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Struggling with your English. Which areas do you feel you need help(Reading/Listening/Writing/Speaking)? Feel free to ask your RMIT teacher to get the best solutions.

I believe in face to face teaching/one-on-one approach rather than online methods. I feel this would give a more personal touch and get to know people very well. Feel free to approach me with any queries you may have. Your smile is my satisfaction.

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Research Proposal and Dissertation Writing (includes literature review and methodology writing) .

My teaching methodology will be based upon your area of research i.e. its business or law or medical. I will divide work into small tasks and then we will go about chasing them one by one which will result in meaningful outcomes.

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La trobe university student with excellent english skills gives english grammar, literature, reading and writing classes.

My teaching methodology is based on the student, the way a student can grasp knowledge easily. Also, I like to offer the knowledge in a more practical way so that students can retain it for longer periods in their minds.

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International student at QUT from India having scored a 99.99%ile in National level exam!

Passionate, helpful and patient might sound cliched but my passion stems from a simple thought that I would have performed much better if I had someone to guide me in the right direction. Having worked with students before, my lessons are more practical oriented and I believe that practice is the best way to learn new topics.

Mermaid Beach
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University Lecturer delivers high level dissertation advice, proof reading and English language correction

I base my classes, whether individual or group, on your needs. We identify what you want to get out of it, and then structure accordingly. The teaching methodology is simply 'results-driven'.

Piara Waters
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Harveen Johar is studying Bachelors of Nursing and has done year 12 in Science (Medical).

The first thing that I keep in mind while teaching kids is to make the topic as easy and as possible according to their age to make them learn and understand well. Secondly, showing them visually and practically helps them learn faster.

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Select-entry school student teaching English skills and writing to kids under 13 in Melbourne

My teaching method is to explain the concept with clear instructions, encouraging questions, and then to provide a practical activity to consolidate the student's learning. Going through the students work together as I offer constructive feedback is an ideal learning situation. I cater to all learning styles and will adapt as needed.

North Melbourne
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RMIT Masters Student Having 2 Year Experince Giving Classes for IELTS Reading/Listening/Speaking/Writing Modules

When it comes to preparing for IELTS or for that matter any other English test exam, approach is what matters the most for me.

Flagstaff Hill
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Flinders University Speech Pathology student gives English lessons to students in Adelaide

I use a practical style of teaching. I always make sure my children visualize and see what is being spoken of rather than going by bookish language. I try to pull them into the books and feel what is happening so they understand it better.

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Fourth Year Psychology Student available for school English tutoring. West Sydney based. Online tutoring also available!

I'm a very down-to-earth person and aim to make my lessons as simple and as easy as possible. I will first ask you of any problems you are facing prior to starting and will revise on any past knowledge that I believe may need further improvement. I take my lessons slowly and calmly, at the pace of the student and be available for any questions, as well as offer any advice, at all times.

Glen Iris
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A passionate Melbourne University student giving tuition on prep-10 English and year 11 Literature VCE

My teaching method encourages the student to be creative on confident with manipulating their own language to inform and justify their points in English. I am very relaxed, easy going and allow to the student to go at their own pace before pushing them above and beyond.

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Sydney student teaching creative essay writing and reading to high school and uni students

will be teaching on using different ways on doing creative writing and will be teaching on reading and tips on how to do it .

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Experienced High school teacher offers tutoring in English & Humanities subject areas.

I am High school qualified teacher registered with TRBWA. I have over ten years of experience in teaching English & Humanities subjects. My aim is to provide a flexible learning environment considering the needs of the students motivating them to achieve their goals.

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Hi there, I am available to teach you how to read basic English texts

trying to focus on what the student is interested in learning, ie to maintain interest in the text.

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Creating Effective Dyslexics; learn how to learn well to raise your grades.

I sometimes say ‘I teach people to learn things I cannot do’. My favourite example is one student who went from a fail in a critical maths exam to 78% after a single tutorial. I could not do the maths she needed but I did know what she needed to do to achieve the results she wanted.

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Professor of Philosophy with more than 4 years of experience in private classes PSU of Language. University of Chile. Group or customized classes in Valparaíso or surroundings.

