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UNE med student in Armidale keen to tutor IB psychology to High School students

My tutoring methods are catered to the individual or group and their needs. I am able to help the student work through coursework and answer any questions they may have, provide structured lessons that help focus students and allow them to look ahead, or develop creative and fun ways to approach the subject of IB psychology.

Southern River
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Murdoch Nursing Student give Psychology lessons to high school students in Perth

I am a very enthusiastic and passionate psychology lover, and I enjoy both learning and teaching psychology. I am competent in both year 11 and year 12 psychology and I understand that psychology is a subject that requires active interaction and visual representation.

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Psychology graduate giving lessons to high school and university students in Perth

I have recently completed a double major in Psychology and am now completing my Honours year in the same subject. I give one on one lessons explaining concepts and generally studied topics in high school and undergraduate psychology and can help with exam preparation and proof reading. Students can let me know what they need help with and I will tailor lessons to suit this.

Pacific Pines
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Recent graduate of Bachelor of Psychology with Honours, available to students on the Gold Coast, South Brisbane or via Skype.

I tend to focus on the problem areas a student may require an extra bit of help with. Otherwise, I like to start with the overarching concepts of a theory and when that's covered, delve into the intricacies and tricky bits.

Bedford Park
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Flinders University Student offers Psychology tutoring and lessons to secondary students in Adelaide.

I base my sessions on working on the focus areas identified by my student. A lesson structure might look like identifying a specific area my student would like to focus on further developing. Furthermore, I would spend the larger part of the lesson providing support materials and short activities that help guide my student's thinking in a direction that is useful and valuable to their studies.

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Flinders University Psychology and Criminology student offering help in high school Psychology

I try to adapt my teaching methods to help accommodate the student. Everyone learns and understands things in different ways and I think it is important to cater to these learning needs. Flexibility is crucial when trying to help someone learn and reach their full potential.

Templestowe Lower
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Masters of Psychology student gives effective & engaging social science lessons (psychology & sociology) to high school and Undergraduate University students.

Using a collaborative approach, I ensure that I impart to my students the important information or knowledge relevant to the subject matter. I teach at a pace that is suited to each individual student, and I make sure to check for understanding of a particular topic or concept before moving onto the next part of the lesson. My lessons will be guided by mutually agreed clear lesson goals.

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First-year Deakin University Arts student, tutor for Psychology, History, and personal development

I am a very descriptive tutor, in that I like to explain concepts and ideas as clear as possible, with the aid of visual materials (PowerPoints, diagrams etc.). I am also a big believer in collaborative learning, and love to use services such as Kahoot and Menti to encourage others to express what they have learnt.

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High-achieving final year Psychology student (University of Adelaide) teaches psychology to students around Adelaide CBD or north-eastern suburbs

My teaching style draws from evidence-based learning strategies, including personalised anecdotes, memory links and immediate application of content. Sessions are flexible and can be directed towards assignments or exam revision. Sessions will end with study/productivity tips and/or career advice if desired.

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JCU Psychology Student located in Townsville Who Tutors in Humanities and social sciences

Believing that students are the solution and have the answers that others seek rather than a problem that needs to be addressed is the main foundation in the way I would tutor.

Shenton Park
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IB Graduate tutoring high school students in Psychology in Perth, Western Australia

My first priority is to establish the level of the student and evaluate what kind of learner they are. At the beginning of each of my lesson I quickly review the previous lesson and then ease into new material, while checking for understanding throughout. At the end of my lesson, I send my student off knowing that they can do the work.

Manifold Heights
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Highly experienced Psychology tutor with a perfect study score of 50 offering tutoring in Melbourne

My teaching method is very student-centered and collaborative. I base my lessons on rich discussion between my student and myself, determining each student's individual learning needs. This allows me to assist individual students based on their current needs and development in the subject.

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University Graduate in Pakenham happy to tutor children in primary school or students in high school/Uni who need extra help in psychology.

My teaching method is based on wanting children to enjoy learning. The best way to do this is with younger kids to create games that will help them learn or offer little rewards. With students in high school or uni the best way to help them learn is through application.

Colonel Light Gardens
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International Baccalaureate graduate intending to give Psychology SL or HL students lessons.

I base my teaching method on one-on-one scripted sessions; I also provide worksheets and practice exams to be completed independently or together if preferred to assist in ensuring the knowledge sticks. I have a passion for the topics I teach, and hope I can inspire it in the students also.

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Murdoch Psychology Honours student gives lessons in psychology, journalism, and all humanities.

