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Experienced guitarist singer and songwriter gives advice, tutoring and practical lessons in acoustic and electric guitar, singing and songwriting

I have 20 years experience as a musician; performing, writing and recording. As a self-taught guitarist, my lessons consist of practical demonstrations and exercises which will suit the student/client needs. For example, you want to learn techniques for playing faster, playing with a greater sense of rhythm, memorising lyrics...

Greater London
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Highly experiended practioner with over 25 years of teaching experience in private schools and lecturing at college level offers unique bespoked piano and advanced guitar lessons to all students and l

I am a vastly experienced music teacher with 2 music related degrees from SOAS (London University) ethno musicology, and Canterbury & Christchurch University PGCE in music. My methodology is based around student interest and cognitive practice. Lessons are include forward thinking strategies based around ILP. And progress monitoring.

West Midlands
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Internationally Acclaimed Touring Vocalist Available For Private Vocal Tuition Beginners To Advanced Midlands Based

I have been a professional vocal coach for over 10 years now. I have worked with a number of high profile clients and also trained singers from Televsion shows such as; X Factor, The Voice, BGT. With coaching we firstly establish what you want to achieve with your voice and performance and then I can explain how we can reach these goals through my guidance and coaching.

North Syracuse
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Seeking on line teaching opportunities in Syracuse area. Music and English

I have a music Education Degree. I have taught English related subject as well as music in China for the past 8 years. I am open to ALL levels of students. I teach a step by step approach to learning the skills required to be proficient. I am a patient, caring teaching. I teaching to the students level and I teach for the sake of learning.

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Music Theory Made Simple for the Singer Songwriter by a Singer Songwriter

I am of the first graduating class of the first American Academy of Contemporary Music. I have a Bachelor's Degree from that University. I am also classically trained in singing, theory, and performance. I have studied under professional working musicians and producers.

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Learn How to make something out of nothing. The Art of Rap classes in Mumbai .

The Art of Rap is less learning and more embracing yourself. I will let you find what rhymes you are more comfortable writing and then we work on expending your horizons and write what you've never wrote. Also there's Hip Hop history and observation classes where we listen to the greatest artists of all times and learn what inspired them to write.

The City of Brighton and Hove
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Learn to ENJOY playing guitar and making music, in York, or via Skype

I'm an experienced musician from the States. I've had several bands, and produced two entirely solo albums as well. There's one thing that makes my technique different - I will definitely help you learn the technical side of things, but what I'm great at is helping people find, hone, and develop their own style - in voice and guitar.

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Don't leave home - I am offering singing, piano lessons via the internet

My degree in performance, experience as a professional singer and qualified secondary school teacher has provided me with years of knowledge ensuring my lessons are always planned, with the emphasis on progress being made through fun and innovative activities.

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Offering Vocal lessons for all ages and levels. Music theory for beginners.

Studied with the MET New York under Judith Fredricks in Opera and stage performance. Teaches all genres and ages. I started my training at the age of 4 and have never stopped. Range building, Breathing technique, how to emotionally execute the performance of a song. I will help you polish all songs and acting monologues. Teach you how to properly go through an audition from on camera to stage.

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Music theory, music reading, voice, and instrumental lessons everything you need to start writing songs in the bay area

I am a high school graduate who for four years went to Oakland School for the Arts. At this school, I was part of the vocal emphasis which allowed me to take 1 year of song writing, 3 years worth of classes in music theory, and 4 years of musical solo rep (which is learning how to sing in all different types of genres.)well as one year worth of music history.

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Musical Theatre grade 8 singer wanting to help others learn and develop

I can help others wanting to sing by giving advice of vocal techniques... handling warm ups giving information on the voice and how it is used, i can also assist with audition song selection and repertoire. I am happy and approachable and will help wherever i can in regards to singing. If you need a hand feel free to contact.

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Vocal coach for singers and actors, each level both beginners and professionals

I have been working on vocal coaching for more than 10 years, I set my lessons on the real needs of the student, planning with him / her the most suitable course (level, topics, exercises, teaching material).

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Sight reading and music theory teacher who will be giving online classes

I am a qualified music teacher from Kings school of music.I take students within the range of age of 8 to fifty years.Classes are online, often via Skype however if need be I send video tutorials.Classes are one-to-one and are basically visual for sight reading or sight playing. For music theory let's just say you will have a great time.

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Take guitar lessons with a cool teacher. mr british jeff. cheers

Hi. I'm Jeff. A British guitarist living in Cambodia. I moved here for a change of lifestyle and to persue dreams and happiness. :) So far it's not bad :) I am offering guitar lessons to all levels, from beginner through to expert. I play electric rhythm/lead and acoustic strumming/fingerstyle and am well rounded on styles and techniques.

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Music Major gives voice, piano, and theory lessons at home in Willmar, Minnesota!

