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Flinders Park
(8 reviews)
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Experienced Primary Teacher giving Maths and English lessons to Primary school students in Adelaide

I've always been a very personable teacher, one who is very approachable and easy to get along with. Students can be relaxed in my presence and they shouldn't feel pressured or anxious about making mistakes. We all make mistakes and that's how we learn and improve.

South Hedland
(1 review)
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School English. A world wide adapatbale language, Methods that change your perspective.

My methods are based on a child’s capabilities. The ability to learn is just important as enjoying. The methods that are used will be remembered for a lifetime. I also implement methods used from my education. I believe encouraging children to find their own methods with suitable guidance.

(1 review)
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English can be easier than what you thought - have a class with me to surprise your teacher!

I typically teach my techniques, go through I structure I prefer and then get the student to recognise these sections in their assessment. Structure is the key, then we can focus on literary and language techniques. I will try my best to teach the student in ways that benefit him/her, as every student learns differently.

Cm loki
(11 reviews)
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Qualified teacher offering literacy development for children and adults specialising in EASL

Using an individualised approach using a Reggio Emilio philosophy of utilising the student's interests in a relaxing and friendly environment. Being bilingual assist me in understanding and empathising with people who need to learn English as a second language.

(4 reviews)
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University Graduate with a Bachelor's Degree majoring in Earth and Environmental Sciences with a minor in English looking to tutor in any related subjects!

Hello! I am a 24 year old American male who graduated from the University of Illinois at Chicago. I majored in Earth & Environmental Sciences and minored in English and am passionate about both subjects. I recently moved to Hobart and would love to gain some more tutoring experience before I return to the States to pursue a master's degree in education. I am patient, easy-going, and friendly.

(3 reviews)
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Master student gives lessons in School English and classic languages (Latin, Ancient Greek)

I have always found didactic teaching in my years of school and university very ineffective. I only understand the use and value of new knowledge if I know how to apply it - through exercises and interactive practice. I will not give monologues to tutoring students, but help them understand what they are learning.

Murrumba Downs
(2 reviews)
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QUT Business and Creative Industries Student offering English lessons to high school students in North Brisbane

My name is Hannah Rothwell and I am first year university student who is offering English tutoring to school students of all ages. My aim is to tailor tutoring sessions to the students individual needs and aid them in reaching there full potential by working with them on basic English, assignment work, oral presentation and exam prep.

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High School English Teacher with Law/Media Degrees teaching in Byron Shire NSW

I base my teaching method on a methodical approach. Initially I will establish a student's ability and identify areas that require attention. Once the foundations are solid I move on to more complex and demanding tasks which I demonstrate and lead the student through making sure that the learning area is completely understood.

Springfield Central
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English/History/Social Sciences/ Humanities Tutor-Final Year Law Student at the University of Southern Queensland, Brisbane/Ipswich

I would like to get to know my student first because that will help me to prepare my lessons.e.g. whether my student can work for a full hour then take a break or whether my student needs a break every 30 minutes. To begin, I would usually start with asking the student if he/she have any homework or assignments that may be due soon so we can work through it.

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(Writing/Reading) Seasoned educator located in Townsville with experience teaching dyslexic and dysgraphic students.

My teaching method depends 100% on the learner. One-on-one tutoring gives a unique opportunity to adapt teaching style over time. In my previous work in Special Education, each of my dyslexic students learned differently. For some, I would display an algebra problem as visual blocks, for others I would take a step-by-step classic approach.

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Struggling with your English. Which areas do you feel you need help(Reading/Listening/Writing/Speaking)? Feel free to ask your RMIT teacher to get the best solutions.

I believe in face to face teaching/one-on-one approach rather than online methods. I feel this would give a more personal touch and get to know people very well. Feel free to approach me with any queries you may have. Your smile is my satisfaction.

Quinns Rocks
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Lady Learning Assistant with experience helping all year levels of school ages.

I prefer to ask the learner questions on the topic to gauge their understanding and lead them on a journey of investigation and discovery. Children learn through many methods but mainly by doing. I enjoy creating hands on activities where there is autonomy for the learner and their curiosity to learn basic concepts of Math and Science.

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PhD student provides English tutoring online to high school and uni students

I know each student learns differently and so my methodology changes from student to student. I am comfortable working with students who struggle, or need a little extra time and assistance. I understand that building confidence in a subject is just as important as teaching the subject itself.

Allen francis
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UniSA Masters Student give English Lessons, for Essays, Oratory Presentations or language improvement

I base my approach on what is the objective. I build smaller goals based on that objective, and attain it one at a time. Though time is of the essence, I believe that when learning is concerned, it is best for it to take time. If an approach doesn't work, I don't force it. Instead, I try a different way.

