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Richie Dorsey Productions for Guitar Lessons Bathurst, NSW 22 years of playing guitar

I am geared towards students that want to write songs. A lesson entails a demonstration for 15mins and then the student attempting it for 30 while I correct hand position and help to adjust the pressure they use. I believe music is the most important thing in the universe and genuinely want to share my passion.

Fitzroy North
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Experienced guitar player to give engaging and fun electric guitar lessons - play like Hendrix in no time!

My teaching method focuses upon the fundamentals of guitar playing. The importance of technique, rhythm, timing and tempo cannot be understated, and I place importance on building these up in order to facilitate efficient improvement. I also adapt classes to suit the style preferences of each student, and always keen to teach any pieces of music that the student wants to learn.

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Experienced Bachelor of Jazz Guitar graduate teaches you guitar from Sydney, Australia

I teach according to each student's needs and learning style. I believe that music and the guitar can be taught holistically and measurably, with practical methods and simple guidelines. Every student has the ability to be successful at music.

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Modern Jazz Guitarist, extensive teaching experience in many styles, based in Brisbane.

My teaching is both practical and theoretical, with an emphasis on improving technique, aural skills, repertoire and exposure to modern musical approaches. Lessons are either in person or online and tailored to the individual. Music is the real teacher, but I aim to guide, inspire and clarify.

Ocean Grove
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My business, Bellarine Music tuition offers guitar, bass, drums, piano and saxophone lessons in Ocean Grove

My teaching method is hands on. I like to get my beginner students to learn basic chords/beats and to some easy songs first and then introduce them to theory and music notation slowly to keep them interested and having fun. I find my method works well and 90% of my students progress rapidly.

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Hi! I'm a guitar player in the Bathurst region wanting to teach in person or online

I am a self taught guitar player that learnt by picking and playing my favourite songs on acoustic and electric guitar. I picked up fundamental skills, learnt to read tab and play with correct technique through a mentor of mine which was very important for my development.

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Lead Rock Guitarist! A Metalhead who has appreciation for classical music as well..

You'll literally learn to look at music and cultivate it in you. You'll become a strong instrumentalist. Things you'll learn:- 1. Scales: Pentatonic/Blues/Harmonic Minor/Chords; Arpeggios, Tapping, Sweep Picking etc. 2. Music appreciation: Rock/Classical 3. I'll give you violin lessons too but guitar will be the main focus.

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Experienced Music Graduate giving 1-1 lessons on Guitar and Music Theory. DBS checked!

I approach each student differently according to the needs and interests of my student. I try to incorporate technique and theory in a fun way for each lesson. I teach students from 11-18 years old and would consider beginner adults prior to discussion.

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Tutor of guitar specialising in jazz, but teaches all styles and ukulele

I approach my guitar teaching through a nationally recognised syllabus, providing excellent structure to students' learning. This will encompass chord playing, improvisation and general musicianship. I also teach a variety of repertoire appropriate to the tastes of each individual student.

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Experienced Guitar and Bass Guitar tutor providing home tuition in the 'Guildford' area

My main intention is to help my student become not only a guitarist/bass player, but primarily a well rounded musician. I aim to teach a skill-set that will enable my student to work within the music industry enabling them to become any type of musician they wish.

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Experienced Guitar Instructor gives customized lessons on Soloing, Songwriting, Theory, and Technique

The lessons I teach are organized around what the students are primarily interested in; the styles, bands, artists, guitarists, etc. whose music you would like to play. Once I know this, it becomes much easier to figure out what skills & knowledge you will need to learn in order to play that music.

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Electric guitar lessons, Rock, Metal, Blues, 18 years of stage and studio experience. Become a guitar hero\m/

I approach individually to every student, depending on his music taste and goal that he wants to achieve. I teach the foundation of guitar playing like chords and scales and then I teach how to develop them in an intuitive way. I'll teach all kinds of techniques like picking, sweep picking, tapping, arppegio, bending of guitar playing targeted for a Lead Guitarist.

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Southern California woking singer / guitarist with 25 years experience in performance and tutoring the music craft.

Music needs to be fun at its very core. It is important to get started correctly, but ultimately it's all about the songs and entertaining people. I share my background as a gigging musician to students to the performance level.

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I have graduated from PARS school of music with a Diploma in electric guitar and classical music theory and harmony.I also graduated from TAR Music Institute earning a Diploma in jazz composition and

i believe any student must learn the basics before getting to play songs , therefore i always start with the fundamentals . correct fingerings , correct picking gesture and style , reading tabs , learning chords etc.

