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Teacher, sports coach, teacher of physical activities "beginning confirmed," athletic awakening and stretching for any age.

EPS teacher and sports teacher, I sui holds a BAC + 4 level of education (Master 1) in the field of sports science and teaching. I am comfortable with everyone, child, adolescent, adult, 3rd age, men and women. practice levels (except that of the competition that takes time and preparation) are exploitable without worry.

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Graduate and experienced trainer provides fitness classes and fitness tailored to your abilities and your goals in Cannes and around

True personalized advice tailored to your goals and abilities. Want to resume a healthy lifestyle? losing weight ? sculpt your figure? reduce your back pain or health problems? or simply resume physical activity? SPORT & YOU is for YOU !!! Hard to get motivated to go to a crowded gym, suffocating, where everybody looks at you, not to mention caps for access ...

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Commerce student and sportsplayer by profession would like to make students fit and healthy by giving coaching

Practice till it makes you perfect and whatever you do , do it smartly because not hardwork pays off everytime

Lake Wales
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Colligiate Ball player, Semi-Pro, Player, President and CEO Baseball Academy and Baseball Trainer

Every day life situations related to the educational goal. My students love to apply what their learning to their every day lives.

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Coach Sportif locate your well being and your smile in one click

AKIL Ayoub, 22, started practicing the sport at the age of 5 years. Started by a small football cub, at the age of 11 I sign for the young of a large team in Italy, FC Carpi, until my 17 years.

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The Best, First and Only, Westside Barbell Certified Strength and Conditiong Coach

At SSI Strength Institute and Crossfit Gala we are dedicated to developing the foundations of strength and longevity through movement, posture and correct technical training. SSI is the only strength and conditioning coach certified by Westside Barbell in Spain. We specialize in general fitness and strength preparation as well as sport specific performance enhancement.

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In old ages people fight wars to prove themselves strong,disciplined,courageous,sacrificial,& dedicated .,today sports is means for that.

My teaching is where the difference between a teacher and students disappears & they both learn and teach hand in hand

Bhagwanpur Hat
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I have already physical trainer and obstacles instructor in Lt Col. Deol Minerva academy estd 1955

Very unique I have always notice that my teaching method boys understand or not this is the main thing in my life

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Coaching outdoor sports men and women all ages, self defense, relaxation and fitness

The Self Defence. It is a distillation of many techniques that will enable you to acquire a good foundation to defend you but also to practice a complete sport for a good physical condition. Simple and effective techniques, use of everyday objects (keys newspapers, magazines, handbag, scarf, scarf ..) physical and psychological techniques of self defense.

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Everything surrounding a particular sport: Understanding, finance, legality, management, development, scope, structure, followers, etc.

Practical knowledge or examples.. help students reason out why things work in a particular way and spread knowledge..

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Coaching by a former French Paratrooper: my skills are many: football, taekwondo, boxing, fitness, jogging all ages and levels. Personalized session! do hey

Hello everyone, my name is kada de Lille again on Marseille I teach at the taekwondo club but I am also treasurer of "tkd-fight" 12 path of the old trees 59650 Lille. Holder of the bpjeps agff. I can give you classes for all levels.

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Sport Science Graduate who wishes to share his knowledge of building and maintaining fitness.

I base the classes, plans, regimes etc. on the individual and their personal needs and wants. Not just taking fitness goals into account but also the constraints of time, equipment, space and even money. No matter what the situation, a fun, flexible fitness plan can be made for you.

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Improve your dribbling in just a week, make your dribble to break their ankles....

My teaching methods are not may be similar to other professional coaches, but I guarantee for improving the dribbles in basketball in just a week as maximum....

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Any sport you like I'll be able to couch u so guys be ready here I'm

My method of teaching is very sweet sweet and simple you will be able to understand very quickly my friends

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I graduated in Physics Education and I got my level 4 EREPS in Personal Trainer. I love sharing my passion for sport and help you achieve your goals personels.

I love sharing my passion for sport and help others to achieve their personal goals. I give training in private or home group (to you or me), outdoors (on running track or a park) or in gyms. I can also make you an drives and food programing, and you do cardio vascular tests to determine your VO2 max and VMA and so you make better programing for your fitness goals.

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Sports Coaching & personalized nutrition, home and outdoor, Bodybuilding / Fitness / Cross-traning - Paris

Exercise & Fitness Enthusiast, I've been coaching beginners and intermediates for several years. / ENGLISH SPOKEN After a first personalized assessment and review of the level of my clients, I propose programmes adapted to their morphology and life habits.

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I am a student doing my bachelor degree in botany,zoology and chemistry.

And also I am a good volleyball, football and also a athlete.

