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Ingrid marcela
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Native Spanish university graduated and living in Canada. I can teach any level!

I start with a simple interview over a phone call to know the level of your language. After that if you want to improve your grammar I'll give you a small test to know what level should I teach you. I have multiple games and books to make learning fun.

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Spanish/English bilingual student gives Spanish speaking, writing and comprehension lessons in downtown Montreal

I like to teach in a structured way, starting with easier topics and unlocking new and more difficult ones every week. I use online material and physical books. I can also adapt to a more conversational style if preferred by the student.

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Masters graduate helping people/high school/university students succeed in Spanish and Economics in Toronto

My teaching methods vary depending on the student's needs and their requests. I have experience teaching high school and university students in both Spanish grammar, as well as conversational Spanish. I have also taught students in areas like Math and Economics.

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English, Spanish and Media lessons, flexible times, all levels Phd student PGCE QTS MA BA qualified

I teach with a different approach depending on the subject and the student's level. I am flexible so I adapt to the student's circumstances. I do not think a teacher can only have one way to teach. It is essential to pay attention to diversity and differentiation.

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Experienced Specialist in education offering Spanish classes in Newcastle and Gateshead. Spanish native.

My teaching techniques vary in function of the students' needs and I try to use Spanish as much as possible in my classes. The grammar is an important aspect of the language, I think the best way to interiorize it is to understand it, practice with exercises and start to introduce it into our conversation.

1st lesson free !

Graduated and experienced teacher (University and Cervantes levels A2-C2) and Spanish mother tongue

My teaching method is based primarily on communication, the primary purpose of a language. As a professional teacher and educational psychopedagogue I apply different teaching methods, which I adapt according to the needs of my student.

1st lesson free !

6 years experience providing effective Spanish tutoring in London and building students confidence in the language.

Main areas of experience: Spanish - General Spanish Lessons (Beginners, intermediate, Advanced)  - Conversational Spanish Lesson. - Spanish UK A-Levels (both AS and A2) and GCSE Spanish. - Spanish for Business Purposes Maths - Primary - AS - 11+ I am really passionate about teaching and create a learning environment that gives the chance to really learn and apply the knowledge.

1st lesson free !

Offers Spanish (Latin American) and English (American) clases via webcam, medical doctor from Mexico, additionally offers services in traduction.

My teaching method is free but structured, depending on your needs my courses are focused at the general public at all levels of education. Depending on your needs, classes can focus on the cotidian life and slang, the basics for tourism, professional needs, etc.

1st lesson free !

Learn Spanish now! Are you ready to learn Spanish? Methodology: write, speak and go.

I teach through the experience with and of the student. Case studies, dynamic. I use the needs detection method, then I create the program based on those needs. With entertaining and fun classes. Creating a space for the student. It's time to learn, now.

Ecatepec de Morelos
1st lesson free !

Hello, my name is Marlon and I am finishing my masters of English, I can help you at a basic, medium and medium-advanced level with a course that completely adapts to your needs:

My learning system is very dynamic to always make the classes fun and active explaining the vocabulary with everyday examples to make it easier to understand without neglecting the pronunciation, in addition to first I show you how to speak and think in English before starting with the grammar Creating a personalized profile for each student and be more comfortable to go at their own pace

1st lesson free !

Spanish native speaker offers private lessons to kids, teenagers and adult people.

I try to teach in a clearly way. Focusing on grammar and vocabulary for the begginers and oral and written expression in more advanced levels. Moreover, I like to have fun while teaching. I think is a positive way to learn.

San Antonio
1st lesson free !

Spanish Native with BA - Level from beginner to Profesional. Improve your level.

My method will be based on my student's, experiences, travels, hobbies or current profession. The best topic will be the one that the student chooses to talk about because is the one that the student feels comfortable. Could be a good book, news, sports, music or business. Using internet tools like google hangouts or any others.

New Delhi
1st lesson free !

I am a passionate learner and a dedicated teacher. I am a still a student but I assure you some quality and profound insights into the Spanish language.

There's no particular methodology. It certainly depends on the mutual understanding between me and my students. Teaching is something I love and enjoy. My sessions are interactive and there's always a room for discussion. All your ideas are welcomed. Feel free.

1st lesson free !

Colombian. Language and Literature teacher. Student-based teaching. Skype lessons. Years of experience

I usually prepare my lessons focused on students' objectives. The choices of type of material I take to the class is always related to student's interest. We practice all the language skills at every class: listening, reading, speaking and writing.

San Telmo
1st lesson free !

Spanish classes dictated according to needs with an Argentine Spanish spoken teacher.

I can follow a specific program or we can improvise a variety of different topics in which to perfect speech or writing. We can support with teaching materials.

