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Spanish graduated chemical engineer can teach you spanish or some maths/chemistry SUNSHINE COAST

It’s about knowing your student’s weakness and virtues. Once you know both you can focus in what you want them to improve. And the way (of teaching) you think is better to achieve your target.

West Perth
(2 reviews)
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I'm a Spanish Biotechnology student, with full experience in teaching. I offer grammar, speaking or listening practicar for those eager to learn, within Perth or online.

The lessons will be adapted to the students need. If the listening or speaking needs to be enforced we will work on that. Each student is different, so they should not be teach the same way. The classes will be dynamic and personalized.

South Brisbane
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Native Spanish girl gives Spanish lessons in Brisbane to every type of student (school, uni, post grad...)

I am willing to teach Spanish to different types of people, so the methodology of the lessons will vary depending on your personal needs. We can do basic Spanish, learning vocabulary and grammar, or we can have a conversation in Spanish about the subject you like if you already know a bit more of the language.

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Italian Student who has studied in Spain gives Spanish lessons to High School and Uni students

I always try to blend the students' personalities and interests with their needs and curriculum-appropriate methods. When learning a language I think it's important to learn to apply it to concrete situations and to understand the practical use. Learning is not just about studying but it should be associated with fun and exciting activities.

Brisbane City
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Improve your Spanish fast with a native speaker girl from South America!

My teaching methodology is student-centered, emphasizing on the trial-error technique and identifying mistakes individually. Oral expression is one of the main aspects of my lessons, however, they are personalized according to each student's needs. My availability is from 17.00 to 00.00 on Monday to Friday and all day on Saturday and Sunday.

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ESPAÑOL PARA TODOS! Want to learn or practice Spanish? Contact me, your Colombian friend! Spanish classes in Brisbane and Gatton!

My teaching method is simple and adapts to the particular requirements of each student. Depending on your level, we could start with basic greetings and common words used on a daily basis (conversational). Or go further, with complex sentences and even some academic language (Academic writing and speaking).

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ANU, Master student give lessons of Spanish, to anyone that want to learn Spanish and about Latin American Culture.

My teaching methodology, it's practical you can't learn something if you don't practice, so I if you choose me as your teacher you are going to speak most of the time and write. Off course We'll do practical listening exercises. I'm patience and tolerant.

Golden Beach
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Spanish teacher give english lessons to high school and uni students ecuador quito process engineer venezuelan

my teaching method is oral with continuous repetitions to strengthen the retention of the student, base words to complete applying the meanings that are given to them in daily life, so that the progress of learning is optimal and sure.

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Native Spanish speaker, with extensive experience in teaching. Teach all levels online and in real life.

I like to work with students that are commited and responsible to their learning. I base my lessons on visual material and focus on conversations, creating scenarios where the student can apply their learning in their real life and in normal situations.

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Learn Spanish with a native Spanish also fluent in English and French.

Hola, I design each lesson to the student's requirements and personality in a entertaining and understandable manner. Every lesson should be fun and offer a great experience, rather than a list of boring exercises. I make it relevant to the Spanish culture, art, history and the actual reality of the Spanish world speaking community.

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I´m Mexican, spanish native speaker with experience as tutor. Learn easy, fast and efficient

My teaching method is based on teaching grammar with simple verbs applied to everyday life and in some cases as they change depending on each region of Mexico.Also explain in a simple and general way the pronunciation of the words.

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Colombian Native teaches Spanish to anyone willing to learn, Basic and pre-intermediate / Nativo Colombiano enseña Español a cualquiera que deseé aprender, básico y pre-intermedio

Like in math, I like to approach my teachings with exercises and a lot of practice; Firstly, I teach the information, then I like to practice the pronunciation, which is important, lastly practice, practice and practice, mostly with games and conversations.

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Upper intermediate spanish speaker from Europe gives basic and beginner spanish lessons

I am a versatile person. I don't have a strict style, I base the method according to the knowledge level and character of my student. Especially for people with low or zero level of knowledge, my lessons will be perfect, conversational and interactive.

Largs Bay
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Teaching Spanish language and culture is my passion and if you are looking to join my passion, welcome :)

I believe that every individual learns through different methods and the way one method works for one might not for the other so I base my curriculum depending on the student. After 2 teaching classes you’ll know the method that suits you.

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International Relations student from Argentina giving the best Spanish Lessons in Melbourne

I like to start my lesson an assess the level of student. According to that first assessment I like to plan and discuss with the student which is the best way to address its objective.

Diamond Creek
(1 review)
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Learn Spanish from a native journalist area (and enjoy it), Melbourne area

Hola hola! I'm a Journalist graduate from Barcelona, currently in Melbourne with a Work and Holiday Visa. I can help you improve your Spanish (if you know some basics), or teach you some if you never tried. I'm bilingual, my native languages are both Spanish and Catalan, and since I've been a kid I've studied English and a bit of French.

