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SPANISH PRIVATE TEACHER in Fitzroy and other suburbs of Melbourne. With experience and passion for teaching. My students improve rapidly their skills in the language.

My lessons are suitable for those who want to improve their spoken and written spanish. Mainly beginners and intermediate students. I have deep knowledge of the language and can help with vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. My teaching methods are focused on understanding the needs of the students, first of all, and then develop methods and exercises in order to let them improve.

Largs North
Shreya k
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Hola! Want to Learn Spanish(Written, Oral & Speech) at your comfort? I am not far! Contact!!

My lessons are geared toward the students who want to start learning Spanish from scratch(for any purpose) or who have Spanish as foreign language in their curriculum. The lesson structure will be - 1. Importance of Spanish 2. Alphabets 3. Numbers 4. Seasons, Months & Days of the week. 5. How to say time in Spanish! 6. Daily greetings. 7. Verbs & their conjugation 8. Vocabulary 9.

Oakleigh South
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Deakin Commerce student gives Spanish lessons ! ( For every level - Basic - Intermediate - Advanced) Melbourne

I follow five steps that help me organise the way I plan my lessons. STEP 1: Know my students' needs and talent This because It will help me choose my learning goals, topics, and teaching approaches adequately.

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A highly passionate language speaker give Spanish and French lessons with 15 years of experience

I am able to teach French and Spanish in a clear manner using various exciting actives, videos, booklets and practice question to enhance their ability. I will be very approachable for someone to ask questions and will go at a pace that is comfortable to the student.

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Spanish native speaker with extensive experience in higher education teaching provides an authentic teaching experience

facilitation methodology is simple - Understand the students immediate needs and identify goals (short term and long term) - Work on a plan to implement this learning journey so the student feels part of the process - encourage face to face at home homework (interactions) to support the learning and encourage student to go out of the comfort zone - use online resources to reinforce the...

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Do you want to learn spanish with a native teacher in Gold Coast?

My teaching method is based on achieving a good level of Spanish through enjoyable methods, such as conversation, readings adapted to each student and audiovisual methods. I am learning a language myself, so I understand the difficulties that can arise as a student and how to deal with them.

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A registered teacher providing Spanish lessons to High School and University students in Melbourne VIC

I believe that teaching is not black and white, in order for your targeted audience to learn there has to be a variety of the style when presenting your information. In my teaching, I like to mix things up by utilising discussion, with presentations and a variety of group work, to further engage students.

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Spanish lessons from a native Teacher to people of all ages and levels in Gold Coast

I base my classes depending on your needs. Tutoring, preparation for exams like DELE or just conversational lessons. Now that I am living in Gold Coast, we can meet to have face to face classes, individually, in a group, or even online.

1st lesson free !

Qualified native Spanish and German teacher (with diploma and experience) in Gold Coast

I focus my lessons in what the student needs. I also try to enforce and review the basis of the language. I try to do dynamic lessons with grammar exercises, writting skills and compression, reading and listening compression. Vocabulary divided by sections. Improvement of pronunciation and accent.

1st lesson free !

Hola!!! If you want to learn SPANISH in a great and easy way let me help you! I am an experienced teacher and I have been teaching in London and Melbourne!!!

I like to teach according to the students.I mean, I work in all the different areas such as pronunciation, speaking, writing, listening... but always following the student needs. Not only in the academic way, but also according to their interests.

1st lesson free !

Spanish teacher give spanish lessons to high school and uni students on Bondi

My teaching method incluid listening and speaking lesson with context. Then, I used basic grammar to explain the Spanish structure. First, I teach basics phrases to communicate in Spanish and I use some examples like videos or photos to talk about it.

Brisbane City
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Native Spanish Teacher gives personalized lessons in Brisbane CBD and inner suburbs

As an experienced teacher (more than 6 years) I have multiple resources and activities (games, tasks with images, rol playing, etc.) to make dynamic classes focus on different aspects of the spanish language (speaking, writing, vocabulary and grammar). Every class will have an introduction activity, a development activity and a closing activity that will be link together.

(1 review)
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An easygoing Spanish Native Speaker gives fun and meaningful Spanish lessons Online

During my years as a Teacher, I implemented extensive improvements that resulted in the learning and success of my students. I taught myself new techniques over a weekend in order to obtain the best results with my students. I plan my lessons according to the learners needs and I use an experiencial method that allows the students toreach their own concepts.

Spring Hill
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Spanish teacher gives Spanish lessons in Brisbane. 550M+ people in the world speak Spanish.

My teaching method varies with the level of the student/s, trying to optimize the class. I use to give some homework such as reading books and watch movies/TV shows which increase the vocabulary exponentially. I base my classes after meeting the student/s and know what they want, what are their aims and what methodology is better for them.

Ana paula
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Spanish teacher leaving in New South Wales (Epping), lots of experience with kids and adults

I like to make all the students participate so I make games but always focusing on pronunciation and grammar. This two are really important for me. I also make students talks a lot in between them. Plus I play shorts videos to relate with the day's lesson.

South Yarra
1st lesson free !

Primary Education Degree and Proficient Student in Spanish Language (written, oral, verbal)

My teaching methodology is to activate the growth mindset- to allow individuals to consistently grow from their mistakes and to become the best learner they can. This mindset is the most positive technique to use, as students tend to become further confident in their abilities.

Sippy Downs
1st lesson free !

Art/Business female University student in the Sunshine Coast offering private Spanish lessons.

