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Hospitality student give spanish lessons to everyone that want to learn the language at act.

I am a international student from Spain, i am studying hotel management and also i enjoy teaching, Spanish is a powerful language and everyone should learn it!

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Spanish lessons made by a native professional Spanish Language Teacher. Licensed in Linguistic and Hispanic Literature. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso. Chile.

My teaching methods is based on improving language skills by working with real Spanish texts and materials. I will prepare the materials according to your objectives and goals. Every class is divided into 3 sections. Introduction; Previous knowledge. Development; New knowledge. Creative activities. Conclusion; reinforced and enhanced new knowledge.

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Enthusiastic Spanish teacher with engaging teaching methodologies and solid knowledge in the Gold Coast, Queensland

Each student has something to bring to the table that has to be taking into account, my methodology always starts and ends with my student's possibilities, status, and objectives, and I will work hard to design personalized items to help you improve and success, overcoming the difficulties that you may have on the subject.

Stafford Heights
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Spanish teacher gives Spanish lessons to high school and uni students in Brisbane. Improve your vocabulary, oral expression and comprehension in Spanish. Aprende. Habla. Disfruta!

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.” (Ludwig Wittgenstein) I have been trying to push these limits my whole life by studying foreign languages and now I'm trying to do it with my students. I have a Bachelor Degree in Spanish Language and Masters Degree in Portuguese.

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Spanish girl with bachelor degree in early childhood and bachelor degree in primary education offers to teach you Spanish Language taking care on your necessities of learning

I have more than 3 years of experience as private teacher and more than 800 hours of internship experience as early childhood and primary teaching

Brunswick East
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Spanish native speaker teacher from Spain, certified and experienced. Melbourne CBD, Brunswick and surroundings.

My approach is different for each person that I mentor, depending on the goals they have, but in general I use to keep lessons entertaining and fun, while looking for a meaningful learning. When possible, I choose to start with personal experience and keep building the language around the familiar fields.

East Brisbane
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Opera student gives classes of Spanish to high school and uni students

Since Spanish is my main language I believe it is important to begin knowing the vocabulary used daily, the pronunciation to develop your oral and reading comprehension, and then include the basic grammar rules and the variations of the language depending on the country.

North Melbourne
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Chilean English teacher gives Spanish lesson to primary,high school and uni students in Melbourne

I base my classes on the communicative approach which consists on students producing and understanding the language (4 skills) rather than focusing only in grammar.

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Qualified Native Spanish Teacher in Sydney - Learn Spanish while having fun!

My Philosophy: Best teachers, teach from the heart, not from the books. - Spanish conversation lessons: Improve communication skills in a variety of everyday situations. - Spanish for business: Effective communication in meetings and presentations. - Spanish standard: covers grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, speaking, listening, reading and writing.

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Argentinian with BA in Business Administration gives Spanish lessons to anyone at the Gold Coast

My name is Tomas Tanco, I'm 26 years old, and I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I have a BA in Business Administration, and I came to Gold Coast, Australia, to study Golf Management. I went to a bilingual school where I had English lessons in the morning and Spanish one in the afternoons.

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Native Spanish speaking Tutor Gives Fun and Practical Lessons to Children and Adults

I believe that the best way to learn a language is by practicing it, that is the reason I like to approach it in a conversational way, focusing on listening and speaking, but always keeping in mind reading and writing. I am a very patient teacher and I encourage all of my students to give their best while having a good time.

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Native Spanish speaker, lived in USA and now in Australia will leave you speaking fluently in Spanish

Able to reach all class and levels of learning, one on one is ideal but can help you in a group, start from basic communication, up to total fluency, had helped lots of people reach their goals while becoming bilingual and had helped translate books.

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Experienced classroom teacher gives personalized Spanish individual or group lessons in Melbourne

Hola! I am a Salvadoran ESL and Spanish teacher with more than five years of classroom teaching experience in Asia. Having deeply studied English and being a Spanish native speaker, I am fully committed to effective and personalized methods of teaching.

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UNE Linguistics and Spanish university student gives Spanish lessons to high school students in Armidale

I believe language is best learnt through interactive learning methods. This means that the lessons will include several different types of learning, which results in a more interesting and engaging experience. The lesson might look like some conversation in the language, learning vocabulary through hands-on methods (painting, role-playing) and learning online through Duolingo.

Palm Beach
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Argentinian photographer gives Spanish lessons to everyone who wants to learn in Gold Coast.

I think the best way to learn it's to be around of native speakers, to share traditions and to experience the culture. My philosophy's to practice every day until you make it. I will give you the theory (included songs, books, tv shows, films) but also the place where you can practice with natives.

South Fremantle
Francine camille
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Argentine/British offering Spanish classes to students of all ages! I am fluent in both languages, meaning it is ideal for communicating and teaching

I choose different materials, such as language teaching books, videos or just personal knowledge. Usually I practice skills learnt in previous classes to see where we are standing, then I reinforce and add further to already taught skills. If not, we would go over new material. I make sure there is a written trace of all we do, so this can be developed further in the students personal time.