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Fun, creative and enthusiastic learning aid in English and writing, located in Warradale

I have a very active and energetic teaching methodology. For me it isn't about what you're teaching but who you are teaching, believing that each individual learns and interacts differently depending on their best ability to learn. I am quite a visual learner myself, so my teaching will reflect this. However, I like to get to know an individual before deciding what is best for their learning.

(1 review)
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Friendly and fun help with up to high school level English in Brisbane from a QUT psychology student

My teaching method is friendly and fun! I am not set in any teaching plan - we will find what method suits you best and use that to help you improve. For school settings, I will read through the task sheet and marking rubric to fully understand what your teacher wants before using this to aid in my tutoring.

North Lakes
(1 review)
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UQ Literature student and aspiring author looking to teach English and History

My teaching method is to approach a concept from where the student's understanding is clearest, to build a firm understand from the foundation up. I love empowering students and helping them to realise their own potential, helping to build a brighter future.

St Albans
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Melbourne University student gives English lessons to high school and university students in Melbourne

I tailor my classes to the curriculum of every individual student, working on the key skills and constantly referring to the rubric and criteria.

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Monash literature student gives lessons to high school English and literature students in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs

I like to tailor my lessons to students' needs and individual goals - I am happy to help with homework, clarify school lessons, as well as provide extra relevant texts and resources if students would like.

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PhD in Education, with over 30 years experience tutoring in literacy and numeracy.

I am a mature-aged educator, with a PhD in education. I have taught all school grades from pre-school to Year 12 including Maths to Year 10 and English and History to Year 12. I have also lectured in the VET system. I am persuaded that no learning takes place when children are bored, hungry, tense, upset, or feeling under pressure.

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RMIT graduate gives creative writing lessons to high school and uni students in Melbourne

I want to help my students flourish as creative writers. Together we will work on the essentials of creative writing, such as: brainstorming, plotting, narrative structure, character development, drafting and editing.

(1 review)
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An editor/writer with a BA in Journalism and a Cert IV in training & assessment, here to improve your English skills for high-school or Uni in Brisbane.

Every aspect of English has several different angels from which to explain. Using every angel creates a solid understanding. Not every learner is an auditory learner, I incorporate visual aides wherever possible, and try to relate to the learner through their interests.

St Lucia
(1 review)
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University Student (VHA in English) Providing Tutoring to Primary and Secondary School Students

Struggling with English? I can help! I would base lessons on assignments and exams you are planning for, provide feedback on drafts, explain marking criteria and improve your understand of English as a subject. I will try to make English not seem like a burden, and focus on exploring your own creative style.

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High Achieving past HSC student currently UOW Dean's Scholar tutoring HSC and High School English.

Hi! I'm Mina. I graduated from year 12 in 2015 with an ATAR of 91.85, having studied Advanced English, English Extension 1 and English Extension 2. I currently study a Bachelor of Performance as a Dean's Scholar, with a dedicated academic focus.

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Qualified and registered teacher offering middle/secondary school students English tutoring in Brisbane

Hello! My name is Christine. Originally from Tasmania, I started living and teaching in Brisbane about four years ago. Growing up, English and Chinese have been my favourite subjects and hope to help students make the most of them (or either) as well.

(1 review)
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UWA Undergraduate Student with 98% in ATAR Literature 2017 Offering Primary and Secondary Tutoring

My lessons incorporate the techniques that have helped me as well as what I've learned are the tricks to success in exams. The sessions are very personalised, adapted to the texts students are being taught in their classes and with a strong focus on essay writing, knowledge of literary techniques and efficiency in test taking.

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RMIT Professional Communications student offering English based tutoring to students in Melbourne

Recent High school Graduate with a 40 study score in English. Lessons will be focused on the needs of the individual to ensure that improvements are made in areas that the student needs to focus and improve on the most. Lessons will be approached with various methods that I myself have employed throughout my schooling and found the most effective in improving English based skills.

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Student of Arts at University of Melbourne, recently finished VCE- very friendly and familiar with 3/4 courses

CIARA KIRBY I am a committed, hardworking student with a strong work ethic and friendly attitude. I am currently undertaking a bachelor degree in Arts at the University of Melbourne. I am enthusiastic and very interested in working with students of all year levels to help them achieve their best.

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Reading and writing teacher of Western Sydney who has worked in Oxford with skills in teaching struggling readers and writers (especially boys!) who also writes her own text books.

My lessons are really simple: Reading texts, comprehending them, then answering questions and writing about them. Nice and basic lessons to build the most important skills of English, literature, reading and writing. I also build confidence and self-esteem in my students.

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Study Durham University England, Special needs teacher, Literacy, numeracy and EAL Launceston Tasmania

An experienced teacher in England and Tasmania. I am enthusiastic about teaching students and watching them grow in their educational studies. I try to make my lessons fun and educational at the same time. A relaxed learning environment is important.

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