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Broadbeach Waters
1st lesson free !

Gold Coast - Spanish lessons - Native speaker from Medellin, Colombia - Experience teaching languages

I base my classes depending of your goal about learning Spanish. I am always looking after your needs and making it easy to go. Depending of your needs and your goals We are going to make emphasis in the topics and skills You need to improve.

Victoria Park
1st lesson free !

Hello, I teach Spanish: Vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking and writing. It's easy. it's time to learn

My teaching method is through experiences, I like people to talk and listen and finally write correctly. I like to do practical exercises and work on vocabulary.

Neutral Bay
1st lesson free !

Cheap Online or in person Spanish lessons for all levels - Sydney -

Most students struggle with grammar, if their grammar is good chances are their Spanish will be better than the average student. I love grammar because is the pilars of any language. Pronunciation is easy to correct, good writing comes from knowing grammar and Listening comes from Listening (Paying attention).

1st lesson free !

Hola a todos!! My passion is teaching, if you want to learn spanish rapidly and effectively I am sure that we can make something together.

I approach my students with fun and create a real life environment to understand the language. I believe that the best path to learn a new language is becoming familiar with the sounds and intonation in the same way that we learned our natives languages. Let's talk and learn real and useful Spanish.

Bentley Park
1st lesson free !

Amigos in Cairns: Here a native Spanish speaker ready to help you out

I'm happy to help students with their homework. Also I can help you out with: reading, writing and speaking. I'm more orientated to teach people who for example will travel to Spanish speaking countries and would like to be ready to have an everyday conversation. Also students who already know Spanish but would like to keep practicing.

Surfers Paradise
1st lesson free !

Do you know a little Spanish and want to improve it? I can help you! My name is Yaiza, from Spain, graduate in modern languages and education. I am currently living in the Gold Coast.

Using various methods of teaching, depending on what you need! Practice and lose the fear of speaking, start learning the language from the beginning, making vocabulary list together, or to study some specific issues. I work with the method by which students learn faster.

1st lesson free !

Spanish native experienced in bilingual education gives private Spanish lessons at home.

I know how it is to learn a new lenguage, I was in the other site and I only want to help people dealing with difficulties of learning a foraigne lenguage. The most important thing is always being possitive and keep trying, learning grammatic to the first and speak in spanish all the time. I will help you and I can promisse you would not regret getting funny and dynamic lessons.

Surfers Paradise
1st lesson free !

A teacher of basic general education gives entertaining classes of Spanish in gold coast, if you are interested do not hesitate to write me

My classes are based on focusing on what the student costs the most, starting from there. Always doing entertaining and motivating classes so that students can concentrate on the class and thus be able to make the most of the time.

Surfers Paradise
1st lesson free !

Carmela, teacher of primary and nursery school gives lessons to learn Spanish in Gold Coast

My teaching method is learning in a funny way, where children can improve their skills in the different schools areas. I hope that children can learn new things and try to motivate them to non stop learning. Moreover, I prefer to organize the work by projects where all subjects are worked on and the child's skills are developed at the same time.

1st lesson free !

Happy Go Lucky Linguistic Solutions - Spanish lessons delivered by certified native teacher

My classes are based on the communicative method model, that's to say that I give priority to the actual use of the language. Also, my classes are dynamic, inspirational and ludic. I use a lot of games (for both, children and adults) since I find they are the best method to learn.

1st lesson free !

Native Spanish Teacher available to teach Spanish in Northern Beaches, Sydney :)

This will depend on which level you are speaking or reading in Spanish :) Can teach as simple as numbers, days of the week, greetings, basic sentence structures, animals etc and can teach you conversational Spanish, how to converse with your friends and family whether in the workplace, school or home :) Usually in the first lesson I get to know you a little bit and know where your level...

Bellevue Hill
1st lesson free !

Graduated in Business that give a Spanish lessons to primary and high school

I base my classes with a dynamic lessons because I try don't repeat exercises and ways to tech classes. On first time, I want concentrate with speaking, reading and vocabulary. And the on next time, with grammar and writing.

1st lesson free !

Free Lovely and Bilingual Panda SPANGLISH AUSTRALIA Easy cause you always can

playful, pleasant way through music and images for the brain to classify and remember, starting with practicing language from the first class playful, pleasant way through music and images for the brain to classify and remember, starting with practicing language from the first class

Maria camila
1st lesson free !

Native Spanish Teacher in Melbourne, graduated in B.A in English and Spanish Teaching

I usually teach my lesson using task based approaches, always giving priority to the student's interests and learning needs. I designed my student's learning process based on the notion of the communicative competence, briefly defined as the capacity of the student to use the language in context.

1st lesson free !

Passionate Spanish teacher, with a master's degree in literature and writing, with didactic methods and focused on everyday situations. I currently live in Brisbane city

My experience is based on meaningful learning through everyday experiences and practical examples in context. I am focused on the experiences, tastes and needs of my students. I am specialized in work with student-centered approach.

1st lesson free !

