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Sevenoaks Weald
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Student of Arabic and Spanish at the University of Edinburgh. I offer tutoring in these languages as well as GCSE and pre-GCSE English, History and Biology.

As well as teaching, I underline how to keep yourself calm and can give advice and help with tips. I believe that learning occurs best in a relaxed environment with a tutor that instills confidence and enthusiasm and this is my main ethos.

Puerto Morelos
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Native teacher in spanish as a foreign language in Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo

I like teaching based on the book 'Latin Classroom' from Spain and following the rules from the 'Instituto Cervantes', but i'm very flexible adapting myself to the student's needs. I'm very patient and more than happy to help with any doubts the student might have.

São Paulo
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Hi how are you? Hola como estas? Private Spanish classes by native speakers

Private lessons of Spanish. Private lessons of Spanish with emphasis on teaching effective communication skills according to the requirements and interests of the student. The goal is to learn Spanish thinking in Spanish, besides studying grammar as a complementary practice to teaching the language.

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Want to learn Spanish? Learn it from someone who had to learn it themselves!

I like to inspire a passion for the language by giving real-life situations to my students, which makes them have to think and in turn utilize first-hand what they have learned in class. Reinforcement is also key, so I like to give some homework in order to practice and hone important skills.

Rancho Santa Margarita
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CA Credentialed Spanish teacher with 12 years classroom and tutoring experience, Rancho Santa Margarita,CA

Most recently, I have my certification in TPRS. I have implemented the Total Physical Response Storytelling Method (TPRS) to teaching and have had amazing results. This method is FUN and teaches the flow of the language like how a child learns their native tongue. All input is comprehensible (CI) for the student while the class is immersive in the target language.

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Spanish Tutor in Louisville. Top of college class with a degree in teaching English and Spanish. Six years of experience tutoring and teaching both Spanish and English. 2.5 years living in Spanish-spe

I develop my lessons based on the needs of the student. Traditionally, I have worked with students ranging from middle school to college. My role is not to serve as a human dictionary, but rather to help the students learn the structures, patterns, and grammar of language. I use a variety of teaching styles depending on the needs of the student.

North Vancouver
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Tourism student gives Hospitality and Tourism Spanish lessons for students in Toronto

My teaching methods are very interactive and students will be required to commit at least ten minutes a day (apart from tutoring time) to practice. A typical class will consist of reading and listening comprehension and vocabulary tests. These classes are meant for anyone who wish to learn specific Spanish related to the Hospitality and Tourism industry.

Corpus Christi
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High School diploma in Argentina, graduated with honors from college in America in 2017, and 1 year experience teaching kids in Amarillo, TX.

I based my classes on reading and writing proper spanish. previous students speak Spanish because of their parents but they did not know how to read it and write it. Lesson structure will depend on the level of the students. Listening and Speaking teaching is available as well.

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Tutora de español en Palo Alto con experiencia de voluntariado en escuela primaria

My teaching methodology is to adapt the lesson in the usage of Spanish & math or science to the age and level of the students. I make the language and topic fun and enjoyable to the students, reinforcing the language use.

Carla vanessa
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KIT student and native speaker offers Spanish lessons in Karlsruhe and online

I design the lessons according to the needs of the learners by arranging a consultation with you before starting to work, where your learning goals and your current level of knowledge are addressed. For students from level B2, I prefer the Dogme learning method.

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Teaching Spanish and French with an Eclectic Approach with 9 years of experience

I used an eclectic approach, accommodating my instructions to the learner's learning style and abilities.

Naucalpan de Juárez
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Screenwriter teaches Spanish and written / oral expression for foreigners or regularizations.

I like to teach with many exercises and didactic activities. A lot of practice but get them to be attentive to the class and do not get tedious.

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Passionate college student seeking to help others learn how to speak Spanish better

I ask questions to guide people through the process, and I try not to give away the answer. I like to create exercises and fill-in-the-blank questions to help target the concept you are trying to learn. I am a student, too, so I understand what doesn't make sense to you.

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Spanish classes for foreigners of all levels and preparation for the DELE

Are you seeking to pass the DELE but you can not find a teacher of the corresponding level? Do you want to improve your knowledge or just start learning English? I can help you! I am a training translator and I am fluent in Spanish and English.

El Paso
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Native Bilingual Spanish Tutor teaching in El Paso TX, BA in Spanish Literature with honors.

I base my approach and I plan my lectures based on the student and what their needs or goals are with learning the language. I am a firm believer that each individual has different learning styles, and I am willing to work closely with the student to see what approach fits best.

