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North Melbourne
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Award-winning former student journalist gives English essay writing tips to students in Melbourne.

My approach to teaching English is by giving students a coherent and engaging structure through which they can complete their work.

Cairns City
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Final Year Pre-Service Teacher gives private lessons to primary school aged kids and beyond

I teach using a hands on, inquiry method to get students thinking about the 'why' behind their studies. I also use regular movement breaks as studies have shown this technique to be effective, particularly when working with younger children. I help students to gain the confidence they need to achieve success in their examinations and in regular classroom settings.

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Specialist Accredited Tutor and admitted Lawyer providing senior highschool students with tutoring, career mentoring & coaching around South Brisbane area

I have a deep passion for making real differences in the lives of my students and their learning journey through laser-focused instruction, my watchful eye and customised expertise to benefit students directly and witness their sparks of comprehension; equipping them with critical study skills to become independent lovers of learning.

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An avid ANU-Law student who'll help you with all your English woes!

I believe in a teaching approach which is highly integrative of the student's thoughts and ideas. At the end of the day, it is the student who must understand and apply what is being taught, so my methodology focuses on teaching students how to THINK like a top english student.

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PhD with 6 years of teaching experience helping students be the best they can be! Based in Adelaide.

I have experience with both University and School institutions. I love teaching and seeing my students achieve! I like to try and relate to my students, everyone is different and has their own strengths and weaknesses.

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Brisbane-based Law and Psychology Student available to tutor school age students in English

My specialties in English include (but are not limited to) creative and essay writing, public speaking, vocabulary and grammar. Once you and I have established what it is you want to achieve through our sessions, the following structure is an example of a typical two-hour session that focuses on a standard high school English essay: 1.

Varsity Lakes
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Griffith Graduate Educates High school students in Geography Maths & English Robina Varsity Lakes

My teaching method is based on my general knowledge i have on subjects such as social sciences, geography, maths and writing. If i am not confident about a particularly topic, I will make sure I acquire the necessary knowledge about that topic either through the internet or state library then apply this knowledge to my student.

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WSU Law Student Wanting To Teach English To Primary and High School Students

I approach my teaching method by making sure my students are comfortable with me and have them explain to me what it is they would like for me to teach them. From there, I like to communicate with the student and create a lesson plan to follow where I will thoroughly teach them the skills necessary to improve in all aspects of English and help them further their marks in the subject.

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UQ Honours student giving private one-on-one tutoring to students looking to improve their performance in Social Science subjects, English or Drama.

I am a firm believer that students each have their own learning style and that the role of a tutor is to develop personalised strategies to ensure they maximise their learning potential.

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University of Wollongong Student Studying Bachelor of Primary Education Gives English Lessons to Primary School Students

My teaching method comprises of teaching children in a fun manner that develops critical thinking. Learning should be a fun, enjoyable process that engages both student and teacher. I don't believe in getting children to remember facts to simply recite back.

Springfield Central
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English/History/Social Sciences/ Humanities Tutor-Final Year Law Student at the University of Southern Queensland, Brisbane/Ipswich

I would like to get to know my student first because that will help me to prepare my lessons.e.g. whether my student can work for a full hour then take a break or whether my student needs a break every 30 minutes. To begin, I would usually start with asking the student if he/she have any homework or assignments that may be due soon so we can work through it.

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Struggling with your English. Which areas do you feel you need help(Reading/Listening/Writing/Speaking)? Feel free to ask your RMIT teacher to get the best solutions.

I believe in face to face teaching/one-on-one approach rather than online methods. I feel this would give a more personal touch and get to know people very well. Feel free to approach me with any queries you may have. Your smile is my satisfaction.

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Fun, creative and enthusiastic learning aid in English and writing, located in Warradale

I have a very active and energetic teaching methodology. For me it isn't about what you're teaching but who you are teaching, believing that each individual learns and interacts differently depending on their best ability to learn. I am quite a visual learner myself, so my teaching will reflect this. However, I like to get to know an individual before deciding what is best for their learning.

St Albans
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Melbourne University student gives English lessons to high school and university students in Melbourne

I tailor my classes to the curriculum of every individual student, working on the key skills and constantly referring to the rubric and criteria.

Chapel Hill
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Great Science, physics and Maths, tutor/teacher with more than 10 years of experience...Lets investigate how things work? How Maths can explain almost everything…and it will be fun.

My greatest passion in life is: Teaching. I have been tutoring, teaching and developed high school tutoring institutes for more than 10 years, always focused in the student’s needs. My teaching philosophy is based on unleashing each student maximum capacity through different pedagogic techniques and showing the students how useful, fun and easy science & maths can be.

