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RMIT Diploma of Information Technology Graduate in Melbourne, Australia in Computer Science field

Achieving the best quality outcomes for struggling students in getting motivated on learning how to code, and reassure them while providing feedback from their programming homework. Preferably would like to meet in Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs in public places. A very visual person with a lot of information given for students.

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Graduate student at the U of Sydney, Electrical & IT Engineering, I research on FPGA architectures and Machine learning

I will complete this part as soon as possible. I will complete this part as soon as possible. I will complete this part as soon as possible. I will complete this part as soon as possible. I will complete this part as soon as possible. I will complete this part as soon as possible. I will complete this part as soon as possible. I will complete this part as soon as possible.

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A student in IT engineering school/college gives tuitions in C, C++, Python, DotNet, Ruby & Rails and all programming languages related to computer science.

I support the student with his annual projects and provide an industrial level skill, I start teaching my student at very basic to advance level. I'm not just learning the programming languages I'm teaching about how to program, bcoz your not just learn how to programming you have to learn how to program.

Silver Spring
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Chemical Engineering PhD student with a BS in Computer Science in MD

My philosophy is one that believes most people have the capacity to learn anything if it is presented in the appropriate way for them. For some that may be explaining the concept over and over and for others that may be through multiple examples. I prefer to tailor my sessions to the student as I believe schools should be more broadly.

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Computer programmer wants to provide mentoring for B.Sc M.Sc and B.E in programming languages , databases , OS, digital, organisation and architecture and discrete mathrmatics

Depends on the student. Generally through short programming exercises after theory explanation. Projects will be assigned to those who wants to delve deep.

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Student in engineering profession in region of work for computer science subject

My teaching method is of a one-on-one session . I lay emphasis on fundamentals over rote learning. A typical session would consist of dialectic method of teaching with didactics applied where necessary as it is important for the student to think. So, I generally probe the student while teaching. At the end of the session and at the beginning of next will be a quick revision with weekly tests.

Jardim Paulista
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Computer engineer with 8 years of experience, I teach programming in São Paulo :)

My teaching method is based on teaching the fundamentals of programming and best practices through real code examples. Focusing on object orientation, unit testing, best practices, refactoring and debugging, I can teach from beginners to others with more experience and who want to improve.

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Computer Science Engineer with a passion to learn and spread that knowledge .believes in teaching by example and rather than mugging up concept

Basic and intermediate level with a lot of coding and learning by examples from real life .you will be doing most of the work and i will be just guiding you along the way .helping you learn from you own mistakes and experience by building something which you are going to love.

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First, define an index of topics and following it by completing every topic, daily one and half hour class with real time scenarios Also, explain one real-time project teach classes who want to become professionals in programming languages PHP,RUBY, RUBY ON RAILS, JQUERY,vue, JAVASCRIPT AND MYSQL

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Do masters in Computer and Programming with Me and Standout from the Crowd.

My Teaching method is very unique . First I understand the students approach, concepts and their methodology after that I makes notes , strategies , and concepts according to the students mind . I explain students by taking the real life examples so that they can easily remember the concepts .

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Full stack developer, well versed in Ruby on rails, and web development, can give your career guidance and mentorship on Ruby on rails.

I believe in hands-on web development. Solving the problem in the best way possible. I never believe in theory which we don't implement. I teach 'why we should solve this problem..?' and 'how to do the best way possible..

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Working at BrowserStack as a Software Developer with an experience of around 4 Years. Graduated from NIT-Bhopal in Computer Science (2010-2014). Can teach any subject in Computer Science

Make people strong in basics is my methodology. I believe in practical approaches rather than theorotical. Any one interested in Computer Science can come to my door. I have a good 2 years of experience as a tutor and hence the results along with that.

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R&D Officer at Cambridge gives computer coaching with a play-way method of learning starting from primary school to masters.

My teaching method involves more focus on problem-solving and logic building than on the boring theoretical concepts. Computer Science is completely a practical concept. To best understand the topics, one should relate them to the real world. That's what I try to do always.