My name is Lily Sombke, I am a Sophomore at North Central University, and I major in Music. I have been taking voice/piano/trombone lessons for over 10 years, and would love to pass my knowledge on to others! I teach any ages for voice and theory, but prefer starting young with piano students. My teaching method is to use games to help learn the basics of music.

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Student in musicology lectures of musiqu: piano song mao ect ..

I am a pianist with a ES bachelor. I in a musicology license. I give music lessons, piano, singing in Paris. My classes are adapted in relation to the levels of my students. I am patient and students learn very quickly.

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When studying music, feel it, dont just try to perfect it. I am a music teacher who is trying to make a little extra money to start a family. Music is my passion and a gift I would love to share among

I have my diploma. I am an assertive teacher who loves to teach in a serious but fun way. I am currently attending Youngstown State University. I like to teach in a manor that anyone young or adult, can concur.

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Third Year Music Educator providing help with voice, beginning piano, and music theory in Columbus

I am a graduate of 2014 from an accredited university and hold a Bachelors Degree of Music Education. I am still pursuing teaching and looking forward to attending Grad school in the near future. I love teaching students using other teacher and self guided assessments. I also love being able to help students identify their own strengths and areas of improvement in order to become better musicians.

Jishnu brata
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30 years experienced as a stage performer.Accompanied with Padmasree & Padmabibhushan awarded musicians.

For beginner: Paltas based on different that & aloso vocal throw.Then different ragas with bandish.Tan & sargam.For advanced how to perform on stage professionally. Tabla- starting from fingering to the advanced level .Gat ,Kayda, Palta, Tehai, Uthan , kaydarela, Peshkar, paran etc.

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Friendly Guitar Tuition. Learn YOUR Favourite Songs in easy stages. Winford, Somerset

I'm Nigel, been strumming for over 30 years. Electric, acoustic and bass guitars... Lots of live experience plus recording and songwriting skills. Teach all styles and genres. From Punk to Jazz.

New Delhi
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Self work,in fashion designing and teaching classical music too in delhi ncr.

Hi am Mrinalini,Teaching classical vocal for children and 3yr students in delhi ncr and fashion designing study also,classes will be on Saturday and sundy,two days in week,ifanyone intrested in exan we will arrange in prachin kala Kendre then.

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B.H.U Qualified Classical music hindustani sangeet banaras gharana gwalior gharana bhaatkhande lucknow doctorate typical hindustani

hello i am vrishali Studied from B.H.U (banaras hindu university) i am a lecturer in a P.G college, i teach classical Music & methodology to my graduate & post graduate students ...

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Gaana kokila basic music lessons for children from anywhere in Bangalore

I'm Harshitha I've been into music since long time,I took my music classes from sir Hamsalekha. I've learnt things in professional way and I promise to pass on knowledge in a professional way too.

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Music is love...its so powerful that it can change a persons mood,relaxes him/her,gives ability to think deeply,to concentrate...

all of you know about Mr.Rabindranath Tagore and his songs named "Rabindrasangeet"... i can teach you how to sing a song regardless of whether it is a rabindrasangeet or any hindi song,any english song or any other bengali song...come and lets sing...

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Learn Harmonium with Singling and classical Indian Ragasa with proper guidance

Explain how to play harmonium and singing together Its really fun when we sing with proper harmonium Sing a song with harmonium Learn classical ragas with harmonium We will learn step by step with one by one ragasa Indian ragas with swarmalika and riyaz thing It is useful to get more grip to get excellence

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Sursangam Sangeet Kala Kendra..for special kids also and and ragas based for healing

I teach keyboard n singing to normal and special kids..also I tutor them ..I also teach ladies and gentlemen of all ages ..I teach harmonium also..I give healing to patients with ragas of particular ailments..

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Passionate guitar teacher graduated from Paris CRR offers fun lessons in Paris

A graduate of the CRR of Paris, I offer courses at your home whether you are beginner or advanced. Learning music is above all expand his ear and if it's fun, it's even better! My teaching is based on the games developed by Meludia (meludia.com).

Greater London
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Enthusiastic Oxford graduate and Music tutor based in Oval - classical and jazz trained

Hello! I'm a recent Music graduate from Oxford University, trained in both classical and jazz. I am very versatile, so if you want to gain deeper understanding of works in the Western Classical tradition or areas further afield, do get in touch. My university degree took me from the 13th century motet to 21st century classical and popular genres.

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Guitar and Piano lets rock together. Lets have fun and more life

I have been teaching music for kids, teens young and old. Its fun to share the knowledge to other and most importantly happy to see them enjoying playing. I would like to share more people and help them to learn what they long for. Music is life for me.

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TRINITY COLLEGE of london jacky john salem guitar keyboard violin v

I'm taking guitar keyboard violin piano classes here salem tamilnadu u can search me on Google jacky john salem also u can see me on YouTube in that name I'm sure I'll guide in good and clear with music thoughts

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