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Professional artist, airbrushing ,tattooing, grafitti for over 20yrs gives amazing lessons NOW!s

I have taught soo many people to draw and create in the last 30 years, I break it down into easy steps, from idea, sketching design to full finished masterpiece! YOU will be amazed at the results YOU will achieve

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Safe body piercing. what to look for in a reputable piercer. What piercers need to work. Anything and everything piercing related.

Unique to my students. Always altered to best suit how they would like to learn. We can work together to find what suits you best.

Rapid Creek
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One must always draw, I will help Darwin kids to paint with the eyes when they cannot paint with colors.

My teaching method is easy, and I believe that drawing is a concept which can be learned through joy and happiness. It comes from the inner beauty of the mind. I also use easy tricks for drawing to make them more comfortable. Because if they do not find any fun in it, they will lose interest and this subject makes them bored. For students, it is vital to feeling excited to learn something new.

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Passionate and open-minded artist in Bundaberg, specialising in realism and abstract art

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Campo Limpo Paulista
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Plastic Artist L. Gobetti teaches you how to paint and draw maximizing your creativity.

In my classes, I try to identify what the student already knows through quick exercises, which allow me to adapt the teachings to the student's need. Using my own methods in unison with the classic methodologies, I try to encourage the student to develop a creative look (which can be applied to the most diverse areas of life, valuing all future creations and reasoning).

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