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UoW Ph.D. student gives computer science lessons to high school and uni students in Wollongong

First I am teaching the theory or the concept then I will explain the practical applications and realistic examples which students can use to memorize the theory/concept easily. According to my point of view, the most important part is practicing questions. There will be a series of questions on different complexity levels which students have to answer by themselves with the guidance of me.

Surfers Paradise
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Telecommunications Engineer with +7 years of experience gives lessons to uni students on the Gold Coast

Telecommunication professional with +7 years of experience leading large-scale projects. Outgoing and detail-oriented, I have experience with FTTH Networks, Networking and IPTV, all this with a Service Provider orientation. I have a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering, and telecommunication studies.

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Inspiring Little Engineering Spirits. . Teachingt every drop of pre-computing with necessary Maths & Science.

I'm confident to say that I know how to inspire children with beautiful examples of computing concepts & happy programming lessons. I have interesting softwares, just for kids & based on their ages. Truly I am an engineering soul who strives to inspire little ones to see the beauty in computing.

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Assistant professor with 9 years of teaching experience gives basic computer lessons

My teaching method is based on hands on sessions which will help the students to understand well. Lesson structure will starts from reasoning which will kindle the interest of the students. My teaching method varies according to the age group which i am teaching. e.g. for kids it will be more of multimedia base.

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I have a great experience of teaching and counselling of students of every level

My teaching method is very simple and considerate. I'm very affable kind of teacher.

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Computer Science will be taught in a very precise and easy way..

My teaching methods are very practical based that needs students to b attentive in the class....firstly explaining the main concepts using ppt slides and further on working practically....thus, including weekly assessment for students welfare....apart fro this group activities are also performed...

West Ryde
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Learning Network, windows,Cisco technologies in a very simple way besides cheap prices!

I like Problem Based Learning and gaming teaching style. I believe today if anyone wants to learn new skill or subject it probably much easier than any time in human history.

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Engineer with PhD with massive experience with successful track record with energy .

I always believe in self guided learning. I am looking for those student who want to something in their life. Which will help them to build this nation and society educated. I am happy to take private classes and provide professional guidance.

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I am CCNA and CCNP certified, Can help you to get Certified.

Cisco Certified Network Associate (Routing and Switching) Cisco Certified Network Professional (Routing and switching) it validates the ability to plan, implement, verify and troubleshoot local and wide-area enterprise networks and work collaboratively with specialists on advanced security, voice, wireless and video solutions.

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University graduate experienced tutor! Home tuition in mathematics, physics and computer science.

Simplicity is key to effective delivery and learning. I am a strong advocate of logic, conceptual reasoning and understanding. Education through reasoning, practical case scenarios and visual aids/graphics is much more effective. Moreover, teaching expands to systematic mentoring and keeping the students motivated. Study and life balance is a MUST.

Seven Hills
Denesh kumar
(6 reviews)
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Avid Teacher | People person | Real life context perspective in teaching

I'm an enthusiastic teacher and a qualified tutor. Try taking tutorials as a trial and you will never regret your decision. I assure you the best possible learning experience you have ever got in any subject so far. Message me on +(concealed information) for the more details .

West Footscray
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1st lesson free !

ICT Engineer - Certified Networks Professional for Computer science or IT students in Kalgoorlie

my teaching method is allowing the student to think him/herself and provide guidance when needed i.e a push in the right direction. it would depends on the Student level of understanding and will try to break down the material into smaller chunks in order to be digested.

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Film and Television Graduate teaches stop motion and animation principles from WA

I start with a simple, hands-on introduction to animation using block or paper and some basic principles in writing. I then extend this knowledge to more advanced techniques such as slow or fast in and out using bouncing ball methods. Lip sync is introduced after the simpler methods are grasped.

(75 reviews)

Senior Engineer, dedicated to software design in Java and experienced training program teaches private lessons.

With over 15 years of experience helping students of all levels to both prepare and overcome their academic exams, as you learn to develop business applications and use methods of analysis, development and teamwork techniques that allow applicants to posts working satisfactorily demonstrate the good performance of these functions.

Paris 10e
(23 reviews)

Engineer / experienced teacher dual expertise Computers and Electronics teaches privately in Paris and surroundings

I'm an engineer software development (R & D), I offer special courses in computer science, programming and electronics. I also help you to realize your projects. 1-Introduction to computers Office: Learning how to use Word, Excel, Powerpoint. Internet: navigation, search tips, .. PC Maintenance: formatting, installing Windows dual boot, etc ..