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Master Spanish in Melbourne. Native Spanish speaker from Colombia teaching you with love :)

I am convinced that the person who is willing to learn any language MUST do a huge effort as it is not an easy task. So, in my opinion memorization, motivation, concentration among others are the most important, then practicing grammar, speaking, reading and writing are the complement of the learning process.

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Australian born who grew up in Mexico and has now returned to Sydney and teaches languages.

My main focus is making students feel comfortable speaking, so I use lots of one-on-one conversation activities, but also games, reading and writing exercises. I teach vocabulary using the TPR method (Total Physical Response) to teach small amounts of vocabulary at a time, but in a way that students will remember and use it.

Shenton Park
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22 year old Laboratory Medicine graduate with over 5 years of experience teaching primary and high school kids; with a special focus on helping high schoolers get through WACE examinations and success

????22 year old Laboratory Medicine graduate ????Premedicine student ???? Over 5 years worth of experience teaching primary and high school students ????Developed a customised program tailored to suit each students needs ????St john early childhood educator

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Diploma of Spanish graduate teaches Spanish through people interests, fun activities and conversational practice

I believe that teaching a language is most effective when language use arises naturally out of engagement with culture and the physical world I believe that teaching a language is most effective when language use arises naturally out of engagement with culture and the physical world

Cumberland Park
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Private Spanish tutoring. All levels are welcome! Start your Spanish journey today!

I am Lena, 24 and based in Adelaide for the next few months. I am half Spanish/ German and grew up in Barcelona . I have been giving Spanish classes to different levels for the past 6 years and it was always fun. I'm currently teaching 2 classes per week in Adelaide.

(3 reviews)

Therefore native Spanish tres Dynamics courses and a personalized home or home

Hola! If you are looking to improve your level of expresión and comprensión oral and written, as well as reduce your accent to become a true Spanish-hablante, this is your course! I introduce myself: I am Marta, native Spanish settled in Paris for 2 years and a half, a law graduate and passionate about teaching.

Paris 12e
(35 reviews)

English and Spanish classes for all levels and all ages at home and over the Internet!

I am an English and Spanish language teacher as well as a writer and a translator. I have been teaching English and Spanish language for many years, grammar and conversation. I have students of all ages and different levels. I am creative, dynamic and responsible. Impossible not to learn during my classes while having fun! I have B.A.

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Spanish classes by Certified Native Speaker on Skype (22$ per hour) Spanish for travellers, students and business.

Hola, I offer Spanish lessons for all levels on Skype. I am a Certified Spanish Teacher by the French Ministry of National Education and I have worked for several years teaching my native language in schools and to private students. I come from Argentina and I've been living in France for 4 years.

Lyon 7e
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SPANISH courses with mexican and experienced teacher - Courses online for all levels

¡Hola! Mi nombre es Nuri. Soy mexicana y mi pasión es la enseñanza: me gusta compartir mi lengua y mi cultura materna. Estaré más que encantada de ayudarte a realizar tus metas, ya sean académicas, profesionales o simplemente por placer.

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Spanish courses by skype with Colombian teacher Bachelor Degree in Modern Languages. 8 years of experience

I am a language teacher with a Bachelor Degree in Modern Languages (English, Spanish, French and Italian) I have Eight years of experience teaching languages at schools, institutes and companies in different countries like Colombia, Argentina and Panama.

Paris 9e
(48 reviews)

Individual classes with experienced Spanish teacher and Spanish teacher at all levels. (75009)

I have a Master of Philosophy and ten years of experience in home tuition (for beginners and advanced students of any age), as well as tutoring for all levels. I help adults and students who wish to earn points average without it being expensive.

Paris 20e
(15 reviews)

Spanish Court and the Spanish-American culture with a teacher. serious and qualified native speaking. Custom courses.

A first meeting will allow us to choose according to your desires and personal interests topics on the court. After sharing this instance, I am doing a program with points rather related to your needs. Some examples: - Spanish courses for amateurs: The basic grammar. - Spanish-depth: the uses of the subjunctive, the complex time and semantic subtleties.

(67 reviews)

Certified Spanish teacher native from Argentina offer classes in Lyon or by Skype. My method, based on your needs is fun & professional, let's start now !

How are my classes going? I based my class on your needs and I adapt the course: you want to learn the language for pleasure? For traveling? Or to make an exam? I have enough to meet your needs. I try to make my classes fun and diversified (informal discussions, readings, commented videos, studies of a music you like or a sports article ...

Paris 10e
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Speak properly! Pass the exam !! Colombian with 13 years experience teaches Spanish-DELE-translation in Paris.

As Colombo-American with 13 years experience of tutoring, I offer English classes and Spanish for excellence at all levels and of all ages. If today you want to progress quickly and concretely, do not hesitate and contact me, whether for homework assistance, translations or a TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS or DELE. You will have quality training WITHOUT paying € 75 per each hour.

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