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Brisbane City
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PhD Student give psychology, sociology, sport, academic methodology or French lessons to high school and uni students in the area of Brisbane.

For me the most important thing is your motivation. The main part of my work is to help you to find and maintain a gainful motivation. My teaching method is focused on your autonomy and your objectives: try to reach your goals with pleasure.

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Friendly Student with expertise in a range of subjects, including Criminology with Police Studies, English Language, Sports, and Sociology

My Structure is very simple. It is a very hands on approach, and very much based on the particular needs of the student.

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I'm a innovative tutor, with a sound understanding on how to provide high quality lessons. I have completed modules to a high level at university including the Sport sociology.

My teaching method is simple, they will be structured on how to answer the exam papers, along side some topical debates regarding current affairs. I will also deliver exercises, powerpoints and help students gain confidence to write about a question that they may not feel so confident in doing. I aim to provide a first class level of tutoring that helps the student get into university.

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Sports and Exercise Psychologist teaches and work with physical activity practitioners, athletes or coaches

I usually organize my classes / consultancies according to the demands of the clients, despite having a selection of necessary structured subjects. Through an initial conversation, we will raise important demands, and structure the work from these. Topics such as motivation, attention and concentration for practice, training routines, communication, self-assessment and others will be worked on.

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Psychology university student offering knowledge and expertise within the broad subject! Based in Lincoln.

My teaching methods differ from person to person. I tend to ask the individual how they prefer to learn, and if they don't know, try out a couple of methods until we find the right one. I usually give a 'recap' at the end of each of my sessions to go over the main points.

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Sport Psychology tutor having studied Bsc Psychology and MS Applied Sport Psychology in the US

I approach tutoring in the same way I would approach working with an athlete. I teach by questions, helping you to find the answers rather than simply giving it to you.

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Kinesiologist specializing in mental training programming for young aspiring athletes in Saskatoon

My teaching methods is founded in positive psychology because my goal is to help you become the best version of yourself there is. I am patient in my approach and encourage you to explore the different concepts we discuss. A typical class will include a conversation about past experiences, goals, and finding a practice that works for you.

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BSc in Psychology, tutoring provided for individuals in Glasgow seeking psychological and/or sociological academic support.

Teaching material will be adapted dependant upon the student's preference of modules and level of interest. Psychology is a board subject and branches into many different sub-categories. Available to teach Biology, Maths and Home Economics A-Level. The key is communication, setting objectives, detailed notes, practice.

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OCR A-level Psychology sessions with a undergraduate psychology student, based in Cheshire.

I have many different teaching styles as through my own education I have struggled with the typical learning and revision techniques, which means I can cater to different methods of learning and teaching. Often the teach it, do it and check it method is effective for most students as doing the work themselves is one of the best methods for learning than sitting and listening.

Red Bud
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Online teaching for anyone interested in behavioral psychology (applied behavior analysis) Winchester, VA

Fun, practical, functional, relevant, informative, and reinforcing! Always use a positive approach. This comes from my expertise in behavioral psychology. You will remember the material and make personal connections with the material to remember and apply it.

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18 years teaching experience both in the UK and Internationally. BSc (Hons) MEd

I am a keen proponent of enquiry based learning and feel this approach is generally the most effective for dynamic learning. I have taught both the IB and UK curriculum and feel I can utilise the benefits of each.

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Psychology (Sport & Exercise) graduate. Tuition for GCSE, A-Level and degree level preparation.

My methodology as a teacher is quite simple, i believe that every single student should be treated as an individual and therefore there will no be 'generic' lesson plans used. Each plan will be individual to each student to ensure that they are getting exactly what THEY want from the session.

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Psychology student gives psych, French, English, and history lessons to students in Mission, bc area

My teaching method depends on how my student learns. From studying psychology, I have a much better understanding of how different people learn in vastly different ways; some need to visualize, others need to have hands on experience, and some do well by listening and simply talking about the subject afterwards. I will teach in a manor that best suits and benefits the student.

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3rd year female history student offering history/Physical education & theatre studies tutoring up to A-Level level

My sister is a teacher so have seen lots of her methodologies develop. I would approach each class depending on how the child learns ie visual. I would certainly focus on making essay plans and how to attach each different style of question to reach top band regardless of context.

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Psychology Graduate willing to tutor anyone of any skill set or level

Firsts things first I start with you. What are you learning styles like? How do you prefer to do things? It is important for me to get to know you and understand which methods of learning can aid you the most.

