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Swinburne Finance graduate, tutoring Equity Investment for high school and university students

I accept students with no backgrounds to Accounting, Finance or Commerce. The lesson structure I will provide will begin with definition and examples of relevant terminologies, that way I am able to understand what method the student would learn best in.

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Specialist Accredited Tutor and admitted Lawyer providing highschool (Business Studies) and uni (Commerce/Business) students with tutoring, career mentoring & coaching around South Brisbane area

I have a deep passion for making real differences in the lives of my students and their learning journey through laser-focused instruction, my watchful eye and customised expertise to benefit students directly and witness their sparks of comprehension; equipping them with critical study skills to become independent lovers of learning.

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Accountant with 3 years experience in the field, passionate about sharing my knowledge with others! High School and Tertiary Students welcome.

My teaching method is always adapted to the student. At first, I analyse and detect their learning styles, then adapt my teaching method to this. I am a strong believer that adapting to your student's learning style proves effective. I am also a teacher who spreads the idea that practice is perfect! So, I give lots of homework that I then give feedback on.

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Economics and Marketing Major with Financial Services experience gives Business Studies, Business Mgmt and Economics lessons to students of all ages

My teaching philosophy is to promote student agency, or in other words fostering environments that allow students to make informed decisions in line with their own values. I believe that critical thinking is essential to effective learning, so my lessons will involve ensuring an adequate layer of content knowledge is processed and retained before more analytical questions are explored.

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Your own soft spoken tutor who sets example to make you understand the difficult things

I am basically teach difficult things through very common and understandable daily life examples and situations. I think until a teacher doesn't catch the student's interest he/she can't be a good one then how complex topic is one can get it easily.

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Qualified Professional who teaches Financial/Risk Management, Auditing and Accounting to Students globally

My teaching methodology is largely based on hands on experience by giving practical examples whenever applicable. I conduct classes only via the Skype My Skype address is (concealed information) If you need to score high result in the Accountancy,ethics and Financial/Risk management subjects, do not hesitate to contact me via on above Skype.

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International Management Student gives lessons about both Trading Strategy's & Cryptocurrency in Sydney

The best way to learn and understand new things is to do it! practice makes perfect. Dare to fail an learn from your mistakes. Every trader including me makes a loss in his/her first year, but I want to prevent people from making the same mistakes as I did back then. Trying to be the mentor I wish I had when I started to learn about cryptocurrency's and trading.

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Director of companies, 20 years experience, MBA HEC gives courses in project management, management, entrepreneurship

Former banker, current director of international companies, holds a Master in Finance and an MBA at HEC, I wish to use my 20 years of professional experience in France and abroad for any type of person: high school students, university students, adults wishing to improve their knowledge, leading managers in conversion.

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I am accountant with graduate and MBA in Finance and Controlling. I offer private lessons for higher education in accounting disciplines, adm. financial, controlling, project analysis, financial and e

Classes are developed in a dynamic way in order to identify and resolve the difficulties of the student, always in line with the profile of each in relation to the rhythm of school, amount and form of content display, available for conducting exercises and other characteristics .

Paris 17e
Mme el alaoui
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Finance Professor delivers several courses in the Parisian region (also possible online)

I particularly focus on the following courses: Financial mathematics, Financial Analysis , Introduction to financial markets and Investment decisions. My students are mostly Bachelors and Masters students but I can also adapt my courses to other levels: Terminal, BTS or commercial prep.

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Economics student gives classes in economics and business creation to college and high school students.

I like to teach in a free and dynamic way with clear and simple examples, allowing the students to mold the examples and situations according to their knowledge and experiences, with the intention of allowing the practical integration of their knowledge to the subjects taught.

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Engineer, MBA Business & Projects teaches exact disciplines for teaching and medium / higher

I am a post graduate professional with experience in multidisciplinary projects with practical and academic experience. The objective is to develop practical, efficient and solid content classes to leverage student knowledge in a short time so that students can absorb not only theoretical concepts but professional experiences and case studies.

Ouro Preto
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Undergraduate in a bachelors degree in Controlling and Finance from UFMG teaches Finance in Belo Horizonte

The methodology is geared to attending to what the public needs, whether they are questions related to higher courses or even in the personal matter. That way, you will be able to program your finances, your portfolio of assets or even plan your retirement and for college students, take questions. Financial management is essential to the life of any investor.

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Honours Level Business Management Graduate offering tuition to business students up to university level

I base my classes on practical scenarios that will impact the students in every day life as well as professionally.

