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Information Technology Student at JCU - willing to share my programming knowledge with other uni or high school students!

My lessons will be better suited to people that are: - New to programming - New to a programming language - Struggling with understanding a programming concept - Stuck on a programming assignment - Looking to find new or better ways to code In the average lesson I will first understand your problem or the goal that you want to achieve.

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Experienced in Python, C/C++, Pointers, JS/HTML, Design patterns. Serving clients in WA, SA, VIC, and QLD.

I can teach using both ground up (fundamentals) or top down (overview) approach. Assignment-based, exam-based or just conceptual - all these are possible. Live code editing, flowchart & diagrams, conceptual sketch and visualisation from A to Z.

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Do you need lessons on C, Python, Matlab, linux and Arduino? As a QUT Electrical Engineering student I can help you in Brisbane.

I customise my teaching method based on the student's ability and time. In general my teaching method is hands on, where I first define the programming terms to be used and followed by the practical applications to navigate the program. For advanced students I troubleshoot any problems that they might come up with.

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I am a qualified Secondary Teacher and have recently completed a contract teaching Business Managment and ICT to years 7-12.

I try to make my lessons relevant to the real world. I do this my using examples from my extensive professional IT experience. I like using group learning and partnering in the classroom, as this is often the way that the "real world" works and students seem to respond to sharing their insights and skills.

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Robotics Engineering student with 5+ years of programming and engineering experience available to teach programming.

Teaching is a special skill that can be acquired only if one tries to understand how people learn new concepts. All through my life, I have taught people in different ages, experience and knowledge levels. The trick is to observe how you learn a new concept yourself. I tailor my lessons according the students' capabilities, using right examples and visualisation techniques, and other aspects.

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Master of Software Engineering student with industry experience @ UniMelb exploring ways of programming with you!! :D

Simple real world examples to explain and simple exercises to put the theory to practice.

Croydon Park
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Masters Student at University of South Australia teaching mathematics, python,data structure and big data.

My teaching method is simple. I introduce a topic by showing applications of the topic and then dive deep into methodology with examples and problems.

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University of Melbourne Masters' student giving online and private Computer Science lessons

I base my class on powerpoint presentations, white board and quizzes and revisions. I make sure I make power point presentations for the topic that is going to be covered. I also make sure the classes are very interactive so that the student feels comfortable to ask questions and clear doubts.

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Get started with programming - learn from my 30 years of industry experience

I typically deliver customised content to small groups. I gauge the background and experience of my students and then tailor the material delivery to suit. I normally use white boarding and diagrams to convey the technical concepts, then jump in to the hands-on training.

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Curtin Analytics student with strong background in Programming languages gives programming lessons

I am a cheerful and enthusiastic person. Education filled with hard work and surprises is what I believe. Engaging students in different activities related to subject and setting short goals are important to keep them motivated and help in achieving long term goals.

Surrey Hills
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Computer Science Major Student from Denison University in the United States. Currently working as peer tutor teaching in Computer Science during semester.

If you are taking a intro course, I'm pretty sure I can answer and teach you everything you want to know about Computer Science. I will try my best to help you get a good grade. During a session, I will go through the basic concepts you are learning first. Then, I will give some example exercises to make sure you understand it.

Macquarie Park
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Learn how to program from a software engineer and postgrad student of cybersecurity!

A typical lesson will explain the fundamental concepts and theory followed by practical implementation. Being a firm believer of practice-based learning, you will also be assigned programming tasks by the end of each lesson that you will be expected to complete. Overall, a very hands-on and practical approach will be used to deliver the course content.

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Learn latest technologies and programming first hand from an industry expert with global expirience

My classes are based on a real world problem and how to architect an end-to-end solution for the problem using advance technologies and programming languages.

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Aerospace Engineer Offering Tutoring Service for Mathematics, Engineering Studies, Physics. Our teaching methods are adaptive to the student's learning style.

Setting clear objectives for every lesson. All theories are accompanied with detailed examples from basic to advanced. As we truly believe the best way to learn is through examples.

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Computer Programming, the foundations and getting up to speed in Wagga Wagga

I base my classes in structured tutorials with lots of hand on practice using Object Oriented Programming. I always make the student learning experience a priority so that the learner enjoys while learning new skills and use material that is relevant to the student needs.

Springfield Lakes
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Award Winning UQ ComputerScience student gives Programming lessons to HS/Uni students in Brisbane

I try to grasp my students' current standing with their subject, to fully empathise with whatever difficulties they may be facing. I then create meticulously planned personalised exercises to help with the particular issue, and then help students connect it with the broader scope of the subject so that they have a full understanding. I also believe that practice makes perfect...