Computer Science, ICT, Technology in North London and online, A Level, GCSE, IGCSE, all levels, general interest, occupational needs.

I hold a PhD in Computer Science and work commercially in technology. I am keen to help students prepare for and excel in their GCSEs, A Levels, and university/occupational courses covering all aspects of Computer Science. I have been tutoring for nearly 30 years.

Greater London
(4 reviews)
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Animation and Affereffects tutor London Maya 3ds max Unity 3d and game design

Help In Projects One to One Interior designers and Architects We are open from Monday to Sunday 9 Am to 9 Pm We charge 30 to 33 Pounds Per/hr (Rates may vary on Weekends).

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Love computers!!!! I am your go to person !!!! Let's come together and learn the language of Charles Babbage

I teach according to the student's requirements. I am flexible with my topic. More of practical but good with theory as it's required for exams. Students can approach if they want to learn something in particular. Basic Ms office is my speciality.

Greater London
(3 reviews)

Highly Qualified IT Engineer Based in London Offering Basic and Advanced Technology Tutoring and Support

Hello All, My name is Harry Mckeady and I am an IT Engineer based in central London. I have many years of experience working my way up in the IT sector and have taught, and have been taught, at many different levels from people brand new to using computers through to IT specialists.

(6 reviews)
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Advanced Wireless Communication and Antenna's Designing using HFSS tool for Wireless Applications

My class will be completely based on hands on session.I will be making students into groups and will be assigning them the designs to do.

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I am a well-qualified teacher of Computer Science and ICT, with experience and success across all key stages, ages and ability, ranging from primary school pupils to adults, in Bucks, Surrey, Herts.

In my opinion young people need to develop skills for life e.g. resilience, resourcefulness, reciprocity, reflectiveness. Online forums discuss the fact that few schools that are able to teach computing because a certain level of expertise is necessary, however I am fortunate to have had experience in teaching adults, post-16, KS4, KS3 and KS2 in my role within the community.

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Electronics and communication engineer, Matlab, Research, technical writing, wireless, robotics, mathematics, physics.

Online, google hangout, facebook messanger, twitter, tumbler, LinkedIn, video chat, skype. Always available online. Rate at your requirement and ease.

(3 reviews)
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I'm computer networks and telecommunications engineer, I'm offring lessons on basic usege of computer, designing, networking, and video editing.

My teaching method based on practice and exercises which will allow you to take a maximum level of that skill you want to have

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BCOM graduate and IT service business owner offering IT tutorials within Wiltshire

My teaching method is quite straight forward using a lot of hands on and practical exercise. I believe in case studies scenarios type of teaching where students are taught concepts relating to real life situations that any IT Support personnel would encounter on a normal day at work.

(1 review)
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Information Technology student basic computer course, start to enter the world of technology ...

I am looking for people who want to practice what I can teach them, 50% practical and 50% theoretical is my work plan. I am accessible to questions you have regarding a particular topic that is of interest to you.

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I Archana Choubey working as Assistant Professor. completed M.tech in computer science and have 5 years of teching experience. my research area is computer network.

My teaching philosophy is to be passionate, enthusiastic, and engaging every time that I give a lecture so students are excited to learn more about the topic and become active learners. to make the class attractive i talk about the current technologies and what is going around the world.

San José del Cabo
Erick enrico
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IT Manager in SJD Airport, Network Classes, Telecommunications, IT Administration and Basic and General Informatics, any other related item is reviewed. Ask

My classes are based on professional practice, once the subject that is going to be attacked is defined, problems and procedures applied in the real world that can be found in the performance of their activities as professionals are raised, so that they have the necessary bases to move forward any situation that may arise.

Greater London
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Network Engineer Offering Tutoring in London. CCIE Certified with over seventeen years experience!

I used to deliver CCIE-level internal training to engineering teams at my employer, and also support new graduates in learning the key skills they needed to do their jobs. I find the best way to tutor online is to work through scenarios together discussing the theory and technical points and back this up with practical demos to show how technologies interact on simulated equipment.

(1 review)
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Phd Scholar and former Assistant professor with a passion in teaching in the field of Electronics and communication

My teaching method is to start from the basics and make them strong. Then proceed to the advance concepts based on the basics and do rigorous questions and answers sessions regularly to practise all the concepts. My classes would be suitable for B.

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