Uruguayan lawyer give spanish lessons to high school and uni students in the Gold Coast

I am a creative person who always take care to take the attention of the students. I take advantage of the things that they like and use it to do the lessons more attractive. I like to send them different texts and news so we can use it for reading comprenhension and conversation in the class.

White Hills
1st lesson free !

Spanish teacher give lessons to all the ages, lets enjoy learning a new language

My teaching method is based on student personal interests, the best way to learn a new language is by making it a funny experience. But if what you want is to improve your actual level conversation and reading skills will be our priority.

1st lesson free !

Teacher and trainer with international experience gives interactive Spanish classes for every age

My teaching methodology is fun and interactive. I make students talk as much as possible, but in a playful way so they don't get tired. Also, in my classes, I encourage students to use their imagination and creativty and we use different materials to make it more fun.

Saint Kilda
1st lesson free !

Start learning spanish right now from a native spanish teacher!! private or group lessons!

I firmly believe that in order to learn spanish the best way is speaking with a native spanish speaking person (from Argentina!) I will guide you step by step in order to fastly learn skills and be able to handle conversations from the beggining!

1st lesson free !

Hola a todos:), my name is dani and i would like to be your spanish tutor

I base my classes on active and fun learning, this means that everything we do is part of the learning process. For example, we may watch a video and analize it or write a song , playing games and so on ,so you have your own immersion in the language. And for that, these classes are completly in Spanish. We are going to learn the four elements : Speaking, Reading, Listening and Writing.

Carina Heights
1st lesson free !

South American(Paraguayan) Spanish native speaker give lesson of Spanish. Easy and individually customise content according to your needs.

I base my class on what you need, the class provide an easy and friendly walk through into the language. The content: we build the content as we go according topics of your interest I open and flexible to create a fun way to learn, easy-simple to understand and be able to communicate in Spanish quick as possible.

Spring Hill
1st lesson free !

Spanish native Teacher with Bachelor degree give classes in Brisbane to kids and adults. First class is free

I make my lessons fun and productive, and addapt the rhythm to each person. We focus in different parts of Spanish language like speech and pronunciation, grammar and reading. You can try the first class for so you can know to me and my methodology.

Upper Mount Gravatt
1st lesson free !

Need to improve your spanish skills as a second language, here I am to help you.

First is what the student knows at present, then the goal to achieve, presenting to concepts and definitions, practicing with them, repetition and reinforcement.

South Brisbane
1st lesson free !

Spanish native teacher - Spanish lessons - Practice your Spanish, get to speak Spanish easy and quick :)

I like speaking lessons rather than harsh grammatical ones. However, if a grammar background is needed I can provide it anyway. I can adapt to the student needs and I also like to mix the language lesson with cultural background so that the student gets a general picture of the language and Spanish-speaking countries. I can do very basic initiation levels, or medium/high level classes.

East Perth
1st lesson free !

Rosie teaches Spanish with 18 years of experience increases your confidence, gives a boost to your career, experiences new culture and opens your mind

my methodology is based on knowing and deepening the grammar rules while learning vocabulary and pronunciation as well as explaining how are the cultures of the Spanish-speaking countries.They constantly test the topics seen to avoid forgetting them.

1st lesson free !

Native Spanish-speaking Economics student gives classes to anyone who is looking to learn or improve their spanish!

My methodology is practical, I believe you need to practice the language and immerse yourself in the culture in order to learn efficiently, so I focus my approach on speaking and active recall, I will send assignments that will help you strengthen the learning you have done in class and suggest activities that can help you improve.

1st lesson free !

Spanish speaking backpacker give great lessons for beginners or comfirmed people. Have fun while learning. Individual or group.

First is to evaluate your level and individualise the lessons for a better teaching. Why do you want to learn spanish? For graduating? For a job? For travelling ? For finding a latin wife/husband? For fun? Talking is the best way to learn and having fun is the best way to remember so don't be scared to make mistakes ans let's go! I provide tools to learn, good spirit and patience.

(1 review)
1st lesson free !

Spanish Girl who taught Spanish around Australia, is teaching in Burwood, City, surroundings

My teaching methods is through oral sessions, writing season and depends of the goals of the student. This is why I teach individual so I can teach and help them to reach their goals. Some students wants to learn from the begging, others for traveling or meetings. The teaching sessions depends on the person.

Burleigh Waters
1st lesson free !

Spanish native give Spanish lessons to kids and students ( all levels kids and adults)

Depending on the student level, but I think that the best way to learn a new language is to speak and listen. So I like to do a lot of speaking clases and some readings.

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Perfect! Sonia was friendly, kind, comforting, and definitely helped me improve my Spanish. She adapts to the needs of the student, so for me she spoke more slowly and used hand gestures. I believe Sonia is a good person and I highly recommend her as a...

Lindsey, Student
1 week ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Exactly what I wanted. One-on-one Spanish conversation with a native speaker who also speaks good English.

Damon, Student
2 months ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! Julieta is great, starting with her assessment of my level and her patience in helping me understand errors. Her classes are full-on in Spanish, really stretching my ancient brain, which is exactly what I need before we head to Spain for an extended...

Mike, Student
3 months ago
(3 reviews)

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