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Freshly graduated from Rmit in 2018 with a Master degree in fashion entrepreneurship and a B.A in fashion design and textiles.

My methodology is making fashion studies more enjoyable and teaching my students in a way where the journey of learning is more practical than theoretical.

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Fashion Design and sewing teacher with over 20 years experience shares skills and knowledge

I am 40 years old, I have lived and breathed all kinds of design and sewing. My teaching is fun, informative and able to be adjusted for all kinds of experience levels. There are many facets to learn throughout the creative industry and am able to cater to the learners needs.

West Gosford
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Professional couturier with 30 years experience gives lesson in sewing and fashion design.

I provide practical projects with theory background for students to gain a layered approach to learning. I work with the students interests and career path outcome. For example a lesson may include a practical how to sew a skirt.

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Experienced sewing hobbyist offering beginners sewing lessons - basics, bags and simple clothing

I believe that you learn by doing, and that you learn best working on a project that interests you. I prefer to walk you through a project that you have chosen, stopping to focus on the techniques along the way. I am also more than happy to provide a beginners project if you're a little undecided.

East Wardell
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Sewing Lessons in Ballina - sharing the love of sewing in a fun and supportive social atmosphere. From the construction of simple sewing projects to intermediate or advanced. Can assist with HSC sewin

I am mother of 4 and currently work in health. My passion and love is sewing. I have spent many years sewing. I have been teaching family, and friends to sew for some time. Lessons will be customized to ones skill level. You will learn basic sewing skills including how to cut fabric , how to use a simple pattern and how to perform a different techniques.

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I'm a self - taught sewer I specialise in clothing and rag quilts

My teaching method is I will show you how its done the first time. Then I will get you to try. I will sit and work with you until you have it mastered. I'm a very patient teacher and know that not everyone learns at the same pace. I prefer you to be a hands on learner.

East Maitland
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Sewing machine gives students or private to learn how to sew in Newcastle

My teaching method is from beginners how to start from sewing machine ti sew buttons all sorts

Redbank Plains
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After spending more than twenty years in sewing, I can vividly claim to having an invaluable experience and ready to share it with others.

Hands on experience. I get my students to do as a do. As a teacher I prefer more showing my students how i do things and later give them a chance to do as I do. After that, I give them home works.

Forest Hill
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Sewing made simple as a seamstress with years of experience let me show you how to create a garment with your own personal style.

I teach the basics of sewing and am quite happy to do individual or group lessons. I teach in a comfortable work environment. If you are eager to learn I am happy to show you what you need to know. You can go home with a simple completed garment such as a skirt or shorts in your first lesson.

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Drafting and Sewing, I am able to impart my knowledge of measuring and drafting patterns for sewing

I start my lessons with simple taking measurements, then drafting on paper, cutting on fabric and eventually sewing the pieces together. I have been giving lessons in sewing since 1982. I have a range of students from the age of 18 to 65.

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Creative professional specialising in making things gives sewing lessons to students or the home sewer

My teaching method is to have written information on the specifics of each lesson followed by the practical part of the lesson. I then ask each student how they learn best and let the lesson evolve.

Aberfoyle Park
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Are you looking for an expert tutor in Adelaide ( Both in English or Farsi languages ) to easily learn sewing or improve your skills?

I have an easy and straightforward teaching effective method even suitable for beginners. It is a practical method of utilising the template patterns that can be used for any sizes. These patterns are easily converted to the required patterns suitable for the specific person.

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Accredited Fashion Designer gives sewing and patternmaking lessons with any experience level in Coffs Harbour

As said, I have not officially taught lessons before, though I have a HUGE passion for Fashion Design, and would like to share this with others. I believe I would have something of a laid-back approach to lessons, but also be very hands on.

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Needlework and handicrafts teacher, decades of experience, professional and friendly, Springfield Qld and surrounds.

I like to share my knowledge in a casual comfortable local, the satisfaction my students get from learning something new, completing a project or giving a loved one a hand made gift, is truely something special. Being able to be productive while watching TV or relaxing with a group of like minded people is good for the soul.

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Seamstress with 41 years experience in upholstery and soft furnishings. Would love to share my experience.

