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Mill Park
(2 reviews)
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University of Melbourne Master of Teaching student provides English lessons in Melbourne

I adapt each lesson to the particular needs of the student. I am able to find their weakness and build their confidence and skills in English, to improve and advance their grades. I understand that students can find literacy and English difficult, and am able to recognise if we need to go back a few steps (e.g. Grammar and Syntax) in order to progress in their writing.

Pacific Pines
(1 review)
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Postgrad student available to teach maths, chemistry and physics tuition for students up to year 10. English tuition for all students K-12

I'm a postgraduate psychology student available to tutor all students, up to year 12, in english, and all students up to year 10 in maths, physics and chemistry. I am able to help your student with all of the content in these subjects, but most importantly I can teach them the relevant learning techniques so they'll be able to succeed without me.

(5 reviews)
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Stage 1 student giving creative writing and reading lessons to primary school and high school students

My teaching method is based on the student's particular interests. I believe teaching can be done in many ways. My primary way of teaching is to start off with spelling and reading. The key to becoming a great essay or story writer is for your words to flow effortlessly. With my guidance and encouragement, any student with a passion or goal will be on their way to achieving it.

Brunswick West
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Help with your Thesis from one with years of knowledge & experience (Law, Business, Architecture, Publishing, etc)

Hi, I have broad knowledge and excellent skills that aid in both helping you prepare your thesis and teaching English. I have worked in ESL instruction, writing, editing, publishing, architecture, property development and business (I have run a number of successful businesses and employed about 300 people).

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Cairns Education Student offers lessons in English for High school and Uni Students

My lessons are aimed towards High School kids, and University students. I like to gauge my students before I plan a strict lesson. I believe every student learns differently and I am passionate about creating a lesson which is perfect for my student. I aim to create a safe, fun, and compassionate work environment that aids students in reaching their full potential.

Burleigh Waters
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Experienced primary teacher from Burleigh Waters to teach across all subjects, including English and Maths!

I provide a safe and supportive learning environment for my students through building positive relationships as well as teaching engaging and enjoyable lessons. Along with my seven years of classroom teacher experience I have also completed over 100 hours of professional development and therefore can draw on a number of different strategies depending on the students learning style learning needs.

Cairns City
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Final Year Pre-Service Teacher gives private lessons to primary school aged kids and beyond

I teach using a hands on, inquiry method to get students thinking about the 'why' behind their studies. I also use regular movement breaks as studies have shown this technique to be effective, particularly when working with younger children. I help students to gain the confidence they need to achieve success in their examinations and in regular classroom settings.

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Tutoring in Ballarat focusing on English studies - literature, essay writing, oratory preparation and more.

My lessons are almost always tailored to meet the needs of my students. This only changes with regards to group learning, where individual needs are taken into account, but cannot be prioritised due to numbers. However, I like to encourage my students to enjoy their learning and remove the fear and shame from the learning process.

Southern River
(9 reviews)
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Murdoch Nursing Student give Literature lessons to high school students in Perth

I'm a very upbeat tutor who believes that learning is best done interactively, such as through role performances, discussions and reflections (with yourself and the environment that shapes our understanding). As someone who has done literature, I found that learning Literature through high school alone can be quite intimidating because the method of teaching is very one sided.

(3 reviews)
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Murdoch English and Creative Writing student gives lessons to high school and undergraduate students in Perth

My classes are run focused on enthusiasm and fun! I am a bubbly, enthusiastic person and my classes reflect that. I'm looking for students that are as excited to learn as I am to teach.

Seaford Meadows
(2 reviews)
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Flinder's University Masters Student prepared to teach English and writing in Adelaide

I am a nurturing tutor, however, I don't like excuses, a growth mindset is a must in my lessons. Nothing is impossible and my lessons are geared towards those who would like to realise their potential in a safe and fun environment where you will be challenged and valued for your effort. If you are prepared to put the work in, you will reap greater rewards.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Murdoch University Student Offering English and Literature Lessons to High School Students

I'm a calm, patient, organised and relaxed teacher whose lessons are geared towards anyone that wants help with their studies. I provide support in a safe environment that will allow students to thrive. I use the gradual release method of teaching, where I work through a problem, we work through it together and then they work through it on their own when they're ready.

Bray Park
(2 reviews)
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Experienced Senior English tutor available for online only editing, proofreading and support

My way of teaching is to work with the student to assist them in finding ways to give their writing more depth. I like to work collaboratively and give each student the confidence to step out of their comfort zone to find an ability they did not realise existed within themselves.

Green Valley
(2 reviews)
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Private Selective High School students gives English tuition for students in K-8

I believe that every child is unique hence the one size fits all method cannot be applied. I centre my lessons around the student themselves and operate within their strength zone but outside of their comfort zone. I believe in constant improvement hence my teaching method involves using their strengths to improve their weaknesses.

(2 reviews)
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Qualified English/Humanities Teacher in Canberra, with recent experience teaching in rural Tasmania

When teaching, I focus on three key things in every lesson: establishing a growth mindset, effectively differentiating for each student, and ensuring my students feel valued. A growth mindset is when a student moves from saying "I can't" to saying "I can't yet". I work with every student to ensure they feel capable of improving, even if it's their least favourite subject.