Denistone West
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K-6 Primary School Technology Teacher highly qualified in all Future focussed learning

My pedagogy is not to unnecessarily waste students time . To facilitate their learning and create higher order thinking skills that develop critical and creative knowledge then give them the confidence to apply this to real world experiences that leads to future careers.

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Muttaz (Computer Engineering) - Tutor Computer Programming and Digital Logic design In Wollongong areas

My teaching method base on two simple phases; a deep understanding is my first phase, and moving from simple to complex is the second phase. In addition, my goal is to improve student self-dependent study and enhancing problem-solving skills.

Harrington Park
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CTO of BeacoHealth gives you the power to succeed in computer science

Flexibility is the key methodology to teaching students. The greatest issue the educational system has with teaching, is that it assumes that every student's learning style is the same, and so they teach every student only 1 particular way. Einstein further illustrates my point with an analogy "Everybody is a Genius.

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Software professional Happy to help in programming and make learning fun .

I believe that anyone can learn programming. Our approach must be flexible. Start slow but strong. Once the fundamentals are clear there is huge opportunity to explore more. I also believe in iteration. Lessons learnt must be brushed up regularly to give a strong command.

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Edith Cowan University student giving python programming lessons and Cyber security related subjects.

I start form basics and then advances step by step to give deep understanding of concept that can be stored for long term memory use. Most of the lessons require the student to perform different tasks while learning for better understanding.

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Engineering/Physics graduate able to teach Maths, Physics, Engineering Studies and basic programming.

I do my best to ensure students gain a good understanding of the topic they are studying and are comfortable applying this knowledge to solve related problems. I also like to encourage students to draw diagrams as I believe visualising a problem is an important step towards solving it.

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Learn python + pyglet through game development. Develop an idea from gameplay loop to game loop.

The teacher/student dialogue works best when both sides understand one another, and when the teacher is flexible to the needs of the particular student. That said, I prefer to teach using examples (and will be using examples from games I have coded).

King River
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UTAS Engineering Honours graduate with an ATAR of 99.8 teaches up to graduate english, maths, science and AI

My method is give clarify feedback on schoolwork, Set up procedural guidelines to ensure a single method can be followed in any discipline to achieve top results, I set out practice sheets to ensure the full extent of the course material is covered by the guiding principles, And then create flash cards for "practice, practice, practice", so the student can quiz themselves on the skills most...

Queanbeyan East
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PhD graduate in Computer Science from the UNSW teach computer science and mathematics

I try utmost to propagate the joy of understanding something from myself to my students. I call it the "eye lit up" moment. -> use prepared slides. -> use whiteboard. -> use pen and paper -> happy to sit with you, unless you understand the materials.

Oakleigh East
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I am a student in Monash University pursuing master's in Data science

My teaching methodology is explaining from basic by giving real time examples and comparing them. So that a student can understand and relate them. I will not only give the student a bookish knowledge but also from the real time examples.

Wyndham City
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Swinburne PhD Student with 10 years of experience giving Computer Science/programming lessons with real time applications

My lessons are mainly tailored to the intellect of the students. I believe in a student centered philosophy which emphasizes hands on learning and students actively participating in lessons. My primary aim is to reduce the gap the between industry and a student .

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ANU Masters students give maths and programming lessons to high school students

I teach math from the basics so can help clear the foundations from the ground up. My computer programming lessons are practical. The practical learning is the best way to learn programming languages. Math is important in day to day life.

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Programming made easy with practical explanation, in deapth understanding and efficient coding.

Lessons are intended to make students code efficiently by incorporating algorithmic techniques. Teaching is done topic wise. There will be a question and answer session in every lesson, to make sure student doesn't have any misunderstanding of the concepts. Students have to be passionate and consistent with their learning, there will be assignments to work with.

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Computer lessons given by RMIT master of data science student having 2 years of experience with Multinational IT organization

I would prefer to teach by student-centered approach where student and teacher play equal role in the learning process. However, I can change it based on student's adaptability and learning approach. By measuring student learning approach, I model teaching model.

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Perfect! the best teacher ever! I've hired Lydia as soon as I got a reply which was almost instant. I have engaged her in a weekly tutoring on python since then. I intend to continue for a while. Lydia's is highly competent and knows a lot about programming!

Gayan, Student
2 months ago
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