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3 + years of experience in software development for website and desktop applications

This classes will be beneficial for people who want o land their career into IT Industry or professional who are already working with IT Industry and want to boost their knowledge on Related Technology, as My teaching method is converting theoretical knowledge into practical approaches.

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1st lesson free !

Front End Developer with 8 Years of Industry Experience and 4+ years of Training Experience

I prefer to relate the teaching with the real life scenarios so that topics can be easily understandable by the students . I do coding in students system by remote accessing , so that they can follow along with me .

Maple Valley
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Experienced Software Engineer (worked in 2 of the big 5s - FAANG) dedicated to teach the love of coding / algorithms to students

My teaching methodology is very practical. I don't regurgitate what are in the classic textbooks. What I do I give students off line you tube videos and slides which they can read off line and come to the classes knowing the background. In the classes, I go over the concepts focusing on the practical aspect of the subject.

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Working professional in reputed IT industry,having passion in training programming languages such as python

I teach students any concept with practical knowledge i.e day-to day examples.i teach programming in depth by going through the students understanding level.i will make students to come up with new ideas and do more practice in coding,so that they can think like programmer.

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I've 4 years of experience in ROR and I'm here to give training on the same.

You can be part of different types of classes. Like if you already have basic knowledge of ROR then, I can help you in guiding or explaining particular things, which are a hurdle in achieving your target. OR I can guide/teach you for basic Ruby or Rails as per your requirement.

Bel Air
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Full-Stack Web Developer with 5 years experience, learn modern technologies to enhance your career

I use project-based learning to help you gain real-life experience putting the pieces together. You will learn so much more building projects than just copying online tutorials. We will discuss topics as they come up, so you will know how to use your knowledge.

Bhada Khedi
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IT Experienced Professional educate student in programming language and help in their assignments

I believe in practical learning. I want to share my knowledge to student so that they can think best possible way to solve programming problems. Its not about teaching the student for me its about give them the way better approach to deep dive into the world of programming. As I am very passionate programmer this makes me committed towards my work.

Somesh kumar
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Students in school , NIT, State Engineering college and Non Technical college for crash course

The Teaching method I am a target approaching man so directly talk to the subject and the Bhilaiadvanced topic of the subject and also motivate to future work

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Web Developer in Cyprus teaches Web Development using the latest technologies using Webcam

I teach Web Development from the fundamental principles: HTML, CSS, Javascript and moving on to Javascript frameworks. I like to use interesting projects in teaching as opposed to abstract theory. I prefer to teach students who speak English fluently for ease of communication.

Janani ram
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Janani Ram M.C.A.I am a Software Developer in fast growing Startup company

I approach by student's understanding. I am a good mentor.

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Web developer offering Ruby on Rails and Javascript tuition in North Ayrshire.

I believe the best way to learn web development is by building non trivial web applications for our local communities.

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M.C.A & 15+ years of experience in software development and involved Design, Development, Management.

Classes can be taken over Skype or any other communication channels as preferred. Based on documented materials and with real time examples will start classes. Classes can be taken for beginners and Intermediate level students those who wants to extend their knowledge.

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Engineer professional will teach language ruby on rails, algorithm, basic concept etc

I will teach fundamental thing for programming language like Ruby on rails. Class can start from very basic to advance according to student requirement. If require we can explain how to make a blog to make a web application.

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Experienced programming tutor offering to teach Perl, Ruby on Rails and Visual Basics to students and professionals

I am passionate about teaching and assisting a motivated student in achieving their academic goals. I obtained a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southampton. During my studies, I conducted personal training for colleagues and juniors alike I love passing my experience and knowledge in mathematics, programming, networking etc.

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Im a working guy who want to tech what i have learned

my teaching method is simple, i will do some syllabus and stick on to it. Its better to have some syllabus and learn. It makes things better.

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Experienced software engineer offering to teach Java, Perl, Ruby programming to students and professionals

I am passionate about teaching and assisting a motivated student in achieving their goals. I obtained a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Bangalore University with a First. I also have a masters degree in Software Engineering from the University of Southampton as well as a 2-year Diploma in Law.

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