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Learn online Indian Vocal Music- Indian Classical, Semi classical, Bollywood, Music production etc.

i am highly experienced faculty, combining easy and innovative courses to meet the needs of my students for their musical success and To educate, and inspire students to achieve their musical aim and provide them the skills for lifelong enjoyment of music.

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Experienced, warm, friendly piano, music theory and singing teacher, with 10 years of experience ( 2 years in Kuwait- International School, SEN and Vocational), with students between 7 to 50 years old

My teaching methods are different based on the student's age, personality, emotional sensibility, musical skills and understanding, learning speed and cognitive qualities, being also a good psychologist. As a friendly type teacher, I am able to inspire, comfort, and build self-esteem.

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Classical Singing teacher in Gravesend with 13 years experience. BMus (Hons) Guildhall School of Music and Drama

I have taught at prep schools in London for the past 10 years and also worked with older children and adults from my home. I believe that it is incredibly important for music to be an enjoyable activity so like my lessons to be fun and stimulating as well as educational. I always endeavour to find repertoire which suits each individual and tailor my lessons according to each student's needs.

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Experienced Piano and Voice Professor with Doctorate of Music and over 20 years of teaching experience

My focus is to create a truly unique and exciting musical learning environment for students of all ages ranging from beginner to advanced playing levels. Students are encouraged to set personal goals, and with my support to achieve those goals through a progressive personal plan I develop for them, in a safe learning environment that promotes personal growth.

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Voice teacher for all ages, didactic and very entertaining classes, all ages and levels welcome

I'm Lucia, a teacher of singing and music. My classes are of connection with the body and total respect of it. I use elements of the functional method of the voice (Rabine method). The class is divided into the technical part and the interpretive part.

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If you can laugh, you can sing, and I can teach both.

By knowing the student's strongest elements, I use those to shore up the student's weakest elements.

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Music student offering a variety of music lessons in Ames with 6 years teaching experience

I give lessons to a variety of ages and ability levels. I use well-known technique books to find exercises and pieces specific to skills the student is working on at that time. I do my best to challenge each individual in a friendly setting.

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Trained Singing Specialist With 10+ Years Experience And Very Well Trained And Professional In Arlington And Dallas Tx.

I Am A Young Stay At Home Mom Who Give Lessons To Anyone Of All Age Groups Children As Well As Adults. My Technique Is To Basically See What I'm Working With First And Base How I Will Teach You On What You Already Know. My Technique Is To Explore Your Weaknesses And Hit That Spot Right On To Bring It Out In You.

West Palm Beach
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Educated, Professional South Florida Musician with 7 Years of Experience Teaching Music

I provide lessons for students of all ages and all skill levels. I like to approach my first lessons as if the student never seen the instrument. As we progress, I learn the strengths and weaknesses and build from there.

Palm Beach Gardens
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Freelance, Experienced, and Mindful Musician Sharing Nuggets of Wisdom for the Voice, Guitar, Piano, Theory, & Live Performance

As a musician, I know that I’ve honed my abilities to think and listen critically, strive for excellence, and work through problems in a disciplined and systematic way. At times, we expect greatness from ourselves and from our students and we are willing to work with great intensity to achieve our goals.

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Private Music Instructor offers music tutoring both individually and in group settings.

I base each of my lessons on the individual student. While I do plan for each lesson, not every one goes to plan! My joy of teaching is seeing the light bulb moments when my students finally understand a concept, whether it takes a few days, a few weeks, or a few months. I do not and never will teach to a book.

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Lead singer and Guitarist with 5 years of band and Child Care experience with a passion for teaching!

I believe that everyone learns in different ways. I make specific lesson plans based off of the way my students retain information whether it be visual, audible, or anything in between! With my three years experience I have crossed paths with many different learners and I am prepared to give a variety of ways to learn how to play guitar and/or sing.

Brierley Hill
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Hey interested in learning singing or piano to become a real musician

My approach is first knowing how long you have been playing piano, what do you think you struggle with see you play then see your sticking points. I will also test you on sight reading to see where you struggle to help you to improve. I will also analyse your technique and expression in your playing to help you boost those aspect.

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Student in the North East with a passion for singing and teaching. With 15 years experience and 5 years of vocal lessons, I am confident that I am able to help you progress and advance your skills!

After an initial chat about what you feel like you need to improve and a short demonstration of your current abilities, we will begin with working on small sections of a song (of your choice!) and I will give you advice on how to improve your tone, vibrato, pitch etc. Lessons are available to any person, regardless of age, ability or experience.

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Carnatic classical music lessons in whitefield age limit 6 years old minimum

My teaching method is meticulous and I approach each new lesson in a very structured way. Teaching each and every aspect of what I learned I wish to impart on the next generation so that the culture doesn't die out.

