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Brunswick West
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Help with your Thesis from one with years of knowledge & experience (Law, Business, Architecture, Publishing, etc)

Hi, I have broad knowledge and excellent skills that aid in both helping you prepare your thesis and teaching English. I have worked in ESL instruction, writing, editing, publishing, architecture, property development and business (I have run a number of successful businesses and employed about 300 people).

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PhD graduate teaching English skills to high school and university students in perth, WA

I understand that everyone learns differently and students have widely differing needs when it comes to tutors. I offer a personalised and flexible program of discussion and activities tailored to the student’s needs, whether they're struggling with course content, report writing, or sentence and essay structure.

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20-year-old English Literature & Philosophy students offers lessons for all things literature!

I am convinced that the best way to tailor a study program on a student is to first and foremost talk to them and understand what their points of strength are and what they encounter difficulties in. I believe in communication and in encouraging the student to always try their best, no matter if they will make mistakes of struggle to complete the task.

Mount Saint Thomas
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UOW Bachelor of Arts and Creative Arts student giving lessons to high school students.

My teaching method is predominately based on proving students with simple yet intensive notes based on the work that they are currently completing in class. I will go through the notes explain and teach them to my student thoroughly, this step is crucial to my teaching method as I know that some students learn better when being conversed to about the modules they are learning.

Salisbury North
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Adelaide University Student gives valuable lessons to all school students in Adelaide

I like to develop a good relationship to build trust so that I can determine what works best for you. I adjust easily to methods and am interested in what you have to say so that eventually my help wont be really required because you have grown in your skills.

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VCE graduate (99.25 ATAR) gives English lessons to high school students in Melbourne

Having just finished my VCE studies, I understand that navigating high school English can definitely be overwhelming for students! As such, I find that the most effective way to see rapid improvement is to break down the different areas of the course and target specific difficulties the student has faced in the past.

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Trainee Teacher providing English support for high school students to improve literacy and writing!

I am a pre-service teacher with 3 years experience teaching English in high schools, 2 years experience as a private tutor, and 1 year experience teaching EAL to adult learners in businesses.

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Current English Tutor and 4th year education student. High-School focus Cairns/ Online.

I am a personable teacher that structures lessons to suit students. My teaching method depends entirely on the student and what areas they struggle with. I prefer to teach individually and to shape each lesson based off the past lessons performance.

Burpengary East
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Qualified English Teacher aiming to support Brisbane school students articulate and analyse

My name is Alycen Edwards and I am seeking to support the literacy education and development of school aged students through tutoring. I feel that I can provide an enriching and resolutely supportive atmosphere that will aid students’ established literacy knowledge and comprehension.

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UNSW Commerce Law student gives English lessons to high school students in the North Shore

The tutoring sessions I provide are focused on essay and narrative writing, exam revision and assistance with editing written pieces. A typical lesson may involve analysing a past essay exam question, developing a thesis and designing an essay plan. This can be followed by identifying key language techniques in a text and discussion of their effects.

Mermaid Beach
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University Lecturer delivers high level dissertation advice, proof reading and English language correction

I base my classes, whether individual or group, on your needs. We identify what you want to get out of it, and then structure accordingly. The teaching methodology is simply 'results-driven'.

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Monash Student of Humanities. I give English lessons to school children in Melbourne

Children learn best in conversations and they need justified explanations for why are they practicing a certain form of knowledge. I encourage reading habits for better understanding of the subjects or the language. I set practice papers and design it according to the need of the curriculum.

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Experienced English teacher (Master of Education) teach both IB and Australian Curricula

I am research-driven and therefore have always collected data on students' strengths and weaknesses and through the analysis of a student's progress and my feedback, I can quickly determine areas that need addressing in English. I like to introduce students to visible thinking, and show them how they are understanding and conceptualising their ideas.

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Melbourne Literature Major Helping Secondary School Students Thrive in Their English Class

I base my classes on fundamental skills and focus the lessons towards the needs of the students. I prefer lessons where students actively engage in the skill and show the extent of their knowledge that we can then build on together.

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Writing help/coaching from a senior journalist and managing editor who has been doing this for longer than she cares to mention

I like to keep my lessons as fluid and interactive as possible, and I rarely stick to one formula. My method depends very much on who I'm tutoring, and I try to customise lesson content, structure and style as much as I can.

