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Producer and director of various short films give lessons to media and arts students anywhere in CBD

I did my graduation back in Pakistan in 2016 but got many opportunities before even finishing it. I had worked with two time Oscar winning Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy as an editing intern and I believe that it was the time when it all got started. For those who believe in this art and want to gain more artistic approach towards film making or any art field, you have an artist now by your side.

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Graduate teacher in Film and English looking to tutor in Toowoomba Queensland

I am willing to do individual and group lessons. I can tailor my teaching to what the student needs help in - for example, homework, assignments, productions. I am a very hands-on and approachable teacher. I enjoy teaching students Year 7-Year 12 and can even assist with University students I am proficient in English and a variety of IT needs - including Photoshop, Premiere Pro.

Canning Vale
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Im a recent Murdoch university graduate in screen production offering tutoring in perth

I thrive to create a safe space for students of all ages to feel confident to give their input in regards to the topic at hand. We will analyse films, focus on script writing and any issues a student may have with their school assignments or help in general.

Wynnum West
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Bachelor in Screen and Film production offering lessons on all areas of film pre-production (majoring in screenwriting).

My lesson will help you with your upcoming project including; concept development, script writing, story boarding, scheduling and everything else in between to get your work up and running! It will be an practical lesson, while using industry-level resources to give you the best insight into film making.

Brunswick East
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Screenwriter and documentary filmmaker gives lessons to high school students and uni students in Melbourne

My teaching method is inspired by Viki King's book 'How to Write a Screenplay in 21 Days' and is based on starting with an idea, outline, then onto writing and re-writing the script. I believe that content should precedes structure, but it is structure that gives make a script emotionally compelling.

Newcastle upon Tyne
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Professional filmmaker offing fun, useful lessons to groups and private students in Newcastle upon Tyne

My teaching method is all about learning by doing. We put the equipment in your hands as much as possible and show you how to use it in fun, easy to grasp exercises. Lessons are tailored made depending on goals of the student. If you have no goals then that's ok - we will develop them together so that you work towards completing an actual film project.

Isle of Bute
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I can teach Film & TV. Have 20+ years experience and international contacts. Anything from development to distribution.

My teaching method is to find out what skills/knowledge my students need to know. I have taught 2nd year, 3rd year and 4th years Master students. I tailor my classes to what is required of the students. I am a good listener and a positive influence. I am driven to get results but also tactful and supportive when required to be.

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The cosmopolitan city of Bielefeld opens its gates; former professional filmmaker teaches in all areas related to film

Building on existing knowledge and interests, I develop important expertise. This means that basic knowledge is taught first and build upon developing more in-depth skills. When it comes to film espacially, students should focus on a more hands on approach as fast as possible; whether through analysis movies or producing films is depending on the student in question.

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Highly qualified and experienced Creative Digital Media Skills Trainer gives lessons online

I use Blended Learning in my work, that is a mixture of digital and face to face techniques. I work with all levels of ability from beginners to advanced and SEN students. I create an individual learning plan, tailor made for each student. I can also offer careers advice. I am a fully qualified tutor and a member of the Education Workforce Council Wales.

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Theory and analysis of Cinema with a film academic and researcher on the field

My main methodology is debate, I believe that the classroom (even virtual) is a space for dialogue and horizontality. I am based on film theorists such as Andre Bazin, Jacques Aumont, Ismail Xavier and about the authors' own writings about their films.

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University of Sussex Filmmaking Student offering film studies and film analysis lessons in Brighton

My teaching lessons are open to all, but would be particularly beneficial to those studying film studies/ film analysis at GCSE and A-Level.

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Film making, producing,directing, script writing and editing. London. Award winning documentary film maker and multi-platinum record producer.

The film world is one where one needs to understand the whole process in order to be good at one particular section. It is one where the student needs to be encouraged to find their specific talent. Discuss ideas, gain input, then be disciplined in the approach in order to deliver the right result. When writing stories or scripts get the idea down on paper first even if it I not perfect.

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Qualified and Experienced Director in Theatre and Film available for private lessons

From graduating as an Actor from both Dundee and Angus and on a part time Scholarship at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, I proceeded to establish myself in the Scottish Industry. I worked in industry leading Theatres and experienced a wealth of on the job learning. Now, having just graduated with a Masters in Filmmaking, I want to share that knowledge and experience.

