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North Rocks
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Ample experience in math tutoring from year 7 to year 12, 2U/3U/4U

Every question includes one or more principles, my advantage is to help student to find out what the question tests, what knowledge the student be tested, and explain how to solve it. I teach students the principles in class, and provide homework to practice.

Macquarie Park
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Statistics graduate from Macquarie University. Gives mathematics tutoring in the greater Sydney region.

I am a very approachable, calm and enthusiastic person. My lessons are geared towards those who aren't just willing to listen, but are prepared to do the work whilst learning as well. I usually provide a brief summary of the topic, then work with you through some practice questions to help support the development of your understanding of the topic.

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Master in Mechanical Engineering (UTS) looking to give Math lessons in Sydney

We will be using Mathematics as a tool to understand and interpret our world. In our increasingly technological economy, we will strive to understand and apply mathematics to our lives and our future. We will have significant opportunities to achieve success in our pursuit of being 21st century learners.

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Excellent in Mathematics and have a good experience and wiiling to seek opportunity

My teaching method is unique. I focus on practical examples in a funny manner so that students wont forget.

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Soniya BBA graduate with high scores gives mathematics lessons at sydney to high school and graduate students

My teaching methods are practical and non- prolonged. I can teach a particular matter with multiple of examples so that it is easy to understand. The lesson structure are easily adaptable in assignments.I believe that students should understand the study than to by-heart it.

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WSU medical student gives science, maths lessons to high school in Parramatta

I base my classes on the requirement of the students. I believe every student has a different learning method and I teach them according to that. I make a structured lesson plan at the beginning so that the student and I both can prepare accordingly.

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UNSW Education student gives Mathematics lessons to primary and high school student in Sydney.

My teaching area is Mathematics. I base my lesson on your interest and addressing your misunderstanding so you can master the content. I approach the topic by building up the base knowledge and link previous content to create deeper understanding.

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CSU MBA student available for math lessons for HSC students in sydney

I believe on a one on one approach, where the teacher should be able to connect with each individual student. My plan usually includes the concept first followed by example question and lots of practical questions. Foremost I believe that each topic should be delivered in a unique way tailored to the student's style.

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Manpreet uni student give maths lessons to primary and high school students in the Blacktown area

My teaching methods are visually based, as I believe that learning new things are best mastered visually. I like to make educational games so that the students could enjoy the lesson and remember the items discovered during the learning experience.

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Maths Hons. Graduate/Geoscientist passionate about teaching Maths in Sydney Yr 9-12 students

My teaching method is hands on giving students the confidence to take on any kind of maths problem as challenge and enjoy it like a game, to equip them with techniques of multi-directional solution to a maths question with confidence

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Macquarie Psychology student gives One-on-one private math tutoring for secondary and primary school students in your home!

I believe teaching is an art where the teacher can creatively find new ways to engage the student in learning so they can understand key concepts and methods. I also believe it is important that i am there for the student as a teacher and a mentor, setting an example for the student.

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A Windows System Administrator working with one of the topmost CRM company in Australia. I currently tutor Maths after work and on weekends as a hobby for a little extra pocket money.

I have done bachelor's in Mathematics and MCA and teach Mathematics to X, XI and XII class students as its my passion and it gives me extra money to feed my family. I offer first 3 classes as free to help student understand my teaching methods and get acquainted with me.

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Experienced Maths Tutor at Campsie for Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Arithmetic and Statistics

First, I'll give an introduction to the topic. Then I'll assess the student to see their knowledge and understanding of the topic. I'll give a description of topic followed by problem solving assessment and teaching problem solving techniques .

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University Of Sydney Student Mathematics and Computing Tutoring Service in Sydney Area

Hi, my name is Adam Ghanem and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Advanced Computing at the University of Sydney. I graduated from Sydney Technical High School with an ATAR of 93.75 with a Band 6 in Mathematics. A strong personal goal of mine is to be able to provide excellent mentoring and tutoring to high school students.

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The boring Mathematics becomes interesting with Hrithik's unique ideas of maths at Rockdale,Sydney.

My teaching method is not so hard and fast. Math is not more than addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Whole Mathematics depend upon those four pillars. Geometry, algebra and Arithmetic look like a cricket tournament which depend upon your personal effort and practice.

