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Hospitality student give spanish lessons to everyone that want to learn the language at act.

I am a international student from Spain, i am studying hotel management and also i enjoy teaching, Spanish is a powerful language and everyone should learn it!

Jose luis
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Spanish classes for everyone in Canberra! :) All levels, exam preparation and practice

My classes are based on the student's needs and level of language comprehension. Depending on the level, it is convenient to make a lot of use of oral and grammatical expressions, with simple examples and files to study. Normally I do a small initial exam to know the level and agreement with the student's objectives.

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Phd candidate spanish native speaker offering spanish lessons in canberra online/in person

My teaching methodology mainly involves preparing hands on activities and various conversational role playing.

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ANU student with Venezuelan nationality gives spanish lessons to students of any age in Canberra

Each teaching methodology varies according to each student’s learning approach. Depending on the student(s), I will utilise Power Point/PDF presentations, handouts with activities and information, videos, images and even films and television series. Different methods will enhance the classes’ productivity and the students’ learning.

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Colombian student gives Spanish lessons to high school and uni students in Canberra

My teaching method is focused on Backward Design, which means that the classes are planned based on the student's learning objectives. I implement this method by creating an interactive learning environment, where the main goal is for the student to feel comfortable and confident while expressing in spanish.

Paola andrea
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Colombian girl with a Master in Tesol studying Early Childhood Education and Care teach Spanish in Canberra

I start my lessons from the most basic as the differences between Spanish and English in phonetics and alphabet terms to start moving into grammar. I also focus on the pronunciation especially in those that are difficult as the double R.

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Entretenidas clases de español, por profesora nativa. Teacher spanish. Especialista en niños y adolescentes.

My methodology is based on didactics, that is, on learning-doing, learning-playing. This is the only way that knowledge is not forgotten and children want to continue learning, until they are curious about what I am teaching. Para mi es aprender-jugando, aprender-haciendo.

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Learn Spanish from Mexican in Canberra. Intro, Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Academic levels.

My teaching methods varies depending on the students or groups. Some students work better by following a book and be guided through it; other students do better with visuals, like movies, songs, talking; and other students prefer a combination of various things. In the end the idea is to find how everyone can learn best and the material gets adapted to them.

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Learn the basics and beautiful intricacies of Spanish with me. Spoken by more than 500 million people! 8% of its vocabulary has Arabic origins and words from nahuatl (Aztec language)!

We'll first establish your objectives (whether you are learning for leisure, preparing for a particular exam, for a business-related meeting etc...) and your level. This will allow me to decide what skills we will have to emphasise (oral comprehension, writing or pronunciation ...).

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Chilean - ELE Spanish Teacher in Canberra. Private or group lessons, all levels welcome

I accomodate to the student's need, but I always try to bring a cultural approach to the lessons. I will work with different media and when possible with real input (magazine articles, literature,music, etc). I follow the communicative approach in order to provide students with skills to communicate.

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Native Spanish speaker, with extensive experience in teaching. Teach all levels online and in real life.

I like to work with students that are commited and responsible to their learning. I base my lessons on visual material and focus on conversations, creating scenarios where the student can apply their learning in their real life and in normal situations.

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Learn spanish talking .Native speaker tutor help you . No worries mate.

I base my class taking in account your needs . Using subjects in wich you love or want to know .

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Colombian student in Canberra, I give Spanish lessons to anyone interested in learning a new language! Face to face and online lessons available for individual students or groups.

I do not have a defined methodology. Every individual has a different learning curve when it comes to languages, and it can vary dramatically from person to person. My purpose is to understand the pace of the student's learning, to guarantee a fully understanding of the subject.

Maria isabel
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Chilean lawyer gives didactic spanish classes to individuals and groups in Canberra

I love teaching and I use different techniques so my students can learn easily and have fun while they are learning. My goal as a teacher is that my students can learn not only a language but my incredibleLatin culture.

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CIT Spanish native instructor with 9 years of experience in Australia Canberra

• I have an Advance level of fluency both in English and Spanish. This allows me to be in a better position to understand and solve the difficulties and issues that students may have. • Use of technological tools (computer aided teaching tools, laboratories, etc.) to reinforce and complement teaching. • Good planning, organisation and time management skills.

Rocio cecilia
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Learning Spanish has never been so easy and fun. Try it!

depending on the level of the student I have a weekly study plan for each level, first I teach to speak and then grammar

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Colombian University teacher gives Spanish lessons to anyone who wants to learn

My teaching method is based on active learning strategies. Students will engage in activities centered around writing, talking, problem solving, or reflecting. Students will work with me during class, but they may also do some individual work and/or reflection. We can play some games according with the spanish level of each student.

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ANU, Master student give lessons of Spanish, to anyone that want to learn Spanish and about Latin American Culture.

My teaching methodology, it's practical you can't learn something if you don't practice, so I if you choose me as your teacher you are going to speak most of the time and write. Off course We'll do practical listening exercises. I'm patience and tolerant.

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Native and experienced language teacher is seeking students who are willing and needing to learn.

Teaching and learning processes are complex, and so are languages. Therefore, in order for you to learn I have to use different methods.

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Qualified Spanish native speaker with a Masters in TESOL give Spanish lessons to all academic levels and for specific purposes.

I use the task base approach to teach Spanish, emphasizing communication and the practical uses of the language. I believe everyone learns in a different way, so I adapt my methodology according to the students' learning styles and needs.

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Perfect! I'm so happy I found Daniele as my spanish teacher. The lessons are always well structured and entertaining. Daniele is super friendly and patient, always prepared for the lesson and willing to offer extra help. She adapts the lessons to my needs so...

Tereza, Student
9 hours ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Andrea is extremely lovely. I would recommend her to everyone, of any level and was so happy to have her as my teacher for 3 weeks almost every second day. She is always very prepared for the lessons with material perfectly prepared and tailored to...

Kate, Student
2 weeks ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Teacher speaks clearly and keeps the topics going well. Easy to get along with.

John, Student
3 weeks ago
Maria isabel
(1 review)

Perfect! My first meeting with Paola was in a very relaxed atmosphere which I appreciated. She chatted about Argentina where I will be travelling and wove into our conversation information about the country as well as the language and words. I am keen to now...

Rebecca, Student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Martha was a fantastic teacher. She was always very prompt and organized. Her friendly manner and ability to explain things in both English and Spanish made my lessons very enjoyable. I would highly recommend her to any future student.

Peter, Student
1 month ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Cintia is always well prepared, tailors the lessons to my needs (topics and pace) and is kind and patient with a novice learner. Highly recommended!

Henry, Student
1 month ago
(1 review)