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Warm and encouraging ANU Science/Arts graduate, keen to help everyone reach within to find the skills and intelligence we all possess!

I am passionate about student-centred learning. I believe in the intelligence of every person and work with people's strengths. I understand that learning environments are not always set-up to work well for everyone's learning needs.

(4 reviews)
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Hobart-Based Undergraduate English Tutor for Students of All Ages (Reading and Writing)

My teaching method is based on positive reinforcement and encouragement paired with practical assistance and proven study strategies. My aim is to provide guidance, increase students' sense of accomplishment and overall capability, provide structure to study activities and keep learning tasks engaging in order to unlock potential.

(2 reviews)
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English, E.S.L., History and Literacy Classroom Teacher available - specialising in essay writing.

I can guarantee that my lessons will cater to your ability in addition to being engaging. I value reflective practice, am determined to provide the most suitable methodology to your needs and approach every lesson with clear, structured activities.

Delaneys Creek
1st lesson free !

Have taught English and Maths from year 1 - 9 to students who need help as a Teacher Aide for 25 yrs. Situated Delaneys Creek Qld. Qualifications from two colleges.

I am outgoing, friendly lessons were for students years behind in education. I have rarely had to structure a lesson plan that was the teachers job. Teaching methods - simplicity promotes understanding.

Flinders Park
(2 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Flinders University Bachelor of Arts (Enchanced Program for High Achivers) Student with a passion for English is eager to assist students achieve their goals.

My teaching philosophy is centred on understanding. My belief is that if a student has the proper groundwork in place, they can achieve anything! Hence, my focus tends not to be on just completing a specific assignment or essay but on a deeper comprehension of texts and questions.

1st lesson free !

University of Melbourne Creative Writing student gives English lessons to high school students

My teaching method revolves mainly around what the student is struggling with and what can be improved upon. I would structure classes around building upon practice exams or actual exams undertaken by the student and finding out what can be improved upon, largely looking at sentence structure and the use of language.

Norman Gardens
(2 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Honors Biomedical Science student tutors high school students English in Rockhampton Area

I am a very patient individual who always ensures that whoever I am helping thoroughly understands their material. That way they will gain the skills necessary to apply the information on their own and in different contexts -such as exams.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Tutor looking to give Literature/English sessions in PERTH - flexible timing and location

My lessons benefit students actively looking to improve themselves in their given subject field, and with a passion and genuine interest in the subject. Private sessions offer the best experience as it means I'll have more time to interact with the student one on one. Workload will vary depending on the student.

Niagara Park
(1 review)
1st lesson free !

Sydney Uni student and writer gives English lessons to high school and uni students in Sydney

My teaching method is based around breaking things down, whether it's deconstructing texts to find their themes and the literary devices that are used to show these themes, or breaking down a huge topic into key ideas that can become topic sentences in an essay.

1st lesson free !

USQ B Commerce Graduate gives lessons in Brisbane in Maths, English, Science, History, Geography, German, Accounting and French

I studied Primary School Teaching at QUT where the main philosophy used was constructivism and scaffolding. I ask the parents where their child is having problems and what their marks have been like and aim to improve their marks, build on their existing knowledge and improve their results. I also try to make the lessons as enjoyable as possible.

Frankston North
(1 review)
1st lesson free !

English, Art and basic math tutoring offered with a smile, I specialize in tutoring primary school children but all are welcome.

The teaching methods I use include extensive tests - this is to not only prepare my students for tests and exams within their classrooms but also to better evaluate what it is I should be focusing on with the individual student, The reward system- I keep a box of small wrapped up stationary and fun little toys so that once my student reaches their set goal on a test for that week they may have a...

1st lesson free !

Specialist Accredited Tutor and admitted Lawyer providing senior highschool students with tutoring, career mentoring & coaching around South Brisbane area

I have a deep passion for making real differences in the lives of my students and their learning journey through laser-focused instruction, my watchful eye and customised expertise to benefit students directly and witness their sparks of comprehension; equipping them with critical study skills to become independent lovers of learning.

1st lesson free !

An avid ANU-Law student who'll help you with all your English woes!

I believe in a teaching approach which is highly integrative of the student's thoughts and ideas. At the end of the day, it is the student who must understand and apply what is being taught, so my methodology focuses on teaching students how to THINK like a top english student.

West End
(1 review)
1st lesson free !

University of Queensland Masters student gives writing lessons in Brisbane City. Loves the puns.

Depending on the skill level of the student, I will tailor the lesson to suit the student. This can range from homework to unblocking writer's block. These lessons would be most suitable for: - Completing school tasks; - Starting creative tasks; - Completing essays; - Structuring essays; - Proofreading and editing; and - Brainstorming storylines and foreshadowing.

(2 reviews)
1st lesson free !

Bachelor of Education student teaches English (all levels) to high school and uni students.

I am flexible and can adapt my lessons to my students. I believe that knowledge is power. I like to break work down and do it in steps - I believe this is the best way to learn and remember.

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Perfect! Kirsten is very professional and we are very happy with her work.

Dane, Student
3 months ago
(1 review)

Perfect! Veronica helped me with my resume. She promptly got back to me after I sent her my resume. She helped me with my grammar and sentence structures, and gave me useful comments about how to improve my resume. Highly recommended :)

Pimpisut, Student
8 months ago
(1 review)

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