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Student in School of Sports gives sports lessons in the Val d'Oise

Hello, I am a student in L2 at ILEPS, I am a program to bring me to the teaching of EPS. My classes are aimed at all types of public, both high school wanting to improve for the EPS test of the tray or anyone wishing to get back to the sport.

Ciudad de México
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Coach International Certification Functional training Mexico City, any age and activity. Funcional Sports Training

Trainer Functional scientific methodology prevention of injuries and rehabilitation, any sport any activity, achievement of objectives following your goals. Fitness all levels, Functional Training, HIIT, EVO, TAPAOUT, CROSSTRAINING, PILATES, STRETCHING, MEDITATION, RELAXATION, NUTRITION, EMOTIONAL UNDERSTANDING, MOTIVATION, RESULTS, ALL AGES.

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Thai boxing courses available to all (age and price)! Good mood and motivation guaranteed!

Hello everyone, My name is Mouss, I am 26 years old and I practice muay thai since the age of my 16 years. I was a Thai boxing coach in various clubs. I have several fights to my credit. Currently, I am putting myself on my own to be able to teach with more quality and follow-up.

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Associate teacher EPS holder of the BPJEPS je suis Personal coach for fitness, weight loss, specific sports project, competition preparation and well-being. I accompany all my clients

I have been a physical education teacher for 10 years, holder of the Patent of Formal Skills (BPJEPS), and mastering techniques of vitalising, draining or relaxing massage adapted to the objective. Specializing in physical preparation and fitness (weight loss, toning, well-being).

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Individualized physical preparation and sport all oppositions and JME personal trainer. !!!

Welcome to Superprof me! I am graduate in sciences Physical Activity and Sport (CAFYD), Superior Technician in Physical Activities and Sports (TAFAD), Personal Trainer, Sports Fitness Technician, Master Technician in Sports and Nutrition in Football.

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Fitness professional with more than 10 years experience certified in Yamuna Body Rolling, a revolutionary form of therapeutic self soft-tissue release.

I'm a fitness professional with more than 10 years experience. I have a master's degree in education with an emphasis in exercise science. I'm also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist as well as a Certified Practitioner of Yamuna Body Rolling, a revolutionary form of self soft-tissue release.

São Caetano do Sul
Mário antônio
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Master in Sport Studies - Sports Coach - Basketball - USP Brazil

Bachelor of Sport - USP Master in Sport Studies - University of Porto - Portugal Specialties Training Sport, Sport and Health and Sports Management. Individual classes or groups aimed at physical and motor development, dynamic and attractive to different student profiles.

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Professional tennis player gives tennis lessons at home or in the club at all levels

I am a final year Master student at the KU Leuven. I play a lot of tennis besides my studies and I practice almost every day. To earn a little pocket money I would give tennis lessons and to make others benefit from my experience on the tennis courts. I can give lessons to all levels.

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I graduated in EF and if you want'll help you improve your fitness and find great. If you have small children, we can do so much swimming as base EF.

Hi. I'm Nuria, with the degree of Bachelor of EF I have devoted a lifetime to what I like, the moving body and its intricacies. I speak both adults and adults looking not so much learning in smaller as the long-term welfare of those who have more physical load. My teaching is based on healing the musculoskeletal system through movement and stretching.

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Personal Defense, defense fight, fight sparring,fight ans individualiste combat défense assault and simulated attacks

my you tube page (concealed information) for any person any age any corpulence wishing to learn to defend themselves effectively way, and whatever the level of beginner or advanced practice confirmed grade.

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Personal Trainer Professional for private sessions with the work program to objectives

Doctor of technical sciences and sports, I propose training plans and individual lessons structured to previously agreed targets with the customer. I also propose advice and specific and detailed cards for those attending the gym.

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High level athlete gives lessons of Fitness, Formatting, Mental Conditioning, Exercise and outdoor Stretching and home

I Steeve Velasques, I'm 24 and I'm a top athlete. I play sports all my life and I had the opportunity to learn alongside coach of the highest levels in France, Canada and USA. I have a very intense training method of between 45 minutes and 1 hour, allowing you to get extreme and rapid results. My classes allow you to become stronger physically and mentally, gain muscle while mobile and flexible.

Port de Sagunt
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From start to its best. Training and personalized diet. Modalities such as HIIT, Tabata, bodyrock, pilates, fitball, stretching. Exercises with or without weights, your own body. classes and

Experienced group and personal trainer with three years experience conducting training sessions in fitness studios and gyms. Adept to creating a warm environment in which clients can successfully achieve health and wellness goals. Comfortable working with wide age range. Life-long passion for sport and dance with experience.

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