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South Brisbane
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Fun, Friendly Singing/Acting Teacher in South Brisbane, freshly back from the UK

I truly believe anyone can learn to sing - all you need is the willingness to work, and the ability to be both critical, and kind to yourself. While I am definitely a technical teacher, I like to tackle songs from an acting perspective - if you understand what you're saying, the voice will automatically respond.

Eight Mile Plains
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Who wants to learn more about music in brisbane!? Music, how to read music sheet, singing, how to play the basic chords, theory etc. I got diploma of music&performance, and studying bachelor now.

I'm also student who is major in vocal in music now. I'm looking for some students who don't have any knowledge of music, as well as who wants to improve their music more!! For the singing, I am going to focus on basic things like breathing and how your songs can sound better.

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A Wicked Musical Theatre Major who loves to teach her passion. Based on the Northside of Brisbane

- I am kind but tough as i want the best outcome for my students - I make it fun and creative working as a team to allow students to relax - Musical Theatre is my strength - I am geared towards all students of different ages - Teach mainstream and disabled

Broadbeach Waters
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As a professional vocalist, I perform in many different arenas, bringing a wealth of performance experience to my teaching.

I have a creative and flexible approach and have highly developed musicianship, vocal, stagecraft and performance abilities. By setting realistic expectations and using positive reinforcement, I aim to create a fun environment that is conducive to learning for both child and adult alike.

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High school graduate from Brisbane offers private guitar lessons at home/travel within

Hi there! :) I am Wyandrhine and I am an 18 year old high school graduate from Northpine Christian College. I believe my music education in and outside of school, practical experiences, self-learning, and my enthusiastic and outgoing personality would make me your great tutor.

Mount Coolum
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Guitarist of 30 years and music producer gives lessons on Sunshine Coast

Playing a musical instrument is about entering a place of absolute freedom and enjoyment. It is an amazing flow state, playing by yourself or with others. I am not an over-technical player, I believe in a more simple, soulful approach. I do not get bogged down in theory, but get you playing fast, learning songs you like, jamming, concentrating on feel, groove and time.

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Theatre, pop, classical Vocal coach now in Southport or to your home.

I believe each person has their own unique style of singing. I strongly believe in finding your own voice and singing from the heart as opposed to miniking the original artist. Strong breath control and vocal hygiene is a must in all of my classes as well as knowledge of the song you are singing. A song is a story and must be sung from the heart.

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Singing lessons or bible studies available to all ages- Come enquire today

I approach each student by assessing their learning style (visual, aesthetic etc). We have set tasks in place and goals to reach as to build our repertoire and knowledge. In understanding why we do what we do, we can then develop our skill sets more effectively.

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Great Musical institutions graduate gives lessons on guitar and vocals fast forward now!

I go through some music theory,find out where the student is going with their music and build on that.Chords,bar,and basic chords,song writing,using song with guitar.Bends,pull offs,hammers etc.Proper positioning tuning and stringing the guitar appropriately.I use Blues as a strong base for the music and span out from there.

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I hold a Trinity college London Licentiate diploma, Recital in singing with distinction and a Diploma in singing performance with honours, St. Cecilia School Of Music, Australia. I have six years expe

I believe the only way to learn music is to experiment with your instrument there is no wrong or right. As a young girl that’s what I did my teacher showed me how it was done and then he allowed me to join in his concerts I started out learning how to tune a guitar plugging it in an amplifier correctly setting up the keyboard to a PA system.

Bentley Park
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Licensed Voiceology Australia Online Vocal Coach teaching anyone and everyone a sustainable vocal technique to build a healthy foundation for years of singing without damage.

I teach the Voiceology Australia '10 Essential Lessons for Easy Singing' which, is a thoroughly tried, tested method with guaranteed results providing effective practice takes place. This method will allow you to sing any song you want in any genre without hurting your voice.

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Music theory and performance Certified Diploma to teach beginner Guitar, Vox, Uke

I cover general knowledge about how to approach which direction/discipline you would like to specialize in. From which instrument to choose/buy to practice routines 'what not to do' and applied knowledge of notation, chord formulas, chord progressions and how to set up for long term goals.

Gin Gin
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Singing and Guitar Tuition, Singer with 20 Years experience would like to help you, Follow easy instructions and learn new skills that will have you preforming at a high levels of performance in no ti

When it comes to Guitar I am self taught but have picked up many new skills along the way from other musicians. With my singing it came naturally from childhood after I developed a love for music and would sing along to all styles but I am mostly classed as a country artist.

