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HSC Physics Private Home Tutoring - In person, Group and Online Available Now

Once I get to know the student, I create sample problems that are tailored to the students' weaknesses. The problems start with the basics, ensuring that the student has good fundamentals. Once the fundamentals are covered, we will move to harder problems.

East Brisbane
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Science and Geography Graduate from California tutoring Brisbane Students in all subjects

I teach each student as the individual they are. Everyone has different learning methods and ways of understanding; I like to get to know my students and their background in the subject so that they can learn the subject efficiently and affectively.

Fulham Gardens
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Teaching Student tutoring middle school maths and sciences (geometry, algebra and chemistry)

I'll start by figuring out the student's lesson plan at school is, so we can work on par with it and not overload the student with too much different information. I'll then briefly go over the topic, making notes on what the student understands and is struggling with.

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Perth tutor offering tutoring in high school mathematics specialist, methods, physics and chemistry

My teaching methodology is that you should not move on from a topic until you fully understand it. I can offer in-depth tutoring which can give a deeper level of understanding on topics which are brushed over by teachers in class. My lesson structure would fit the needs of the student, ranging from teaching the core concepts to going through practice questions and difficult exam questions.

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B. Sc (Biomedical Science) graduate (with perfect GPA of 7) offers to teach mathematics, biology, chemistry, biochemistry and microbiology in Adelaide or via webcam

My lessons will be structured to enable me to methodically go through individual topics with you and help you with problem areas that you may have without setting specific time frames as some topics are more challenging and time-consuming than others. I hope to provide you with useful tips and methods for effective revision and study.

South Brisbane
(3 reviews)
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UQ Engineering student tutoring maths/physics for high school students South Brisbane

Maths is about learning and applying - not memorising. Not only can I provide the necessary knowledge, I focus on developing problem solving abilities, critical thinking and alternate approaches to a broad range of mathematical topics.

Kai li
(3 reviews)
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I'm a patient and clear student tutor staying in Leichhardt, currently studying in USyd. I aim to enhance students' understanding and not rote learn, for the benefit of their exams and their future.

I guage where the level of current knowledge and skill is first, then start covering concepts from there. There is nothing wrong with not understanding concepts, I believe it’s just because there hasn’t been someone who can teach in the style you learn in.

Brisbane City
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Maths, geometry, chemistry, science teacher in Brisbane for primary and secondary school students

I try to change my method of teaching according to student's needs. Generally, I prefer to involve the student in the subject, by trying to let them explain what they understand about it. If they have an exercise to do, I want them to be able to do it by themselves at the end.

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Very professional biology chemitry teacher/scientist doing 2019 intake for the group classes and one on one lessons

my teaching methods are based on study curricullum: Students get a thorough review of what they’ve learned in the school with a home tutor. do their homework with the guidance of a home tutor. pre-learn what’s about to be learned in the school before a topic begins. receive adequate homework tasks. receive very, very detailed feedback on their written answers with a home tutor.

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Experienced teacher offering Maths and Science lessons in Ballina home learning centre

I take a personalised approach to teaching. All of my lessons cater to the learning needs and goals of individual students. My goal is to help each student feel confident in their learning abilities to prepare for the next step in their journey as an independent learner.

Howards Grass
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Scientist and qualified Science teacher for online or face-to-face on NSW North Coast.

I work with students on their existing class materials but then try to find other things such as videos and computer apps that will help to illustrate hard concepts in a way students will understand. This works well particularly for visual learners.

(2 reviews)
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Qualified and experienced teacher in Perth offering tutoring services for Maths and Science

I use hands on techniques which also includes demonstration and modelling techniques. I use the "I do, We do, You do" method as it provides students the opportunity to observe, explore and retain information. I believe all students can learn and as a teacher I will provide them opportunities to learn in their own way.

(2 reviews)
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Engineering and Physics UOW student extremely passionate to teach sciences and mathematics

My preferred teaching method is interactive learning. I do not take the approach of simple assistance in learning and rote memorisation, I take the approach of making sure the student understands the concepts to its fundamental basis.

Li yang anderson
(2 reviews)
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I've studied and done pretty well for my past 15 years of academic life, so it's time to teach :)

My teaching method is quite personalized (i.e. It varies from people to people as I don't believe in a blanket method for all). But I do use text as well as videos in my teaching to help with student's understanding.

(3 reviews)
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Australian National University first year student tutors primary and high school students in Chemistry.

I like to take a fun and direct approach to learning where learning is achieved at a pace which is applicable to the student. Each student learns in a different way and I believe that having patience and understanding with students about the way they learn is key in them moving forward and developing a deeper understanding.

(2 reviews)
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High school student who is proficient at maths gives maths lessons to primary school students

I believe every student has their own ways of studying. I will tailor lessons most suitable to my students while motivating them to complete homework. Homework is a fundamental necessity in order to be proficient at maths.