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Ex-Monash Student of Engineering and Psychology/Philosophy (First year Passes) English/Math/Sciences Tutor

My teaching method is to engage with students, ascertain their interests, and then utilise their engagement with said interest to identify weaknesses that may affect their entry into their chosen field. I then tailor lessons to those interests to engage the student in deeper learning of core subject material as it applies to their chosen career/scholastic path.

Kelvin Grove
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Experienced Literature, ESL, and IELTS Tutor in Brisbane CBD. Believes in Communicative Language Techniques.

I rely a lot on dialogue, and using communicative teaching techniques to enable people into thinking outside of the box. There is a constant exchange of ideas, wherein the learner is encouraged to operate independently.

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UNSW Law/ Commerce student offers English lessons to high school students in Sydney

My teaching approach is very personalised and tailored to each student's needs, because no two students are the same. I am patient with my students and offer them advice and help on how to tackle a topic, rather than immediately show them the answer or correct way.

Hazelwood Park
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UniSA Media Arts/Marketing student provides English lessons to high school students in Adelaide

I invest myself into each student, and recognise each student learns differently, thus ultimately I aim to discover which method of teaching works best for the student and work with them in that manner. Regardless, with all my students i am assisting them to produce work that they 1. would have enjoyed writing, 2. work that will succeed in a marking scheme and 3.

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FedUni science student and school aide gives English lessons to high school and uni students.

I enjoy encouraging people to learn and grow in their studies. My lessons are geared towards those who may be struggling with certain topics or tasks, as well as those who wish to extend themselves. Lessons revolve around the needs of the individual and the level they wish to attain in their education.

North Sydney
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ANU Student studying Political Science and International Relations can help with Year 12 HSC Preparations

I believe the best way to teach is individual to each student and each subject, thus I apply unique lessons and instructions to each student. Although for every applicable subject, practice assessments and exams are fundamental to understanding and applying knowledge, and therefore are common in my lessons (once the skills required are there).

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Qualified Australian Journalist with over 10 years of Tutoring and corporate experience gives private essay writing lessons at home

My teaching method is discussion of weaknesses then tailoring the lessons to strengthen that skill. I based my classes on exactly what the student needs from me.

Surrey Downs
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Smart, experienced, patient, kind English teacher with international experience at your service!

Interactive. Logical. Tailored to student needs. Based on the humanistic educational principles of Dane Nikolaj Frederik Severin Grundtvig.

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English language tutor in Melbourne specialising in grammar, creative writing and text analysis.

I successfully achieved participation by utilising creativity and incorporating a ‘real life’ connection into the classroom to gain and maintain students’ interests and encourage self-expression. I incorporate exciting thematic units to encourage student engagement and foster a fun and active learning environment that enable students to develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

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Murdoch and QUT graduate in Social Sciences able to teach History, English, Geography etc

I become aquatinted with each individual and their needs and capacities. I make learning fun and challenging and rewarding all in one.

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Test and exam preparation lessons offered by motivated and organised Melbourne tutor

I will work hard to be an ideal tutor. An ideal tutor is personable and accommodating. They are able to recognise a student's ideal learning style and deliver the learning content effectively. They will speak and explain concepts clearly and believe that there are no "stupid questions", as all questions are used to increase learning.

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UWA masters graduate tutoring English for high school students in Subiaco and surrounding areas.

Having tutored at a high-school and university level for four years, I understand the pressure students face (especially with NAPLAN and WACE) and the difficulty often posed by English. I believe this is because students often don’t understand what is expected of them, or they do not know how to properly communicate English concepts.

Bellevue Hill
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UNE Masters of Teaching and full time teacher offers Latin tutoring in Eastern Suburbs Sydney

I am an advocate of teaching in a way that best suits the individual student. This may be experiential, student directed, teacher directed- but I believe the best approach to learning is a combination of all these approaches to keep it interesting and engaging.

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North Brisbane graduate offering after school tutoring for English and assessment writing

I'm a graduate who has loved learning and literacy my entire life. I aim to aim to make school tasks less intimidating for students and give them the skills to learn independently. For example, this includes teaching them how to break tasks up into manageable pieces, teaching them to research and write assignments, and making sure they understand their lessons.

Macquarie Park
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Current Sydney Law Student ready to assist teaching HSC English to High Schoolers

My method of teaching is first asking the student what they feel they don't understand in the subject. From there we will strengthen their understanding and how best to apply this knowledge in exam situations. I would love to proof read anything and help guidance my students.

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Perfect! Kirsten is very professional and we are very happy with her work.

Dane, Student
3 months ago
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