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ITALIAN lessons - all levels - Online (Skype / ooVoo) and in Lyon

I am a student and I'm ITALIAN, now studying at the University "Lumiere"in Lyon. I have an Italian degree and have already taught in an Austrian school. Knowing several languages, everything will be easier! I am available to come to your house or to welcome you and make online courses (Skype, ..) too! You can contact me for more information.

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English Classes at All Levels - 100% Bilingual Teacher - Dynamic Teacher

I am Danny and my Spanish is native, but lived in the United States and have the bilingual IB diploma. Most native teachers here, do not have the best Spanish, I can perfectly handle both languages ​​which makes your learning process more effective. My class is very dynamic, I have numerous methods that are very efficient.

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Elodie, who worked in London for a year in the internationnal recovery, I am trilingual English, Spanish. I can help you improve your oral or written expression

Elodie, a graduate in Management and International Trade, I had the oportunity to work in London for a year and also stay in Spain, fully trilingual and passionate language, I will be delighted to help you improve your level of English and Spanish.

Paris 17e
Juan ignacio
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Hola Spanish! Lessons for all levels (A1-C2) by Argentine Experienced teacher, Individual or group (Paris)

Individuals Spanish lessons in Paris. Lessons for students who wish: -Support School - Preparation for international exams -Preparation for a trip -Read and translation of texts - Full Fluency Quieres aprender español? I propose a simple and dynamic method relied on the use and daily contact with the language.

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We can help you improve your fluency in English! We work from a practical and dynamic approach. We use activities that will put you to speak English in a short time without studying grammar or fill in the blanks. We focus on our students acquire native-like fluency (as a native) so that in this way can overcome any examination, find work or travel to any country.

Les Loges-en-Josas
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Student at HEC Paris trilingual French-English-Spanish and intermediate / advanced level offers Portuguese aid for the mentioned languages. Flexible hours and location

I studied finance at HEC Paris. I study entirely in English for over 4 years and I lived about 2 years in Peru, and 6 months in Brazil. I am fully bilingual in those languages ​​at an academic level in English. I think that language learning is best done by talking and being corrected permanently.

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Chinese and English teacher in Pontevedra. Experience with both children and adults

MANDARIN CHINESE CLASSES (simplified and / or traditional) My name is Rachel, I graduated in East Asian Studies from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. With 5 years of studying Chinese and one year of residence in Taipei, Taiwan. Thanks to my knowledge of Asia and more specifically China, I can offer a more cultural approach to the language to help and complement the learning process.

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College student provides tutoring in languages ​​(English, Spanish), for high school students

I am a young college student who have received extensive training in Spanish (European section, enhanced option LV1) and a rich instruction in English (literature) and I offer tutoring to students of all levels (especially high school). I help students to understand and tame its shortcomings through fun and effective methods.

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English certified teacher with 20 years experience at 10 km from Caen

I have 20 years of experience teaching languages ​. I like to teach and what can be done by speaking a foreign language. People need to be able to practice in a comfortable environment. I have experience with learners from primary up to adult education.

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Tutoring Languages ​​and basic substances from primary to high school and superior

My name is Cristiana, I am Portuguese living in France since the age of 11, the Portuguese is my native language, but I have an almost perfect command of French, I speak fluent English and Spanish . I hold a BAC L, LELE English specialty, LVA Spanish with a European mention. I can help with the Literary and Linguistic materials.

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Madrid Student in Master 2, trilingual, gives Spanish classes and English in Paris.

I am a student in Master of Science International Business Skema, I grew up in Madrid and lived the last two years in the US for my studies. Classes and methodology will depend on the level and expectations of the person.

Prieto chaparro
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Professor of Spanish native graduated (Hispanic Philology) - all levels. school support, upgrading, preparation for DELE exams, conversation workshops, professional needs ... Courses

Professor of Spanish native graduated (Hispanic Philology) - all levels. school support, upgrading, preparation for DELE exams, conversation workshops, professional needs ... Courses completely adapted to the student's needs. For further information or additional information feel free to contact me.

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Give courses Spanish / English all levels in Cannes. Expatriate 4 years in Argentina and two years in Australia, I offer a quick and efficient method based on the famous Assimilated method.

With an experience of many years in Argentina, Spain, England and Australia I was able to acquire complete mastery of these languages. Having myself being young had difficulty in language, i have a very personalized approach to my students and adapted to each. I work a lot on speaking to my very listening is 90% of the language learning and this primarily in Spanish.

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English for official exams (IELTS, Cambridge) and / or conversation in Bilbao. Journalist and translator

My name is Andrea, I have 22 years and last year studying journalism in Bilbao. English-Castilian professional literary translator and certified C1 IELTS test. I took six years giving private lessons to children aged between 8 and 14 years as university students seeking official accreditation.

