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Advanced Mathematics Tutoring for HSC and University Students (Includes Calculus and Differential Equations)

Once I know the student, I make sample problems that are tailored to the weak points of the individual student. The problems are designed to ensure mastery of the basics, and then I build the student's skill level up to solve more difficult problems.

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Vast experience teaching (14+ years) math and using math in the US space program.

I can make the topics interesting and am very patient. If a student is struggling, I try to find the right "handle" to use to allow the student to understand the concept. I teach math because I enjoy watching students catch on to a concept. I also enjoy it when a student who did not previously value math, becomes very interested and self-motivated to learn more.

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Psychology Student at UOW with great passion for Maths, available at anytime for students living in Wollongong and surrounding suburbs.

I use trial and error approach in teaching, meaning that I allow students to compose their responses, then reflect on how it can be improved. This process is repeated until the student is able to compose a perfect response for any given question.

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An enthusiastic engineer with teaching expertise for Maths lessons upto high school are available in Sydney for online or offline lessons

I am quite friendly teacher and person to whom students can be comfortable and get gel easily. My teaching approach to provide interesting and simple methods to solve complex maths problems. I have experience of teaching students of class upto high school.

Bentleigh East
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Swinburne University student gives you the top mathematics with simple logics to you

My teaching method is so simple and very easy to understand. I explain in an interesting way that the student can understand the topic. I make the sums practical and the step by step procedures of solving the sum are clearly explained, so that it will be easy to the student to study.

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University of Adelaide students to teach primary and middle shcool math and university statistic

My teaching method is to try to make students think and get the answers from my tip or some little tasks what I designed. I am a very passionate and positive person. I like to teach students which makes myself very happy. I love teaching that gives me a great feeling to be a teacher.

Macquarie Park
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UNSW | JAMES RUSE (top selective school) graduate specialist HSC and high school tutor

You come first. That's my philosophy. Tutoring is always about the student. That's why I don't follow a set tutoring structure. I tailor my lessons to suit each student's abilities and ensure their understanding is at 100% before I move on to the next topic.

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Biomedical Science Student, Melbourne Based, Happy to Help Primary and Secondary students In Maths

My teaching method involves a one on one approach as I believe it helps the student really grasp concepts if they are not fully understanding. I also like to use real-life examples as it gives the student a new way of understanding.

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University of Melbourne Science graduate offering Specialist Maths or Maths Methods tutoring

I like to plan my lessons, I will ask you before I arrive to let me know the topics which you are struggling with and would like me to go over with you. I have a fun, active, and multimodal approach to teaching and learning. I make sure my students are not left feeling that they don't understand the topics that I teach.

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Charles Darwin student interested in tutoring student who find it difficult to learn mathematics and related subjects

I do teach together and individually. At first, I individually understand each student approach to the subject and provide suitable assistance and support to help them understand the concept in a much better and simpler way.

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Girls Grammar student offering maths tuition for primary and junior high school students in North Brisbane.

My teaching method involves a reward based system, with frequent quizzes to revise any learning. I teach my student so that they learn conceptually while having fun, rather than aimlessly memorise facts. I have found that this method results in better outcomes for students in the short and long term.

(4 reviews)
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JCU Student, with a passion for Statistics and Marketing looking to tutor uni students for everything related

My teaching methods are suited to each individual. Personally, I find that one method for each person or even a subject may not be appropriate. So it is vital to find a suited method for the student and teacher to reach the best potential outcome.

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ANU student gives mathematics lessons to high school and uni students in Canberra

The essence of maths is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple. I, as a tutor make maths look fun and easy for students who have difficulty in solving even the most basic questions of maths.

Wynn Vale
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Maths lessons taught by a high school student for younger year levels

When teaching I ensure that I am relating it back to something that will help students understand. I also like to break things down to not only make things as simple for students but it also allows them to refresh their basic techniques. Repetition is also key in my personal opinion.

Sandy Bay
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Melbourne University student giving mathematics and statistics tutoring to primary-high school students in Hobart and webcams classes to students from all places.

My teaching methods are based on understandable explanation and imagable description on the mathematical content to let students understand the topics better and have a brief image of both the topics and mathematics also feel interested in them.

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CSU Education student in Albury to tutor in mathematics (algebra, geometry, arithmetic, statistics, etc)

My teaching method is task-based, with focus on the topics, homework, and assignments students have been given in class, with an aim to address the marking criteria to maximise the student's grades while also ensuring the student's personal growth and learning.

North Booval
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Ipswich Biomedicine student wanting to teach Mathematics (Prep-10). Can also help with other sciences and English assessment pieces.

My teaching method is to always start with the basics, ensuring that the student has a strong grasp on the main concepts of that subject. This is the area that most often has cracks of misunderstanding, causing larger ideas to be more difficult to understand.