My classes are based on a preparation with PSU logic. This means that the student will be prepared, so that he understands the logic of the questions - and the strongest distractors - of the dreaded PSU. This will prepare us basically in the reading comprehension of the student, the speed of this and the concentration that is required to perform this test.

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I am a Russian language student..I did B.A hons in Russian language and currently pursuing Master's in Russian language from Delhi University. I can teach you basic grammar and good spoken Russian in

First and foremost thing is I teach in a practical way so that you can use it in daily life because one can only learn a language when he or she uses it in daily life and try to talk.

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English will become your favorite subject! Start learning English with me now!

I use both traditional and fun learning methods of teaching. English is supposed to be a fun language and that's how I like to teach it.

Siddhartha prakash anand
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Now special classes of english grammar are available in basti for matric.

Basically , My teaching method is based on the student's sence and knowledge and behave friendly and motivate them .

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A Grade Student offering GCSE English Lessons in Birmingham, specialising in SPAG

I aim my lessons at GCSE students but I can teach anyone below that qualification level and perform work checks to ensure SPAG is correct in all written pieces. Lessons are specialised to each student and tailored to best suit the needs of said student.

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Accompaniment or proofreading of theses or dissertations - Innovation, Research and Development in IT

My advice or coaching is based on the method of writing scientific articles. To know: 1. Write to be read and understood (general organization, high-level vision, simplexity ...) 2. Structuring and the flow of ideas 3. Proofreading and correction Writing is a gift for me.

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Experienced ESOL and Humanities teacher offering English and History lessons to students.

My teaching method is to base each lesson according to the GCSEs syllabuses and National Curriculum's expectations. Taught KS2, KS3 and KS4 English, Geography, History, Life Skills, PSHE, R.E. Ensured students at KS2 (year 6) were working at ATS or GDS level for Reading, Maths,Science and Writing which involved long term planning of lessons.

High Wycombe
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Fully Qualified Canadian/U.K Teacher offering career building skills/primary subject tutoring in Buckinghamshire!

The methods I use for teaching focus on ensuring total success for everyone involved. I look to see the differences in my students as a positive. We all learn differently and it is something we should all embrace! I can give my lessons to any one from Primary level, up to an adult to assist with rhetoric, speech writing and resume/CV building.

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Teacher with 8 years experience and guaranteeing every students result after regular 4 weeks lesson

I like to take assessment before start teaching so I can know what level child stands on. I prepare my own resources according to the assessment. I believe on practise more on each topic and then move on to the next topic. After every topic, I take a test.

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Great teachers inspire students with their passion for education and constantly renew themselves as professionals in their quest to provide students with the highest quality of education possible. As

In the classroom Many teachers base their lessons on a mixture of methods and approaches to meet the different needs of learners and the different aims of lessons or courses. Factors in deciding how to teach include the age and experience of learners, lesson and course objectives, expectations and resources.

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International Trainer trained from British council, Trainers of Cambridge,Princeton review and from Magoosh-Experience teaching at Various students of all ages including Engineers,Engineering gradutes

Teaching methods through problem solving and extending solving methods to other questions are my approach in Quants.Innovative methodology to teach vocabulary and reading between the lines to find the answers is my approach for verbal.

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Learn,Develop and enrich your English knowledge with your Engineering Friend in Tirunelveli

My teaching method is always connected with the real time Environment and i always wish to have a group of people so that a better interaction can be created among the students.I prefer to teach English classes for standard 1-10.

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Hi, I am tutor of Indian Language. I would like to teach English, Gujarati , Maths, Science & History to primary students. I can teach reading & written in both way.

I teach in my individual class approximately 20 students in my class. I would prefer to teach KS1 students only. I make my own materials for them. I teach them in a friendly & fun loving behaviour. Basic understanding of how children develop and learn.

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English student offering reading, literacy, literature, resume help and creative writing lessons

My teaching method is firstly getting to know the student and what works for them. I like to introduce the topic to allow the student to get a feel about it so we can then go forward with it. My lessons go from primary school level to A2 Level English.

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A Engineering student enlightening young minds by teaching English. Join now to avail the benefit!

My teaching methodology is quite simple. You give your 100% in studying, I give 200% in teaching you. I will be available to solve your doubts and explain the concepts in an easy way. We shall solve numerous questions together and embark on a fun-filled teaching-learning experience.

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