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Nutritionist diploma of london fitness of all kind health is wealth ... Now in paris

Personalized nutrition programs for pea loss, bodybuilding, athlet, etc. 1-3months of durations according to the results.

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Dietician-Nutritionist graduate, I want to help you better understand your diet to eat healthier without depriving yourself

We will begin by taking stock of your diet, with your eating habits, your tastes and your preferences. We will then adapt your diet, based on this assessment, so that healthy eating becomes a natural and pleasant habit for you every day.

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Wellness at home or in the office, relaxation therapy, massage, mental preparation, nutrition, diet, personal development

I appeal to all level initially and for any purpose. I would respond to any request, Keeping my rights to refuse requests if it does not meet my ethics. With numerous coaching experiences, I will advise you best. Feel free to contact me to arrange a first appointment to meet us and see my approach to coaching.

Paris 18e
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Coaching in holistic nutrition (global method), personalized follow-up for all objectives, Paris + Skype

We begin by defining your lifestyle and your goals through a personalized questionnaire. In the majority of cases, the first step is to follow a 21-day diet plan to get the brain to go back to healthy basics. Then, thanks to a weekly follow-up, the plan is refined and modified according to your needs and your evolution, until reaching your objectives.

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Health coaching on topics such as weight loss and optimization of physical and mental performance - online

My clients achieved the best results by combining my adapted ketogenic diet with interval fasting - which has been proven by more than 20 studies in recent years. But also paleo and low-carb are used occasionally. Other essential factors are physical exercise, sleep, stress and other environmental factors.

A. López Mateos
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Student of Physical Activity and Sports teaches the foundations of food and exercise to achieve a lean body considering biochemistry; nutrition and sports training bases.

I partially use the Socratic method when working in a theoretical way; so that a simulated knowledge is generated in the person; and not just an information monologue. I prefer to generate participation and reasoning of the student to be able to put it into practice; in addition to bringing this to a more personal level for each person.

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Experienced (orthomolecular) nutritional counselor provides nutritional advice tailored to your lifestyle in Arnhem and surroundings!

My way is characterized as 'energetic', 'fanatical' and 'involved'. I look at who I have in front of me and adjust the advice to the lifestyle of the person. I am also looking for the "Yes, but's", in order to remove unnecessary obstacles and create awareness of unhealthy patterns.

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FOOD ADVICE ONLINE: Lose weight, gain muscle or just health? - As an experienced and passionate athlete, I show you how to reach your individual goals without going crazy.

Hello, I'm Patrick! As experienced athlete I do not offer short-term diets, but develop sustainable solutions together with you. Aim of consultation is to give you the possibility to discover your own healthy diet which also makes you happy in the long term. My services are aimed at all people who want to live healthy, feel well, lose weight or build muscle.

Paris 18e
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Former swimmer of the highest level and a keen martial arts practitioner gives classes in nutrition, fitness, muscle strengthening and postural training in Paris

My teaching method is similar to personalized coaching. Without equipment, playful and simple, at home or outdoors, I adapt a physical rehabilitation program (cladding, joint / muscle strengthening, cardio). I operate a nutritional diagnosis and set up the necessary adjustments for an effective energy and caloric intake, a good recovery and a quality sleep.

Laura deyanira
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Scientifically oriented advice to lose weight in a healthy way, in Medellín.

I rely on the scientific research on nutrition, exercise and cellular processes that are carried out in our body, so that each food consumed acquires a sense beyond just satiate hunger and that the exercise done is not just to burn calories ; Each person must understand the main reason of the used methods, it should be noted that it is a program suitable for all ages and lifestyles and all it...

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Bodybuilding passionate gives healthy nutrition tips and the basics exercice to progress

If you wish, I can explain how to eat healthy, give you the essentials about nutrition and make you feel strong and full of energy. A hint: start by looking the ingredient lists of the products you eat because the enemies of your health are hidden there.

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I am a nutritionist and I want to help you lead a healthy lifestyle without ending up hating “diets”

My teaching methodology is totally practical, I want to give you specialized nutritional recommendations in your person. I am very interested in meeting you and knowing what it is that has motivated you to seek nutritional counseling, from there I will depart to guide you in what is best for you and your health.

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Personal trainer - Nutritional physical educator in Barcelona. Weight loss and exercise

Hi I'm Tony, science degree in physical activity and sport expert on improving health through exercise and nutrition. I also call me Body & Mind Health adviser. My goal is to improve your health as long as you want to improve your lifestyle and have mutual trust.

Juan miguel
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PhD in pharmacology and a degree in nutrition with a diploma in clinical nutrition and management of a patient with diabetes.

The teaching is based on the understanding of the learning procedure based on the scientific method, so that it is based on science, on what is current, and on scientific articles rather than on textbooks. So that way it can be improved.

