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Ballarat CentralBallarat East
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Come Sing with me. Singing lessons for all levels. All genres. Ballarat

Sing with me will get you to your full potential in music. Teaching all genres in Voice.20 years experience. Trained at JVC University Australia and Th voice Institute London UK. Diploma of contemporary Music from JVC University Melbourne Australia. Diploma of Voice from The Voice Institute London UK.

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Talented underground bilingual musician across social media platform 500k views 56 countries

Supportive and understating towards ppl, I dont judge ppl, I respect ppl, Show ppl all kinds of rap from all countries, teach ppl to be creative and patience, nothing happens overnight, Im in it for the long term not just short term and i will do everything i can to bring out the best in ppl, by means things that ppl never knew that they've got it, from music to food to business etc.

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Music Performance certified student giving singing lessons for all ages in Melbourne

My teaching method differs on the needs of the students. Starting with vocal exercises to warm up the larynx, I will then go through various songs and provide positive and constructive feedback, formulate plans for achieving their vocal goals and teach stage fright strategies and performance techniques.

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This all abourt music rap writing them bars ,flow ,rhymes and punchlines

First finding the beat Second writing words down Third do it again Fourth writing rhymes Last but not least flow

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Lessons of Singing (opera, rock, pop, or reggae), of Rap or Beatbox

Are you a beginner, a professional amateur or a professional looking for new techniques? With me, you will be able to: - Explore and master the vocal techniques of lyric singing, rock, pop, reggae, rap and beatbox. - Understand what is happening in your body when you produce sounds (diaphragm, larynx, vocal cords and resonators in the mouth and nose).

Mira Bhayandar
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Student in bscit and practicing rapping from past 3 year's in mira bhayander

I prefer subjective and i expain and make understand how to become creative a lyricist and inspiration and a better person with communication skills and how to convey a message and i take classes student wise

Los Angeles
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Concert pianist with over 15 years of experience gives piano lessons and music theory at home, online, and/or YOUR location!

- Happy, friendly, people person. - Associate in Arts (AA) in Keyboard Technology - Years of education and playing experience in piano. - Offers a variety of approaches towards concepts regarding to piano playing and music theory. - Covers different subjects, with the end result of simultaneously relating each subject for maximum effectiveness.

Jamie-guitar/vocal coach at francejam music
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Vocal Coaching in Bexley and South East London from Jamie at Francejam music

Hi my name is Jamie.I run FranceJam Music,Specialising in Guitar/Drums/Vocal coaching/Bass Guitar/Ukulele and music production check website for full details. (concealed information) 15 years experience in the music industry.my lessons are fun,engaging and rewarding.

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RAP / Hip-Hop tuition by student from Hamburg for anyone who is interested.

I'm making my lesson free. We would just have fun together and pick beats we like. We would then write texts together on these beats and I would explain you little tricks and rhyme structures. It will make you fun.

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Young Vocalist wanting to help people find there voice, and them selfs

Before Teaching a client, I must understand the client; for the client to understand my work is 'working' for ones self.

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Learn Vocal Singing and Rap Online from experts - Check out Musein to know more

We're an online learning platform for creatives in Music and Film.

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Vocal coach, and empower with 20+ years experience teaches with a twist.

I am a British, International student in the USA, who has been singing since I could stand practically. I believe that with a voice your life can become more powerful, and learning how to make this happen must be fun filled.

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Music enthusiast wants to learn the basics to high in case of singing , this is the place you can trust upon. Regular classes and fixed timings. #Sing your words.

I will teach my student on repetition basis, until and unless they could not exactly recognize of what syllabus and which topic they are reading , the topic gets repeated. There will be one theory class and related to that 3 to 4 practical class.

Fort Sill
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Offering Rap and Poetry lessons I have 4 years of experience

I prefer hands on. If you're having trouble finding words that rhyme or if you can't get the rhythm down then I would talk to them and ask if they've used a rhyming dictionary or suggest them rapping it a Capella first before finding a beat. Finding your voice is also very important. They just need to find their style, and I will help them.

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Music theory, music reading, voice, and instrumental lessons everything you need to start writing songs in the bay area

I am a high school graduate who for four years went to Oakland School for the Arts. At this school, I was part of the vocal emphasis which allowed me to take 1 year of song writing, 3 years worth of classes in music theory, and 4 years of musical solo rep (which is learning how to sing in all different types of genres.)well as one year worth of music history.

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Professional vocal tutor with over 20 years teaching experience. Lessons are fun, practical and personal.

My method is tailor made and personal to your needs. I work holistically and have a keen focus on breath work, as I am a qualified yoga teacher and this is a passion of mine. My lessons are fun, practical and relevant.

1st lesson free !

Happy to help you writing rap or poems Specializing in variation in flow

I like to break down popular songs or poems etc.

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Musical minded singer,guitarist and poet looking to teach from 10 years +

My teaching method varies depending on what students want to leave so anywhere from basic guitar to advanced poetry and singing lessons

1st lesson free !

Den is Here to tesch Hip Hop to you guys lets do it

My teaching methodoly is like this I cover the whole elements of hip hop From the history to the wordplay Rhyming schemes to rhyming pattern

1st lesson free !

A Hip-Hop Artist offering an individually catered growth and guidance program for any aspiring musicians,artists and writers, 10+ YEARS INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE "BUILD YOUR DREAM FROM THE GROUND UP"

Each lesson is individually catered to each student/group of students allowing a personal and more insightful methodology of teaching,whether it be starting from top , the mechanics and skill honing to advanced advice and mentoring support.

1st lesson free !

"BILZ" INSTITUTE OF" MUSIC- ACADEMY" Let's begin the work And publish ur talent

My teaching method is dependent on the students mental capacity And how much the student gain in a regular class and how much he achieved

Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar
1st lesson free !

Student in electronics gives tuition in effective rhyming skills in music .

My teaching method is based on first hand interaction i let students have the will and freedom to express views

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Rap writing 101 by London rapper ghostwriter learn complex rhyme schemes

You will learn complex rhyme schemes using multi-syllables. Learn to write meaningful and relevant rhymes. Learn techniques used by rap legends. Improve your delivery, flow, and style. You will have a greater understanding of rap and you will see improvements immediately.

1st lesson free !

Music for everyone . Jazz, rap, hip hop and dance :) music is life

My teaching methods are working as a team as well as independently. Music comes from YOUR HEART!!! Enjoy it .

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Professional Singer/Front Woman teaches voice and performance lessons - pop / rock / jazz / blues / alternative

Each student is different so the first class is about setting goals and making sure we're on the same page about what you want out of our lessons. From there, I will develop a plan that incorporates warm ups, techniques and emotionality/performance skills.

Shaquille m.
1st lesson free !

Boston Ma, Hip-hop artist/Song Writer Of 14 years ; extraordinary composer.

My method is to progressively learn and to provide an understanding of the culture and literature, through rhythm and poetry.

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Fifteen years of writing, interpretation in the world of Rap, offers individual or group intervention in Poitiers and surroundings.

The Rap is not a classic subject as can be math or Spanish, the course of a course is different and will depend totally on your expectations, your desires. I apply easy and fun techniques to understand how rhymes, style effects, how to interpret a text, and how to manage your breath and posture.

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Learn how to freestyle rap and structure your rhymes with flow and delivery.

It's very simple, clear your mind and train yourself with me to focus on the moment.

1st lesson free !

I'll teach you everything about rap music everything. Bcoz am a professional rap artist.

I can teach you what ever u wanna learn, like mumble rap, angry rap, cool rap, sad rap etc.

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