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UNSW Medicine Student gives academic tutoring to high school students in Sydney

My teaching methods are that I tend to teach what the student needs to know for the exams but I like to give extra information to capture the attention of students especially by linking their concepts with real world applications.

Kamal din
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Fully trained IB teacher giving math and science lessons for the MYP

My teaching methodology mostly revolves around helping students take control of their learning and facilitating them in the process. So I would give a 5-10 min overview of a lesson and then facilitate the students into shaping their own understanding.

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Understand the basics of an effective argument for your thesis or essay by developing your research and writing skills

Developing strategies for effective learning and creating one's practice through creative design and investigating process on an intuitive and intellectual level, both as self and collective learning: Using language and metaphor as a descriptor, Decomposition, Intention and Interpretation, and experiment.

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Melbourne University Bachelor of Commerce student with knowledge in Global Politics, Australian Politics, Chemistry and Biology. Can also help with improving debating, public speaking and theatre skil

I approach my lessons by reviewing previous lessons and finding out exactly what my student is finding difficult. I prefer to help my students become able to tackle the problems rather than just giving them the answers and essentially doing it for them. I want my students to feel as if they've improved after our lessons.

Narre Warren
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Melbourne Uni Arts student available for tutoring for Primary and Secondary Students

As a tutor I want to be able to inspire children to learn and expand their knowledge. I want them to wake up and want to go to school, and not see it as a requirement. I believe education is essential to the growing mind, and has a great effect of the development of the child. As well as helping your child increase their grades, I will increase their moral and confidence too.

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I am available, before school and after school for pick ups and childminding, also am available as assistant teaching or after school or in school tutoring

I like to encourage , and help, I am a very quick learner and I like to see people succeed Step by step and breaking down words to help when reading, spell words out and offer encouragement to those who need it

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ANU Graduate, Experienced tutor for various class from year 0 and subjects including Accounting, Finance

I generally follow school routine and prioritise school syllabus and homework. If the student is falling back in some subjects, I try to focus more on that and try my best to make that topic interesting to him/her. I help in essay writing. English non-speaking households can expect me help their kids to be efficient in English speaking, writing and grammar.

Condell Park
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Macquarie University graduate offering K-6 tutoring for all primary school classroom subjects

I enjoy understanding student needs and working closely with them on the problems they face academically. I use a needs-based approach to ensure that the student receives support and help where it is needed most. Lastly, I am engaging and readily motivate my students to do their best.

Harris Park
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Baulkham Hills High School Year 12 Student provides coaching for Opportunity Class and Selective tests at home

I specialise in honing students' abilities in General Ability, Mathematics and Reading. I provide questions and answers based upon previous papers which I go through in depth at the end of each lesson. If I feel that the student requires further help, I will assign necessary homework. I also provide tuition for early high school, up until Year 10 in Mathematics and Science.

Belmont South
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Hi, I am a primary teacher with 4 years experience. Upper North shore

I teach a variety of educational programs, learning experiences, instructional approaches, and academic-support strategies that are intended to address the distinct learning needs, interests, aspirations, or cultural backgrounds of individual students. I give explicit feedback when needed. I enjoy teaching and learning about individual needs.

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UniSA Accounting Masters Student gives business studies, economics and commerce lessons to high school and diploma students in Adelaide

Every child is perfect in his/her own way. My teaching method is both theoretical and practical. I base my lessons upon the individual standard of my student/s. I choose to personalize my lessons depending on the requirements and best practices for my students.

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JCU vet student providing tutoring across science, maths, music, English, history, academic writing, study skills and some senior subjects (English, music, biology)

Fourth year veterinary student with experience in tutoring across various ages from young children to adults and across many subjects - providing tutoring at JCU library

Sardar atta ur rehman
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Civil Engineering Student offers Maths tutoring to high school pupils as well as to University individuals at home in Wollongong.

Being a practicing Civil Engineer in diversified sectors with full command in pursuing the undergraduate students towards their life aim I always used to motivate my pupils in a practical approach by quoting live example while exploring the optimal solution to the challenges.

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Motivated and Athletic University Student tutoring High School Kids to HSC success

Each lesson is structured as follows: 1. Learning through content giving by school (in depth and thoroughly) 2. Practice questions (out of school textbook or provided by myself) 3. Summary of what we've learnt this lesson and how it relates to the previous lesson & what we are going to do next lesson.

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Primary and ECE Teacher offering school support and academic guidance to 3-12yrs

I approach academic guidance in a hands on, active fashion. I believe children learn best when they are able to explore and experiment with a topic, talk about it and apply.

