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Professional Voice Teacher and vocal technique expert with more than 20 years of experience.

I am a professional singer with a classical background and a wide experience in the Music industry. I graduated in Vocal Arts at the Instituto Superior de Arte, Havana, Cuba. This Univerty is a top Institution of outstanding artistry and solid teaching programs. I have traveled and sang in such countries as Germany, Denmark, France, Spain and Brazil, to name a few.

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Music student shares own lessons in music theory, singing and piano from first grade to univeristy levels online and in Southampton

Interactive teaching from a systematic approach - I seek to balance theory and practice, as well as create a strong knowledge basis that allows the student to express their creativity. Know the rules so you can break them. Learn from your mistakes to access your true potential.

James gordon
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Want or Need Music Instruction? Contact Me. 40 Years in Lubbock Texas

I am a graduate of Texas Tech University and certified to teach students of all ages. My youngest student was 4 and my oldest student was 86. I like to analogize sight reading to playing a video game; correct move.

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Schoolgirl singer proposes classical singing lessons, jazz, modern and music theory for private schools or at home.

Goodmorning everyone! My name is Alexandra and I am 20 years old. I'm a light lyric soprano and basically I have a classical education.

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100% custom guitar lessons. 7 years of experience in the teaching of acoustic guitar, rhythm and accompaniment to the composition of songs.

Having been a guitar student I have learned that the best way to acquire knowledge is, without a doubt, through the taste for what is played. Therefore, as a teacher, I have always followed this pattern for almost 8 years, adapting each class to each student, whether individual or group sessions. My methodology is based on the accommodation of the instrument and the songs to the students.

Città metropolitana di milano
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Experienced professional singer / flutist offers lyrical and modern singing lessons, flute, solfeggio and harmony even at home. Cities where I live - Milan

Transverse flute The planned course of study is 3 years for each candidate regardless of musical preparation. Main general objectives of the course: • contributing to the realization and the overall growth of the individual, the study of an instrument makes the musical experience much more profound and powerful.

West Midlands
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Violin and viola teacher in birmingham with experience from USA, UK, Romania

I am a very easy to work musician, i play professionally violin and viola and work in schools as well as in house visits. I teach all levels from the very beginning until professional and also can help woth hiring an instrument.

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Greylake Music - Tuition for Flute, Voice, Piano, Theory and GCSE Music

My name is Joanna Hadden (BA (Hons) Mus, Dip Mus), I am a professional flautist and singer and an accomplished pianist, with over 20 years teaching experience. I teach instrumental lessons on Flute, Piccolo, Recorder, Fife, Singing, Keyboard and Piano from beginner through to professional, from age 5 through to adult. I also provide tuition for Music Theory, Music Aural and GCSE Music.

Bragança Paulista
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It is never too late to learn music. Music Theory lessons, singing, flute and keyboard. Teacher with a Masters in USA.

Master in Music Education at university abroad. More than 10 years of experience in Baptist churches as Music Minister and leader in this area. It was music teacher in the Network Public Schools Education. Sweet Flute teacher for children 5-12 years. Professor of Singing and Vocal Technique. Fitness on the instruments: drums, percussion, piano, saxophone and flute. He studied cello.

South Yorkshire
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Guitar and Bass tutor from beginners to advanced - Learn Guitar For 2018

Whilst there will always be a theoretical element to learning an instrument, the tutelage I provide is aimed solely towards learning the guitar in a practical sense. I will help you pick up the basics of the instrument, and collaboratively we can work towards a point where you feel happy to continue your playing independently.

West Yorkshire
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BBC winner and Professional singer with 10 years experience to give lessons in Leeds

I give lessons to any singer at any level. I first ask my students to pick a song to prepare and perform to me for the first lesson so I can gather an understanding of what needs work and what doesn't. I make sure certain techniques are in place such as breathing, posture, diction and support. Each class is adapted to each singer so I make sure to adjust to each students needs.

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Advanced Music and Singing Teacher From Agra with Practical applications and traits

Hello Students, Welcome to the Advanced music classes. I am Vivek Asthana from the City of TAJ MAHAL, Agra. I am a trained singer and keyboard player. I am teaching music since 6 years in many schools in the city and via video conferencing plateform like skype. Will teach you all forms like Indian Classical, bollywood songs, Ghazals, Devotional songs etc.

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I have 3+ years of experience of teaching tabla & gives Tabla lessons and theory at home

Hi there! My name is Pavan, I am working as a Tabla Faculty at MUZICLUB ,Pune . I love singing and Like to play musical instruments like tabla, dholak. We all love music and we all love to hear new unique styles and idea. Ever since I started playing tabla when I was 13 years old, i have performed at various events in different cities of Maharashtra.

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Music therapist offers singing lessons and vocal coaching: discover your voice and develop your vocal ease

As a singer and music therapist , I teach singing for all levels, beginners or initiated. Singing allows you to connect with your feelings and emotions, to release your expression and thus develop self-confidence, gain confidence ... Each course lasts one hour and includes: - Relaxation and breathing - Vocal Warm-up - Interpretation of a song of your choice.

