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Baulkham Hills
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Experienced Mathematics and Computer Science Tutor in The Hills Helps School and Uni Students Succeed.

I have been a private tutor for a number of years. I believe that the vast majority of students can achieve much more than they believe possible in Mathematics and Computer Science. The main reasons students struggle are: 1) Some assumed knowledge or understanding is missing - I assist the student to identify it and provide it.

Wiley Park
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A post graduate engineer from University of Salford United Kingdom, teaching tution at school level

I am friendly. Adopt different procedures to make any topic understandable for students. Able to study the psychology of students and then adopt procedure accordingly.

Gordon Park
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More than 5 year experienced tutor providing Physics and Mathematics lessons for grade 7 to grade 12

My teaching strategies include constructivism. I teach my students through real life experiences. It helps me to enhance their curiosity. I always prepare my lesson plan before session. I divide my lesson plans in three parts initially I review previous knowledge then I start new concept.

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Vishak, Electronics and Communication Engineer passionate in teaching Physics lessons in Adelaide

My Flow of teaching would be 1. To understand the concept and fundamentals first. 2. Provide practical examples or relevant use cases of the topics covered. 3. Visualize an image about the theory part covered and correlate with real life scenarios. Objective: To achieve good collaboration between teacher and student.

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Highly experienced and qualified tutor/lecturer at your service right here in Melbourne!

I had been a teacher since year 2005. Was a Lecturer, tutor, teacher, and Principal. My focus is towards Mathematics and Science; capitalising on my first degree in Civil Engineering. Had been certified by University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (ULCES) to conduct classes for Cambridge Physics. My other qualification is Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching.

Kearneys Spring
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A former Naval Officer and Private School teacher gives Physics coaching and ADFA entry guidance.

I have used the principle of High School Physics in the real world driving ships, firing missiles, avoiding collisions, communicating, navigating and surveying at sea and on land. I have also taught Physics to many students who have gone on to join ADFA, fly jets and drive ships. Solving Physics problems is like a game. Games are fun when you know the rules and strategies to follow.

Lenah Valley
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Math, Science and more. Experienced tutor; graduate in science; masters in marine biology.

I teach through engagement, inclusiveness of students and acceptance of their questions and ideas. We learn much better when we are having fun and asking our own questions. Hone the basics! Many of us have difficulty with math, science or English, because we haven't nailed the basics. Identifying gaps in basics, and warming up with basics for each lesson gives immediate and long term benefits.

Carina Heights
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(Year 1 Uni Lvl and Below) Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Assistance. Taught via video, audio, or text.

I am geared towards anyone studying from any year 11 student and below. It is likely that the lessons provided will be daily lessons primarily through audio or text feeds. I believe that every individual is different in the way they learn. As such, time will be spent with the individual specifically to maximise their learning efficiency according to their needs.

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Postgraduate Maths, Physics and Science experienced tutor available for year 7 to H.SC

I am Postgraduate experience tutor, can help up to unit 3 HSC Maths and Physics, I try to clear and strengthen concepts and make sure that it develops interests for students.

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A PhD (Engineering) and Master’s graduate who had been a lecturer and tutor at a university

I did laboratory demonstrations and supported students effectively solve problems through tutorials. In the roles I did prepare lecture and presented my Lectures to up to 300 students at Deakin University. As a trainer at Ozford college, I did training to International students enrolled for the Diploma of Information Technology from 2009-2010.

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Learn physics and math more tactfully than you think by me and online. I have thought physics for 19 years.

My teaching method is different as regards the subject. I'm helping to make fascinating trivia and film shows and sometimes related games. I believe that the teacher must be creative and at first he must be able to communicate with the student.

Notting Hill
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"Key to solve Maths problems with four year experienced home tuition teacher"

I have done my graduation in sciences. The lessons that i give on each topic are quite elaborated and easy to understand. Philosophy behind the lesson is just to make a clear picture of the topic so that every student can understand.

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ANU Physics Researcher give Physics and Math lessons to high school and Uni students

For physics and Math lessons I usually introduce the idea or concept to the student, mostly I relate the application it has in their day to day life. Then the student is introduced to problem solving techniques in that particular topic.

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Research Scholar at the University of Adelaide working on research on the Dark Energy, proficient in Maths and Physics

Science is a lifestyle. Don't be afraid of science don't skip it instead learn it, That's only the way how you can get rid of it. I can make you learn how to do science.