My teaching method is simple and easy to follow. I start with the basics such as the Spanish alphabet and progress to essential Spanish greetings and then teach the more advanced angles of the language. However, I am flexible to students needs and I am open to teach someone what they want to know about not only the language but the Spanish culture too.

Flinders Park
1st lesson free !

Aussie guy, five years of teaching/living experience in Colombia, fluent in Spanish

I prefer to teach in a relaxed environment like cafes or in the city. Conversational most of the time but then with sessions concentrated on the students areas where they want to improve. I feel the best way to learn is for the student to TALK, so my classes will hopefully have the student talking the majority of the time :)...

1st lesson free !

16 year old fluent Spanish speaker teaching Spanish to beginners and intermediate levels

I work with each student to create their own learning plan and style. If you don't know any Spanish, we would start by learning simple words and how to pronounce them. For more intermediate speakers we could start with reading comprehension, and writing.

Brunswick East
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Master of Environment professional gives biology, chemistry, maths and Spanish lessons in Melbourne

My teaching method is a combination of what is usually implemented in schools with a dynamic approach to the different topic of each subject.

Surry Hills
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Native Spanish tutor offering affordable Spanish lessons in Sydney area. I am professional in Communication and Corporative Relationships and I have an extended experience teaching Spanish in Colombia

I base my classes on communicative, task-oriented and action-oriented approach, which means give great importance to the interactios as a method that promotes the participation of the student in the teaching / learning process. Learn the language in real contexts. On the other hand, it is argued that Students learn not only in the classroom, but also in authentic situations out of the classroom.

Burleigh Waters
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Graduate in Dramatic Arts from Spain teaches Spanish, for begginers and advanced students.

Let's improve your Spanish in a funny, usefull and practical way through conversation, vocal technic training and descovering the most beautiful and personalized texts, music, movies and arts, to give you the most complete immersion. All of this based in PERSONAL ATTENTION and EMPATHY.

Mont Albert
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Native Spanish gives fun and dynamic lessons for enthusiasts in Mont Albert

I like a to work in a fun and dynamic way to make learning easy and not tough as if you were in the school. We will focus on Vocabulary which is the basis of every language and Listening for the beginners, and Grammar, Reading and Speaking for those with prior knowledge.

Morphett Vale
1st lesson free !

Flinders University student giving Spanish lessons to primary, secondary and tertiary students.

My teaching method is through engaging with students and having open discussions, I believe that is how primary and secondary and tertiary students learn best, from my experience. Playing games works best for primary students as they are engaged for most of the time. For secondary students playing mind-games works best. For tertiary students doing reviews and short-exams works best.

1st lesson free !

Spanish teacher! Fun Spanish lessons to high school and uni students (Brisbane)

practical lessons for beginners (tourists, business travelers, and those learning for their own enjoyment) with very little or no background in the language. Covers basic vocabulary, conversation, pronunciation, songs, and frequently used expressions.

1st lesson free !

Colombia se vive y se siente también en las lecciones de español en Brisbane

Mi método de enseñanza esta basado en clases 50% conversacional, 25% vocabulario y 25% gramatical, usando herramientas como videos, preparación de recetas, actividades manuales, e incluso salidas al parque o la ciudad, donde el estudiante pueda reconocer el significado de las palabras y generar mayor asociación con el idioma.

1st lesson free !

Spanish native speaker gives lessons to anyone interested in learning the language in Sydney, Australia.

I am a versatile person. My methodology is not strict, I will help you improve your skills based on your level of knowledge and your goals. I know from personal experience that the best way to learn is through practicing and listening, trying to get the most of it and having fun.

1st lesson free !

Hola a todos. Aprenda Espanol con Profesora Nativa y Amigable. Clases interesantes!

My Teaching method is PPP, Presentation, Practice and Production. I also use a humanistic approach for all lessons. Focus is placed on effective communication where learners are taught situational language and functions, in order to be able to communicate well in any real life situation.

Surfers Paradise
1st lesson free !

Spanish girl willing to teach spanish in Gold Coast. Educational psychologist with 2 years of experience. I adapt my classroom to any student, taking into account theirs needs and request.

I base my classes on learning through games, adapting my methodology to any person depending on their needs and what they require. I use to stablish a first contact to see what is the starting point. Each lesson I like to remember what we have already learn in order to make the learning permanent, then I try to stablish objectives per class and last, I say what we are going to lern next lesson.

1st lesson free !

Deakin Student with a Major in Spanish, teaching in Southeast Melbourne Suburbs

I base my lessons on what you want to learn, or what you are currently learning in class. I love including useful sites or resources and will have power-points to help with the learning process. It is also important to dedicate part of the lesson to speaking practice.

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Perfect! Sonia was friendly, kind, comforting, and definitely helped me improve my Spanish. She adapts to the needs of the student, so for me she spoke more slowly and used hand gestures. I believe Sonia is a good person and I highly recommend her as a...

Lindsey, Student
1 month ago
(2 reviews)

Perfect! Exactly what I wanted. One-on-one Spanish conversation with a native speaker who also speaks good English.

Damon, Student
3 months ago
(3 reviews)

Perfect! Julieta is great, starting with her assessment of my level and her patience in helping me understand errors. Her classes are full-on in Spanish, really stretching my ancient brain, which is exactly what I need before we head to Spain for an extended...

Mike, Student
4 months ago
(3 reviews)

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