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Student in Applied Foreign Languages ​​gives courses Spanish and Translation of high school college

Currently studying third year of BA in Applied Foreign Languages ​​at the Catholic University of the West in Angers I offer Spanish courses but also conversation and translation. I offer courses with supports to student choice with some "theoretical" (grammar, conjugation, sharpening ...

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Colombian student gives Spanish and English lessons for all levels at Bordeaux.

My name is Luisa, I am a Colombian student who loves to teach languages. As a Colombian, Spanish is my native language, so I have the necessary knowledge to teach it.

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Professor of Spanish Language and Literature, Lic. In Philology gives private lessons online

My classes are aimed at those students of Spanish as a second language who want to learn Spanish by simple interest, for travel, for business, for Official Certificate or improve in the study and knowledge of this beautiful language. My current approach is project-based and cooperative learning.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
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Experienced teacher prepares exams Cambridge, Trinity, tests of English and German. Pamas

Prepare the KET examinations; PET; FIRST (Cambridge) and level tests and Trinity University. Also tutoring for adults and kids. Classes are held in very small groups or individuals.

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Young student teacher of foreign languages! I learned Spanish and English

I am a Spanish student of Venezuelan origin with knowledge of English and Spanish who works with basic and interesting content for an easier interaction with the language. I work mostly with games, exercises and videos because I am a communications student.

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Student who lived in Canada and Chile gives English and Spanish lessons

This course is available for anyone wishing to learn or improve their level of English or Spanish. The objective is to allow the student to be able to communicate about various topics but also to understand the basic rules of grammar. The content is adapted to the specific needs of students.

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ALL LEVELS Spanish course in Paris, bilingual, experienced, tutoring, conversation, individual or group!

Hello! Hola! Franco-Argentine, Spanish bilingual and having a good command of English, I offer private lessons at home or online. The courses will be tailored to your needs: - School support to the small section until high school. Preparation of the tray, writing, oral, Spanish theater for kids, games, etc.

Paris 18e
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Student in Paris gives French classes, Spanish and Arabic all levels

Student, 23 final-year pharmacy teaches courses in Spanish language, French as a foreign language and Arabic for all levels and all age classes will be held in complete informality but at the same time I consider myself very serious and demanding with myself

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Student at the International School Tunon, bilingual English and Spanish advanced level makes you progress in foreign languages!

My name is Benjamin, a student at the International School Tunon. Bilingual French / English, and with an advanced level of Spanish, I offer courses of all levels to improve (college, high school, adult). The first course is offered for knowledge and a skills assessment and € 15 per hour. Cordially.

Marseille 5e
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Private lessons of Spanish language beginner level to advanced level

I am a student in Master 2 LEA (Applied Foreign Languages) English / Spanish, I hold a bachelor Spanish and have lived in Spain for 7 years. I have experience as a language teacher in France and Spain. I teach pupils, students or adults in difficulty or who wish to improve their Spanish.

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Spanish online teacher (grammar and conversation) and experience Master in ELE

I am a journalist and audiovisual communicator. I made the Masters in Spanish Language (ELE) at the Autonomous University of Madrid. I have 7 years experience giving private lessons of different subjects and currently work as a teacher of Spanish for foreigners. During class we will discuss different items, themes, videos, short films to acquire diverse vocabulary and grammar practice all together.

Paris 19e
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Paris languages ​​courses (English, Spanish, Italian) level: up to the end

Hello, I am currently in Terminale ES and I would like to study international trade next year by doing a BTS in alternative education. This is why I would like to gain some experience giving these language courses (English, Spanish, Italian) for students of all levels (until the end). I could also help college students with homework if needed. I also have good knowledge in economics.

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Foreign trade student gives private lessons for all levels of Spanish

Tuition and tutoring in social sciences. Economics tuition for the entire school. Spanish lessons all levels. Student in international trade, I have experience in tutoring for high or university students.

Paris 15e
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If you ar looking to improve your English and your Spanish don't hesitate!

I have experienced several teaching methods both as a student and a teacher and I used the communicative approach, which I think allows the student to communicate, which in my opinion is the main goal of learning languages. If the students are children I always turn the learning process into games, songs and the children respond incredibly fast without even realizing they are learning.

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Are you looking for someone with whom to practice a language fluently?

Hello everyone! My name is Paula and I'm 18 years old. I am Spanish / English bilingual, and thetype of classes I offer are basically conversation. By this I mean that if what you're looking for is for your English or Spanish to no longer be so rusty, or you just need someone to practice the language with so you do not forget it, you can count on me.

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Spanish courses with a native teacher (Toulouse and surroundings)

Hi! I am journalist and language teacher. I am in Toulouse to improve my level of French and looking for work. Also, I participate in he site www(.)elefantespanishlessons(.)com, a website for teaching spanish. I'm ready to begin classes soon, so don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested to.

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