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São Paulo
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Lessons on Guitar, Theory, Perception, Voice, acoustic guitar and Bass with repertoire

With an experience of about 10 years in the study of electric guitar, today in the bachelor's degree in guitar and music at Souza Lima College, I can accompany students of variable levels and work at the center of their needs, be they technical, theoretical, repertoire ...

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At your orders: piano lessons, guitar, electric bass, auditory training, harmony, counterpoint.

I focus on the perfect understanding of musical reading as it is elementary, as well as on the development of the musical ear, and understand the musical periods being studied ... all this without losing the musical taste that the student wishes to perform. It will begin to assemble repertoire with 3 simple pieces of diverse musical periods and 1 piece to the taste of the student.

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Music Teacher in St Albans (PGCE, MA, BA (Hons), DIPABRSM, DIPLCM) offering music tuition (theory, harmony/counterpoint, piano, singing, brass)

I currently work as a music teacher in St Albans and am offering music theory tuition (including harmony and counterpoint) to pupils taking graded theory exams (up to grade 8), GCSE, A-Level or undergraduates studying music/musicology. I also offer tuition in piano, brass and singing up to Grade 8 standard.

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Coach Vocal, 31 years of experience, located in Paris, gives singing lessons. Skype Courses

Coach Vocal, 31 years of experience, located in Paris gives singing lessons. American method based on the learning of breathing, body relaxation, vocal warm-up. Possibility to register or sing on the microphone. I also organize jam sessions, where students have the opportunity to appear in front of the public.

Ciudad de México
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Learn piano like never before in Lindavista, CDMX. More than 13 years of experience in music and at least 10 in practice the piano.

I am Victor Esquivel, master of piano and music in general, for people of any age who want to start from scratch, or who already have some bases in this beautiful instrument. I begin with hand coordination exercises and general knowledge about music. As the classes progress, the complexity of the exercises increases.

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Singing lessons in contemporary music and artist of coaching in Paris !

I offer singing lessons for everyone (professional-amateur practices, beginner-level confirmed) and tailor-made support for your projects (artist coaching) - You want to learn to sing, improve your technique, expand the range or more to vocally comfortable? This is venturing on the way of feeling and sensations as we explore your voice.

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Music teacher eager to teach private lesson on beginner piano, voice, or flute in home.

Bachelor of Arts in Music Education. Three years experience teaching k-12 music education in a public school. Kodaly certified in all three levels which makes learning a fun interactive environment. 10 years experience teaching beginning piano. Three years experience teaching voice and music reading.

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Los Angeles Vocal Coach & Voice Finder for Pop/RnB/Soul/Rock - Set your voice free!

My name is Radina, I am a vocal coach, professional musician and founder of the vocal program Vocals-on-Stage. Over the past 15 years I have helped hundreds of students reach their goals, and have worked with all ages and experience levels.

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KMusic Studio (Acting, Singing, instruments) "Dont Be Shy Come On By & Prosper"

A couple years ago I was like some of you, I wanted to play the guitar and sing and act, I watched so much TV as a child and I was like "I want to be that someday" and I am here to teach you that you can be that it just starts with some lessons

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Find your own colour for your voice! I can help you! check out my website :)

I have many experiences as a teacher and travelled to many countries to teach students of all ages. If you want to find your own voice, you need to find the right vocal coach. Look at so many famous artists such as Ellie Goulding , Jess Glynne, Sam smith and Adele.. They have their own unique colour of voice and their own stories.

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Meyer Music Studio in Louisville , Kentucky offers students of all ages and ability levels the opportunity to have FUN while learning music with a degreed teacher who has taught for 30+ years!!! Lesso

All lessons are taught by a teacher with 30+ years of experience teaching and a BA in Music with an emphasis in Piano and Vocal Performance. I teach ages 3 through senior citizen and students of all levels. I blend the traditional music reading methods with Suzuki style methods to arrive at the best strategy for each student.

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Learn and practice your plan Inglese with a georgian girl with conservatory degree

For Those who wants to combine piano lessons Inglese and i can offer private lessons in Inglese language. I can teach piano, music theory, singing, music history. The lessons would be 60 minutes of mixing theory, practice and learning songs and they are addressed especially to younger who are approaching to the music and English.

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Private lessons in flute, music theory, musical theater in Boston by a passionate young musician

I am a college student attending Berklee College of Music. I have been playing flute for over 13 years and have great music theory knowledge in harmony, counterpoint, songwriting and musical theater. I am a friendly and easygoing person who have many experiences working with children and adult musicians. I give out private lessons to beginning and intermediate flute players with all ages.

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Acoustic guitar lesson in Campinas SP - play music in just 3 classes

You can see my stuff through my Youtube channel: (concealed information) And my facebook page: Education (concealed information) playing and singing mostly pop / rock and MPB. I possess knowledge both theoretical and practical music. Fitting the student define what your goals are with the classes, and on top of that we set up the script to be followed.

Sant Feliu de Llobregat
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Singing lessons. An innovative singing program. Learn how to sing in a very short period of time.

I'm the creator of a completely innovative singing program that will help you to find your "true voice" and to become an authentic artist in a very short period of time. For people of all ages, all levels and all styles.

