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Mohamad azam
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Bachelor of Electrical Engineering final year student at University of New South Wales. My current WAM is 78.88 (Second Class Upper) and I scored at least 75 (Distinction) in all Mathematics courses a

I usually asked my student to practice a lot and I always asked question after I finish teaching them, so that, I know they are actually understand what I taught. I always prefer to teach my students the way to obtain the solution first and then, give them similar questions to practice.

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An enthusiastic and professional engineer and mentor with teaching expertise of Basic and Advanced Mathematics lessons and Infrastructure design. A friendly and supportive mentor open for online or of

I am quite friendly teacher and person to whom students can be comfortable and get gel easily. My teaching approach to provide interesting and simple methods to solve complex maths problems. I have experience of teaching students of class upto high school.

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Advanced Mathematics Tutoring for HSC and University Students (Includes Calculus and Differential Equations)

Once I know the student, I make sample problems that are tailored to the weak points of the individual student. The problems are designed to ensure mastery of the basics, and then I build the student's skill level up to solve more difficult problems.

Macquarie Park
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UNSW | JAMES RUSE (top selective school) graduate specialist HSC and high school tutor

You come first. That's my philosophy. Tutoring is always about the student. That's why I don't follow a set tutoring structure. I tailor my lessons to suit each student's abilities and ensure their understanding is at 100% before I move on to the next topic.

Bossley Park
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Qualified Primary School Teacher Specializing in Mathematics (Students 8 - 16 yrs)

My greatest passion is mathematics and I have the unique ability of being able to explain mathematical concepts in a number of different ways so that it is impossible for my student to not eventually get it. Then I will be able to shower them with many different example to really solidify their understanding.

Middleton Grange
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UNSW Economics Student With Experience In Tutoring - High School Maths Lessons - Liverpool

Overall my teaching method can be considered interactive rather than textbook fashion. Studies have shown that students who understand what they are doing are more likely to succeed than those who memorise. Therefore, I base my lessons on ensuring that my student understands the content that they are learning through methods such as videos, demonstrations and simplification methods etc.

Mount Druitt
Muhammad zohair
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Master's student at UNSW providing home tuition for school and university students in Sydney

I can assist the students through challenging coursework and work with them through homework exercises and past exam papers. I am aware of the level of work and commitment required for successful outcomes and understand that things can get difficult at times with certain concepts being hard to grasp; however I will be patient and guide through each and every step.

Sydney Olympic Park
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Finance student providing an easy-to-understand and effective approach to maths lesson for primary school students in Sydney.

I believe in a student-specific approach which will cater to all the needs and expectations that the student might be expecting from me. My tutoring experience has taught me that every single kid has their own pace and learning capacity and it is my duty to help them unlock their potential and thrive for success.

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Easy going and patient applied mathematics student with five years of tutoring experience. I give maths lessons to high school students in Sydney.

I am a 20 year old male from the Netherlands. I believe that everyone can learn mathemathics, even though it can be hard and intimidating without the right guidance. Although improvement of the results is the main focus of my lessons, I also spend time increasing the self-confidence of my students.

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Nepalese Physics graduate, more than 4 years experience, physics/math to high school

My classes are interactive. I am backed up with plenty of illustrations. I like to be student-centric, collect their ideas, mold them and align them in desired theory. I can deliver online classes as I have prior experience of it.

The Ponds
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I would like to provide Mathematics, Algebra, Geometry, Statistics lessons for school children in Sydney

My Name is Madhuka and I would like to teach Mathematics and related fields in Mathematics to the school children who find Math very boring. I always teach the lessons from A to Z with examples and problems because I believe practice and experience make it easier for students to absorb the concept than providing them whole bunch of theories and formulas.

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Civil Engineering Student gives math lessons to high school and uni students in Sydney

My usual teaching method would be student centered approach where I would like to get feedback from students after discussing each topic. Thereafter, if you don't have any questions, I will be giving some exercises to test your understanding. You are welcome to ask questions online for homework.

Hunters Hill
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Experienced Math and Science teacher is ready to help you! Great results with new techniques!

I'm not a old fashioned teacher and a person who would like to listen students and work according to their requirement. I believe, teacher direct and motivate students to learn. Teacher has the responsibility to craft the students and support them when they need help. He should be a good mentor and need to provide new strategies and techniques to understand subject matters correctly and easily.

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Physics researcher, graduate 2:1 honours degree from The University of Edinburgh. Passionate Maths and Physics teacher for secondary school children

I will meet with my students first to find out their level and goals. I will then work based on these goals showing how to approach difficult questions, exam and studying techniques to get the highest grades possible. I will set work to be done for each session and will explain and go over all the concepts which the student had difficulty with to maximise the time that we have.

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HSC Maths Extension 1 and 2 Band 6 Achiever is Teaching Primary and Secondary Maths Courses

I am a second-year university student in the University of New South Wales. My majors are finance, econometric and accounting. I can speak English and Mandarin. I am able to teach year 11 and 12 Extension 1, 2 Units and general maths. And year 1 to 10 maths.

