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Tamborine Mountain
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Personal Trainer with 3 years of experience and also come from a sporting background. I am willing to help people in sports, Health&Well-being and Personal Training.

My lessons are geared towards anyone who wants to be Fit and Healthy and Look after themselves. I am also here to help anyone who wants to improve on there sporting life as well. I do one on one personal training as well as small groups and Pt and sports making sure everything is keeping fit and healthy and enjoys what they do.

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University of The Sunshine Coast student, with a Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science (minoring in Health Promotion and Biology).

I am more than happy to help and tutor any high school students through sports (HPE), health, biology/science, and English subjects.

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A passionate student and athlete from Canberra shares his love for sport

I am a college from Narrabundah and soccer player who currently playing for a local team here in Canberra.

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Personal trainer in Paris and suburbs for all fitness levels all profiles

Hey guys! Want to get in shape? Do it now! Why wait? Get started now and GET FIT NOW! DON'T WAIT TO FEEL GREAT! I work with people of all ages and walks of life. Most of my clients are regular working people looking to get in shape.

(5 reviews)

Sports coaching especially Paris and BP / Street Jazz dance classes

David, Sports Coach state certified, holds a BEES option "Trades of the form". I am dynamic and passionate and I love teaching for many years, dance and all disciplines associated with fitness. I offer fun sessions at home or outdoors. Sessions tailored to your needs, in a good mood. A real support in accomplishing your goals. Professor of Jazz Street Dance and Hip-Hop 12 years.

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Personal trainer reab / muscu / fit / box on paris diplomee decole of fitness in london french / english fluent

Personal trainer level 3 international level: beginner up to athlete professional english or french program individual sessions private couple / duo, 1-1, and group method vary only the capacity of each bodybuilding, calisthenics, boxing, etc.

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Sports coaching, physical preparation for exams, bodybuilding, wellness, I am the missing link in your success.

- Teacher of EPS Bi eligible for the aggregation, my courses are addressed to all. - Biomechanical study of the student's movement, expertise and precision. - Pedagogy based on the individualization of the work, the playful side and the development of the taste of the effort.

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Personal Trainer (Graduate Degree) available in Rome for individual or group sessions

No magician nor a braggart, rather I believe strongly that the physical training responds to a simple principle consequential: the success comes with the commitment, the commitment with motivation, the motivation with the awareness; and it is on making individuals aware of the benefits of physical activity and provide stimulation that is based on my work.

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Get fit while developing a sophisticated and powerful technique for your self defense by learning Kung Fu

- Instructor and master of Taoist martial arts of Kung Fu - My technique is to show my students their innate potential and develop their skills to the maximum based on hard, constant and disciplined work within the training methodology of the various existing techniques of the King Fu.

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Experienced and graduate trainer offers individual and group classes in Paris and 92

My method is based on the mood and work to ensure sustainable support and satisfactory results. I had the chance to see work of experienced coaches and build my own ideas and methods made of rigor and good humor. I come from a family of athletes and I bathed in it forever with in particular a pole vaulter uncle who participated in two Olympic Games.

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Physiotherapist and Personal Trainer teaches anatomy, biomechanics, training, rehabilitation and nutrition basics.

Physiotherapist and Personal Trainer, both theorical and practical classes in English or Spanish depending of the purpose of each person. The teaching method varies depending on the capabilities of each student, where they can start from the basics to more advanced excercises.

Lyon 7e
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Teachers with professional qualification gives Krav Maga, Self Defense and sport lessons in Lyon

Lessons for all levels at home / private room (equipped with advanced equipment) for children, teens, adults, seniors, women. Krav maga learning SYSTEM with a global approach to the management of aggression.

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Coach Sportif at Home and Outside: Building Muscle, Yoga, Pilates, boxing and TRX

Antoine What do you like most in the business of sports home coach? "I like the investment sincerely ask this business, the privileged relationship of trust that is created with my clients. The human relationship is what I prefer because you can not be a personal trainer if you do not deeply love the people. this job is so much more to do sports.

Greater London
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Sports science graduate offering online personal training and yoga session! (3+ years experience)

Trainings that I specialised in includes (1) hatha/vinyasa yoga, (2) strength training for weight loss and (3) muscular conditioning. My lesson outline will include mobility exercises, the main routine and muscle loosening stretches for cool down.

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Sports coach specialized in martial arts and combat sports (Judo, Jujitsu, Boxing, MMA and General physical preparation) Paris / Ile de France.

Physical Trainer Specialist in (Fitness and Strengthening Muscle Body Weight) Martial Arts Teacher (Judo, Jujitsu and Self Defense). Initiator of MMA (Boxing, Wrestling, Grappling and Brazilian Jujitsu). Former Olympian, I am a graduate and experienced, that's why I invite you to call me and my services for customized coaching tailored and tailored to the age and level of practice of each.

