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Experienced classroom teacher gives personalized Spanish individual or group lessons in Melbourne

Hola! I am a Salvadoran ESL and Spanish teacher with more than five years of classroom teaching experience in Asia. Having deeply studied English and being a Spanish native speaker, I am fully committed to effective and personalized methods of teaching.

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University of Wollongong Psychology student, teaching Maths, English and Spanish to high school students.

Normally students come to me with areas in which they are struggling and I put together some notes and work sheets for them. We also go through other topics in the subject to make sure you're on top of everything.

South Fremantle
Francine camille
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Argentine/British offering Spanish classes to students of all ages! I am fluent in both languages, meaning it is ideal for communicating and teaching

I choose different materials, such as language teaching books, videos or just personal knowledge. Usually I practice skills learnt in previous classes to see where we are standing, then I reinforce and add further to already taught skills. If not, we would go over new material. I make sure there is a written trace of all we do, so this can be developed further in the students personal time.

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Master Spanish in Melbourne. Native Spanish speaker from Colombia teaching you with love :)

I am convinced that the person who is willing to learn any language MUST do a huge effort as it is not an easy task. So, in my opinion memorization, motivation, concentration among others are the most important, then practicing grammar, speaking, reading and writing are the complement of the learning process.

Shenton Park
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22 year old Laboratory Medicine graduate with over 5 years of experience teaching primary and high school kids; with a special focus on helping high schoolers get through WACE examinations and success

????22 year old Laboratory Medicine graduate ????Premedicine student ???? Over 5 years worth of experience teaching primary and high school students ????Developed a customised program tailored to suit each students needs ????St john early childhood educator

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Diploma of Spanish graduate teaches Spanish through people interests, fun activities and conversational practice

I believe that teaching a language is most effective when language use arises naturally out of engagement with culture and the physical world I believe that teaching a language is most effective when language use arises naturally out of engagement with culture and the physical world

Cumberland Park
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Private Spanish tutoring. All levels are welcome! Start your Spanish journey today!

I am Lena, 24 and based in Adelaide for the next few months. I am half Spanish/ German and grew up in Barcelona . I have been giving Spanish classes to different levels for the past 6 years and it was always fun. I'm currently teaching 2 classes per week in Adelaide.

Rochester Hills
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Princeton Ph.D. and published author teaches French, Spanish, and English to ages 11-70

I learned French from my father, between birth and 4 years of age and Spanish from my aunt, between three and 11. I took French and Spanish all through school, with a double major in French and Spanish in College (Hunter). I received my M.A. in French from Stanford University, my M.A. in Spanish from Stanford University, and my M.A. and Ph.D. in French from Princeton University.

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Therefore native Spanish tres Dynamics courses and a personalized home or home

Hola! If you are looking to improve your level of expresión and comprensión oral and written, as well as reduce your accent to become a true Spanish-hablante, this is your course! I introduce myself: I am Marta, native Spanish settled in Paris for 2 years and a half, a law graduate and passionate about teaching.

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Spanish classes by Certified Native Speaker on Skype (22$ per hour) Spanish for travellers, students and business.

Hola, I offer Spanish lessons for all levels on Skype. I am a Certified Spanish Teacher by the French Ministry of National Education and I have worked for several years teaching my native language in schools and to private students. I come from Argentina and I've been living in France for 4 years.

Paris 12e
(34 reviews)

English and Spanish classes for all levels and all ages at home and over the Internet!

I am an English and Spanish language teacher as well as a writer and a translator. I have been teaching English and Spanish language for many years, grammar and conversation. I have students of all ages and different levels. I am creative, dynamic and responsible. Impossible not to learn during my classes while having fun! I have B.A.

Lyon 7e
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SPANISH courses with mexican and experienced teacher - Courses online for all levels

¡Hola! Mi nombre es Nuri. Soy mexicana y mi pasión es la enseñanza: me gusta compartir mi lengua y mi cultura materna. Estaré más que encantada de ayudarte a realizar tus metas, ya sean académicas, profesionales o simplemente por placer.

(7 reviews)
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Spanish courses by skype with Colombian teacher Bachelor Degree in Modern Languages. 8 years of experience

I am a language teacher with a Bachelor Degree in Modern Languages (English, Spanish, French and Italian) I have Eight years of experience teaching languages at schools, institutes and companies in different countries like Colombia, Argentina and Panama.

(66 reviews)

Certified Spanish teacher native from Argentina offer classes in Lyon or by Skype. My method, based on your needs is fun & professional, let's start now !

How are my classes going? I based my class on your needs and I adapt the course: you want to learn the language for pleasure? For traveling? Or to make an exam? I have enough to meet your needs. I try to make my classes fun and diversified (informal discussions, readings, commented videos, studies of a music you like or a sports article ...

Paris 9e
(48 reviews)

Individual classes with experienced Spanish teacher and Spanish teacher at all levels. (75009)

I have a Master of Philosophy and ten years of experience in home tuition (for beginners and advanced students of any age), as well as tutoring for all levels. I help adults and students who wish to earn points average without it being expensive.

Paris 20e
(15 reviews)

Spanish Court and the Spanish-American culture with a teacher. serious and qualified native speaking. Custom courses.

A first meeting will allow us to choose according to your desires and personal interests topics on the court. After sharing this instance, I am doing a program with points rather related to your needs. Some examples: - Spanish courses for amateurs: The basic grammar. - Spanish-depth: the uses of the subjunctive, the complex time and semantic subtleties.

