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Improviser, TV Writer, and Stand-Up Comic offers performance coaching to comedians in Melbourne

My primary focus is on doing things for the sake of joy - performing in such a way that both yourself and the audience are having fun. I believe that every person's life and personality contains something inherently unique that makes them exciting to watch, and I emphasise the growth of the ability to let that something come out naturally.

Mount Saint Thomas
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UOW Creative Arts student giving improvisational and script acting lessons with constructive value.

My methodology when it comes to acting is being self centered and teaching my students how to achieve that. I am also very specific and constructive when it come to performance criticism. I give my students room to understand where they see themselves in the character they are playing and ways in which they can realistically bring that character and emotion to life.

Pacific Pines
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Current Acting student and model giving Acting and modelling lessons in the Gold Coast

I have participated in multiple Acting workshops and am very informed about the modelling industry Acting lessons vary depending on what the students want, I specialise in: Improvisation, Theory (practioners such as Augusto Boal and Jerzy Grotowski), Screen acting, Accents, character building, body and facial movements, script writing and many more For modelling i will teach: Basic and...

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Teacher with 18 years experience can tutor Drama, media, English, History and Music.

When I teach and/or tutor any subject the first thing I find out is what the student/students actually know and can already do. The next step is to focus on understanding the questions they are required to answer. Then we build on prior knowledge, explore the topic and follow a plan to complete the required tasks/assignments.

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Seaside Hotel for Wayward Ghosts - Personal immersion hello its nice to see you all!

Who do you want to be? Why? Instead you can be a ghost. Learn how to observe the relationship of spirit and decay, and harness the forces that bind us together. A new style of time management guaranteed to dazzle and mystify.

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Young, fun and bubbly drama Teacher looking to HELP students in all areas of DRAMA!

I teach from the heart and believe people learn the best when they feel confident in themselves. My classes have structure and routine which enables students to find a groove early on. I like practical and hands on work ; I believe it helps students to positivley retain information.

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2nd in State for HSC Drama - Melbourne based student looking to help with anything drama related

I am based in Melbourne. I aim to teach older high school students who require help with their drama. I ultimately wish to pursue a career in screenwriting and wrote my individual performance for Year 12, scoring 99%, so I would love to help write or tweak student's scripts. Additionally, I would offer performance advice, from blocking to character development.

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Professional Actor & Teacher here to help you on your dramatic journey

Hello and welcome to my tutor page. I am Dean a UK based actor who specializes in teaching and directing between scratching that acting itch. I am here to help you in any aspect of Acting and gaining that edge for that practicle exam or audition. Everyone I have helped have their own story and therefore lessons change and develop to suit the person in question.

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Classically trained Award Winning Actor/Comedian here to provide YOU with the skills necessary in order to become a successful and memorable Performer.

My methods are rooted in the individual. An informal chat is my way of understanding the best approach for you, considering your experience and goal. We can begin by discussing your expectations, then move onto more specific areas such as audition technique, or text based study etc. My classes are fun, so no anxiety is needed here.

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Theatre BA(hons) graduate in York with industry experience both performing and teaching

I start by getting to know the person in particular their style of work as this is key to being able to cater to their needs and through practical methods but also through research and discussion I teach the person.

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Professional theatre maker offering tutoring in acting, audition technique, and drama. Based in Hull.

I am an experienced theatre maker and director, and regularly teach acting skills to a range a range of ages. My approach to our sessions is to maintain a relaxed environment, where we can explore different techniques and exercises, and you can develop and hone your skills - I will help you to find what works for you.

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Performance for stage and screen. Professional lessons for actors and drama student. Or even beginners.

My teaching methods are practical and theoretical depending on the exact subject we would be studying that day. For practical lessons i help go though and find the right acting style for you as well as movement, expressons, physicality, emotions and accents.

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Director gives theater lessons for all ages and all levels in Avignon and its surroundings

Director and professional actress trained in Paris and Belorussia. The course takes place in three stages: - The "training" (exercises of relaxation, breathing and stretching) to make his body available. - Improvisation (from objects, text or music). - The text (diction, speaking, breathing, vocal presence). It is a method strongly inspired by Meyerhold's Russian theater method.

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College Theater student in Magnolia, Ar with 2 years of experience in the industry

I believe that pertaining to acting, people learn by doing. The structure will be learning a monologue or performing a piece and offering feedback to help it become the best performance it can be. I am patient and methodical. We can also work on auditioning, such as clothing, style, and how to build confidence and many other things in the industry.