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Concentration in various areas of psychology, with over 10 years experience and age groups.

I base my teaching method base on the students need and ability to comprehend the material. Typically each student learns at a different pace i try to organize the classroom in such a manor that all students will be successful.

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History certified teacher with a life long passion for teaching York PA

I enjoy using a wide variety of techniques teaching. My military background comes to play at times as I interact via the use of stories in the direct instruction format. I also enjoy leaving information for you to fill in the blank as well.

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Master's degree in Social Psychology teaches psychology and related subjects (eg human rights, sociology, people management, etc.)

My teaching method is to interact with the students, to seek the knowledge already acquired and to bring new ones. I use as tools: videos, music, exchange of experiences, scientific articles, reports, etc. I also like the class to be dynamic, with teacher-student interaction.

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Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, Minor in Kinesiology offering help with all things Social Studies

My teaching methods are based off of my students. Everyone learns in a different way, and it is integral for students to feel that they are being taught in a way that is understandable to them personally. I strongly believe that everyone has the capacity to learn, and as an educator it is my job to help you gain knowledge in whatever way works best for you.

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A Health Psychology PhD student with expertise in psychology, scientific writing, general essay writing, coursework, planning and carrying out research studies, and dissertations! I'm looking to tutor

My teaching methods are usually interactive, based on case studies and real world examples. I get my students discussing and writing about psychology from the word go, teaching them to think critically, write great essays and think about how they would design and implement research and interventions as a real-world psychologist.

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Former professional sportswoman, Psychology Graduate, passionate about helping others achieve. Cardiff based

I like to adopt a teaching style which is more empowering than dictative. We’ll establish where you are at, and where you want to be. The rest is working out how to reach to goal point. Sport psychology is a hugely important aspect of athletic performance, but it also very subjective therefore there is no one way to teach it. It has to be tailored to suit each athletes situation.

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Current graduate student at the University of Denver pursuing a MSW. Recent Florida State University graduate with a degree in psychology. Humanitarian and learning enthusiast.

My teaching method is dependent on my student's learning strengths. I prefer to talk to my client first, asses why they are unable to reach their academic goal, and then proceed to present a new teaching style to them which is best for their learning style.

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Taught sports psychology for both GCSE Physical Education & Alevel. Genuine passion for the subject and keen to pass this on.

I am keen to use relevant sporting examples, through watching video clips, creating diagrams, practical activities and reading around current issues in sport.

Ciudad de México
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Psychology student gives classes in psychobiology and neurosciences, experimental psychology, physiology and psychopathology, oriented to students and interested in behavior.

I like to understand the topic and express it to my students in the way they understand it best, whether it be with supports, diagrams, diagrams, readings or jokes. The important point for me, is that they understand the subject and observe an application, that they enjoy learning to make it meaningful and difficult to forget.

Moss Point
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"Therapist and Instructor offering tutorial in designated field of studies of Psychology

My teaching style involves individual and group activities as well as implementation of open ended discussion. I enjoy attracting all students to explore and have each student to share with discussion and getting opinions and input for their perspective.

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LSE master student offering Psychology, Spanish and Italian classes; as well as essay-writing and proof-reading in Central London.

My aim is not only that of helping students achieve their academic goals, but also that of teaching transferrable and enduring study-skills; as a result I tailor each teaching program to the strengths and weaknesses of the single student. Furthermore, I am used to providing a wide variety of teaching aids such as conceptual maps, bibliographies and sample essays/model answers.

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History expert with wealth of knowledge offering to share same with students of all ages in north central Indiana!

My teaching method is to go through various points in time, point out what the chief problems and challenges were in that period, the approaches taken to solve them, and how they relate to us today.

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Sport Psychology student offering psychology, P.E and health knowledge up to University level

I approach each lesson with a top down approach. Begin with the core topics and filter down to the details.

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Tutor with 12 years experience offers bespoke tutoring services in the subject of Psychology

Hi, I'm Alisdair. I`m a friendly and approachable tutor and researcher with several years experience in tutoring and teaching. I endeavour to help others develop and improve their learning through my passion for teaching. In addition, I am a good listener, which is essential for this.

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Psychology graduate in west midlands offering psychology lessons in the Herefordshire region.

I can take a felxible approach to teaching, using both structure when it is required and an inquisitive supportive approach to building knowledge. I enjoy using discussion as one of the tools for encourgaing collaborative learning and progress towards your goals.

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