Greater London
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Structuring and Scripting for Documentary and Film and TV / London or SKYPE tutoring

If you need any guidance writing, structuring a script, developing a script, developing an idea for a documentary or a film. Can do SKYPE tutorials, home tutorials or come to you if you're London based.

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Screenwriting for Film and Television - Getting Your Ideas on the Page

I am a film and television graduate and filmmaker with experience in the industry. My course will teach you the ins and outs of screenwriting, focusing on: - Format - Story Structure - Pacing - Professional Terms My aim is for my students to be able to write a professional, industry standard script for film and television.

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Cinematic Arts student offering English and Moving Image lessons up to A level in Northern Ireland

My teaching method is a balance between theory and practical. Anything from equipment and practial work such as editing and screenwriting, to theory about different eras of film, I can help and provide an easier way to grasp difficult areas of study.

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North Wales based, experienced film tutor to teach micro budget film production.

I believe that in order for a passion in filmmaking to be fostered, fun is an important quality. Creativity blossoms in the right environment. I believe in finding the interest you have in film and working to your strengths rather then pointing out your weaknesses. We all have strengths and I will insure that you have confidence in those strengths as well as additional knowledge going forward.

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Television & Radio graduate (First class honours) offering tutoring focussed on script writing and/or television theory and history.

We will look at key areas of script writing for television, including structure, acts, themes, character and genre.

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Graduated Film student offering arty and fun classes up to University level

My teaching method is getting to know each student individually and expressing what makes us all different, unique, and special

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Graduate of screenwriting offering writing advice for film and TV for all levels.

My focus is on story and characters, but most importantly, I'll teach you how to take a script to industry standard using the Hollywood structure. Later, when you know how to use it, you can break it and play with it to your heart's desire.

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Creative Writing graduate offering aspiring writers scriptwriting and fiction writing classes online.

To understand well analysis is key. When it comes to writing you must to read as a writer to be able to apply the skill.

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Sheffield based Film Studies, Film Production and Screenwriting tutor able to teach up to Masters Level

Throughout my teaching career I have become able to adapt to a wide range of teaching situations from lecturing to large numbers of students to one-to-one tutorials. I have a strong awareness of the way certain students learn in a variety of ways and at different rates.

Greater London
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Take on the film script of your dreams after one session! Tutor for Film and Television Writing, all genres and skill levels.

I appreciate students that are goal oriented, with a certain drive and devotion to film writing--and who possess loads of passion. I love the work I've been doing for over a decade now, and teaching others how to write for film is deeply satisfying. The first thing I like to establish is your experience and skill level.

(5 reviews)
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Image and Sound Designer offers audiovisual script lessons, individual or group, online or in person.

The approach of the subject will be broad and universal so that the student can write a short, medium or feature for film or television, according to their preference. It is not necessary to have previous experience and to possess it, this course can be a reaffirmation of the concepts and an opportunity to carry out different exercises that improve your writing or creativity.

Greater London
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Professional filmmaker with experience in Hollywood Industry gives cinema lesson in London

Learning through practice and theory. 15 minutes theory and introduction, then 50 minutes of practice workshop (depends on the area you want to develop - camera, lights, production, editing ).Homework is always a must and it's usually helps you develop and repeat what you learned during the classes.

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Agented screenwriter with a passion for comedy and drama looking to help you hone your writing skills

I like to meet people and engage one on one to find the best teaching strategy. Telling stories comes naturally to us but the mechanics of writing requires a deft hand. I have the knowledge and experience to make each challenge fun and engaging.

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Screenwriting student offering lessons up to undergraduate level in Lincolnshire. Thank you

I like to initially show the student how to do something, then let their ideas fill the pages. There are no bad ideas.

Greater London
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BAFTA Prize Winning Screenwriter in London gives unique Film and TV writing tuition

Fun, informal and knowledgeable tutor currently working in the Film/TV industry. I can assist with Film coursework at every level (A-Level, Degree etc) and offer invaluable script feedback. I can teach Film Studies at G.C.S.E. and A-level, based on students' needs as dictated by curriculum.

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