Point Cook
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Enthusiastic adaptable and experienced TESOL teacher with a proven track record in international English language teaching and home tutoring in Melbourne.

My teaching methodology is basically a mixture of many complimentary methods rather than one . It may start with a lecture on a topic followed by THE DISCUSSION ,DEMONSTRATION...BRAINSTORMING and ROLE PLAYS. I prefer to craft a lesson according to the students strengths and weaknesses.

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Canberra Law and Arts university student teaches primary and high school students the key to good English grammar skills.

I am a patient person and I believe in engaging a supportive teaching practice. I think that positive reinforcement is the best way to teach someone who might be struggling in a certain area. I tend to take different approaches with each subject or student depending on what is most needed.

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Highly experienced VET Teacher with extensive experience within the Community Services area, employment services and health and well being

I usually start by developing a rapport with the student, finding out their current level of knowledge on a subject and then building upon their own life experiences by sharing information, perspectives about the subject in a way that it userfriendly and appropriate for them. I try to ensure that my teaching methods are specific to the learning needs of each student.

Mount Annan
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Qualified experienced primary school teacher available to enhance students skills and love of learning

i base my individual lessons on the needs of the students after i have gotten to know them. We develop together small learning to achieve an overall learning school goal that has been identified by the student, family and school.

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ANU 2nd Year Engineering/ISS Student - Private English Tutoring Sessions Canberra, Years 1 - 10

Throughout my extensive experience in tutoring, I have realised that every student has the capability to reach their full academic potential when they are taught concepts in a manner that they can understand.

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Deakin Business and Law graduate giving English lessons to school students and foreign nationals preparing for competitive examinations (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE etc.)

My teaching is based on the goals and requirements of my students or mentees. I am flexible to provide online learning (audio or video classes) or even personal coaching (Melbourne Eastern Suburbs) if he/she needs help in any specific area of the language. I am currently looking to teach individuals who are looking to crack competitive English exams (IELTS, TOEFL, PTE etc.

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Let your creativity flourish and flow with my support at your own home

My teaching methods include getting to know the student/s prior to sitting down and tackling the class content/s. Examples of it are playing a short game to warm up, yoga stretches, dance. After this, I go ahead and see what is in store of the day's learning. I break up the class every now and then by going for a short walk, quick game and more yoga stretches.

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Melbourne Law Student and experienced VCE Tutor looking for High School students seeking to excel in English or Literature

My teaching method revolves around the development of three crucial skills. 1. Close examination of the text. (This skill dictates the quality of your response). 2. Construction/Structure. (Ensuring arguments are presented logically and appropriately). 3. Expression (Finer details such as spelling, grammar, vocabulary and fluidity.

Ferntree Gully
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Monash Psychology student, a nerd who loves to teach all things English.

I cater my lessons to you! You want to focus on spelling today, you got it. You want to write a killer essay? Awesome! Done deal. You don't know what you want? I'm here for ya, I have years of English experience and am 1 year experienced in tutoring English in a wide range of contexts, from primary school to the top end of year 12.

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Just finished high school can help you improve your English skills in all ways!

My teaching methodology is completely different based on every person. No two people learn the same way and I try my best to find different ways to help people. My ideology is not to change people ideas and work, but to merely help them improve what they already have.

Fortitude Valley
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University student gives one on one English lessons and preparation skills at home

My teaching methods are based on what my students are currently working on, or desire to work on. From their, I will develop a program that will best benefit the student in learning all things necessary for their school work or general learning objectives.

Mangrove Mountain
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Macquarie University student can give lessons on understanding texts and analysing meaning and writing essays. Perfect for high school students.

The basis of my teaching method revolves around dissecting the question and applying the rubric to your advantage. I find that in this way marks can be maximised, while also allowing you to develop your lateral thinking skills. Lesson structure will be catered to your needs, where we will focus on what you want to achieve in both the short term and the long term.

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Secondary Education student teaches English to hardworking students in primary and high school. Online

I am looking to teach hardworking and determined primary and early high school aged students of any knowledge level. My personal teaching method includes rigourously going over the basics before moving on to assignments or test work. In other words I start lessons by focusing on basic knowledge and grammar/spelling before moving on to the in depth work.

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UWA student giving writing lessons to primary - high school students in Perth

My lessons will be revolved around any problems/struggles a student is having at school with English (the subject).

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Completed HSC last year and ready to let others do the same! School tutoring for all years Balmain/Sydney area

Confidence is the key to success! the biggest problem for almost every student I have taught has been that they didn't believe in their self! once you trust your judgment you will often find you know more than you think! I am passionate about working with my students to not only increase their knowledge base but to increase their confidence as well.

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