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Hi , i am squash and fitness trainer. In any level with any learning speed and talent you can do it .

I am active and eager to teach squash learner based on squash common training methods . you for sure learn what you want.

South Brisbane
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Tennis trainer & Physical and mental trainer, I adapt to your goals: High level, Performance, Learning, Leisure and / or Well-being. Open to everyone ! A very quickly on our lands located

During our first meeting, we will take a little time to tell you about your general objective (high level, performance, learning, leisure and / or well being) and a self-assessment of your strengths / weaknesses and your secondary objectives (technical-tactical, physical and mental). Thus, the sessions themselves are personalized.

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A player from Pune, education M.A. in Archaeology. My method has physical as well as mental training for sports

I am a player myself and still learning new aspects of the sport, my teaching technique is developing the game sense from the basic. One should play a sport to express oneself, is what I believe. I focus on physical as well as mental aspect of the game.

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International Badminton Player teaching Badminton in Barcelona. I have played European Championships and other similar tournaments.

Generally, I like to focus on improving a player's technique and footwork. A typical class would include a warm-up followed by a session dedicated to up to 3 areas we determined as needing improvement. Generally, I recommend sessions of 1-2 hours, however, I have found that some players improve very quickly during a weekend of up to 8 hours.

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