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Musical theatre student offering guidance in Blackburn, Have certified achievements, beginners welcome

My teaching methods are simple, react the piece you are doing the way you want it to sound if it needs tweaking I will help, Musical Theatre can also be used as a confidence booster or if you simply just want to have a new experience with the musical arts

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Bachelor of Arts in Northern Amazonia, working for more than 5 years with children and the elderly

collaborative learning designed for all arts students of all ages who wish to experience gamification in the teaching and learning processes of the performing arts as an innovative method designed for all people who want to learn by playing.

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Friendly film student offering lessons in performing arts in Southampton and Hatfield

I teach dramatic arts from GCSE to A-level - or just for fun! I also offer lessons in digital photography, film production and analysis, and English language/literature and creative writing from primary school to A-level.

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3rd year Mature Student In Acting / Stand Up Comedian / Writer / Director. I can teach you how to write and perform a ten minute comedy set. I can give you analytical notes and direction on a piece of

SUMMER 2018 I'M FLEXIBLE I'm dedicating my full time to tutoring this summer *Online Classes * Cardiff Based My lessons are for someone: Who wants Audition help Who wants to devise a Stand Up Comedy routine Who wants to improve or get a different point of view I like to Teach in...

Toluca de Lerdo
Andreiev edian
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Student of Theater gives classes of Acting, improvisation, declamation, etc. Toluca and surroundings

I am an Actor in professional training. These classes are aimed at high school, high school and / or undergraduate students who are interested for the first time in the Theater, in the Performance and in the development in their daily life, as a professional. However, it is not only dedicated to students without previous knowledge, but also for those who have an interest in learning more.

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Dare to Delve into Drama in Dynamic Dallas with Diverse, Dedicated Alexandra

National arts journalist and NEA Annenberg/O'Neill Institute Fellow Critic with a lifetime of experience in performance arts, creative writing and directing innovative educational camps and programs. Express your true self while learning effective drama skills in a safe, respectful environment.

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Writer/Comedian/Actor with Over 12 Years of Experience - Coaching and Workshops in Chicago

My improv workshops are based on Truth in Comedy and Improvise. They also incorporate elements of Viola Spolin, Commedia dell'arte, movement techniques, meditation and awareness techniques, and traditional theatre training.

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Theater actor from Shri raam center of performing arts and IPTA an

My method is very simple to take example from the real world no need to copy any thing each and every character is here just we need to observe them very carefully. Imagination power is also very helpful for the acting.

West Malling
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Graduate (2:1) offering online lessons in Drama/Theatre Studies/Plays/English Literature, and LAMDA Preparation.

I can teach Primary up to A level, and even support undergraduates in their study. I have a very holistic approach to education, I enjoy a deeper, more enjoyable, understanding of the subject matter and not just learning parrot fashion.

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I am a current GCSE student and LAMDA student who's achieved a Distinction, I give primary/secondary students Acting/Drama Theory help to encourage them to be great actors/actresses!!

I am Sarah, a Theatre lover. I give lessons to primary/secondary students as I believe it encourages them to show their full potential and gives them courage. At first I get to know the student as a whole, learn their strengths and weaknesses for example; pronounciation of words, physical movements etc.. I will teach them in their naturual learning ways and kinestatically.

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Acting classes for the ones who dream of becoming a super star but through hard work and consistency.

My teaching method includes, understanding what "acting" actually means, hacks for emotions you find difficult to come up with.

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Acting Modeling health teacher personality development gym trainer math teacher et

i am gym trainer and i am also teach you math and all is about to mr indian fame and i love acting modeling and ramp walk also so i can teach you all the thing other my hobies is dancing singning

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Studying in 12 have a youtube channel nd worked at acting classes

Just want to explore you and let you know about yourself. ...

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Professional actor/ director provides scene study, acting skills for those who aim high

I base my teaching method on the individual with an ability to assist with confidence development and being comfortable with yourself being the top requirement.

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Aspiring Standup comedian, frequent open mic performer, Pun Pundit *winks* shares knowledge in Bangalore

Picking up points from my own performances and working them out into proper points for application by others on stage

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Acting graduate offers classes in York City centre, both for individual and groups.

I like to start with some excercises to build your confidence. From there, we can look at what you want to achieve - perhaps nailing an audition or simply dedicating a couple of hours a week to what you love.

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