Vilanova del Vallès
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Music lessons: Guitar, bass, music theory, singing. Particular classes, flexible, fun... For everyone

I am a professional teacher, with a Degree in music Pedagogy and an active professional music life. I like to work in schools with children and even with adult people who want to learn to play instruments or music in general.

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Experienced pianist gives piano lessons and music theory at home for beginner, intermediate.

Learning to play the piano is an asset for the reorganization of the brain. This obviously allows to have a better academic preparation, a better lifestyle, a perfect balance. I have a master's degree in higher education and applied linguistics. I have a degree in piano music, 25 years experience as a teacher.

Tyne and Wear
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Music Theory Tutoring for Children- Taught by a Music Student at Newcastle University

I am a second year Newcastle University Music Student who is looking to give music theory lessons (up to grade 6) to people who need tuition. I am a patient tutor with speciality in working with children. I am a calm yet firm tutor who will bring out the best in my students through positive teaching techniques.

Babu rao
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I am teaching notation and contemporary music and i have 5 yrs of experience

i make students understand each and every concept relating to notation by 1) giving proper examples 2) i prepare adios and videos relating to the classes 3) practicing the given portion several times 4) giving paper work, providing charts and books for memorising

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Graduated with twenty years of live and studio experience. I also give home electric bass lessons (25 euros). The course (multistilistico) provides: technique, theory, harmony, ear training,

Graduated with twenty years of live and studio experience. I also give home electric bass lessons (25 euros). The course (multistilistico) provides: technique, theory, harmony, ear training, reading, styles analysis, rhythmic awareness, complementary plan. Possibility of laboratories (multistillistics). Possibility of collective lessons (max three students) 10 euros per head.

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Professional singer / singing teacher with extensive experience provides lessons for all levels of Bron

Voice teacher and professional singer (signed label), I offer singing lessons and vocal technique adapted to your level and your needs. Scenic coaching, placement of breathing and voice, correctness, accuracy and working his musical ear, developing the interpretation, writing board, all these tips that let you express your vocal talent freely.

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Certified Estill Teacher (CMT) and Professional Singer available for online singing lessons

Singing, like any other art, requires a method of approach. I like to subdivide it into its various components such as: technique, artistry and the magic to transmit and create emotion. Mixing these ingredients in the right doses is the key for being a true singer. I'm an EVTS Certified Instructor (Estill Voice Training System) I studied both in Italy and abroad.

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Beginner to advanced guitar tutor specializing in acoustic in Vancouver Washington

I am a high school graduate who has been passionate about music for over 20 years. Depending on your current skill level on guitar, I can provide comprehensive tutoring on anything from chords and rhythm patterns to complex lead melodies and song writing.

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College student spreading the language of music to students around the world

Stilwell school of the Arts graduate with the State Fine Arts Seal and the Fine Arts seal of distinction on Diploma. I will be Attending Brevard College this Fall to Double major in Music Education: Instrumental, Music Therapy in order to better my musical skills.

Ciudad de México
Juan alberto
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Musical initiation in CDMX for all ages, regardless of the level, check it

Depending on the level you have, it can be from 0 to concer the notes the musical introduction, solfeo, knowledge of the musical language (notes, values, locations, sounds) solfeo, history of music, improvisation, gradually develop the musical sense and piano classes

West Yorkshire
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Vocal/Composition Tutor - Leeds - BBC Radio 1 Track of the Week

I specialise in Pop and modern music, and have extensive industry experience. My original material has received radioplay on BBC Radio 1 and reached #10 in the Spotify UK Viral Chart in the summer of 2017. My aim is to base my lessons around you and what you enjoy, whilst also providing you with a solid foundation of technique and performance tips, to put into practise in your everyday singing.

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Graduated teacher in music-Classes of violao and popular song, harmony and composition.

My classes are based on a repertoire of students' choice. From what they like to hear and would like to play we develop the practices facilitating and uncomplicating the learning. The idea is to make music. Create, interpret, value the expressive character of each student and discover what they have the easiest and most comfortable to do.

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Conservatoire of Scotland Opera Singer giving singing lessons, language coaching, teaching music theory and flute!

I have been studying Classical singing at Royal Conservatoire of Scotland for five years. I have been trained as a flautist since I was 7 before I was a singer. I have held different theme-based recitals, and performed in opera. I would like to give singing lessons for different styles, language coaching for singing in English, Italian, German, French and Chinese of course.

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Professor and graduate teaching in several conservatories gives singing lessons and contemporary music in Geneva

singing teacher with diploms from High School of Music Geneva (Bachelor's and teaching of singing) and the High School of Music Tessin (postgraduate diploma MAS in contemporary music at Luisa Castellani), formed Estill Voice Training and training for breathe coordination MDH (with Robin Haas) and jazz to Ejma, I'm as opera singer and I perform as a soloist in operas and professional chorister.

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Bristol/London based Musical Director provides Custom Backing tracks, sheet music with audition cuts or rehearsals for Auditionees.

I am a professional Musical Director for Musical Theatre and Opera and a Music Graduate from the University of Bristol, specialising in Piano Performance and Music Theory. I can create sheet music in a key of your choice, with audition cuts to make any audition process easier. I can also provide a backing track of this music, to rehearse with, or backing tracks to perform with at events/concerts.

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