Pendle Hill
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Sagar Master of Engineering Student with 6 Months of Private Tutor Experience in Sydeny

I am a currently studying a Master of Engineering Master of Management in University of Technology Sydney. I am willing to teach from Year 1 to 12 Mathematics. I have always had a passion for teaching others even during school helping out friends and friends of friends, struggling in their class.

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I provide in-depth and conceptual learning and make maths sound so easy for those in need. I scored a 99.95 ATAR and you can too! I am based in Guildford but i cover areas in a 15km radius.

I like to keep my lessons succinct but at the same time conceptual which makes math so easy. If you are someone who thinks maths is not for you, or that you could do better, I am the person you contact. My lessons are fairly simple. I like to go through the concepts of the chapter, attempt a few questions and then ask you to do a few on your own. You can never learn if there is no challenge.

Harris Park
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Join Me- Learn & Score High in Mathematics with Thorough Understanding & Simple Ways

Math Tutor - 4+ yrs experience in teaching Mathematics upto Standard 12th 1+ yrs experience in teaching Competitive Math for Engineering Competitive Exams. Mathematics Class 10 Syllabus Covered- 1. Number Systems 2. Algebra 3. Coordinate Geometry 4. Geometry 5. Trigonometry 6. Mensuration 7. Statistics & Probability Mathematics Class 12 Syllabus Covered- 1.

Guildford West
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Western Sydney University student provide Maths lessons to high school and Uni students

My teaching method is very basic...... I go over the basics first and then the lesson blends into harder topics ..... I tend to give more visual representation of the content and provide examples and after the content is covered a little test is given at the end to gain a proper understanding of whether the student understood the topic or not.

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Accounting Graduate: Provide tution to Year 4 to Year 10 Students based in Lakemba

My teaching method is to practice and learn as you go. Finish topic by topic and do not wait for anyone or anything. I would rather want my students to stay ahead of topic so that they get to revise the topic when discussed in class.

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Deepika, Bachelor of Engineering give Maths lessons to primary and high school students in Parramatta

My teaching method is Child Centered Method where to develop abilities, skills and discovery attitudes amongst the students. My Teaching process geared to needs, interests, capabilities and requirements of the child. My process involves Problem solving and discussion methods.

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Recent Master of Finance Graduate with a passion for statistics and all things analytical

Qualified High School Mathematics tutor with years of experience. Graduated from one of Canada's most prestigious business schools with a Master of Finance. Currently teaching a range of students with varying abilities, including Gifted and talented.

Bondi Beach
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Mining Engineer with pedagogy experiences gives maths lessons for uni-student or groupal students in Sydney

My teaching methodology consist in teaching from more basic elements. Because, the base of science and math is that you have to know the esencial of them. My structure class have the next form: - Theoretical (30%) - Practical (70%) The idea is that the student have a lot of practice in differents exercises with differents lessons.

Willoughby East
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UNSW Computer Science student teaching Mathematics and Computer Science in Chatswood or Online

My courses are aimed towards students who either want a intuitive and basic understanding or a rigorous and deep understanding their subjects of choice .

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Engineering graduate 2014 with 3+ years experience as Data Analyst, currently studying Masters in Applied finance with Macquarie Applied Finance Centre.

Easy going methodology, take each and every student together and make studies fun. I understand how some times particular subjects are difficult for an Individual and appreciate solving doubts even in the middle of class. Healthy discussion is a key for group of students.

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HSC Mathematics teacher available for Private Tutoring. Do you need a qualified and experienced HSC teacher who can give you the one-on-one attention that you need to help you ace your Mathematics exa

My teaching based involves repetition and variation. This approach has been successful for my students as it allows them to master familiar problems in order to master the concepts taught in Mathematics. Once we have mastered the basics and familiar, we will look at examination style questions and unfamiliar questions strategies and approaches.

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Hey, I’m an actuarial student at Macquarie University. Maths can be fun if concepts are clear and clearing concepts to students is the one thing I’m really good at. Plus, I’ll help you find your “x” i

I focus on clearing concepts as I mentioned and for that doing examples is really important and knowing your formulas well. If you really want to work hard then feel free to contact me and I’ll help you to get comfortable with any problem in maths.

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96.05 ATAR Student (96/100 in Maths 2U) gives maths tutoring in Inner City Sydney

I intend to teach each student how to think critically and self-analyse their study. As much as I am able to provide the relevant knowledge of how to use formulas correctly and explain tricky concepts, it is just as important that each student learns how to recognise patterns of errors and fix them.

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High school teacher in mathematics and economics in Kenya. Computer studies student at university of Nairobi.

I in most cases apply the question and answer method whereby i engage group discussions,i organise my students to do more of research on the topic once introduced . I break my students with regard to IQ levels so as to assign enough time to each.Before introducing a student to my class i first engage him in teacher -learner psychological talks.

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Macquarie University - Actuarial Science Master's Student giving Mathematics lessons to High School and Uni students

My teaching is very much logical and analytical. My philosophy is "You don't need to remember formulas (any formula), I'll show you how maths work." Mathematics is very beautiful, and it is absolute. It is derived from the real world and used in the real world. I'll show you the use of mathematics in a very beautiful way.

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