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West Moonah
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Success includes planning and time management ,However hardships humble you career. hobart/springfield Avenue.

well, i prefer to understand the students first depending up on their requirement i approach them for example i help them teaching individually or sometimes with practical lessons. structure of lessons should start from Basics , if they are perfect in they will find easy way to approach the subject.

Old Toongabbie
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ACT NOW! Learn the art of communication (written & verbal) using role-play & various other techniques taught by a professional with years of industry and teaching experience under her belt.

I believe in having fun - it is vital to establish a great rapport, awesome dynamic and an atmosphere of trust. Then, can we take risks and step outside of the box. I believe in communication there are no right or wrongs, rather there are more engaging ways of getting a message across. My classes are fun, there is no judgment and no dignity to worry about.

East Perth
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I want people to know they are more then the difficulties and challenges they are facing in this life. Are you a Youth? have you been under attack by the media, as well as the entertainment of music a

I'm very friendly, caring and enthusiastic nature and a genuine passion working with children all I want from you is to do your best. Are you fed-up with living ? please don't hear and listen I wan you to be facing on to know how a special creature of God you are. I want you to know you're loved God made you in His image and likeness. God has a very great purpose and plan for your existence.

(1 review)
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Success Mindset Coach mentors students, parents, professionals to achieve desired results they want in the field of studies, sports or personal well being.

Participants are made to go through experiential learning. Because experience is the best way to learn effortlessly. Study material is also provided as and when needed and relevant. Various types of exercise are created using scientific methods to ensure deeper and stronger learning.

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Highly experienced business woman with 8+ years of international experience gives Personal Growth Lessons

My teaching method starts with identifying the real issue to maximise the investment made. It is STRICTLY INDIVIDUAL with every student in order to benefit them. I am very careful, straight forward and my lessons are not to give students a theory a let them go. My main goal is for them to unleash their knowledge and work it with me during the lesson.

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Australia National University Post Graduate student giving lessons to high school students or undergraduate students or anyone who is keen on learning on Maths and Science topics.

Hi, my name is Zina and I am currently doing my Masters at the Australia National University here in Canberra. I love working with high school students, undergraduates or anyone keen on learning. My lesson structure involves face to face or online learning. I would love to give lessons and provide activities to help you master the concepts.

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Online Public Speaking lessons for all in Windsor, Brisbane. Teaching you how

My Teaching method is online, with giving examples and have you give practical examples as well. So I will ask you to give me a short speech and then i will help you edit it, and how to deliver it.

Brunswick East
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Public Speaking Coaching from an Expert in Melbourne - Beginner to Advanced Level

My methodology is flexible since it is tailored to the student's goals.

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ROYAL will teach very fundamental things of life like how to handle your thoughts, emotions, relationships, life and success. Be the perfect artist of your beautiful life.

How was your day mate?? Good/ ok/ fine?... What's your dream? A lambo or million dollars? Happy family? Remember, Anything you are dreaming of can be accomplished in this physical world. Just you need to do is learn to breath first. Start to pay enough attention. Start creating a balance within. Observe yourself, your sorroundings, your friends, families,pets..

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Positive & confident teacher in Brisbane helping you dispel negative thinking and gain confidence

My main method is very simple - I get to know the real you, and show you how to harness all of your beauty for the purpose of personal growth. This first (and big) step opens the pathway to a happier life - positive & optimistic thinking and increased self confidence. See how your life can change by changing your thought patterns and expressing your self.

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Personal Coach gives communication and personal development lessons to high school and students in Perth

I am good in student guidance. I come from higher education and have a master communication management. I help students to turn in their strengths and help them with their presentation skills, planning and organisation of work tasks, personal coaching and thinking in possibilities and positivity. My teaching method is knowledge sharing. Students can help each other with their skills and knowledge.

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Experienced primary school teacher helps parents prepare their child to begin school

I work with parents and their child to find the best way to maximise their child's learning. I help parents to recognise how to best prepare their children to become life long learners. With consistent but easy steps, parents can assist their child to develop the habits that will assist them in the classroom.

Little Mountain
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Experienced Public Speaker on the Sunshine Coast in QLD, 4551 - Face to Face Sessions

I believe in a pragmatic teaching approach, rather than just telling students about the science or tips behind public speaking, I like to actively engage students to help them gain a hands on approach to speaking, while also understanding why they are employing specific techniques.

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A Certified RTT Therapist, giving lessons to empower high school and uni students in public speaking and to build their self-confidence. Based on the Gold Coast.

My teaching methods are to empower my students through the use of rapid transformational hypnotherapy, to get them to not just give a speech but rather a conversation from the heart and to be able to share their passion authentically.

Semaphore Park
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Martine Brooks is a Credentialed Coach and Teacher/Sociologist offering personal development workshops. The workshops provide practical tools and knowledge to help people learn what holds them back, h

Interactive and participative one on one or group sessions. I provide a supportive, non-judgemental and empowering environment that creates resourcefulness in the individual that serves, supports and sustains them. The individual is the master of their life and has the power within them. I guide, encourage and champion them.