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Spanish tutor to students, young professionals and entrepreneurs with over 20 years of work experience throughout Latin America.

I prepare the sessions to meet your specific needs in terms of phonetics, vocabulary, written and spoken Spanish, personal and professional language use. Language acquisition should be fun! Once you indicate your hobbies and interests I will research and provide lesson content which will help you remember and apply your language skills.

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Come let us speak Spanish. Hablamos Espannol. Spanish for Beginners. LETS SPEAK


Maria josé
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Business student giving Spanish courses to anyone who needs to learn Spanish or get better!

I base my classes on the level of the student. My teaching methods are based on having the student do exercices in writing, audio and speaking and being able to help the student when he ir she asks for it.

Paris 10e
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I am a Spanish university student in Paris doing a master's degree with a lot of experience giving lessons about languages and many subjects!

I base my courses on adaptation to students: it depends if you want to get a language certificate, pass high school exams or preparate an Erasmus stay outside, for example. I can also fit the lessons to different ages. I have collected a lot of material for each subject and level to facilitate lessons.

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Professional translator/interpreter with a native-speaker level of Spanish offering Spanish tutoring sessions

Teaching is my passion; Spanish is my heritage. I usually have a communicative approach. However, my sessions are based on my student's needs. I would love to be able to tutor students who want to learn/improve their skills in the Spanish language.

Ciudad de México
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Bachelor of Latin American Studies gives Spanish classes for foreigners who know English or Italian with any level of Spanish

I like to know the student to know their needs and adjust the way of teaching. Sometimes the mistake is not to listen to the student and to generalize the teaching methods. I have taken online classes so I know how to give material and give a class using internet resources, from social networks to platforms designed specifically for e-learning like BlackBorad.

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Honors Spanish and Hispanic Studies graduate teaches and tutors the Spanish language in Philadelphia area, through fun & engaging activities.

I have experience teaching Spanish to Middle School, High School, and College students, and my classes can be a perfect fit for folks anywhere along the spectrum of Spanish language acquisition. I greatly enjoy working with beginners, learners in school, private students, and adults alike.

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Qualified teacher of Spanish with a master's degree from the University of Barcelona

I believe in an interactive approach to language teaching. I encourage my students to talk and write as much as possible. I give materials of interest for each person, adapting the topics according to age and personal interest. I think language learning should be interesting and fun.

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TEACHER OF SPANISH IN LONDON. Vocabulary, grammar, conversation, business, economics ... From basic to advanced level

There are many methods and you have to adapt them to each student or class. In my lessons I try to make the student practice Spanish as much as possible and as close as possible to reality. I give simple explanations and let the student discover by himself. Role plays, conversations.

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Spanish classes online, On-Line Spanish Classes. 7+ Experience. You are welcome :D

Using the method that suits the student, I have managed to get my students to learn in their own way. It is not to adjust to a method, it is to adjust the method to who receives it. Classes spoken in Spanish, grammar, oral and written comprehension and most importantly, communication of all kinds.

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I am a native Spanish speaker and I graduated with a Spanish degree from university.

I have no previous experience teaching in a class but I recently started posting lessons on YouTube. I have taught very basic concepts of the language such as the alphabet, greetings and grammar. I have also taken a course on how to teach Spanish at a beginner's level.

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Spanish tutor who lived in Spain for eight months and has translation experience

Since my college career (English major; Spanish and Religious Studies double minor), I have been pursuing a translation career in English and Spanish. For me, studying Spanish is more than just looking at linguistic aspects (although linguistics is my favorite subject)--I love Spanish in all forms (cultural diversity, phonetics, you name it).

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Native spanish primary teacher in Milton Keynes, lessons for children and for adults.

I have a Master in pedagogy and my idea is that you can learn a language enjoying and doing a lot of practice talking about real life scenarios. As a learner (of English), I use the methodology that was good for me to learn English, to write, listen and read.

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Licenciada en Relaciones Públicas, Mgtr. en Comunicación Institucional - Doy Clases de Español para todos los niveles. Gramática, Lingüística, Conversación, Cultura, etc. Preparo clases individualizad

My teaching method starts identifying your goals, interests and your actual level of knowledge, in order to find the best topics, support lectures and build a class specially made for you. I try to make it simple and fun, and focused on what your interests and needs are righ now.

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Experienced Spanish tutor ready to have you speaking and understanding Spanish. Certified to also teach Command Spanish.

My teaching method is personable and I work at getting past the student's fear of failing at learning a new language. I make learning fun. I have taught K-12 and Higher Ed students. I enjoy languages and read and write in five different languages.

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