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Student Mentor offering support and mentoring services to struggling students in Melbourne

I provide support to students in need of structured guidance. I believe that no problem is too big or small, and that the students I work with will come to development a more positive mindset and approach to future problems.

Paris 19e
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Manage Stress and Strengthen Your Well-Being with Positive Psychology

Positive psychologist, I propose tools validated by scientific researchs in the field of sustainable well-being. You will be able to improve your level of well-being, your level of satisfaction in life, the quality of your social interactions and your commitment to life in relation to values ​​that make sense to you.

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School Coaching in center of Nice Methodology Motivation Strategy Resource Mobilization Professional Orientation

Students, be the best of you thanks to coaching support: - self-confidence, - stress management, - mobilization of all its resources, - motivation, - learning of an optimal organization, - improvement of its oral / written expression, - professional orientation Thanks to the use of personalized coaching protocols (MBTI / IPPS test, protocols resulting from the transactional analysis, NLP tools),...

Greater London
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With multiple years of experience and session tailored made for you, why go elsewhere?

My method of teaching you will be specifically tailored to you. No two lessons with my students are the same. I aim to give you the most effective lessons by focusing on your specific learning styles and learning habits so you have the best chance of succeeding. As a tutor I aim to be patient to help you progress at your own level and motivational to help you achieve the level you deserve.

Mary joy
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Meditation, courses open to all, from beginners to experienced practitioners. Individual course customized according to the desired needs: managing stress and anxiety, wellness, use of the qualities of meditation in everyday life, support for people with social, emotional and conflicting challenges, discover who we truly are, developing joy and loving kindness to yourself and others at all times.

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Learn to take public speaking - to overcome fear - to gain self-confidence -

Recently graduated from SciencesPo Paris and the School of Public Speaking in Paris, I teach public speaking classes at all levels, from shy to confirmed. Humility during my classes is fundamental. 6 axes of work: • The look. • The standing / sitting posture, the famous "stand up straight!" ".

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Life Coach - Reach Your Greatest Potential! (Face-to-face or skype meeting - American methodology)

After studying at the Edhec Business School and several years spent in the business world, I decided to start entrepreneurship at the age of 23. I launched the first e-commerce platform dedicated to ethical and fair shopping. In this adventure, I discovered the power of personal development.

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Learn how to be confident in public with a positive aspect toward life

I will ensure people out there with a positive thinking towards their life and ensure to give indiviuals proper training about how to stand out in public. If you want something you never had, you have to do something you have never done.

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Dealing with bullying as a LGBT youth and self care at home

This workshop deals with the struggles that almost all LGBT youth go through both at school and at home.

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PhD in cognitive psychology and coach teacher gives course of positive psychology and offers coaching of stress management

PhD in psychology graduated from the University of Strasbourg, holder of a master 2 research in Biology and a master 2 professional in scientific communication, I offer courses to people wishing to be oriented and advised to optimize their personal development and their professionnal career.

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Do What Your Soul Seeks! Satisfy Your Subconscious Inner abundance

I am personal enhancer! Who could easily become friendly with you to understand your pain and inconvenience in your life, job which is personally and professionally and help you out respectively. Also I am always available for daily motivation! I can make things easier to understand and genuinely fix those tantrums that happenings inside you.

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Transformational / Life Coaching by very experienced mental health & wellbeing professional in Southampton & nationwide via Skype

My mission is help you bring out your best self, whilst learning to love yourself as, and where, you are right now. I'm here to walk alongside you in your journey as you create the life that you deserve, transforming yourself from the inside out! I am passionate about helping others to thrive; to uncover their own self-worth, self belief and direction in life.

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I use coaching techniques, NLP and the philosophy of non-dualism for personal development in any area of ​​life.

I use Coactive Coaching techniques, NLP, and the non-dualistic philosophy for personal development in any area of ​​life, based on the redefinition of thoughts that define the quality of life we ​​have.

Adline vishal
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Life coaching on positive thinking in Bangalore for anyone no age limit

Hi. My name is Adline and I'm a 22 years old boy. I give classes to motivate you, how to be positive and help dealing with depression. I take individual classes separately to everyone in different sessions. Each and everyone will be given equal importance.

Buenos Aires
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Bilingual Coach of Well Being offering classes to people who want to improve themselves

I am Cristina I am a sociologist-psychologist from the USA living in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Apart from my academic background, I have experience working as a Coach of Bien Estar in gyms and free lance, as a gym and dance teacher, and as a professional dancer. Improving myself and helping people in their paths of life is my passion.

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Counsellor with 20 years of experience gives life skill sessions like Stess managment online.