1st lesson free !

MBA student with native Spanish gives Spanish lessons in Downtown Toronto and North York.

My teaching methods are having conversations in Spanish and practicing daily life situations: Introducing yourself to someone else, providing directions, talking about your hobbies or preparing for a job interview. You will receive advice on your vocabulary, grammar, and accent. The goal is that you become as fluent as a native speaker.

1st lesson free !

Argentinean EFL teacher - Native Spanish Speaker seeking for Spanish tutoring job

My teaching methodology depends on the needs of the student. I'm willing to work with students of all ages. Ideally, I focus my lessons on meaningful communication rather than just repeating memorized phrases or words. I have experience preparing students for their GCSE examinations, too.

1st lesson free !

International master student, I offer Spanish and English classes in the center of Grenoble.

I approach the subject differently depending on the student and his level. In general, I try to diversify my classes with written & oral comprehension as well as written and oral expression. My courses are for beginners and intermediate who want to start or improve their practice of Spanish.

1st lesson free !

Student in Master2 Translation Spanish / English gives Spanish and English classes in Bordeaux

I try to approach the courses in a simple way and to make sure to give my students confidence in the practice of language, because it is important to take pleasure to learn to progress. Stress and pressure are not part of my vision of learning.

Kings County
1st lesson free !

Online Spanish Teacher: Certified and experienced Spanish teacher (from Madrid) gives all levels and DELE lessons

The classes are adapted to the needs of the student and I organize the lesson depending on this (grammar, vocabulary,conversation,...) with a variety of activities (games, discussions, exercises,...). I love having fun in class and learning at the same time.

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1st lesson free !

Spanish teacher for foreigners in Bilbao, native, experienced and professionally certified, teaching all levels

I allways make my classes entertaining and dynamic, in a comfortable and trustworthy environment. The methodology I use especially the communicative method, always focusing on the needs of each student. Classes include conversation and grammar. Economical and efficient, for all levels.

Lake in the Hills
1st lesson free !

Native Spanish Teacher from Barcelona (Spain) with a Masters in Spanish as Foreign Language. Teaching in a Dual Language Jr. High School in Schaumburg

The methodology used with each students depends on their personal needs and personality. Every student will be evaluated during the first lesson and depending on the level and needs of each student, I will plan and adapt the following lessons.

1st lesson free !

Native speaker offering spanish lessons for all levels in Manchester, goals guaranteed

I like to know my student first a little to get more confidence and that way make of the class a relaxing time and not just like a another subject that you have to learn at school as mandatory. I adjust to the levels that are necessary to each student and my methods are out of the ordinary.

1st lesson free !

Environmental assistant moves to the countryside and teaches Spanish / English online!

After doing a test to know the level of English or Spanish, I choose the activities next to the book that I think is most convenient and accurate for the student. The classes are usually based on a written part, an oral part and a part where there is an activity such as a game or a song.

Greater London
1st lesson free !

Hispanic Studies student offering Spanish and English Literature tuition at GCSE and A Level standard

My teaching method is to discuss at the beginning of the class any particular issues the student wants to go over. After I would review the difficulties the student would have and complete exercises to practice and ensure the student grows more confident with the topic. Then I would set exercises or suggest websites to complete exercises on the topic as homework.

Missouri City
1st lesson free !

Certified Spanish teacher available for tutoring in Southwest Houston and Fort Bend County.

I implement an eclectic approach that caters to the needs of the student. I incorporate reading, writing, listening, and speaking activities in my lesson plans. I want students to feel comfortable and to ask questions. I strive to provide an engaging environment.

Newcastle Upon Tyne
1st lesson free !

Native Spanish tutor in Newcastle teaching at different levels for over 6 years

I always adapt my teaching methodology to the student. Lesson structure and content will change according to the needs of the student. There are just two things I always try to maintain: at least 15 minutes of free conversation (no book, no rules, just speak about whatever you find interesting) and homework for the next session.

1st lesson free !

Medicine and Spanish 3rd year student offering Spanish Lessons in London and Surrey

My teaching method is flexible based on the needs of each student. I believe in the approach of regular immersion in the target language in order to build up confidence and fluency.

1st lesson free !

English teacher, native Spanish speaker with experience teaching both languages in person and using skype.

My teaching method is based on communication and the actual use of sentences within contexts so that the message can be sent and received successfully. In addition, I believe that the mixture of other approaches such as translation can help to perfect many aspects of understanding not only the language but also the culture that exists behind it.

1st lesson free !

Fun and engaging online lessons with South-American Spanish tutor with 6 years experience

I like to follow a varied lesson plan which covers all aspects of the language (reading, writing, listening and speaking) and I will encourage you to speak from the very beginning.

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