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Friendly TESOL tutor of Wollongong for students needing effective and enhanced English learning lessons.

My teaching methodology is adaptive to the individual. I taught communicative English to Chinese students in China in 2009 and would like to return when able. My lesson plans are influenced by the Rassias method and the learner’s understanding of English too. In my view, English acquisition pertains to student interests, strengths, learning style/s and their personality.

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Zoological and botanical life science with bioscience in biology and in Geology

I am a simple private school teacher teaching from the past three years to the students of class 1 to 8,I follow the rules of our late father's father of the nation M.K Gandhi who says us to make heart contact with the students.

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Denovo educational learning and modern life with traditional way to perfect future

stress free life ,education to moral support in your daily life and open games how you support in your life and how to fight ,face to your problems. how you make your stress to your power with balancing diet with efficient exercises.

Denham Springs
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Recent LSU Grad with a BA in Anthropology seeking tutoring job with availability in various academic feilds, including up to intermidiate chinese, english, linguistics, and college prep

I am a recent LSU graduate with a bachelors in Anthropology and a minor in Linguistics. I've also just returned from Taiwan where i spent two months over the summer continuing my study of Mandarin Chinese. I am able to tutor in many different areas such as English, Science, beginner to intermediate Chinese, Reading, Test Prep, and Essay writing across all ages.

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Licensed Practical Nurse who teaches a variety of nursing topics to any types of learners

I am very flexible in using different teaching methods based on what type of learner my student is (i.e, visual, kinesthetic learner, etc.). My goal is to teach a student in the best way possible by promoting autonomy, guidance, support, trust, and using the right tools for a certain type of student.

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Graduated in speech therapy offers speech therapy sessions and private classes of reinforcement in Valencia

Methodology preferably individualized, the materials adapted to each level and age of the person and administered by the professional. The speech therapy sessions are 45 minutes and the school reinforcement sessions will be 1 hour.

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Simple physiotherapy lesson in haryana..or where in india through video calling simple accurate easy to catch lesson here only

i have degree in bpt and start to give lecture of biology and physiotherapy management and following treatment in orthopedic cases and sports injuries....and all classes of biology interactive classes ....moreover physiotherapy thats is growing field ...easy language easy topic in a minute ....

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Health tution classes are ready in meerut if any one interested join us

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Person with speech difficulty or hearing problem can take therapy sessions , I do prescribe hearing aids for hearing impaired persons. I am audiologist cum speech therapist

Diagnosis of the problem, then therapy class /management and finally assessing progress is my strategy to give the best result.

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10 years of experience in social awareness one and only uplifting the society

I don't treat students as like I treat as like a friend through they open up with me more and more

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A health professional specialist in Physiotherapy, Kinesiology, Speech Therapy, Science of Nutrition and First Aid.

I believe in conceptual learning and not rote learning. This is something I believe and follow as well. I believe that the foundation and base of a subject should be strong and that what I strive for in a student. The subjects I teach are: All years Physiotherapy, Kinesiology, Speech Therapy, First Aid, Physiotherapy licence preparation and MOH, DHA, HAAD prep for physiotherapist.

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I m a student of speech language pathology at postgraduate institute of medical science and research. do a lot of clinical work with a 2 year experience.

I assume that theory in our course is all about what you do practically. Being experienced for 2 years and a student myself.. I know what a student needs.

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BSc Psychology undergraduate, mother&carer of special needs children offering speach & language support

BSc Psychology undergraduate, mother&carer of special needs children, offering speach & language focussed therapeautic play combined with crafts, games and tasks providing tailored individual motivations to promote effective and engaging interactions for your child pre and primary school age.

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Speech therapy is best way to create a life of a person. come and learn.

I like to teach the way the child can acquire fast as all children hav different taste to learn... so i prefer the way they want to learn to teach them in that style.. Speech therapy is mainly for communication disorders.. so you come and learn from me . i will try to help you out from the problems and it can be any one who is in problem.

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We are a group of specialized teachers who make corrections and proposals of works for TFG for university students.

I give classes and give you access to all my material (solutions, theory, summaries and statements), from secondary to masters, whether regularization, review, preparation or project your TFG or Thesis. I evaluate the level that each student has and review together works or doubts or a topic from scratch. I have a strong pedagogical vocation and I adapt to the needs of the student.

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Need to ask something about speech language pathology. Feel free to ask Can help you out with your queries

My teaching methodology is based on making your child understand the concept and not just mugging up.

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Speech language assistant with 2 year degree providing support for speech delays in all areas for children

More than 20 years in child education with 8 years in speech and language All areas of development with a passion for working with the deaf and hearing impaired Speech delays, alternative communication as well support for any current speech intervention plan

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A child with speech problem I give him better speech therapy as a speech therapist

My teaching methods total communication and I teach normally play way method because children need some enjoyment in learning so 😊

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I m a student of speech language pathology and would love to solve doubts of students inquisitive of learning the speech language pathology

My teaching skills are first to explain students what we do clinically.. Once you get to know this.. You can easily go with the theoretical concepts.

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Eye Contact , Cochlear Implant Children, Autism, ASd Children, Special Educator for Special Children & Therapy Mostly Cochlear Implant children

Patience, understanding , imitate a children, mingle with them , make practice physical exercises, and encourage them to what ever they wish to , painting, colouring, sounds, lights, putting rings, shapes, hand gripping , stories for memory developing , Building Blocks to improve their concentration,

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