Learning should never be about feeling completely locked down in a space that makes you feel trapped. People learn best when they are engaged. Talking about an idea to the extent that it becomes a natural conversation is something that I value.

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Curtin Psychology Student give Psychology and English lessons to Primary or High School Students

I am offering tutoring in Gosnells and surrounding areas. If you are a WACE student studying Psychology or English, then I can help you understand concepts and improve your writing skills. For younger students, I am available to help with English, especially reading comprehension skills. I would tailor the tutoring to work on what you require.

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Psychology graduate Adelaide University giving psychology lessons to high school students Adelaide

My name's Nam and I'm currently studying a masters in teaching. My curriculum for each student would vary due to the fact that not every student seeks a tutor for the same reason. For students looking to improve their knowledge, I would provide extracurricular tasks as well as revise their current workload with them.

Mount Clear
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Offering tutoring for VCE Psychology in Ballarat. I recently graduated in 2018 and received a 40 study score in this subject.

In 2018 I thoroughly enjoyed Psychology, however I never found it to be the easiest subject. I often needed that extra help to fully understand the many concepts in VCE Psychology, and understand that this is the reality for many students. Psychology is an extremely broad and interesting subject. However, it is very content heavy.

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University of Adelaide student offering engaging and interesting history lessons in Adelaide

History has become an ever important topic in recent history, engaging students through social media and television whilst engaging them in theory work is vital. Practical and theoretical components. Relating to students and providing a fun yet informative experience is important to me.

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Ivy League Graduate from New York shares love of Social Sciences in Melbourne

I am very dedicated to finding an individual study plan for each of my students. I use a casual, down to earth approach to help students to develop their study, writing and learning skills. I am quite bubbly and energetic, and am very passionate about sociology.

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UWA Psychology Student providing tutoring sessions to high school students in Perth

I base my teaching specifically on the SCSA syllabus. I have created study guides that I base my teaching around in order to ensure the student is fully aware of what they do and do not need to learn, teaching this content in the way they learn best so that they can ace their WACE exams.

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Need help with Psychology? Bachelor of Psychology student tutor Yr 11's and 12's in Knox area

I will most likely base my lesson structures off what students are learning that week. I will ask what your topic is, do some revision myself before the session so I am prepared. We will sit down and go through the basics, if you have any other questions we will cover those as well. I will make sure the lesson covers only what you need to know.

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UWA Neuroscience/Psych Science student tutoring ATAR Psychology & Human Biology in Perth WA

When tutoring, I aim to offer a deeper understanding of the content in these ATAR courses, in order to ensure you will be able to answer any WACE question with confidence.

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Humanities Teacher- Recent graduate from the University High School tutoring High School students in Melbourne!

My tutoring technique begins with identifying my student's strong point for learning, whether that be using visual or auditory memory tools. I will never use ROTE learning for content, and prefer to use SRS learning (Spaced Repetition System, or consistent recall), combined with the use of mnemonics, rhymes and other techniques which utilise the brain's most sensitive learning methods.

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Third Year Flinders University Psychology (Honours) student gives Psychology and Humanities-type lessons

I base my lessons on what needs to be done for the student to succeed at that current moment.

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University Lecturer in Gippsland who can assist with high school or university level sociology

I can assist with essay writing, referencing, note-taking and research as well as understanding the various social theorists and their application.

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A doctorate student willing to mentor individuals seeking skilled knowledge of human behavior

My teaching method is collaborative and supportive. I like to work with students who are open to learning and exploring, they should be willing to ask questions and put forward their perspectives and how they see the relevant topic. I can conduct classes one on one or in group sessions also depending upon the need of individuals and topic at hand.

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Bachelor of Psychology with good practical knowledge looking to teach high school or university psychology in perth, WA

My teaching method is based on the philosophy that i dont want you to need me there. I believe in helping a student become self sufficient and able to work things out for themselves once we've got a good base understanding going. I want to help my students get a good understanding and able to apply that wherever they need to,not just to continually need lessons.

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Psychologist providing tutoring in psychology and counselling skills to high school and university students in South Australia - face to face, Skype and online tutoring available

My lessons are personalised, focusing on drawing out my student's personal strengths and abilities whilst building skills to be able to achieve the student's academic goals. I will work with you to help you to thoroughly understand the requirements of your topics, and teach you the critical thinking and study skills to help you succeed, now and in the future.

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Australian Catholic Education student gives tutoring to primary and high school students

My teaching method is based on various theorists ideas and analysis. I want my students to enjoy the subject rather than doing it for the sake of doing it. It is very crucial for a child to learn when they want to .

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