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Anthropology student offering electric or acoustic guitar lessons up to Grade 8 level

My teaching method is dependent on the students level of playing. If they already have the basics then we will work through Grade or song books to challenge their playing. If the student is starting from scratch then before that we'll spend time working on chord progressions and scales.

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Music major with past teaching experience offering guitar lessons to all levels

My teaching method begins with basic chords and rhythm, moving into scales and sight reading later on. We will then work through different genres and styles of music in order to further the student's understanding of the differences between these styles.

Fort William
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I am a University Lecturer based in Highland of Scotland - I hold a BA ( Hons ) Animation. Remote delivery is part of my daily routine and I go a lot further than just a video call.

I am a University Lecturer based in Highland of Scotland - I hold a BA ( Hons ) Animation. Remote delivery is part of my daily routine and I go a lot further than just a video call. I am a University Lecturer based in Highland of Scotland - I hold a BA ( Hons ) Animation. Remote delivery is part of my daily routine and I go a lot further than just a video call.

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Hello, I am Andreas. I am in Sunderland and I can teach music theory and guitar.

It depends what we are going to work on. I can teach you how to expand your musicianship, improvisation skills, how to compose your own music and songs. When it comes to performing, your own role on your instrument in a band or as a solo instrument. You can see the guitar in a new light.

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Music education student in college with previous teaching experience for six months

I mainly teach beginner players. I use guitar books, and my experience in music. I go with whatever pace you need and I will try to help in any way I can. I am easy to be around and learn from.

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Rock/Metal guitarist with over ten years of experience, teaching in the UCF area.

My teaching method is first and foremost based on what the student wants to learn. Anything from basic techniques to music theory and sweep picking. Nothing is off limits. My main demographic focus will be to help beginning and intermediate guitar players hone their instrument. I want students to enjoy themselves in a fun and stress free learning environment.

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Professional Guitar Teacher located in Southampton. All ages, abilities and styles welcome!

The style of my lessons really depends on each student, I want to make sure that the student is getting everything they can out of the session! I take some time to find out a bit about each student...what type of guitarist they want to be, what styles they want to learn, their influences, what they want to achieve from the lessons and where they want to be in the future.

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Professional passionate guitar player with 10 years of experience as a teacher. Alumni from Berklee College of Music.

I have a collection of song works and techniques in plenty music genres that will help the students to develop a repertoire in the area that they are interested in. These collection of work is divided in three different levels as: Beginner, Intermediate and advance.

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Expert Guitar Instructor with 15+ years experience In Austin, TX offering online lessons!

Best practice for teaching any student is to meet them where they are and break lessons into the smallest possible unit of learning so that the student feels confident and comfortable. The student needs many opportunities to play something correctly and may need something explained several different ways in order to understand it.

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Classically trained guitar player gives rock and finger-style guitar lessons in downtown Toronto and over webcam

My methodology is to approach teaching with a mix of calmness and enthusiasm. Learning an instrument is frustrating, so when a student makes a mistake calmness does wonders. The same goes for enthusiasm when a student makes a breakthrough. I believe in teaching in small increments and teaching students to "walk before they run" when learning a piece.

North Miami
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Young blues/rock guitarist with over 15 years band and home recording experience in North Miami FL

I like to focus on what my client wants to achieve as a musician, then build a lesson plan from there. It has to be fresh and interesting for the client, or else many just get bored and never continue. Daily at-home practice with a metronome is essential.


Guitar Lessons to suit YOU! Your aims, your time, your taste, your pace.

I have a BMus in Music Performance and Production from Middlesex University, as well as a 4-year certificate in Jazz Studies from the American School of Modern Music in Paris.

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Music student offers contemporary guitar lessons up to grade 8 in Buckinghamshire/Berkshire

Lessons will be tailored to the students ability, needs and interests. These can involve: learning the Grade curriculum, learning a new piece, building up an understanding of scales, music theory and how it can be applied to the instrument, and working on correct technique in order to develop speed and fluidity. They will also be as fun and relaxed as possible while still working hard.

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Guitar Teacher/Performer --> All Styles, to all ages. More than 20 year of experience.

I base my method first on the intellectual and auditory perception of the elements of music, and then i showing the many ways of making music with the guitar, interacting with all these elements.

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In studio guitar or bass lessons from an experienced Winnipeg preforming musician with teaching background

The focus of my class is improvisational theory, with little note reading necessary other than assignments the material is based on strengthening ones ability to listen constructively to identify the key of song being worked with and having an arsenal available to approach what ever comes your way.

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Guitarist (confirmed) teaching the guitar in LAS VEGAS: affordable and professional !

I go to the student's place most of the time, try to match with the students desires and hobbies. My approach is simple methodology, always bringing fun, and never pushing too hard in the theory, unless hardly required by the student or parents.

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