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I am a PhD student of UQ. I want to teach you Maths & Statistics. I am your tutor like your friend. I will teach you math like a magic.

I teach my students based upon their understanding levels. I always encourage my student by giving motivational speech. I make them self dependent. I teach student individually and also in a group.

Kangaroo Point
(2 reviews)
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University of Queensland Mathematics Graduate eager to help Brisbane high school and uni students gain a deeper understanding of maths and statistics.

I put a strong emphasis on preparation to make the most of our time. Lesson Procedure: > Email the subject areas that need work or a specific assignment that you need help understanding. > I prepare material and resources for your lesson. > We work through the problems and I email practise material to prepare for our next session.

Denielle anne
(1 review)
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Masters of Accounting Student Teaching Math-related subjects to students in Darwin of all ages

I base my classes on how my uni lecturers structure our classes: 1. Lecture on the topic 2. A "Work it out" exercise at the end of each sub-topic 3. Ample opportunity for students to ask questions any time they don't understand anything 4. Tutorial session in which I will provide a worksheet composed of 3-5 questions 5.

Biggera Waters
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Primary School maths tutor Gold Coast region with Aeronautical Engineering study experience!

We all learn in a different way, at a different pace and as a personal tutor I can cater to your child's specific learning needs in a way that a teacher of 30 would not be able to. My goal is not just to boost grades but to teach a multitude of different skills that can be taken throughout the years of schooling and to help build confidence in ability while keeping it fun and interesting.

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QUT Math and Business student looking to give knowledge to students about Math and Science

I understand that there are various learning styles and usually spend time to get to know which environment my students learn best in. This is why I try to make sure all my classes are tailored to how each student absorbs and retains information best.

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Help both struggling and gifted students reach their full potential by supplementing the instruction they receive in class and guiding them toward study practices and aides that can help them excel

Maintain one to one relation, Assessment through games, Encouraging & Supporting the students, providing a feedback, preparing own materiel, present information in various ways, exhibit patience, recommend available resources, shown enthusiasm for learning, Actively teaches study skills and ask questions.

Brunswick East
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Experienced Tutor and Mechanical Design engineer teaches maths and physics with the passion

I have a passion for teaching mathematics and physics. I ensure that students not only understand the subjects theoretically but also practically. I divide the subject across the available weeks before the exam. I ensure that students understand all the concepts taught in a week. I firmly believe that making your concepts clear is the best way to score highly in the exam.

Saint Lucia
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UQ Advanced Science student offering tutoring in any maths subject in the Brisbane area

I like to let my students guide the lesson. I will come prepared for anything within their syllabus however, they are the one who know what they need more assistance on so will answer their questions and ask if they have any questions. I also ask for any practice exams or quizes so I can come with prepared answers.

Jamboree Heights
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University graduate with 4 years tutoring experience offering group and private tutoring in Maths, Chemistry, Biology and related disciplines.

My teaching methods are based around each students learning style and the work they are currently undertaking. I am happy to supervise homework or make up my own work sheets to provide the student with the most comprehensive understanding possible.

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QUT student gives you a unique service to teach you maths and other sciences

I used to teach my student applying a blended learning approach. I divide the tutoring hours into several small sections according to the planned tasks. In the first section of my lecture, I review the previous lesson, the second section is designed for delivering the lecture, the third section for exercise, and final is for solving the remaining problem that my student does not understand yet.

Mawson Lakes
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Hello, I am Neha from India, I have done M.Sc.(mathematics) and have an experience of 4 years in teaching.

I worked as a full time teacher in India in various institutions. All was class based teaching and was taking tuitions at home as well. It includes both individual and group teaching. I did not get any opportunity to teach online; infant I will love to do that as well.

Sunshine West
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Swinburne MS Information Technology student l,eager to use my skills to help youngsters achieve their goals

Being an educator is not as easy as people think. It is a very crucial job , one has to keep an eye on what the say and do as it has a great impact on students. My strategy is very simple and clear, first and foremost i try to understand my students and their temperament, I give spot on quizzes so that the student can revise what he/she just learned.

Waurn Ponds
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Deakin Postgraduate in Eng.Managment Giving lessons to Primary, High School or Bachelors level students in Subjects of (Physics, Chemistry, Statistics and English) with over 3-year experience in Tutor

I analyse my students as every student has some strengths and some weaknesses. My method is to work of the weak points but at the same time admire students of their strong points, if a student is admired about his/her achivements and the small goals they achieve in life it gives them confidence and a special urge to strive for more.

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Perfect! I don't know what happened in the end initially was going to meet Christiana on Wednesday, but unfortunately, she had to cancel, re-arranged for the Sunday, she didn't show and I have never been able to contact her since. Via phone, email etc

Neil, Student
2 months ago
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