Wattle Grove
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I am a passionate and experienced tutor. I teach maths to Year 7-12 students. I have 10 years of teaching experience in different schools and universities.

I always start the class by questioning to check student's prior knowledge and understanding about the topic. I use "show and tell" strategy to tell the students why they are learning the topic or what is the real-life application of the topic. I clear the lesson goal at the beginning so the student's know what is expected from them at the end of the class.

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Qualified Teacher: BA HSPE (Hons) UQ tutoring in Science (Biology/Chemistry/Physics), Maths and English Sunshine Coast/Noosa Region

I use an active learning approach in my tuition sessions meaning I aim to engage the learner through open ended questioning and regular self assessment questions. When it comes to writing, I am a massive fan of the 'Colin's writing approach' and use this framework with all my students.

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I am highly experienced in Science Education (Basics to Advanced level), School to University level tips and tricks which are helpful in better understanding.

Lesson's are based on students way of learning, Learning environment is when student is comfortable to learn something new very quickly. Tips and tricks helps to learn easily without stress and practice makes life perfect. Listening and making notes makes life easier and help to understand quickly.

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High School Student giving Chemistry lessons to middle school and high school students in Australia.

I am a secondary school student who will be in grade 12 next year. Chemistry is a subject that I enjoy doing. By tutoring Chemistry students, I am planning on assisting them in understanding the Chemistry concepts they learn in school and assisting in their school work.

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A Biomedical degree holder from Armidale with experience in tutoring and demonstrating

I am a goal-oriented person who likes to communicate and interact with different individuals. I use presentations with interactive slides and descriptive content to make the students get interested. By asking questions and by discussing with students, I engage them during the lessons.

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Melbourne University Medical Student Passionate about Education - Tutoring in Maths for all ages!

I teach based on need. I focus my sessions on the current topics the student is learning and then focus in on the areas of difficulty, using a range of strategies to allow the student to understand the topic. I like to see the student apply the knowledge in the session, and I provide them with some pieces of work to do before the next session to consolidate their knowledge.

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Masters of Physics graduate ready to enlighten physics students at school, university level

I enjoy introducing new concepts of physics based on the chapters with an open-ended question ,and examples to ensure students are aware of the fact that science exists in our day to day life,and is essential to know how they function.

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Monash University Postgraduate to give math and science lessons to high school and college students in Melbourne

My teaching method will be simple- Keep on teaching and interacting with my student(s) till they completely understand the subject in hand. I plan to give real life examples while teaching physics and keep my student(s) practising till they don't completely understand the concept in hand. My teaching philosophy is simple- Keep on teaching and interacting till you can.

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PhD in Physics gives Physics lessons to primary and high school students in Melbourne

People usually ask me how I studied Physics all my life as its considered one of the toughest subject. Its actually because of a very good teacher in my secondary school who encouraged and instilled the love for Physics in me.

Hassall Grove
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University student offering maths and commerce-related classes to school students in the Sydney area.

I believe in providing a need-based lesson to my students, offering them help with immediate school work and assignments. I try to make my lessons as attractive as possible with a focus on student understanding. My lessons generally start with a short quiz to understand the students' areas of weakness.

Sandy Bay
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PhD Qualified Analytical Chemist with 5+ years of university teaching experience. Available for face-to-face and/or online tutoring.

I believe in active learning. The student approaches the lesson with a working background knowledge and then try to apply what they are learning immediately after via different means (based on an assessment at the start of the meeting to gauge what the student already knows and what needs to be improved).

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Offering MATHS and SCIENCE lessons to high school students. Learn new concepts and boost your scores today!

Don't you love hearing something explained differently, and then it just... Clicks? I am an engaging, relatable tutor who is as passionate as I am knowledgeable about the subjects on offer. I firmly believe these are the most important things that separate a mediocre teacher from a fantastic one. I encourage curiosity from my students with real life demonstrations or examples where possible.

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High school graduate, achieved excellent grades in WACE Chemistry for Year 11/12 students in Perth

My method of teaching is firstly through making basics thoroughly understood, without basic foundations, there is nothing to build on. After ensuring foundations are understood, we will move on to exam style and test style questions to make sure you can apply your knowledge to questions. We will then working on that, and perfect exam answering.

(1 review)
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Experienced University lecturer and high school science teacher in Perth WA. Able to tutor all science subjects with speciality in Biology and Human Biology.

My teaching methodology is based on getting to know my students and how they learn so that i am best able to tailor lessons so suit the student. I like to make learning fun so that it is easier to remember scientific concepts and will focus on not only the curriculum content but on the specific strenghts and weakness of the student.

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Perfect! Kevin is a wonderful teacher. He is very engaging and is able to answer my questions by breaking down concepts into a format that is easy to understand. My sessions with him are a lot of fun and I found it to be extremely helpful with my studies.

Hamish, Student
1 month ago
(1 review)

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