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Neuromuscular function PhD student at Loughborough University with professional experience offering lessons in muscle strengthening, health and fitness

I am a PhD student offering lessons to undergraduate and postgraduates students in the area of muscle strengthening, biomechanics, conditioning and rehabilitation. I can provide answers to questions and/or guide research and knowledge development in your subject area.

Paris 13e
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Sports coach qualified at your home, indoor or outdoor | Paris | 50% tax reduction

WHO AM I ? Enchanted, my name is Mathias :) Coach Individual sportsman since 3 years, I consider the sport as essential to a healthy lifestyle. As his physical and mental benefits are no longer to be proved, his practice provides access to the general well-being necessary to carry out his daily life and his projects.

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Sport Coach Sport prevention health; Nutrition coaching; thinning, XBODY coach; posturalball; Pilates

Coach in personalized fitness for over 15 years; I created my coaching studio in 2010. Studio Pleine Forme in Pau. I develop your program according to your level and objectives. Toning, refining ... gaining strength or flexibility ... Program over-measuring 1,2 or 3 people.Innovative methods: Posturalball, Kinesis, Hiit, Powerplate ...

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The Science of Fitness: Application of sport specific human sciences for personal training benefits.

2nd year sports and exercise sciences student at the University of Birmingham, looking to apply in depth academic knowledge to real life circumstances.

Ciudad de México
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Fitness teacher any level and age in Mexico City. Its what you need.

Conditioning at all levels, an order is followed. Progressive (from less to more) taking into account the level of each person. Conditional capacity assessment is performed at the beginning of the program. Training methodology updated and scientifically proven.

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Student in School of Sports gives sports lessons in the Val d'Oise

Hello, I am a student in L2 at ILEPS, I am a program to bring me to the teaching of EPS. My classes are aimed at all types of public, both high school wanting to improve for the EPS test of the tray or anyone wishing to get back to the sport.

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Personal trainer specialized in bodybuilding / nutrition i provide professional support to achieve your goals

Endowed with a diploma of personal trainer and athlete practicing the bodybuilding for 12 years and specialist of the body weight (Streetworkout) I give weight training / fitness lessons in a playful way to advance my pupils in an entertaining frame

(8 reviews)
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Personal trainer graduated fif and nutritionist graduated in medicine and surgery - Naples

The search for a healthy lifestyle led me first to fall in love with nutrition, guiding me towards a proper and beneficial diet, and then towards the personal trainer course, so as to associate the best possible training with nutrition.

Greater London
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Training like never before tailored to your specific needs as a student

My method of teaching you will be specifically tailored to you. No two lessons with my students are the same. I aim to give you the most effective lessons by focusing on your specific learning styles and learning habits so you have the best chance of succeeding. I am very motivational and patient with my students as I want them to progress at their rate and maximize their results.

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Personal Trainer Skype - Aerial Silks & Yoga & Slackline - Lisbon

Silkline Balance is born from the will to combines two passions: Aerialism and Slackline. This combination guarantees fast and complete fitness through balance and meditation All classes are 60 minutes long with conditioning and stretching. Skype Trainings available from Monday to Sunday. Check our website for more information.

Greater Noida
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Learn, innovate,implement to be fit. Fit body reduces stress energise metabolism of ones body .

I start training as per your comfort but end up with positive satisfactory results. Starts with basic followed by intermediate and advance level of exercises .

Alcalá de Henares

Personal Trainer and instructor of Martial Arts and Fitness in the community of Madrid

Improve your physical condition in a fast and simple way. Training methods tested and developed nationally and internationally. Monitoring of all sessions and constant evaluations to check the degree of improvement. The philosophy is only one, to train hard but having fun.

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Sports Coaching degree Student tutoring in Personal Training/Rugby and Sport Science at Btec Level

My aim is to give the best student experience possible by empowering them to lead take control and inspire their to their own learning outcomes. Sessions will have a high amount of independence where the learners will grown, develop and form their own ideas and ways to solve problems.

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My name is Guilherme Ferreia and i am a Personal Trainer: Outdoor or home-based training in Lisbon

Want to improve your physical condition? Feeling better at the end of the day? But do not know where to start and need help? Do not worry! By training with me you will have the guarantee that the focus will be on you and your goals. A personalized and individualized training plan will be made taking into account your objectives.

Vicente López
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Personalized Training, Physical Preparation, High Intensity Functional Training, Martial Arts and Boxing

To help you achieve your goals and objectives, whether as a coach or competitor. I use 50% theoretical and 50% practical classes, I share and teach the most modern methods of training in a way that is 100% easy to understand, I give study guides and support material, together with this I share 100% instructional videos.

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