Point Cook
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Native Spanish speaker gives lessons privately in Melbourne or online nation-wide for all levels

I want to make sure that you will learn based on your current level. For the first class I will mainly asses your current knowledge and I will test out what you have learned so far. I will as well reinforce that previous learning when necessary. Spanish is a passionate but complicated language and it's important to know how to spot basic and common errors made by learners.

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Spanish lessons around Brisbane city. All you need to know is here with Cata Wolf!

My method of teaching is interactive, where the students build their knowledge in a playful and meaningful way. So, they can relate and learn easier. My goal is to make them feel a desire to learn new things and to give them a pleasant class.

Bondi Beach
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English student gives Spanish lessons to children from 3 to 12 years old in Sydney NSW.

I have studied Primary Education in Spain. I love kids and animals and I consider myself an active, responsible and emphatic person. I have a lot of experience related with my studies as a Teacher, so it would be great hearing from you.

North Hobart
Carlos andres
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Hey people in HOBART, Time to learn and practice SPANISH in different way.

The best way to learn SPANISH is in Real life, talking and doing normal activities. Lets learn some theory and to practice in real life. Lets go to the markets or have a real situation where you can practice it.

Brisbane City
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Spanish native, graduate in English philology, seeks to undertake a teaching experience abroad or a virtual connection with foreign students

Basically treating language as a whole and hence working the 4 skills consistently, quite fond of utilizing games and flashcards for acquiring and enlarging lexical knowledge, not too grammar-based, preferably grammar in context and developping unconscious learning and reflexion upon new linguistic items acquired.

West End
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Spanish-Catalan Girl ready to transform you in a native "español" speaker in Brisbane

I base my classes on having fun while learning. Grammar and vocuabulary are important when it comes to speaking fluently. But in my opinion, talking is fundeamental. Mistakes are important in order to progress, so I focus my lessons in the weaknesses, always trying to detect the usual mistakes and solve them.

1st lesson free !

Hello! I am a psychologist and teacher of Spanish. I have no problem changing my place of residence. My methodology is based on the practice of Spanish, although of course, we will study grammar and o

my classes usually vary according to the energy you have, but in general a subject is taken out and a little spoken, in order to practice Spanish. Next, we study a little theory, in which I use a blackboard and after explaining and clarifying doubts, you can work in writing in pairs or individually. Afterwards, we usually do some games or we use didactic material to be able to practice orally.

East Brisbane
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Hey I would like to make you improve your Spanish in an easy way! I am From Spain

I think that the best way to learn a language is through a natural way of comunication because memorizing is not the way you have to practice to really learn to use the lenguage.

Port Macquarie
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Sociably French citizen living in Port Macquarie, wanting to teach others the joy of Spanish language.

My teaching method is taking things back to the basics of all language and that is through simple conversation in the native tongue. We will go through a variety of everyday topics and learning about each-others lives and experiences all while speaking either in French or Spanish. Can also include business vocabulary.

1st lesson free !

Hola! Are you ready to learn Spanish? Latin American Spanish teacher - focused on oral skills

My teaching style is to do with developing oral abilities which are essential to communicate in everyday life. I apply NLP (neuro-linguist programming) techniques when presenting a topic and doing activities. I like to learn how each of my students learns and teach according to it.

1st lesson free !

Panamanian Spanish teacher to support world citizens' desire to speak Cervante's language

Let's engage in communicative activities online and get involved in fun and worthwhile learning lessons. By means of lively effective interactions, and the right implementation of methodologically applied learning content (conversations, vocabuary, video streaming...) you will find yourself gradually speaking Spanish... naturally.

Surfers Paradise
(15 reviews)
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Kariela graduated in Preschool Education with experience in private lessons gives Spanish lessons in Gold Coast

I base my classes on the needs of the children. I approach speaking, writing, listening and reading skills. My aim is to make the children learn at the same time that they have fun. If the lessons are boring the children will get unmotivated and that makes the learning process harder.

Maria ines
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Spanish girl in Sydney teaches Spanish private or group lessons (native)

My classes can be individual or in small groups. I always respect the level of teaching of each student and their progress in learning. Each person is different so it is important to adapt to each one. I base my teaching on vacabulary and useful phrases for life, to be able to travel, to meet people...

Bondi Beach
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Do you want to learn Spanish in Bondi Beach, Sydney or online?

How I design and prepare classes depend on the student and what he or she wants to learn. If you are going on a trip to South America or to Spain, classes will be about traveling. If you want to learn Spanish because of work or just because you love the language, we can adapt the class as well.

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Perfect! Sonia was friendly, kind, comforting, and definitely helped me improve my Spanish. She adapts to the needs of the student, so for me she spoke more slowly and used hand gestures. I believe Sonia is a good person and I highly recommend her as a...

Lindsey, Student
1 week ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Exactly what I wanted. One-on-one Spanish conversation with a native speaker who also speaks good English.

Damon, Student
2 months ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! Julieta is great, starting with her assessment of my level and her patience in helping me understand errors. Her classes are full-on in Spanish, really stretching my ancient brain, which is exactly what I need before we head to Spain for an extended...

Mike, Student
3 months ago
(3 reviews)

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