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Italian, bachelor's degree in translation and interpretation of English and Spanish. Possibility to teach both Spanish, in which i lived a total of one year and, of course, Italian

I've never had the possibility to teach yet, but I have the feeling it might be the right path for me. My lessons would be composed by a big basis of grammar and complemented with oral speaking and comprehension, weather of audio files or direct speaking to the student, reading is also a key part in order to fully understand a language.

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Learn/improve Spanish with a friendly Mexican. Personalized lessons based on your needs

I completely understand learning a new language can be hard.

Bondi Beach
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Spanish and English tutor with Master diploma in teaching, located in NSW

I propose a communicative approach to Spanish and English language, in four main areas, Speaking, listening, reading and writting, these skills are required to master any language, the Metodology is addapted to young and adult learners, in order to develop their own potential, at their own pace.

Surfers Paradise
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Experienced and dedicated language specialist teacher for children ages five to eleven

With many years of language teaching behind me, I pride myself in making my lessons enjoyable and uncomplicated which in turn increases the students' confidence and they make rapid progress in their language learning. I adapt my teaching to meet the needs of different learning styles. To this end I very much enjoy making my own resources.

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Spanish passionate teacher in Sydney willing to enhance your knowledge in this language

Graduated in Business Administration and Law I have been granted with the Work and Holiday Visa so I came to live an adventure. Loving my country I would like to share not only my language but also our culture. You will be willing to visit Spain.

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Monash Uni Master in Applied linguistics gives fun and cultural Spanish classes

My teaching is based on Task-based learning with a cultural approach. Small activities will lead to a big final task applying everything that has been covered in the lesson. Music, videos and cultural differences/similarities are a big part of my lessons, too.

Bondi Beach
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Dynamic, effective and fun Spanish lessons in Sydney with a native teacher

I am very flexible and open; I like to focus on the practical skills of a language (speaking, listening comprehension and writing). What's more, I have experience in Language specialization: I can focus the language learning on specific professional fields such as economics, tourism, medicine, etc.

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Mature age Teacher Assistant in Hobart offers personal tutoring to willing students

I keep trying different methods until I find a window of learning that works for the individual student. My preferred approach is to build a trusting relationship rapport with the student as a person, leading to rapport. Any child can learn when they feel safe, relaxed and motivated.

Saint Lucia
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Native Spanish speaker gives personalized lessons to those seeking to strengthen their Spanish skills.

I want to engage my students and make sure that they feel that the topics reviewed are relevant and effective for their goals. I aim at establishing open communication about numerous topics and setting weekly and monthly goals to meet.

Surry Hills
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Professional Policy Analyst with Bachelor Degree and two Graduate Diplomas in International Development and International Affairs, will help you improve your Spanish.

My way of helping you improve your Spanish is by answering your questions and teaching you the essentials of the language for a correct communication. I will help you from the point of view of work, travel or to meet people. I have a lot of flexibility and patience when teaching.

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Rodrigo Business student gives Spanish lessons at any level in Melbourne.

I cant teach Spanish the same way I was taught. But the approach I can take, which is the one I have planned is to teach small steps separately and then once these steps are learned and understood (most importantly). I will mix them to start creating more complex phrases and understand more dense texts. Spanish differ from English in many ways.

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Spanish Prof in Parkville and surroundings. Adults, undergrads and posgrads. Currently PhD student in geography at Unimelb.

I have a mixed approach that combines directed lessons with problem based learning. The lesson lasts 1 hour. We'll dedicate the first 20 minutes to the subject at hand and the last 40 to practice with situations of everyday life.

Surfers Paradise
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Spanish teacher in Gold Coast offers private lessons, interaction only in spanish

My teaching method is holistic, with daily, real speech situations and authentic texto.

Surfers Paradise
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Do you want to learn spanish? Do it with a spanish native very passionate for teaching and friendly, we'll have a lot of fun while you learn :)

My teaching method is to discuss what you want to learn (more focus on grammar, conversational, some special topics, etc), and then prepare a plan for the classes, could be presential or videocall. You could improve your written and spoken spanish.

Brisbane City
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Spanish teacher gives lessons to kids,teenagers ,adults or anyone who wants to learn an amazing language,Brisbane city

My teaching Method is the communicative aproach so my main goal is my students start to comunicate effectively and apropiately in different and real situations.

Fortitude Valley
Sandy paola
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Have fun learning spanish and interacting with others in real situations and contexts.

I don't have a specific teaching method, I usually have a holistic approach, based on the students needs and interests. However, I usually try to identify my class style in order to give them materials and resources that guarantee a good experience in my classes.