All sessions are interactive, fun and introspective. Students get to say what they feel and due respect is given to the students inputs. The flow of the subject is adapted to the requirement of the student and has high expectations from the students. The students will find a willing listener in me. I teach all levels.

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Learn to manage stress and be more serene everyday with sophrology !

My name is Filipa DOS SANTOS, sophrologist certified RNCP. Classes are for adults, teens and children from 4 years old. I teach you sophrology techniques that can manage stress (controlled breaths, gentle movements and deep relaxation with positive visualizations) At first appointment, we will define together your goal.

New Delhi
Mohd umair
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Only series people cache me any time but don’t waste your &my time

Every leader is different. Every bench is different. Every business is different. So while the complexities change, the work of coaching stays the same keep your clients at the center of the work, push them to use their strengths more and to temper their weaknesses, and illuminate blind spots because these are what really get in the way.

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Create The Life You Want, Life-Planning and Coaching, By Telephone or in Central London

Do you have a feeling of unease and discontent but do you not have a clear idea what it is that you do want? Let me help you to visualise, articulate and create the life you truly want to lead.

Greater London
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Impossible is nothing. Impossible is a dare. Impossible is temporary. I'll help turn your 'impossible' into reality.

I teach the positive thinking needed to achieve your potential. I have past experience training mentors and students on how to reach their potential. I give lessons to people in and around London and can be flexible on location and timings. I am an avid and perpetual student on positive thinking, life coaching, law, politics and business management.

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30 Year old positive thinker shares his experience with life in Bangalore

A 30 year old man with 9 year of professional experience in IT. Professionally a Software Engineer, and passionately a reader and writer, and a hobbyist photographer. Living in Bangalore for the past 9 years, and kind of home now. Being reading for past couple of years which broaden the perspective of life, and that's what i would like to share with you.

North Down
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Stuck? In need of space to work things out? I offer personal (life) coaching in person and online.

Can’t see the wood for the trees? Want to find a gentle space where you have room to work things out for yourself? Face-to-face coaching is a vital tool in personal and professional development.

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Personality Development & Life Hacks by Sara Alam, Professional Life Coach in United Kingdom

Every individual is unique and so the study pattern adopted is tailored to the needs of each individual. I am privileged to work with young and old alike from the field of cricket to media to the wonderful individual beings I meet on a daily basis, and to be a guiding factor in their lives. I facilitate your overall development by providing tips and exercises that form a part of your daily life.

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Can't afford to sit in a room and let a shrink listen to your problems? No problem, I'm a business graduate with a little psychology experience willing to listen to your problems and give you the unp

I recently graduated from college with a Bachelors of Science in Business administration and is currently in the process of getting a Masters in Psychology. I understand how to handle different people in different situations to create the most sufficient outcomes.

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Qualified college student gives life advice and support for teens and young adults (mental health or general life stress)

I am passionate towards helping others with a variety of issues involving mental health or general life. I am an empathetic listener who is understanding and caring towards every individual. My sessions involve a brief introduction of each other, followed by an exploration of the topics you wish to discuss.

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Life Coaching - Career & Personal Development, Public Speaking, Negotiation Techniques, Situational Leadership, Sales Techniques, CV and Cover Letter Building

Life Coaching Tutor -Lessons available in Career and Personal Development structured to each individual and their requirements. Clear advice, techniques, timelines, and development notes provided. -Situational Leadership training for new or experienced managers in any business and how to successfully coach and develop a team, as well as key techniques and motivational ideas.

Cheshire East
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I coach people to achieve their potential, grasp the opportunity for personal, career and life development!

I use a variety of techniques to support my clients in life coaching, including using neuro linguistic programming (NLP), imagery and hypnosis work, life planning activities, mentoring and coaching support and gestalt work.

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Live the life you were born to live. Connect with the real you. Intuitive life coach/Reiki practitioner ready at your service.

"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new." -Socrates Hi! Thank you for clicking on me! No matter who you are, you deserve to live a life of fulfillment, to live the vision you have for yourself. I want to help you be the best you, to live your true self, to be who you were meant to be.

Liberty Township
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Life and Leadership Coaching to Become the Highest Version of Your Self

My name is Dr. Chris Marshall and I have 25 years of experience in leading and coaching others to locate their passions in life and upgrade to become the highest version of themselves to attain the top of their craft.

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Dream of being happier? Struggling to be healthier or tidier? I can help.

You're amazing. Right? Some of you feel that way, and some of you only have a glimmer of amazing. You're surrounded by a fog of feeling overwhelmed, underprepared, and exhausted- with no discernable way out. You can get out. You can learn how to have a home that fills you with joy. You can have a body that you love and understand. You can feel at peace in your own mind.

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