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Criminology and Forensic Studies student at University of Portsmouth, acquired Grade 7 in Violin

I would be happy to teach at grade level for ABRSM or Trinity Music, or for anyone who would just like to try out playing the Violin. I aim to ensure that my pupil is first and foremost, enjoying their time learning the violin. A lesson structure would depend on the pupils strength's and weaknesses.

Russell Township
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K12 Music Director with 4 years of experience on giving lessons on multiple instruments from Macks Creek.

I am a musician and I give lessons in grades 3 and above. My method changes for what I am teaching; I am lecture based on theory, and I am "hands-on" for sight singing, instruments, and vocalists. I like to make music fun and enjoyable for everyone involved. If my way of teaching isn't helpful I will do what I can to change it for each student's need.

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Music Composition Major, with over 5 years experience in teaching and tutoring.

As each student has a different way of learning, I love to teach 1 to 1, spending the time to communicate and understand the student needs and try different approaches to help students to understand and practice fundamentals of music theory and practice piano, voice, and writing.

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Professional Musician to give Piano lessons in Montreal- Will travel to you

I like to tailor my teaching towards the individual student. I base my lessons on the goals of the student. While the goal is to facilitate learning music theory, I like to teach that through any style. Lesson length depends on the need of the student.

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Vocal coach with a passion for being a cheerleader for your student!

Singing is 10% technique and 90% confidence. So as an instructor I’m part cheerleader and the other part diagnostician. Every voice is different and I teach each student based to his/her needs and his/her goals. I tailor every lesson to each individual.

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Former career classical singer,voice teacher, choir teacher, theory teacher with over 30 years experience

Classical voice lessons are the basis for any kind of singing because of the techniques used to expand your vocal range and to be able to maneuver difficult passages in singing and continue to sing with a healthy voice. I work with students beginning approximately age 14 through adults.

Lyon 3e
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Musician with postgraduate degree in lyric singing gives beginners music lessons in Lyon

Second year student of Applied Foreign Languages, I give beginner music lessons to children and teenagers. I am very patient and can hear your requests, and help you progress in a pleasant atmosphere conducive to success. I will urge you to go ahead without forcing you, which could block you, so that you will be able to reach your goals.

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Very experienced guitar private tutor available in London ! learn fast with me

My teaching method is to learn to get to the know the student 's goal and background to teach according to its abilities and expectancies. I give electric, acosutic and classical guitar lessons to all ages andfro beginners to intermediates. I like my students to have a notepad to take notes of the lessons and remember what we went through for the next lesson.

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Hi, iam a singer i would like to teach kids music ,songs.

my teaching method contains some notes for swaras.people have to follow and can sing according to notes.by seeing they can practice at home and do singing for songs also.i will give separate notes for every song in all types which they follow by seeing notes.

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Jazz singing lessons and varieties. Jazz singer, studied at the Paris Conservatory Charles Munch.

I am a Jazz singer. I studied jazz singing in conservatory and school, with different teachers (Mila Lombrozo, Deborah Tanguy, Virginie Capizzi). I have a trio, where we work a mostly jazz repertoire.

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Explore your singing voice and its potential with a professional vocal coach y

Her professional yet friendly approach to sharing her passion for music has helped and inspired many to develop and craft the art of singing.

San Jose
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18 year old professional pianist from San Jose here to help you

My way to teach is by being in the situation of the student. It is easy to tell them , but is important to understand by actually doing it. I understand it can be hard, but I have recently been there.

(11 reviews)
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Singing teacher and composer of pop music career. Courses in English, French or Italian

Degree in opera singing at the Conservatory G. Puccini La Spezia, IT. Vocal coach, composer, singer and producer of pop music (collaboration with EMI, Universal, Sony, Warner and L'Orèal Paris). Sound designer / composer for TV, movie and radio spots.

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A highly professional and responsible music teacher that you can depend upon.

This is one of my fun music theory games for the classroom. I make up a set of flash cards. Each card should show a group of notes, such as four eighth notes (quavers), or a simple rhythm mixing two note values. You need enough cards for every student to have one each. Then I hand out the flash cards to the class. Then I let them clap or play a simple rhythm.

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Local Rock musician with 15 years of experience and a degree in music composition gives lessons at home in Austin, TX.

I teach students of all levels the basics of their instrument of choice by selecting the songs they'd like to learn. The best and most entertaining way to pick up an instrument is to see the instrument through the eyes of your favorite musicians. Together we will break down the song so you can play it and ideally learn to write in the style of your favorite musicians if the student has that desire.

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Perfect! Ange is very professional and personal. I believe that she has so much to offer her students!

Erin, Student
7 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! I highly recommend taking piano lessons from Carolina. She has a great depth and knowledge about music and playing the piano. She has allowed me to understand the importance of learning the basics of notes and where to start. It takes years of...

Therese, Student
10 months ago
(1 review)

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