Caboolture South
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Singer with 25 years experience gives private lessons at home or over the internet

I have a wealth of hands on professional experience and real life practical coaching experience, the lessons are all individually tailored to what the student is out to achieve and the current and ongoing gaps in the student achieving that be it musically, technically or general life skills

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I am passionate about music and would love to spread my music knowledge. I teach music and guitar lessons in Brisbane. I believe music can't be learnt within 4 walls so there's going to be some outdoo

I don't go by rules when it comes to music classes. There are basic things that the student will be learning about guitar and music in general but other than that there is no hard and fast rule. I would approach the class by connecting with the student on the common ground of music and gaining their trust to take them a step closer to their passion.

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Children 's Guitar Lessons Offered by Jordan River from music Collective Called River Movement

My teaching method is based on where the child's skill level is at & what they are wanting to learn. If they want to do covers of songs, I can teach them that. Or if a child is wanting to write their own song or learn guitar chords, I can do that as well.

Mount Pleasant
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Old School roadie leaves early with task ahead for begginer to grow

i would learn as easy as i could then i was introduced to lessons then i understood more and never stop playing until i had more compatibility with better rhythm so u don't just jump into as high if u have to and receive assurance of accepting the learning of control and making some or your own rhythm

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World choir game gold medal solo teach singing in entertaining ways in Cairns

I will improve the teaching of vocal music according to the different situations of each person. It will guide students in detail in a humorous and funny way, and let them know the direction of progress through acoustic theory, with half the effort.

Kewarra Beach
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Professional singer well know in Australia and overseas give practice singing lesson.

I will teach first the basic knowledge of singing, how to use the microphone and the postures in front of it . How to use the voice with a correct respiration.

Acacia Ridge
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I am college student taking up Diploma of Lesdership and Management , I teach vocal lessons when I am highschool student , I play also instruments including guitar , piano and flute .

As a tutor , I always see the good character within a person which will help her/his voice more beautiful and I teach songs that comes from there hearts.

Mel jan rey
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I love to teach young kids to sing even though im not the type of person that can sing very well

I love singing every now and then I do sing,even when I take a bath or in toilet. My teaching method is by listening first the song and know every note of it and then memorize the lyrics.

Kelvin Grove
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A Dentist turned Professional Musician gives "guitar and singing lessons" in Queensland for Primary, Middle & High School students and University students

I'm a very thorough teacher and I expect to impart every tiny amount of knowledge that I have into my students. My classes are very practical and the child will be sound in the theory and practical aspect of music.

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Scarlet Academy of Performing Arts Be taught by the professionals and learn how to sing and be groomed for a career in showbusiness

If your looking for a career as a performing artist then Legendary international singer songwriter and recording artist Will Scarlet's exclusive academy is now holding singing & stage performance classes for all those students ready to take that next step and into the world of show business and possibly stardom. Let us help you become the best you can be.

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Creative Industries tutor based in the Lockyer Valley (singing/acting) literacy and numeracy

I use my skills to deliver training in a creative, hands on way that appeals to individual learning styles for better absorbing information.

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Learn to play acoustic guitar with an experienced teacher. Play the songs you want quick and easy!

I approach teaching the guitar in an easy no nonsense way providing you with all the basics you will need to begin playing songs.

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Experienced music teacher offering singing lessons for children and adults, all abilities.

I give all my students classical voice technique which allows them to safely approach any singing style they wish to pursue.

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Confident, young singer offering singing lessons to primary and high school students

Hi! My name is Ashleigh and I am a bright and bubbly musician looking to help other musicians learn more about their voices. I have learnt to play many instruments by both tutored and self-taught methods. I am never not singing and love to sing with others.

Sippy Downs
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Lead female vocalist of Melbournes hottest reggae band. Play guitar by ear only.

Happy, fun learning. Hands on, so my classes would be very much interactive, Loud but discipline.

Springfield Lakes
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15 year old singer songwriter helping anyone to begin or improve their singing and singing skills.

i teach through practice and activity with minimal theory because nobody likes theory and if you do then you’re WEIRD.

Holloways Beach
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A striving musician interested in teaching and learning musicians who aspire to be artists.

I base my classes off how the students/peers would like to learn. I would prefer to have groups working as teams but individuals will ne attended to and skills will be honed.

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