Paris 10e
(9 reviews)
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Speak properly! Pass the exam !! Colombian with 13 years experience teaches Spanish-DELE-translation in Paris.

As Colombo-American with 13 years experience of tutoring, I offer English classes and Spanish for excellence at all levels and of all ages. If today you want to progress quickly and concretely, do not hesitate and contact me, whether for homework assistance, translations or a TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS or DELE. You will have quality training WITHOUT paying € 75 per each hour.

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Effective online Spanish! Native Teacher and Official Examiner with proven international experience

¡Hola! My name is Ana and I am a certified Spanish ELE teacher and an official examiner accredited by the Cervantes Institute. Of Spanish origin, I have been living abroad for 10 years, where I have worked as a Spanish teacher as well as for specific assignments in Universities, Embassies, NGOs and a few schools in Latin America, Africa and Europe.

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Profesoda titulada con mas de 10 anos de experiencia en ensenar idiomas.

My name is Victoria and with this I turn to you. To apply for the position of English teacher offered on its website, in order to continue providing value to my career and expand likewise my knowledge in the field of education I consider interest contact with a new work environment as the company own. So I am writing to you.

(11 reviews)
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I coach in English, Spanish and French (foreign language). I am in Lyon and my classes are primarily a pleasure!

After several language stays in England and Spain, I have developed efficient and dynamic teaching methods to pass on my knowledge and my passion for languages.

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Spanish courses by skype with webcam anywhere in the world without traveling

I offer Spanish language courses by skype, completely adapted to your needs, the aim of which is not only to teach grammar and vocabulary but above all to allow the student to communicate with everyone and on topics all sorts.

São Paulo
(11 reviews)
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More than nine years of experience as a private teacher of English / Spanish / French / Italian / Portuguese. Over Three Years of Experience in the Relationship area with the co Clien

My classes are customized, or are prepared especially for you, according to your difficulties, needs and goals. As for the class time, it varies from student to student, and some aspects such as amount of class hours per week, time devoted to homework, etc. Anyway, my classes are very focused on conversation, so stimulating enough hearing and speech, without the expense of writing and reading.

São Paulo
(20 reviews)
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Professor of Humanities (PORTUGUESE AND PHILOSOPHY) and modern languages ​​(English, Spanish, Italian).

My classes have specific focus on students and their needs. Language becomes pleasurable when it joins the likes of students to learning. And my specialty is to make learning the language in a pleasurable activity according to the specific abilities of the student.

Ciudad de México
(10 reviews)
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Efficient English teacher, bilingual turn thee with confidence, fast improvement,real time teaching,face to face class

Since the method of grammar translation Highscope methodology, choose how you want to learn from the best teacher, it's time to learn a new language and expand your horizons, stop flunk English and say "Hello!" to better grades. Enterprise-level contact with your potential customers, make business presentations with security and effectiveness.

Paris 4e
(32 reviews)
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Spanish lessons online via Skype with native speaker - 14 € / h

Hello, I teach Spanish classes internet (skype, google docs). I offer a first 15-minute interview to get to know and show my methodology, my profile is skype: thibaultdelamure. I am available Monday to Saturday from 13h to 21h. My price is € 20 per hour, payment is done at the end of the course via paypal. I'm French from Paris, I am 28 years old.

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✔Native spanish tutor online. Translator and professional corrector of style and variations of spanish language.

►My lessons are fully customised to your needs & language level. I teach via online (skype, hangout or wechat). If you enjoy the trial, you can then purchase lessons and schedule them in seconds via Paypal. I'm so patient and understanding, plus i adapt the lessons according to the level, I respect that particular aspect of the language. The lessons are enjoyable and the time flies by.

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Clases particulares de Español para todos los Extranjeros a través de Skype

Soy diplomada como profesora de Español para extranjeros. Imparto clases de Español tanto presenciales como a través de Skype. Conversación, gramática y pronunciación se profundizan en cada una de las clases. Hago clases tanto individuales como en grupo, a personas de todas las edades.

(11 reviews)
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Near-graduate in Translation with work experiences and study abroad offers lessons of Italian, Spanish, English and Arabic in Turin.

I'm Cecilia, I studied Arabic and Spanish at the University of Turin for 5 years. I've had different experiences abroad: in Spain, in the UK and some countries of the Middle East to improve my language skills. These experiences have also helped me in my teaching path: as a student I can see what we need when we approach a new language, so I always keep it in mind in my work.

Lyon 6e
(25 reviews)

Franco-British teacher with 7 years of teaching experience offering English, Spanish and French lessons. Online and Face-to-Face teaching.

" What's a teacher's favorite nation? - The expla-nation " " ¡Más vale aprender español tarde que nunca ! Nunca es tarde si la dicha es buena " Learning a language has never been so easy and funny - Aprender un idioma nunca ha sido tan fácil y divertido - Apprendre une langue n'a jamais été aussi facile et...

María josé
(5 reviews)
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Spanish teacher for foreigners, Spanish, Italian or Catalan classes and translations by Certified Native Speaker on Skype

I am a certified ELE teacher and I offer lessons for all levels on Skype: Italian, Spanish or Catalan global lessons, business lessons and translations. My lessons offer a global view of the Spanish, Italian or Catalan language. We will work pronunciation, grammar, listening and speaking in Spanish. The classes are tailored and they adapt to student’s level, rhythm, interests, and needs.

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