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South Toowoomba
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Audrinna Sundas was teaching English and general knowledge to grade 2 and 3 for about 6 months.

I am very practical person. I focus more on understanding rather than just teaching and listening. I use different methods for teaching like: games, outdoor activities, visual understanding, computer, and videos. I use to have 40 minute class and I had 30 minute teaching and 10 minute for activities.

Sunshine West
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Dedicated Psychology Teacher who believes that every student must understand the importance of psychology in their everyday lives. Adept at creating engaging lesson plans working with students having

My approach for teaching is very burden free for students. I prefer teacher by giving everyday examples. I prefer teaching according to lessons and with ease. Extremely active in the community and use that involvement in lesson plans. I am confident that my expertise and strategic thinking will be a great help to you.

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Located in Warrnambool. Graduated psychology degree and honours program with distinctions average.

Inquiry based, personalised to the student. Thought provoking and facilitating, information is retained best when the student enjoys learning or finds the topic interesting.

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Professional doctor qualified with behavioural management with knowledge about child psychology and lessons abot various stages of development of child

Behavioural management Theories of development Various stages of development Dental needs for kids Emergency management for various conditions Management of specially abled children

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Current psychology student in university and previously completed early childhood education and childcare

My name is marina I am 23, born and raised in Australia speak English fluently, also speak Arabic. I am currently doing a degree in social science psychology and criminology, I previously completed a diploma in early childhood. I am enthusiastic, i have great tutoring skills and know how to get a point across for students to understand I am motivational and determined.

Brisbane City
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I can give lessons to high school, vocational education and training students and Uni students who are studying in the field of Teacher Education and/or Early Childhood Education. I can also teach Eng

I am a teacher by profession. I have teaching experience for more than ten years now. I have taught all levels, from early childhood education to high school and middle school to university students and postgraduate students. Teaching is my passion.

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Early Childhood Educator and patchwork family mother of 5 gives professional and personal advise on how to deal with the wonderful madness of parenthood and work with developing humans .

Individually created lessen just for you and your besties. Do you have a topic you are interested let me know and I will propose a setting that is appropriate. From one on one baby bath lesson to a cooking for picky teens course with your girlfriends. I don't mind if it's one person or 4 as long as it's appropriate.

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Nurse with Bachelor of Science in Marriage and Family Studies Offering Prenatal, Birth and Parenting Help

I am a very flexible teacher who likes to base my instruction around the needs of the student that I am supporting. We all needed different things, and none of us learn exactly the same way! I prefer to use as many visual aides in my classes as possible so that people can associate their learning with a permanent representation. I also encourage my students to write and speak as much as possible.

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I am a Childbirth Educator and a Newborn Care Specialist who would love to share my passion for Birth and Newborn Care with you.

I use,icebreaker activities, games, short videos, pictures, flash cards and question and answer sessions as well as feed back discussions.

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Qualified, experienced and professional graduate offering childcare and psychology tutoring in Kent

My teaching method is positive, supportive and encourages all individuals to be curious and confident learners. My experience caring for and teaching babies, children and mothers/parents means I am an adaptable and flexible tutor and I always have complete respect and empathy for learners of all ages, needs and learning styles.

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Health and sciences related and social care subjects, English and basic maths

Qualified nurse midwife, lecturer and writer, I have vast and varied experience of health and social care. I am also a qualified basic skills tutor. My teaching approach is to simplify complex mathematical conceptual ideas with poetry and especially designed materials taught one to one.

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Tutor offering online Parenting Programmes; Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder; Think Family; Domestic Abuse and much more. I am based in Leicester, have over 12 years experience of training, tutoring a

I use differentiation within my teaching methods and base my classes on an eclectic array including; deligatory, facilitator, demonstrator and hybrid. This depends upon learner needs and subject matter being delivered. Basically I like to think any lessons I deliver are learner centred.

Navi Mumbai
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Psychology is branch from where every one falls so they need is moral support which provided here

Psychology- if no one wants to listen we will alwys be ther to listen you.Proper moral support is provided. Good For stressed or broken people share their thought and we will hear you.

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Housewife inchrompet Chennai and interested in taking classes for nursing and emergency medicine subjects

My teaching methods is two way communication with example and demonstration.

Fort Scott
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All About Breastfeeding: Is It For You and How To Be Successful

Breastfeeding does not always come natural. Even though our bodies were made to feed, many women struggle with getting started or reaching there goals. As much as we hear about breastfeeding in the media, is it right for you and your baby? These lessons are designed to educate on the benefits as well as the struggles that come with breastfeeding and how to overcome them.