Most of my teaching methods are hands on with verbal support. Any body that wants to learn, will pick it up easily.

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Sewing lessons for high-school students or anyone willing to give it a go

My teaching methods to get the kids to do rather than sitting and watching. I believe they learn better by doing a hands on approach. I Believe that anyone can do anything they set their minds too.

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Support to fashion businesses on the Sunshine Coast including patterns and samples

Every business idea is as individual as the business owner and with a support system, the idea can develop into a gorgeous clothing line. Be expertly guided through the stages of a fashion start-up including patterns, samples and grading.

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QUT Fashion Design Student teaching students on the Gold Coast sewing, patternmaking, and design

My teaching method is catered to small class sizes (1-2 students) in order to provide the attention to detail and support required in fashion design and sewing. Class structure is case by case depending on what the student wants to achieve however will begin with gaining an insight into the students current knowledge and then proceeding from there.

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Fashion designer offering students private lessons in sewing, needlework and fashion design.

I teach using activity and demonstration methods. I give prompt feedback and respect different ways of learning. My classes will offer logical reasoning, how to read and understand relevant data and improving practical sewing skills. Fashion designing is in my blood and I am inspired to teach others and improve their skill.

Park Avenue
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Private or group sewing lessons for individuals wanting to learn how to sew (all ages).

I have been sewing since I was 10 years old. In the lessons, I can teach you the basics of sewing, how to use a sewing machine, how to make your own clothing from a commercial pattern or how to draft your own pattern much much more.

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Textile Artist & Designer, based in Castlemaine Victoria, will help develop your creative textile passion

Even if you believe you are not, everyone is capable of creativity. Textiles offer so many options that allow this creativity to be tapped into. As I have done with others, I will guide you through processes that will enable you to blossom.

Saint Lucia
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UQ student gives sewing lessons to anyone looking to learn a new skill.

My mentality is that we all can learn from each other. I am excited to learn from you as much as you from me. Lessons are done at the pace of the individual student. I am patient and will take as much time as you need to learn. We will begin with the basics, and by the end of the first lesson, you will walk away with skills you can use.

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Experienced dressmaker who loves to skills and passion to create your own.

I teach the basic skills, and then show how once you have mastered them, the sky is the limit. Using and cutting the right fabric, reading patterns and taking accurate measurements are all integral skills. I have a friendly, relaxed teaching style, and have many years of teaching experience.

High Wycombe
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WAAPA Graduate Sewing Student to teach Perth's upcoming seamstresses the ins and outs of sewing

My teaching methods change for each and every student I teach. Tailoring lessons to the unique needs of each student means they learn exactly what they wish in great detail.

Darwin City
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Fashion designer gives sewing lessons at home in Darwin for household machines

Each lesson is 1 hour, and then you can practise yourself. You can choose how many lessons you want. I have a sewing machine at home which you can use for the lessons, but of course you can bring your own. I will teach you how to use the machine, how to do different seams and I can show you how to do pockets, zippers and anything you would like to learn.

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Passionate sewer willing to share 45 years of experience with anyone who wants to learn. I have made everything from tracksuits to bathers, bras to boomerang bags

My teaching methodology is informal and hands on. I enjoy teaching one on one or a small group. I like people to take away something that they have made to inspire them to continue to sew for themselves.

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Hi, My name is Rebecca and I am a professional dressmaker, designer and patternmaker. Specializing in a wide range or techniques. I am offering my unique abilities to teach students a range of sewing

My teaching method is basic and fun giving students the opportunity to discover their hidden talents. My approach is crafty and tailored to each individual need.

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Tailor with 15 years of experience gives private sewing lesson at your home

I love to teach my students the best sewing construction and neatening methods to use and how to achieve quality garments that look professional and fit well. I try to approach teaching sewing differently than the way I learned.

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Qualified Lingerie Designer offering Private/Group lessons for those wanting to learn to sew

My teaching method is thorough and step by step. I like to demonstrate an activity then get to to practice yourself.

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Knitting whilst natting, teddies and toys, patchwork and fancy work, clothes and crochet. If it involves needles and pins I can do it.

Show and do. I'll show you what you need to know and help you do everything you need to complete your project.

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