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Sirinada irene
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I am half Thai and South African and I am fluent in English and Thai

I will focus mainly on conversational skills and communicating with my students to develop an authentic Thai accent and an understanding for the tonalities.

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Law Student in Townsville with experience teaching piano and languages to students all ages

I believe in open and creative learning. I provide knowledge and structure for each person to be able to find their own unique style. I find the pace students learn best at and what they would like to be able to do.

South Brisbane
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Online teaching Thai language by native Thai speaking. Let's arrange schedule for classes

My teaching method is depending on people requirements. I usually prefer to teach by seeing face and talking via video call because most important thing is I need to correct an accent.

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Im a Thai student in Melbourne, I has experience of teaching accounting for 4 years in Thailand, Most of my students study in international school and some of them are foriengner and study in othet co

My teaching method is follow topic in class and gives lesson to student for practice and also you also answering questions and helping you if you have some problem on your study/or your life in university.

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Perth area - Thai language class with a native speaker, online or in person :)

It depends on what sort of class I'll be teaching. If it is a conversational class, I will try to set it up in a very relax environment and start with daily life conversation. Then if you are getting better we can work on other stuff that you might need help with such as pronunciation (we have 5 tones in our language!), grammar or I can even integrate some cultural knowledge if you wish.

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West Melbourne
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Thai language by Thai cheap prize and great info. for who interested Thai language

My teaching you by some document but I'm realize to improve Thai by speaking more than reading texts. Sometime I prefer to invite you to walk around city and looking around on you along with practice speaking Thai language also.

Saint Clair
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G’day! Living in Adelaide at the moment. I can teach you from basic Thai to advance. I’ll also make sure you pronounce it correctly don’t worry!

Start off by listening-speaking first (this is easiest way) then move to reading and lastly writing. Thai has a lot of tones and you have to pronounce them correctly to get the right meaning.

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College student who is Thai native speaking ready to makes you speak like Thai! How was your holiday!? I’m back!

In my opinion the best way to learn language is speak it out as much as possible. In a reason I will let you talk and make myself like your homie so, no stressful around my class because I completely understand 'student' this word.

Blackburn South
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--- THAI LESSONS -- Looking FOR THAI TEACHER ??? Teaching Thai with The native speaker from thailand

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Sawasdee Ka. Thai Teacher is here! Morning - Arvo, Tue - Sun, any area in CBD : )

I can provide some different lesson that suitable for each person or any requirement such as - Basic Thai Conversation - Thai Slang - Learning Thai Vocabulary with Thai culture - Writing Thai alphabet - Pronounciation - Thai poem - Lesson about Thai food - Thai News

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Looking to Learn Thai. I am a Native Speaker in Canberra.. I am here to help.

It's depends on the student's objective and level of competency. So my lesson can be all in Thai or combination of Thai and English. I believe the best way to learn language is to practice practice and practice.

Surry Hills
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Thai lessons offered by a native speaker with experience teaching international students

I always ask students first if they would like to study for only listening and speaking or they also would like to study reading and writing. I design contents of the lessons up to each of the student or class.

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I am a Thai student who studied at University of Rennes 1

I am a Thai student who made his studies in master 1 . I reindeer normally gives about one hour and fourth-five minutes of each course. I work on listening and also communication. Students participate in methodology and language techniques.

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learn Thai with Native speaker! fair price! the digital textbook is provided!​

I am a Third-year undergraduate student at the University of Westminster. My lesson mostly focuses on conversation basis. However, I can adjust the lesson structure upon your request. I also offer Skype lessons for those students who do not live in London or want to study from home. I also provide a digital and physical textbook for students.

1st lesson free !

Let's study Thai! I am a student from Thailand, studying at Kyoto University (^. ~) I can speak English and a little Japanese :)

- I teach Thai language using interesting stories, especially about Thailand. - For students who like music, I will also teach you some Thai song and/or Thai traditional dance. -If you are interested in Thai culture and cuisine, these can be included in our lesson. -We can use English, simple Japanese, and photos for the lesson.

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Spoken Thai Language lessons with an effective way start online from Bangkok

-My Teaching method is mostly based on how to pronounce the Thai word correctly. because in Thai language is mostly related how to tone or pronounce. the word. many words have similar sounds but different meaning. - I prefer one on one. - Specially design for travelers who are planing to travel to Thailand.

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A​ university student in Canterbury; offering Thai lessons, starting from conversational​, beginner to advanced level.

I focus on what students want to achieve in relation to their time and commitment. At an early stage, I tend to set small, clear, and achievable goals for students so they know exactly what they need to do. After they have been exposed to the language more, sometimes students suggest or even set their own goals according to their interests and learning methods that they find most suitable.

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Thai Native Speaker, now studying Advertising & Design in University of Leeds.

I will start with the easy, daily use wording and sentences. And help to make sure you use the right and proper words to describe the right meaning.

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Hi, I’m from Thailand, have any questions you can ask me anything

My teaching method just up to my students how they want to learn but sometimes we can only play game

Bridge of Allan
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A native Thai, will teach you how to speak locally when visit Thai.

My teaching method will be start at knowing my student, level of their language. And I will teach base on area of learner's interest. - I am fluent in Thai and English. - I currently live and study in the UK in Language and Linguistics.

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How easy to learn Thai by native? I will let you happy in our class!

Is it so hard to learn a foreign language, anyway? No worries, In our class I will set the situation and lesson let you understand Thai language very easy. step by step It's fun and happy to learn. You can be better If you are confident in this way.

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Native Thai speaker with lifelong experience in both formal and informal Thai knowledge

In this class, I want to teach you how to speak proper Thai using correct vocabulary as well as gender. Tell me in what subject area you would like to learn and I will assist you with my knowledge.

Theni Allinagaram
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I am Thai Teacher, former Language Integration Facilitator at Peace Corps Thailand

I teach Thai using using only Thai in my classes and also a certified tester of the Thai language. I give cues so that students would acquire the language naturally. I can teach from Level A1 to C2.

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6+ years experiences teaching Thai to international students in a language school in Thailand.

Fun : finding your target of stydying, goal of each lesson. Effective: understand not memorise, could related everything to dialy life and real situations. Motivated : learning language is life skill. Motivated my students to take things easy, take time and eventually you will get what you want.

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Learn Thai with native Thai speaker in your house or online.

My teaching method depends on the students. It could be music, textbook, practice book, games, and video. I will focus on your aim whether just speaking or speaking and writing. I can teach from basic Thai to advance.

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Thai native, graduated from Language and Culture course in Number 1 ranked University in Thailand, is offering Thai lessons for all levels

My teaching methods is based on worksheets and practical everyday uses, as well as lots of speaking in order to help students get use to Thai language

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Let s speak and learn Thai natualy with me Wanida I am very friend and had long time experience of being a tutor

My teaching method is teaching with fun and relaxing . start from basic and aim to get my student to be able to have a proper conversation with Thai people.

1st lesson free !

A level student who is a native Thai speaker having lived in Thailand and also being half Thai.

I base my classes on getting the basics perfected and adding on each time from there.

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