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Vocal Coach for all levels and musical styles in Barcelona (spoken and spoken voice)

I offer singing and vocal techniques from initiation levels to more advanced levels (singers of any musical style). I carry out an integral work adapted to each student. I use tools of various techniques of voice study and techniques related to acting, body and global connections of our system.

Greater London
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Professional Vocal Coach with 24 years of experience available for private singing lessons.

I use my extensive experience as a singer songwriter and performer and have great passion for the art of singing. I use a unique method created by one of the best Italian vocal coaches which is only by myself in the Uk.

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Mastering Guitar Basics in Utah County: One on one professional guitar lessons.

Music is a language. It can be explained, demonstrated, and examined, but the only way to become truly proficient is through immersion. I studied music and guitar at Dixie State University, and have performed professionally since 2012. My methods tackle the fundamentals of guitar technique in a fun and engaging way, and are designed to kindle a passion for music.

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Jazz singing lessons and varieties. Jazz singer, studied at the Paris Conservatory Charles Munch.

I am a Jazz singer. I studied jazz singing in conservatory and school, with different teachers (Mila Lombrozo, Deborah Tanguy, Virginie Capizzi). I have a trio, where we work a mostly jazz repertoire.

Anup m
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Mp#song.banglore intrested in teaching carnatic music in banglore near channasandra whitefeild ...and m a student doing BE.

Basically im a student doing BE ...im abv to complete ma junior level in carnatic music...as i am much passionate abt music i want to be in dis feild....I take class to all age group ,help kids to prepare for songs in their school copetations...wen it comes to individual class i give attention to each n every student in class.....im okay for online classes to depending on timings. ... Thank you....

Greater London
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Develop & Reveal your style, with Pro singing, dancing & music teacher

Hi, My name is Anna, I'm a pro performer from Paris. Simply put, I'm a singer (Classically trained, pop, jazz), dancer (Ballet trained, jazz, tap dance), musician (songwriter, copyist, guitar player), choreographer and teacher, and I'll be glad to share what I've learned through the years with you! My goal is for you to achieve yours and reveal your potential and artistic personality! P.

Greater Manchester
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Music - Guitar - Singing - Piano - Theory, Manchester, Degree Level

I am a 2nd year vocalist on the Popular music degree at the RNCM in Manchester. I have experience in teaching young children how to play the guitar and piano, along with some theory to help understand their instrument better. I take a very simplistic approach, and do some drawing and singing to help the kids have a clearer picture and help them remember.

Greater Manchester
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鋼琴課 和專業老師學琴,就在你家裡,不需出門。Russian concert-pianist gives piano lessons by Skype for children and adult

Hi! My name is Jane, I'm a professional musician, performer and teacher having awards, insignia, diplomas.

Greater London
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Affordable Guitar Tutoring Available for All Levels! Master Guitar Quickly in London

A university student with 10+ years of experience in playing guitar (acoustic, electric) to teach you how to play right and master the instrument in no time.

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Lyric singer offers lyrical vocal coaching or variety classes. Graduate of a CRD in singing and chamber music, having practiced the viola, trombone, guitar. All levels / All ages. Having work

Lyric singer offers lyrical vocal coaching or variety classes. Graduate of a CRD in singing and chamber music, having practiced the viola, trombone, guitar. All levels / All ages. Having worked for a choir of children / teens / adults, I know how to adapt to their rhythms and desires.

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Professional Guitar Tutor/Music Theory , all styles, Jazz, Rock, Classical. Bass Guitar Tuition. All styles and standards, beginner to advanced - affiliated to two exam boards, LCM and ABRSM. Teacher

My background is diverse, I studied at the Keech School of Music and Performance in Hull as a youngster. I also played Jazz and Rock guitar and was in the Medieval Music band. I started teaching at age 15 after passing my Grade 8 Classical Guitar. I also studied Music Theory up to Grade 8 with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.

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Singing Class - I propose to teach Gospel Music lessons for children

I have been practicing gospel singing since the age of three and I like to share this passion with others. No conservatory, but I have been practicing for a long time enough to succeed in transmitting my knowledge and my interest in gospel.

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Blues/jazz/rock guitar tutoring at Ballyclare from beginners to playing styles and techniques

Based on the caged guitar method to learn basic chords to be able to play and sing your chosen songs Barr chords and advanced chord shapes and techniques Lead guitar techniques and styles Scales and improvisation Slide guitar method Secret Studio 32 track recording facility

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Drums for all levels and all styles by a hemu jazz student

"Without music, life would be a mistake" - Nietzsche If even the philosophers think it is that the music indeed has a universal power that can touch any human being on this earth ... There ' has something for everyone, for all ages ... there is everywhere! Music is what makes me live and passionate more than anything in the world, that's why I like to listen, play and also teach it.

Little Falls
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Music Lessons for All Ages - Saxophone, Cello, Bass, Piano, and Voice

About Ashley: Primary: Saxophone, Baritone - 11+ years Secondary: Bass Guitar - 8 years Other Instruments Studied: Double Bass, Cello, Piano, Pitched Percussion, Marching Baritone Formal Vocal Study: Intermediate Formal Music, Musical Theatre, Songwriting, Jazz, Contemporary, Choral Theory Study: Intermediate Music is a powerful tool in expanding one's understanding of academics,...

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