparing for school entrance examinations through to A level students preparing for their examinations. Lessons are engaging and focused on promoting progress during each session. Each session ends with a plenary exercise to demonstrate what the student has learnt and what needs to be developed.

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Qualified RE Teacher (Philosophy & Theology Degree) and experienced teaching GCSE and A-Level students

As a teacher I am aware of what you need in order to understand and succeed in your GCSE/A-Level. I have access to extra material to support you alongside my own teaching practice. My teaching method is to make the content understandable by breaking it down and finding the best way to revise and learn based on your individual needs.

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Join my test prep for pre- b.Ed,m.Ed,pre- MCA & also for competitive exams

My teaching method is based on latest educational techniques and methodologies which assure targeted results within a short span of time

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