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Postgraduate Business student of Macquarie University with 3 years plus experience in teaching maths

I'm a tutor with 3 years plus experience in teaching. Mostly I thought students individually because I believe every student is different and one technique of teaching should not be suitable for all. Also, I love teaching students from grade 5 to grade 10 and make them work hard to give them a reality check for future. I believe success depends 70% on hard work and rest on other factors.

West Hoxton
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Sydney Based Student at UNSW teaching Maths whilst studying the Actuarial Studies

I teach my classes based on the help you need and the content that you are studying in that point in time in relation to upcoming exams as I want to help you optimise your time to maximise your results.

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UNSW Engineering Student give maths lessons to high school and uni students in Randwick, NSW

My teaching method is focused on personal attention to the needs of the students and is based on personalized exercises and practice that fit their profile. I also try to make the lessons enjoyable and light going, mixing conversation with exercises.

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Macquarie University Economics student gives maths lessons to pupils up to high school near the university

I teach through positive reinforcement and encouragement as I believe students should feel confident in their abilities in order to succeed. I am happy to help with specific problems a student is having in their course or give lessons to cover a variety of topics if a student is looking to generally boost their grade.

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A graduate from University of Mumbai (India) with specialization in Civil, mathematics has always been my field of interest and here, I'm looking forward to guide and share the knowledge.

I prefer very simple but an effective method to teach the students. First I go through all the modules and teach each lesson according to the topic. The theory content in it is something I go through first and explain it to them, next is going through the formulas and the last part is their application by solving the sums.

Avalon Beach
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Macquarie University Student available to give maths lessons to primary or high school students.

I am an open and friendly person, who will try my best to teach in a helpful, in depth and engaging manner. Lesson structure will be based around how the student responds to different teaching methods, and which areas they need the most help in.

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Algebra is one of the phenomenon mathematics area you could enjoy learning, HAVE FUN LEARNING IT!!

Tablets and laptops in classrooms play a vital role in today’s teaching styles. With technology in mind, it is imperative that teachers assess their students’ knowledge while they are learning. I would let my students uses technology to do online exercises and quizzes.

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Sydney University Philosophy and Business Student, gives math lessons to students in Sydney

Mathematics I inspire confidence in my students by getting them to realize the powers of logic and reasoning they all innately possess. A lot of students I came across are intimidated by mathematics because they feel "math is not my thing". Fast paced classroom environment annihilates the possibility for student to appreciate the exciting and delicate process of problem solving.

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Mathematics- A qualified engineer with 5 years experience as a mathematics teacher is giving lessons to high school students in Sydney.

I always prepare my lecture before any lecture according to the potential and understanding of the student. I often use diagrams and chart paper cuttings to make things interesting for the students. Above all I never discourage my students to ask questions whether it be the same question multiple times.

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Degree in Mathematics as a Primary School teacher in the UK now working in Australia. Happy to help ☺️

Hi, I’m Howard, 21 years old from England, working over in Australia for 2 years (hopefully more). I have studied primary education specialising in Mathematics back home having helped a number of people through their math work for the last 3/4 years ☺️ Attended a maths school called “Kumon” which helped develop myself in maths further and broaden my knowledge to hopefully share with you.

West Pennant Hills
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Im currently just finished year 12 and love genny maths and would love to tutor you!

Working on areas they are struggling in. Applying knowledge they already have on a particular topic.

Surry Hills
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James, Economics graduate from the UK working in the city. Happy to give mathematics lessons covering statistics, mechanics, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, etc.

Teaching can be altered depending on what the desired outcome is. For exam preparation, the best way to prepare is to do practice exams. For general education/interest, the best way to prepare is to take on or create your own projects. I can organize to do both of these.

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Yr 10 High school student offering maths lessons to K-8 students in Sydney

I am a very patient and collective tutor that will make your experience and time worthwhile. My teaching method is observing and trying multiple methods or forms to satisfy and create a more comfortable environment for an excellent experience when learning new skills.

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Learn Mathematics in the most Lucid and effective manner from Macquarie University’s Data Science Student.

I have done tutoring in the past and I like to make sure that my students get a good grasp of the fundamental concepts in Mathematics, because only then they can learn Advanced stuff. First Lesson that I will be teaching you, is free from my side :) .

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