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Qualified & experienced young accountant from New Zealand gives lessons in accounting, economics & business management

I like to approach teaching based on the specific needs of the student. For high school students or younger, this may be a broad approach relevant to their curriculum (unless prior topics/questions are suggested) whereas for undergraduate/degree level students will likely have more specified teachings. All teaching can be tailored where it agrees with the individual or the group.

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Dr. FOUDA is a project management consultant, teaches English software development and LEGO robotics

Dr. FOUDA's teaching methodology is to practice and learn using examples. In the field of project management and IT, Mr. Fouda relies on nearly 18 years of experience in the information technology sector, in the framework of many international projects whose budgets can reach $ 140 million.

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Production Engineer Student with more than two stages and lots to share!

I base my lessons on the knowledge gained throughout my journey and I have a very strong belief that each person learns in a way, so common teaching leaves so much to be desired. I intend to adapt in order to best serve each of my future students.

Maringá (Paraná)
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Classroom / Project Management Course (PMI) with Chico Xavier - Prof. Specialist - Maringá / PR.

Exhibition classes using digital material (e-books and videos). Through presentations and discussions on concepts (PMI - Project Management Institute) I will take you to the world of Project Management. We will talk about best practices, current tools, and share my experiences, mistakes, and successes for your learning.

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Business and information management student at Durban University of Technology. Looking to share knowledge and information in the field of business and entrepreneurship

My teaching method is guided by having an understanding of the student and their needs. This allows me to ensure that I provide the suitable help for a student in a particular topic and give the necessary feedback in order to help them excel.

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I am hear to teach you how to run a business right

I teach by helping the students understand what I am saying by giving examples throughout my teachings and answering questions.

Fabio cristiano
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Personal Finance - Learn how to best Organize Your Financial Life Permanently

Are you in debt, unemployed or just do not know what to do with your resources? Thousands of people are facing similar problems to yours. The goal of this course is to teach you better use of your money. With objective and disciplined practices we can achieve an optimization of your personal finances.

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Im a best second year BCOM in project and risk management student

I based my classes on research from professionals and different studies aswell as personal experience. I also like to hear from students.

Ciudad de México
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Project management and risk control completely customized on line sessions

MA / MSc with extensive experience offers courses and consulting sessions fully customized online. Project management and risk control for university students and professionals. - Start up a project. - Main risks. - Decision making. - Factors and key points to consider.

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During Superior Individuals: 2CF INSTITUTE is a training organization and coaching of student (s). INSTITUTE 2CF was founded by a university professor and finance professional and

2CF INSTITUT is a training organization and coaching of student (s). 2CF INSTITUTE 2CF was founded by a university professor and professional finance and information systems with a significant operational experience in market finance and asset management.

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MSc Business Economics with practical experience, Economics / Finance courses in both Dutch and English

I mainly fill in my lessons with what you as a student need. My goal is to nake you really understand the logic behind itm so that you can always apply it in every situation given. And I often get to hear that I use very random but striking examples ...

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Graduated in Banking and Finance, Risk Management Student and Assistant to the European Commission's ECON Committee happy to fill the few free hours instructing the next adventurous

Passionate about all-round finance, aware that finance can be used wisely to create real wealth, I have a good appetite for teaching, matured in a number of years ago when I helped as infinite a series of students in dealing with fearsome exams such as financial mathematics, accounting and budgeting, micro-macro economics and even math high school level, with statistically excellent results.

Lyon 7e
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I am a 24 years student in a Master's Degree " Managment control and auditing"

I am a masters student 2 Audit and management control and holds a master 2 banking and finance. My method of administration based on an interactive exchange on different topics and subjects treated while respecting the rules of methodical teaching. Matters relating to the economy and finance must be news, because this area is constantly changing and requires special monitoring financial news.

Sita deliyana
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Doctorate candidate students at SBM-ITB offer financial and econometric private services with STATA

My teaching methods are direct learning, discussion systems, discussion of tutorial questions, direct experiments for econometrics with STATA statistical software, open discussion on business cases and academic journals.

Ciudad de México
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Financial Director in Mexico City teaches Accounting, Finance, Risk Analysis, Strategic Planning, Audit

I like to teach in a free and structured way, always sharing experiences and cases of success through risk analysis, methodologies, internal controls, best practices, research and applied theory. Aimed at students and professionals eager to learn.

Rio de Janeiro
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Project Management, based on PMBOK, 20 years of experience, Rio de Janeiro.

Specialist in Project Management, using PMBOK best practices and use of the MS Project tool to support teaching. Classes can be taught in person or via Web Cam using SKype. The classes are taught through slides with content specific to each area of ​​project management knowledge.

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