St James
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I can give physics lessons to high school students and university students. I have four years of teaching experience.

I am a self motivated and hard working person. My teaching method is very innovative and practical. My students always enjoy my teaching methods. Students are always attracted towards my teaching strategies because my lesson plans are very innovative and creative.

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PHD student in engineering/robotics/artificial intelligence gives tutoring to students in Maths, Science, Physics, Computer,Engineering subjects

My teaching method involves explaining the cookout to the student using various examples so that it is easily understood by the student. If there is any difficulty in understanding a concept, explain it patiently to the student using examples.

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A TUTOR FULL OF EXPERIENCE gives maths and physics tutoring in wyndham vale


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A Postdoc in Physics with over 10 years of tutoring and research experience

My lessons emphasise on student engagement and learning. I assess the student on the basis of his/her engagement, level and plan my lessons accordingly. At the end of a session, the student should feel confident and is encouraged to clarify queries to enhance learning.

East Brisbane
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Science teacher passionate about teaching everyday science, feel satisfied with clearing concepts.

I try to do home work or research for the topic i am going to start at school. My teaching pattern is starting from the group discussion which gradually follow to the topic student are going to learn. I always try to engage each kids so they do not get bored and always try to make topic interesting as much as can do.

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Qasim Ali Hashmi, Chemistry and sciences lecturer in Sydney NSW. 6 years experience

providing reading lists before classes start using a variety of teaching methods making lecture notes available before lectures clearly identifying key ideas in lectures and assignments drawing on the students’ own experiences being flexible with assessment methods setting clear expectations.

Queens Park
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UWA microbiology/maths student teaching maths to high school/uni students in Perth anywhere.

I would first go over the concept, explain why it is the way it is. Once that is grasped, I'll show the students how the relevant questions look like and will do a couple, with the students observe the method. Once that is over and done with comes the questions that they have to fill out. I'll be providing a lot of exam questions because that is how I learnt how to do maths.

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Physics and Mathematics graduate available to help with school physics and math

I am mature, patient post graduate student in physics with a passion for teaching. I have a relaxed style of teaching and use creative methods to bring ideas and concepts across. My lessons are mostly question/problem driven but I also like to discuss the theory and perhaps introduce a simple experiment or two.

Upper Plenty
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1st lesson free !

Physics graduate with teachers accreditation offering expert instruction in maths and physics.

I teach by motivating my students to work hard on appropriate tasks and challenges, through carefully picking the right assignments and giving my students pride in their own abilities.

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PhD holder in applied physics in Melbourne, I teach all physical subjects.

I have so effective and brilliant teaching method which makes the complex problem to be very simple and understandable. I developed my teaching method through out the 20 years of experience applied for more than 1000 students in different levels.

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WACE PHYSICS tutor giving lessons in Perth WA with over 700hrs experience

Physics is a subject that involves concepts that can be unintuitive. This is why early foundational steps must be taken to grow a "physics" mindset. I provide students with the best way to learn physics (and math methods) using a range of teaching and mentoring techniques that I have discovered over my 2.5 years experience tutoring.

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Experienced high school teacher guides senior high school and first year university students in chemistry

My name is Laszlo. I am your guide who tries to give sense to the laws and principles in chemistry. Our studies are connected to our everyday experiences and observations. You are provided worksheets and demonstrating videos for establishing the reasons why we study chemistry. Our tutor section is a dialog.

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I had given lectures on various topics of Physics including Optics,Electromagnetism,Thermodynamics and was successful to maintain the academic excellence through quality education.

Since Physics is a practical based subject, I gave my tutorial classes based on various experimental works rather than focusing students on theoretical classes. Students loved to be present in my tutorial classes and also loved to involved in the experimental works given to them.

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Curtin biomedical masters student gives lessons in biology chemistry physics and primary level maths to school and uni students.

I have completed my bachelors of biotechnology (Hons) with 82 percent aggregate and have won many academic awards throughout my school live. My lectures are available for students who find it difficult to understand or implement the concepts of subject or cultivate interest in it.

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French Engineering Postgraduate Student at UniMelb teaching Maths and Science in Melbourne

When I teach Maths and Science, I always check what the student know of the lesson, and then prefer practising immediatly with exercises of incremental difficulty. I always want people to understand what they do and not repeat schemes so I prefer taking time on the exercises to make sure they perfectly understand.

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