Pascoe Vale
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An IT professional can help with academics from KG to PG, because teaching is her passion!

My teaching methodology changes with different students. For instance, its fun, playful and interactive when I am dealing with school students, while it is practical and professional when dealing with post graduates. It depends on the kind of students in the class or group. If it is one-to-one then the focus is on how the student is more like to understand.

Bass Hill
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Communications university student looking to tutor primary school kids for all subjects in bass hill and blacktown

my teaching method is that if the child needs a break, let them have a break. pushing them to work non stop doesn't always help them. they sometimes need a break to breath and think, i will also try and make the lesson fun to gain interest.

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LaTrobe Accounting Student give school support lessons to high school students in Melbourne.

my teaching method is very simple. I first teach with the school book and then share additional notes as per the students requirement, followed by weekly test. I understand every student has a different learning curve and my students get the extra attention and time required to cope up with any tough topic or subject.

Elizabeth East
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Year 11 student | Tutor | Babysitter | House duties | Cleaning and cooking | Contact me now

I have an equivalent level of English, maths, science and other subjects to tutor children in primary school that need help with their homework and course work. I also can teach ukulele and a little bit of other music knowledge. I also offer babysitting including house work and cooking.

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Tutoring Across all subjects of study and from all schools in Canberra

My teaching methods are kinaesthetic, meaning that I would explain how to complete an activity or whatever needs to be done, as well as, showing how to complete the activity. That way I am catering to both the audio and visual learners at the same time.

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Professional tutor providing innovative teaching lessons to all students seeking support and want to excel in their studies

I believe in deep understanding of concepts rather than cramming and making them understand everything in detail and motivates them to practice and learn and try to write themselves rather than copy and paste.

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Learning difficulties counselling and English tutoring in south Brisbane by qualified teacher/counsellor.

I am a qualified and experienced high school teacher and guidance officer with experience and knowledge about young people’s school disengagement. I am a English/History teacher with experience teaching at high school, university and ESL English in Asia. I can help with young people who find learning difficult. I live in Brisbane South side (Capalaba) can travel to your home from 4.30pm.

Coffs Harbour
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Maths can be fun with the right teacher. Let me help you.

I am very easy going and friendly and use a flexible delivery model and adapt my style to suit each individual student. Love to use real life examples so student can recognise the benefits of maths skills in everyday life.

Bayswater North
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I can render Science and Maths lessons to all students in Melbourne.

I teach students topic by topic or lesson by lesson and make them revise the previous days' lessons. Apart form this, various tests are also held to check student's understanding. I make sure that everyone has understood the lesson completely.

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Arts/Law student at the University of Queensland, tutoring high school students in English, History, and religious studies.

My focus is on developing my students' long-term skills to improve their writing, research, and study techniques, and making our work on specific assignments and exams instructive in this manner. When working with a group of students I try to encourage cooperation as well as individual focus.

Stuart Park
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Recently Completed Law School at Bond University - Now a current Masters Candidate With Tutoring Experience

Through my experiences, I have learnt to respect diverse talents and ways of learning —there are many roads to knowledge, sometimes the road less travelled is best. Therefore, I begin by taking the time to discover what talents my students possess and the learning style that best works for them and adapt my methodology accordingly.

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WSU Student Currently pursuing Masters of Teaching with 7 years of Experience as a tutor&teacher

I dont impose or support any method. I very well understand how unique each child is thus adopt teaching strategy on the way the child understand better and guide them towards achieving their targets. As a teacher i strive to ensure my students enjoy what they are learning because if you dont enjoy what you do it leads to stress and I want my students to be stress and fear free.

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Full registered Teacher with ACT Public Schools gives lessons in Math, English and Science Kindergarten to year 8.

My teaching is based on differentiation and focused on the needs and the interests of my students. My teaching is evidence based , explicit and I set high but achievable expectations for my students. I engage my students in setting their own goals. I have an integrated approach to my teaching. I provide positive and constructive feedback. I believe that every student can achieve the success .

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PhD in Politics & International Relations will show you how to get an HD

Want an HD essay? I approach a topic by reading widely and across various disciplines for ideas on the question. At the same time, it's crucial to take notes from books or online journal articles, academic blogs (The Conversation) and so on. Themes emerge as a result of wide reading. It is from this process, critical analysis and discussion can take place.

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Federation University 2nd Year Teaching Student, located in Traralgon. Can do after school tutoring for primary or secondary students.

I base my teaching method upon ensuring students enjoy their time, especially due to the fact that they have often been in school all day. I am an efficient worker and I like my students to think that way too so they can really maximise their time.

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