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I have neutral accent and enjoy help you improve we enjoy learn

If you stay on university or you are planing some travels my offer is. 1. Chose topic and we development step to step. 2. I help you feel confident with practice any skill writing, Speaking, Reading and leasing 3. always i try to adapt your likes also I try to press you for get more result.

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Spanish for kids easy and fun in Perth, your best option when learning

I am a woman trained under the main such as honestly and responsibility. I like to teach children from the age of 18 years, I have patience and love, to be a tutor you need vocation and love towards them.

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Native speaker and Uni qualified languages teacher ready to teach you Spanish!

I have a passion for teaching all age groups and abilities. I am an intuitive and patient person who believes language and culture make the world go round and everyone should know more than one to enrich their life experiences.

Glen Iris
Juan carlos
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Spanish native tutor with 10 years of experience. Professional and reliable tutoring to students, travelers and anyone who need it in Melbourne.

HOLA! Learn and practise Spanish at your own pace in a professional and fun way! I am an experienced tutor living in Melbourne and passionate with teaching and helping people to speak this beautiful language.

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PhD student gives Spanish lessons to high school or university students in Wollongong

For students at high school or university, I work alongside the set coursework to improve students' confidence and understanding. For those independent students simply wanting to learn the language, I devise lesson plans which gradually introduces the fundaments of Spanish grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary.

West Melbourne
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Latin American Distinct International House Certified Spanish Teacher in Melbourne with an Educational Psychology degree

I base my classes on what the student's goals and interest are. It's not the same to study for a short trip to South America than to prepare yourself for an exam in Madrid.

Brunswick West
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M-adrid in M-elbourne. Spanish Classes in Brunswick. All levels, All ages. seriousness and experience.

We teaches our students how to communicate effectively through Spanish, regardless of the situation. This means that we help learners speak, understand, read and write Spanish in a wide range of situations, both formal and informal. We believe learning Spanish should be fun, but underlying this we also believe in accuracy, good writing and correct use of grammar.

Varsity Lakes
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Native spanish speaker teaches SPANISH in a fun way! Gold Coast location

It is personalized and based on the needs of each single person / student. It can include techniques like watching videos, having conversations, playing small games, reading, etc. I am flexible and can adapt to individual needs or requests regarding methodology.

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Marketing tutor at Melbourne University - Marketing specialist - Spanish native speaker- For beginners and advanced levels

The methodology varies on the age of the learner and objectives they may have. For young learners, the method is a blend of academic and fun activities to engage and understand cultural background attached to the Spanish language. For business porpuses, simple and advanced case studies that involve vocabulary and correct grammatical use of the language.

North Ward
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Spanish lessons in Townsville with great learning of grammar, conversation and writing

My teaching method is based on grammar, whose knowledge is essential to understand a language properly. Conversation and writing are also two other aspects I usually focus on when teaching a language. It is essential to practice and dedicate enough time to the study of a language.

Melbourne City
1st lesson free !

To learn Spanish, nothing better than practicing with a native Hispanic !!!!

Speaking in Spanish from the first day, listening to music, reading stories and practicing writing with stories from what was read in class. Beginning with the oral and written alphabet, then with syllables until arriving at simple words. In the case of children who have Spanish as part of their school curriculum, they are given support with their tasks respecting school times.

Broadbeach Waters
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A native Spanish speaker from Peru, give private or group lessons in Gold Coast

I like teaching with case studies and topics that the student is interested in. I like to introduce some tech to my classes, so students are more connected and internet access can aid student research, presentation, and implementation of projects.

1st lesson free !

Colombian University teacher gives Spanish lessons to anyone who wants to learn

My teaching method is based on active learning strategies. Students will engage in activities centered around writing, talking, problem solving, or reflecting. Students will work with me during class, but they may also do some individual work and/or reflection. We can play some games according with the spanish level of each student.

North Mackay
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I Sofia Cicer from Santiago, Chile where our native language is the Spanish, give private lesson to students from Mackay at home

They way i would teach my students is the based not about rules because as we all know there is a lot of ways of how to say something.

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Perfect! Exactly what I wanted. One-on-one Spanish conversation with a native speaker who also speaks good English.

Damon, Student
2 days ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! Julieta is great, starting with her assessment of my level and her patience in helping me understand errors. Her classes are full-on in Spanish, really stretching my ancient brain, which is exactly what I need before we head to Spain for an extended...

Mike, Student
2 months ago
(3 reviews)

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