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Integral Education & Self-development Facilitator gives lessons in Integral Approach to Parenting

I base my classes on Integral Education approach as explicated by Sri Aurobindo & The Mother. I focus on Practice rather than only concepts. I design the classes based on the needs of the participants and make the learning experiential.

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Nurse/mom gives childbirth and baby care lessons for expecting/new parents in Orillia and area

My teaching methods are providing information, and options - because not the same thing works for every momma or every baby. What makes me special a teacher/tutor is my first hand knowledge, non-judgemental attitude, and open-mind. I encourage asking questions and trying to problem solve on your own first.

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MAKATON Sign Language for Parents & Professionals around South West area - Help a child communicate effectively

I have BSc(Honour)Psychology with Makaton Certificate. Currently I am a postgraduate student in Bristol. I have more then 5 years experience working in education settings, using and teaching sign language in a daily bases. I have worked with Special Needs children in 1:1 settings in the classroom - both in mainstream and special needs schools in South West.

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Mama's beginning guide to infant massage for simple, fussy or colicky babies

This is a extremely simple, fun and comprehensive course. This is about how to work on your sweet babies that you already are connected and bonded to, to aide in comfort, movement and growth. I have officially and certifiably do massaging for over 9 years. I LOVE the art and miracle of touch and enjoy instructing others how to achieve the same skills.

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Experienced Early Years Professional (CACHE), specialising in Behaviour, toddlers, nannying and SEND.

I teach a Positive Psychology route of childcare, focusing on giving both the child and parent agency. I am highly experienced working with prestigious families in and around London. My interests include Nordic Education, Pedagogy, Behaviour, SEND and Positive Psychology which I find supports the children in my care and also the parents.

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Early childhood studies with psychology student offering lessons in psychology and babies for parents in London

My teaching method is individual based but will be providing a range of resources including PowerPoints and videos to teach parents with babies. Lessons will begin with an introduction, have a main body and then a summary in which the student will provide me with what has been learnt. I would like the student to take notes or draw diagrams throughout as a good way of learning.

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Stay at home mother & preschool teacher here to help with the struggles of parenthood

I have met many parents who want to give their child the advantage of learning before Kindergarten but just don't know where to begin or how. This is where I come in. My goal is to help parents with questions or concerns, especially new parents and to also show them that homeschooling a toddler can be done.

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College tutor available for support and guidance. I have also owned a childcare business I have vast childcare experience

I have vast mentoring and teaching experience of all ages and nationalities. I gained my childcare experience through bringing up 4 wonderful children and having the opportunity to own. Childcare business. I would now like to help you achieve what I achieved.

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Mother of 4 gives help on baby wearing and general baby care

I am a mom to 4 children, 12-1. I have never formally given lessons, but have helped many family members and friends learn how to use ring slings, and moby style wraps. I have also made my own carriers.

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Psychology Mumbai Master of clinical psychology and DMIT counselor, mental health care

I'm Master of clinical psychology and DMIT counselor to now your inborn potential, career counseling, education counselling, health care. Teachers of life course. Life always give you unique and original attention, happy and mentally successful happiness life, To make yourself happy and believe your inner happiness.

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Paternity and Maternity Awareness - Integral Child Development - Therapeutic Education - Open Integrative Therapy

Knowing the child development process, the limitations and challenges, the contributions and / or impacts of the caregivers in this process is of fundamental importance for it to happen in the widest possible way. The work is done based on a basic diagnosis as to the level of knowledge, the doubts, demands and expectatativas to, thus, to define a study plan. Know - Love - Caring.

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I am a Certified Childbirth Educator and a Certified Parent Educator with a Bachelors in Science and Nursing

My teaching method is to be supportive, positive and encourage parents to be the best that they can be. By providing researched based curriculum and having fun, easy, and educational activities for parent and child to do together. I can also provide developmental screenings and help you find resources if there is a need greater than I can help you with.

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Early Years Specialist with over 20 years experience offering Online Early Years teaching in specialist areas, such as attachment, brain development, EYFS, parenting advice-sleeping & feeding routines

I have a BA hons in Early Childhood and Education, as well as may other early years qualifications and training. I can give lessons online, tutorials, advice, assessment, planning and workshops. My method of teaching is very much individualised to the learner.

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Child development and psychology expert giving lessons to parents and students.

I have 18 years experience working with children, young adults and parents, and a degree to support this, my teaching style reflects the need of the learner, offering a wide range practical, spoken and written lessons and encouraging reflection throughout the learning journey.

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