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Multilingual Wellness Consultant in Berlin for women and men (Italian, English, German, French and Spanish)

I am a Wellness Consultant. If you want to lose or gain weight, I can help you to reach your goals. Individual nutrition program and suggestions to achieve your best physical fitness. I am the example that the change is possible.

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Nutrition classes, by certified professional 7 years of experience in weight loss and sports

My teaching method is very simple, applying a theoretical / practical style and very interactive and didactic, we will use videos from YouTube, books, presentations and live conferences in this way I guarantee the best and most appropriate learning for my students

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Bachelor of Nutrition offers private classes of normal nutrition, diet therapy, gastronomic technique, nutritional and chemical support in Rosario.

In the first class, I identify with the student what their needs are in order to establish the objectives and work guidelines. By identifying the points to work, we can take advantage of the class, obtain excellent results and achieve success together.

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Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant providing online consultation in nutrition, fitness, and holistic well-being

I want to empower you to take control of your wellness and become the best version of yourself yet! IMPROVE YOUR NUTRITION -Learn how to shop for and prepare healthy foods -Custom meal plans and dietary recommendations IMPROVE YOUR FITNESS -Workouts for all skill levels, no equipment or gym memberships required -Learn how the variables of exercise affect your workout IMPROVE YOUR...

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Student in Physiotherapy helps with nutrition and personal well-being in everyday life. Free University of Brussels

My method is based on diet and return to accessible sport according to each person, even the basic sport.

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As an applied psychologist & personal trainer, I will help you shred of the weight you don't want anymore, while we work on your psychical appearance as well as your mental health. I will guide you th

In my method we won't only be challenging your eating habits but your way of thinking, the stubborn beliefs lying below the surface and tackle your self-sabotaging behavior.

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Medical Doctor, umemployed, wanting to share as much knowledge as possible and help others succeed in achieving their goals and dreams

I like to approach matters based on problem based learning , reaffirm strong values for smart learning instead of hard learning and I believe that understanding is the key to most things in life.

Aylin yulianova
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Student of Nutrition and Sports Dietetics offers nutritional help near Burjassot, Valencia.

My teaching methodology is based on the guidance of the client on day to day bases and the construction of weekly diets and food tables so that, with practice, he learns to eat according to his goals. I offer guidance for people who have just started in the world of veganism or vegetarianism, since I have experience in the subject.

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Learn about obesity, metabolism and your health. "without starving" loss weight gain life.

I am a graduate in nursing and my approach is nutrition metabolism and health I can teach you all the myths that currently exist about nutrition that commonly exist.

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Nutrition coach, for people who want to live healthier, happy and successful lifestyle.

I like to generate that kind of connection with people, which allows me to know first what their goals and ideals of life are. Based on this, I generate a plan of nutrition, exercises and life habits. Review your lifestyle to generate a plan that changes empty habits into habits with goals to reach a successful purpose.

Santiago de Compostela
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Nutritionist in Santiago de Compostela. Learning to eat well, lose weight, sports nutrition. weekly schedules.

Cardiovascular diseases are one of the major health problems worldwide and its incidence is increasing every year. One of the risk factors, and if possible the principal, is obesity .... Thus, begins most articles on cardiovascular weight-related diseases, and bring it here to emphasize the importance of food in our health .

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ITESM's student gives sessions related to wellbeing, healthy lifestyle and veganism

I am a student of Engineering in Sustainable Development at Tec de Monterrey and I like to learn and share my knowledge. I have always had a good average (90+) in school and I have stood out among my classmates. My extra curricular activities have enriched my training in mental and physical well-being with meditation, yoga, cooking, etc.

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Dietitian-nutritionist and master's degree of science and nutrition, 7 years of experience

Courses: - Nutrition - Nutrition of developing countries - Food sciences and technologies - Physio-pathological bases of dietetic - Diets - Culinary techniques I determine with the student his level of knowledge which allows me to realize a framework of progression.

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Dietitian with a Master's Degree in CTA, I teach Nutrition and the subjects you need to support the race

I treat the subject in a free way adapting to each student and the material he has. My teaching method is in the first class to discuss the topics to be discussed and to get to know the student in order to adapt the class and give an order. I am passionate about teaching and helping my students.

Raúl gómez
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Trainer Personal Expert Lost Weight Pilates Fitness Nutrition Trailrunning Running coaching groups

My classes are usually 1 hour. We will work effectively and healthy for maximum results in a multidisciplinary way. Approaching lifestyle, nourishing habits, training, etc. Constant search for perfection. Guaranteed results if you do what I propose. call me and start.


Coach in personal and professional development gives course meditation course and well-being

Do you want to integrate meditation into your daily life to be more successful in facing the challenges of your private and professional life? I propose guided meditations. My teaching is progressive, adapted to the needs and particularities of each one. The course lasts in principle 1h00 (modifiable according to your needs and your availability). The price for a course is 40 €.

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