Rochedale South
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Communication Major offers Public Speaking lessons in Brisbane to high school and UNI students

I like to have a fun comfortable environment. Public Speaking is a very nervous and uncomfortable subject, and I like to create an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable going up and presenting in front of different crowds. Each lesson plan is different but always caters to mastering the art of Communication.

1st lesson free !

Self love and weight loss transformation student gives sessions to young adolescents

My teaching method works in various ways. This is what helps you bring out the best results for you. My whole world changed when I put trust in the process but I am here to guide and support you throughout your journey.

1st lesson free !

A young but experience guide for your daily-life problems and how to deal with stress, love and lack of life motivation.

With whom who searching for real lessons, I start lessons with related problems and point out the solution, the way make you deal with life better. With whom who searching for advice, I prefer starting with a story of your own and we can talk more about the problem.

Saint Lucia
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Conflict resolution specialist wanting to work to support your personal and professional development, stress management, and help coach you through life's ups and downs

I prefer in person conversations but am happy to Skype or share emails back and forth. Lessons look more like shared dialogue and conversations, working together to help you move forward. It's important to be heard and shared your voice, and sometimes to have an ear, a third party, that is outside what you are living every day to help guide and support you.

Glen Waverley
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Very experienced uni student offering all school subjects and other. i am very patient

I invite students to notify me of their learning style, or I help them discover it if they are unaware, so that I can modify my teaching methods for them. I also encourage a 'work smarter not harder' approach to study and enjoy giving people fun and effective techniques that both save time and work extremely well. All techniques are ones I use myself.

1st lesson free !

Griffith Business Student and long time theatre performer teaches public speaking tips and tricks to Gold Coasters

I will always begin a session with breathing as it is the most important aspect of using your voice. Just a couple of minutes of basic breathing exercises and diaphragm strengthening. Secondly it is very important to warm up the voice to avoid any strain. I approach this with some very basic drills and tongue twisters.

1st lesson free !

Health and Manual handler trainer happy to give groups or individuals lessons/ presentations in these fields. Working in the Albury/ Wodonga region.

My teaching methodology is keeping the subject matter relevant and interesting. I also teach to the level of the group. I always make the sessions interactive and enjoyable.

1st lesson free !

MIND Power Enablement Taught for: study, exams, career, business & life for greater: ● Health, Happiness, Success & Prosperity with Less Stress ● Former: Assoc. Prof. of Psychology (taught >30 subject

“2% think, 3% think that they think, 95% would rather fail than think.” “If you think you can, or your think you can’t, you’re right.” Henry Ford. “If you thinking is not accomplishing your dreams, don’t lower your dreams, but instead raise your thinking.

1st lesson free !

Graduate in Philosophy and Religion and published author offering lessons in life! Creativity, confidence, positive thinking. Let's work together!

I shape every lesson to the individual. I believe firmly that integrating the theoretical and the practical is key to transformation. Therefore I offer not only practical skills and activities but also a knowledge of what goes on below the surface of our actions.

Castle Hill
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Psychology and Law Student provides flexible Public Speaking and Personal Development Lessons

I am aware that everyone learns differently and needs an approach that suits this. This is why I found my teaching methodology on support, and commit to teaching in a manner that suits each individual. I start my lessons with a brief chat to assess where you're at, what you're wanting to get out of the lesson and setting future goals.

1st lesson free !

Health is the key to Happiness, let's improve our health and improve our lives.

My teaching method is holistic. Each student is different, there are many learning techniques in which not one suits all. I am aware of this and begin with a few styles of teaching to see how an individual best learns.

1st lesson free !

Very experienced, quallfield and dynamic teacher of Speech and Drama available for tutoring. I also have many years of experience in public speaking and speech writing. My experience has been both in

My approach is to encourage students to feel secure in both an individual and class situation to express their creativity and ideas , in an environment of mutual encouragement , constructive criticism , and also fun and enjoyment.

Springfield Lakes
1st lesson free !

Griffith university student! Ready to help in mathematics , English , French , psychology for all ages.

My teaching methods will be tailored uniquely to each student as I believer everyone learns best in a different way.

1st lesson free !

Professional Nutritionist gives lessons to high school and uni students of science, nutrition and health

I can teach topics such as: Principles of nutrition,public health nutrition ,diet planning ,menu planning,obesity and diseases related to it.

1st lesson free !

Holistic Counsellor to guide your emotional and intelligence wellbeing to its potential. Located in Sydney.

To lead from within. To guide. To inspire. To express. To be authentic. To be mindful and conscious through the teaching and learning process.

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Perfect! Avanti was fantastic to connect with. She is very helpful and practical!

Christopher, Student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Vasanth was super helpful and motivating. He is quick to the point and affirming in what it takes to become a good speaker. I know that if I work with him I can achieve my goals easily. I have found another mentor on here that I believe is...

Christopher, Student
5 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Shankar has been an exceptional mentor so far. His advice is based on wisdom gained from past experiences and he is a joy to learn from. He is passionate about helping people and his advice is practical and motivational. From two sessions I was able...

Christopher, Student
5 months ago
(3 reviews)

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